My Husband, My Slave


As if she read my mind, without saying a word to the men I had brought over, she says "it's time to leave. I've got a hotel booked for the weekend. We're going to ride with the guys you picked over there, so we don't have to drive." One of the men had an SUV, so he offered to drive. When we approached the car, he grabbed me by the wrist and told me I was riding up front. God that made me wet. I didn't resist at all, I just hopped in the front seat while my husband, 4 men and Amber all piled into the back.

The whole ride I kept imagining this stranger's big black dick pounding my wet pussy. I've never been with a black man and I was growing more and more curious. I was mentally cheating on my man, but what do I care? He's in the back seat dressed like a woman with his asshole plugged up. He's a little bitch. I turned around to see if he was noticing me fantasize but it turns out he was busy getting slapped by Amber. The same way the bartender was. He was loving it. "What a sissy!" Amber laughed.

It was a short ride. We were at the hotel before I knew it. The man driving, whose name I didn't even bother getting, put the vehicle in park and directly unzipped his pants and pulled out the biggest dick I've ever seen. I began drooling immediately. I turned around and told Ricky I was about to suck this dick, and he didn't say a word. I'm not even sure if he heard me because the music was so loud. I leaned over to kiss the mans penis when suddenly I saw Ricky lunge forward to try and stop me. He was hysterical. "What the fuck are you doing Candice?!" Amber slapped him again and he straightened right up. "That didn't take much", I said, giggling. This was it, I'm giving in and I'm gonna cheat on him in front of his face. What a bitch. Am I going to be able to do this from now on?

I guess I was really good, because the man came in my mouth within minutes. I tried to swallow it all but some spilled out of my mouth onto my chin. Amber saw this and before I had a chance to wipe it off she said "gather what's left then reach back here and put it in bitch boy's mouth. He needs a little taste of what's to come."

Put another man's cum in my husbands mouth? I thought these guys were here for me, but I'm starting to get the feeling she has something else planned. Amber had Ricky get on his knees and lean upward toward the middle console, with his plug filled ass facing the back of the car. I was gathering the leftover cum from my face when I saw her pull her skirt up and reveal a huge black strap-on. She pulled lube out and quickly squirted a large amount onto the dildo, and said "1, 2....3" and on 3, I put the cum in his while while she simultaneously slammed the dildo into his ass. The bitch had a dildo and a plug up his ass, and he let out a moan like a seasoned whore. "His ass will never be the same, will it?"

"No baby, it won't."

"Is he gonna be a faggot now?" I said

"That's up to you. He will be whatever you want him to be. You can turn him out to be a full blown homo, you can make him bisexual, or you can enjoy the weekend and never speak of this again." He's still gonna want your pussy but now that he's had his ass filled up, on these blue dolphins no less, he's gonna be begging to have something inside him."

Fuck. "It's like that?"

Amber pulled out of his ass, leaving the plug in, grabbed him by his hand and removed him from the man's car. 7 of us got out of the car but the driver who I'd just blown put the car in drive and took off.

"Where the hell is he going?"

"Dont worry sweetie, we're all going to spend the night here tonight. These men will take care of you if you get scared."

I was escorted to the door by 2 of the men, they were fondling me, touching me wherever they wanted as if they owned me. I had never been groped by more than 2 hands at a time before and it was amazing! My pussy was dripping wet and my sissy husband was standing right there, watching, with no objection. He was still clearly rolling and he couldn't wait to get inside. He was acting like a fucking slut that wants her asshole torn to pieces, fucking himself with the butt plug. You could see his ass juices dripping out onto the floor as he walked toward the bed.

That's when I noticed there were video cameras set up, 3 of them, all facing the bed from different angles like a porn set. "Damn what is this!? Are we going to film this Amber?"

"That's right, and Trey is at the adult store right now, waiting on your call. He's in bitch boy's truck. He never went to sleep this was all planned." "Tell him what you want him to buy and he'll be right over. One thing is certain, you'll need a very large bottle of lube because this one is almost gone already."

By now I was very into it, I had basically forgotten about the men standing in the dining area of the room. I picked up my phone and called Trey, telling him to get the biggest bottle of anal lube he could find, 2 17 inch double headed dildos, some bondage rope and a blindfold.

"That a girl, says Amber. Now you're getting it. Cant believe you just told him to get TWO dildos! OMG you're so bad.." We giggled together.

After ending the call, I went to ask nicely that the gentlemen be patient while Amber and I figured everything out. Although I was always sure Amber had a plan, regardless.

My husband was laid out on the bed, with his legs spread, fucking himself with the butt plug. He started begging Amber to put the strap-on back in him, and she did so. She crawled right on the bed, put her hands on his thighs and pinned his legs back. The butt plug popped out on its own, leaving a gaping hole where his tight asshole used to be. She didn't waste any time getting that thing filled back up, forcefully plowing her strap-on all the way in on the first stroke. He screamed "Thank you!! Thank you!!" My god that was sexy. She was just pounding and pounding and pounding, my little sissy husband with his legs in the air like a lady, moaning like a grateful faggot. This guy is not new to this. He's taking it like a champ. How much did I not know about him?

I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to give him that pleasure, so I tried getting on bed and asking Amber to let me wear the strap-on.

"NO! Go out there and make our guests feel welcome."

"Oh ya! Our guests, The big black dicks." I walked out of the bed area and fell straight to my knees in front of all them, and within seconds they surrounded me, pants on the floor, each with humongous black cocks swinging in my face. I dove right in. From the other room I heard Amber say "Don't you let them cum baby!"

A couple minutes later, Trey walked through the door, with two familiar black bags. He walks into the bedroom where my sissy husband was being pounded, and just dumped everything right there on the bed. I could see the excitement grow on Ricky's face. It had to be my turn now, these black dicks were nice but that's my husband and I wanted that ass. I got up and walked into the room and once again asked if I could take over. Amber said "I'm not done yet, but if you want to lube up one of those dildos and try to fit it in you're welcome to."

You bet your ass I did. My husband was bouncing upward, wishing her 9 inch strap-on was longer, so that's what he was gonna get. I grabbed one of the 17 inch dildos, lubed it up and positioned myself to where I can insert it into him. His asshole was pulsating around the dildo, and lube was pouring out with every pump. He was loose.

"PLOW!" I pushed the giant dildo in him as he screamed, and I could tell this is what he had been longing for all night. He squirmed and bounced and pulled me in further, bottoming out the dildo. I almost lost it inside him.

"What a fucking whore! I can't believe he's taking this!"

"I told you Candice, this is what your bitch boy wants. He wants to be sissified and fucked up the ass with giant cock. Just look at him. Look at his legs shake and his eyes roll back into his head. Pre cum is dripping out of his cage."

Without knowing, the other men had formed a viewing circle behind us, cheering us on.

Ricky became noticeably bored with Amber's strap-on, and asked kindly if I could take over. She obliged this time, rapidly pulling her dildo out of his ass with a loud pop, followed by oozing lube and ass juice. Good thing we were on a hotel bed cuz this bitch is about to get worked over.

"Tie my hands and legs up please!"

Did my sissy hubby just ask me to tie him up while I pound his ass? I can't believe my ears. I grabbed the bondage rope and tied his ass up. He wasn't going anywhere. His hands and ankles were attached to the headboard, his gaping asshole inviting anything and everything in. I reached back for the second double headed dildo but in its place, Amber put in my hand a needle-less syringe, filled with lube. "Inject that up his sissy asshole. He's got to stay well lubricated. Bitches need to be wet for cock."

Earlier that evening, I was scared and confused, now I was injecting lube into my husband's eager ass. This is so fucking hot. He moaned as the lube filled his ass, and begged for both dildos. "You know what you want huh bitch?"

"Yes I do now fuck me!"

Both dildos. In. No struggling, no whining, just in. And it wasn't a soft and loving fuck, within seconds I had both dildos buried in his asshole as he squirmed to let them conform to his insides. They had to be in his stomach. I didn't even know an ass went that deep. But he just seemed like he wanted more, so I pushed the dildos in until his asshole closed around them. This bitch had 2 17 inch dildos completely up his ass, and he was loving it.

"There's no way he's not a faggot!" I said

"Amber this bitch is a faggot, my man is a sissy fag, what do I do?"

"He's not a faggot, yet, baby. It's still just you and your dildos. That doesn't quite make him a faggot. At most it makes him bi-curious."

Yet? What did she mean, yet?

"Care to see just how curious he is Candice?" She asked, as she fit the blindfold around his eyes.

Before I had a chance to answer, as if it were scripted, the 4 men pulled me off the bed and told me to "Shhhh"

Ricky was squirming, wondering why his ass was empty, pathetically begging.

"Baby? Where did you go? Come back please!"

I slapped him in the face and told him to shut the fuck up. I had a good idea of what was about to happen, but he had none. He was blindfolded, tied up and drugged. He was sweating heavy, making his makeup run down the side of his face.

My roll was wearing off, so I slowly began to find myself less attracted to the black men, and more concerned with what my sissy husband was feeling. His roll certainly wasn't fading, he was still going strong.

Trey was on the couch in the other room, sitting quietly. I'm guessing he had orders to do so. I couldn't tell if he was feeling good still or not.

Amber released the rope, and ordered Ricky to turn over, get on his knees and arch his back. The bitch had a better arch than me! I can't believe it.

We all stood there, looking at the little bitch pucker his gaping ass, begging for anything. He didn't seem to even remember the black men though.

Just as I had thought, 1 of the men climbed on the bed and grabbed him by the waist. "Oh my god this is it, isn't it? He's gonna fuck him now right?"

"Shut up and watch Candice"

My husband unknowingly allowed another man to enter his ass, this time though, there was some force behind it, and I'm sure he could tell it was the real thing. I can always tell the difference. This guy, this big dicked black man was fucking my husbands brains out. He had him screaming and moaning and working his asshole back on his dick just like a girl.

I whispered to Amber..."So, this makes him a faggot right? I mean, look at him, he loves it. I don't know what to do, should I divorce him so he can be happy like this?"

"No baby, not yet. why don't you go up and take off his blindfold and ask him what he wants. ask him if he is still interested in your pussy and being your husband. Then you'll know"

Great idea. I walked up and removed the blindfold. "My my my, what a little bitch. Do you realize you're being fucked by a man right now? That's a real 10 inch black dick inside of you, not that plastic bullshit! How do you feel?"

His make up was running even more. Apparently the ecstasy made him tear up and his mascara was now covering his face.

"I want more!"

"You want more? What do you mean you want more? You want him to pound harder?"

"I want another dick in me!"

"You want another fucking dick you little slut!? At the same time? These dicks are much fatter than the dildos bitch I don't know if you can take it"

"Look at me, of course I can take it, and even if I can't at first I will be able to within the minute. I'm a fucking asswhore baby and I need another dick in me!" So another man got in bed and positioned himself underneath my sissy husband and entered. One man was on top, the other on bottom, both inside him. Long strokes. He was right, he took it immediately.

I looked at Amber, who was just laughing. She knew what I was thinking. I was thinking this was proof that he was gay. Either our relationship was over or I'd just use him as a friend and fuck toy for all my gay friends.

"Not yet, she said. Ask him if he's still interested in your pussy."

I walked back over and asked him bluntly. "Do you still want my pussy bitch, or are these dicks taking over your life?"

"The dicks are taking over my life, but I still want that pussy. I want to stay with you but only if you let me have dick."

"Well there ya go. He's just bisexual." said Amber. "You lucked out girl! You own him now! Make some money off that bitch. These men are ready to pay you to let them cum inside that bitch."

"They want to cum inside him? That won't make him a fag right?"

"Nope, as long as he wants pussy too, he's just bi."

Ricky's whole body was shaking as he took these dicks. Cum was continuously dripping out of his chastity cage. So I went and got a little on my finger and put it in his mouth.

"Does that taste good bitch?"

"Yes master"

"You want more?"

"Yes master."

"Open your mouth bitch and leave it open."

I invited the other 2 eager men onto the bed and told them to stick their dicks in his waiting mouth.

There was my once manly and beloved husband, feminized, sissified and filled with dicks in every hole. His ass juices slushing around as he got double teamed, sucking on 2 cocks like a pornstar. He was absolutely loving it. He was in heaven. The 2 men he was blowing had been jacking off the whole time, and they were ready to cum. One shot his load in his mouth, the other shot his all over his face.

"This is some good footage!" Amber yelled from behind the video camera. I forgot this was being filmed for a while there. Amber took a camera off the tripod and moved directly in front of Ricky, capturing the stranger's semen dripping down his face. The little slut didn't swallow yet. He just help it in his mouth, moving it around with his tongue for the camera.

"Now would be a good time to get him to agree to do all the housework from now on, Candice, and you can get it on camera!"

"You gonna clean the dishes every day? Vacuum, dust, mop, sweep, do the laundry, paint my nails, take me shopping, everything. I don't want to life another finger or I'm showing everybody this tape."

Of course the little asswhore agreed.

I asked if the other 2 were ready to cum and almost instantly, they both exploded inside of him. This sissy was being injected with 2 black cock loads into his ass while his mouth and face were covered in cum. You could see his asshole tighten around the cocks, as if he were sucking out all the cum. Their heads pulsated inside of him, and I guess that was the trigger because Ricky then began pouring cum out of his cage. He was having an orgasm from anal only.

"Thank you!" he screamed. Yep. He loves dick.

The men pulled their dicks out of his ass at the same time and it had to be gaped open at least 3 inches. I was thinking I could probably fit my fist in there, just as what seemed to be a gallon of thick cum came pouring from his asshole and onto the bed. The 4 men set money down on the table, and signaled for Trey to give them a ride, in Ricky's truck.

Sissy hubby just collapsed onto his stomach.

"NO NO NO. You gotta clean up that mess. Turn the fuck around and eat that cum off the bed you little bitch."

Boy did he do it quickly. Every last drop of the cum from his ass, right down his throat.

"I'll leave you two alone for a while, so you can discuss what just took place. You should comfort him and hold him so he knows you still love him, if you do." said Amber

I did love him still. I can just imagine the sort of freaky shit that could happen from here on out. I didn't allow him to undress, I just laid down in bed with him, and put the butt plug back in his ass and told him he would be wearing this from now on so long as there were not cocks inside him.

He thanked me. I spooned him and fell asleep together very quickly, him in my arms for a change. He was the bitch now.

To be continued...

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