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My Husband's Rival


This story is FANTASY. It's a slut wife story and if you do not like that genre, DON'T read it. If you ignore my warning and read it anyway,

please do NOT send me comments in which you: hope I contract AIDS and die; hope my husband kills me; hope my husband kills my fantasy lover; hope my husband kicks me to the curb; or hope my husband beats me. This is FICTION...and ALL wives fantasize about others...even yours.

I slowly pushed my cart down the aisles of the Base-Exchange (BX), not really shopping, just browsing a bit, checking out the kitchen gadgets and cookware to see if there was anything I just couldn't live without. I had just returned a vegetable peeler to its spot on the shelf, when, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of Dan looking over the sparse array of pot and pans the BX carried.

Quickly, I glanced down to check out my outfit. I was dressed in a simple khaki skirt, plain blue t-shirt, and slip-on sandals. I gave my self mental props for putting on make-up before leaving the house and for putting my hair into a high pony tail – I looked, at least, cute, and there was no way I wanted Dan to see me any other way.

Dan had been in Troy's, my husband, squadron for over four months now. Dan and Troy had been assigned together before and, for reasons of pure macho male BS, absolutely detested each other. Dan, while a first-rate pilot, had finished 2nd to Troy as F-16 top gun, the past two years, and during the years they were in the same unit, Dan always finished second or third to Troy in the end-of-year standings. Their dislike for each other had cooled with time and distance when they were at separate bases, but now that they were in the same squadron again, the rivalry had once again become heated.

Their rivalry had boiled over within weeks of Dan arriving at the base and I was the cause of it. We were at the Officer's 'Club one Friday night. The place was packed, and as usual, everyone was half trashed by 2100 (9 PM). I was sitting at a table with my two best friends, Amy and Beth who worked with me at the hospital, and another fighter pilot's wife, Angela.

While we four girls talked, laughed, and toasted the end of the work-week, I noticed that a handsome pilot that I'd never seen before kept looking over at me and smiling. Amy noticed too: "That guy keeps looking over here at you, Kath. I've never seen him here before, do you know him?" She inquired.

"Nope," I answered back. "Never seen him before, but he's got Stinger patch on his flight suit so he must be in Troy's squadron."

"Yeah, he is." Interjected Angela, "He got here about a month ago; he's Dan something or other...I wouldn't mind checking out his "stinger" any time!"

The four of us laughed riotously at Angela's pun and I quickly put the new pilot out of my mind. After all, I was sitting at a table with three other attractive young women, he was probably checking out all of us, not just me, wondering who was single and/or available.

About an hour later, it was my turn to buy the next round. A little unsteady from the several glasses of wine I had already consumed, I made my way to the crowded bar. "Four more white wines, Cliff, and don't be stingy," I said brightly to the good-natured bartender.

As Cliff poured the wine, and I was searching through my purse to find bills to pay for the drinks, a deep voice next to me instructed, "Another JD on the rocks, Cliff and put the lady's wine on my tab."

Looking up, I saw that the voice belonged to Dan, and he confidently offered his hand to me in greeting. "Hi, I'm Dan," he announced with a big cocky smile on his face, "And you are?"

Blushing ever so slightly, I grasped his hand and replied, "Oh! I know your name. Mine's Kathy." As I felt the warmth of his hand envelope mine, I felt my panties grow damp with arousal. Dan was extremely good looking, and his arrogant manner, which was extreme even for a fighter pilot, was a characteristic that always sexually aroused me.

"So you know my name already," Dan laughed with a twinkle in his eye. "I guess that means I'm off to a good start."

I felt my face flush deeper as I admitted that my three companions and I had wondered who he was, and that Angela had told us his name. My knees begin to quiver just a bit, as Dan held on to my hand a lot longer than necessary and smiled at my revelation.

"Well, it's nice to meet you Kathy," he said as he turned away. "Hope to see you around a bit more."

Trembling slightly from the instant attraction I felt to Dan, I collected the four glasses of wine, two in each hand, and rejoined the girls at the table.

"Well, he didn't waste any time introducing himself!" Beth giggled with glee as I sat down in my chair. "Looks like that famous Kathy aura has entranced another pour soul!"

"Oh ha, fucking ha." I retorted sarcastically. "He was there getting a drink at the same as I was. He was just being polite and friendly, that's all; something that the three of you need to learn."

With that, I intended to close the chapter on Dan that evening, but I found my eyes wandering over to him every so often. It seemed that every time I glanced in his direction, he would boldly return my gaze and smile ever so slightly.

It was about midnight that I once again made my way to the crowded bar. Just as before Dan seemingly appeared out of no where and paid for the four glasses of wine I had ordered. Before, I could even thank him; Amy appeared at my side and quickly collected three of the wine glasses. "Why don't you stay here and talk to your new friend a few minutes, Kathy?" She teasingly asked, "The rest of us want to talk bad about you behind your back a little bit!"

I knew I must have turned red at her blatant effort to leave me at the bar with Dan, and his knowing chuckle confirmed it.

"Not too subtle, was she?" I asked with a little laugh. "I guess I've been selected to find out the dirt on the new guy.

Dan and I spent the next 30 minutes, and two more glasses of wine, talking about nothing. After the first ten minutes or so, we had moved closer and closer together until I was hardly aware of my surroundings. At one point, I realized Dan was sliding a finger back and forth across my forearm as he leaned in to speak to me, and his touch made my entire body tingle.

With the music thumping from one corner of the club, and the cheers and hoots from the men playing darts and crud, the noise in the crowded room reached deafening levels at times. Occasionally, Dan was forced to move his lips close to my ear in order to be heard. I was beginning to wonder if my "aura" with men was having no effect on Dan, when, during one of those "lips close to ear" encounter, I felt him softly kiss my ear and the side of my face. I moaned out loud and shivered noticeably. Dan correctly interpreted this as a "go ahead" signal, and gently kissed my ear again and gently probed inside my sensitive ear hole with his wet tongue.

As I started to move in closer to Dan, he removed his tongue from my ear, and again started to lightly rub my forearm. Looking me straight in the eye, he began to move his face forward as to kiss me. I parted my lips slightly and waited patiently for his kiss...

That's when Troy suddenly materialized from behind Dan, grabbed his shoulder, and spun him around. "Get the fuck away from her, asshole! What the hell do you think you're doing?"

At first, Dan held his hands in the air signaling that he didn't want any trouble, but when he saw who had grabbed at him, his hands balled into tight fists. Troy responded in kind, and I knew that in just seconds the two men would come to blows. Strangely that knowledge thrilled me, and I felt my pussy flutter at the sight of the two angry men facing each other. Quickly, one of Troy's best friends quickly got in between Dan and Troy and pushed them away from each other. Turning to Dan, he said, "Careful whose wife you're hitting on, Dude. You're not real popular around here to begin with."

Dan glanced over at Troy, realization flashing across his face. Looking back at me, he apologized, "Sorry gorgeous, I had no idea you were married to that jerk; my condolences."

Hearing those words, Troy charged at Dan again, but by this time, the small crowd that had gathered around the bar easily separated the two men.

"Let's get out of here, Babe." Troy angrily barked. "It's time we went home anyway."

On the drive home, I asked Troy what had him so angered, after all, he'd seen men kiss me (and more) in the club before—he was definitely not the jealous type. That's when I found out how much he and Dan—Troy called him "Mr. Second Place"—hated each other. Troy made it clear to me that Dan was someone we would not be inviting over to dinner any time soon.

When we climbed into bed that night, I realized I was still aroused from the scene in the club; the thought of two men fighting over me in front of scores of others had me practically shaking. Troy, who had consumed way too much alcohol, was still mad. He seemed to blame his mood on me and, after a perfunctory kiss goodnight, turned over and immediately started snoring.

I was too horny to sleep. My pussy was dripping wet and my nipples felt as if they'd burst. I lay in bed slowly stroking my bald, gooey pussy, fantasizing about the fight that almost was. In my fantasy, the two men fought over to me until one admitted defeat. The victor then turned me to face the bar, and in full view of the entire O'club, raised my skirt up over my hips, bent me over, and fucked me feverishly from behind while the loser and the rest looked on. In my fantasy, Dan, not my husband, was the victor who glared at Troy triumphantly as he pumped my pussy full of his sizzling hot cum.

I replayed that fantasy over and over for several weeks; bringing myself to a shuddering orgasm every time. The fact that Dan was verboten, and the fact that he and Troy hated each other, made my fantasy all the hotter. Four days after the O'club incident, however, half the squadron began their 90-day rotation to Kuwait to support the Iraq War. Dan was in that half of the squadron, and the only time I saw him was in my fantasies.

That was until today.

Licking my lips, I approached Dan, quietly, until I stood right behind him. "Welcome back, hero," I grinned. "Glad to see you're home safe and sound."

Wearing a surprised grin, Dan replied affably, "Hey gorgeous, good to see you! Hope you kept things running smoothly on the base while I was gone."

"Damn! He's good looking," I thought to myself. "And what an arrogant jerk!"

Dan and I spent the next ten or so minutes taking about his time and Kuwait. I felt flushed the whole time we were talking, and once again, my pussy started to flutter every time he looked at me. After he regaled me with life in the desert he asked me how things were going with Troy being deployed (the second half of the squadron, which included my husband, had departed for Kuwait the previous week to serve an extended 179 day rotation).

Without realizing it, I begin to whine about all the things that had already gone wrong following Troy's departure. "Well, the stupid dryer vent came loose again, and I can't get the stopper in one of the bathroom sinks out of the drain hole—it's stuck in the down position, and Troy forgot to fix the stupid drip from the garbage disposal. You know the typical, piddly crap that drives lonely wives crazy."

Again flashing his sexy smile, Dan offered, "Hey Sweetie, I'm not real busy tonight. If you make me dinner, I'll be glad to fix that stuff for you."

"That's okay, Dan," I heard myself reply against my true desires, "I don't think that's a good idea. I know that you and Troy don't get along all that well, and I don't think he'd think much of you coming you over to the house to handle those things. I'll just get one of his friends to take care of them."

To my delight, Dan brushed aside my objections, "Don't worry, Kathy. It's just male ego BS, we get along well enough. I'll see you at 6, and yes, I know where you live."

Before I could protest--not that I would have--Dan winked and walked away.

I started to push my cart back down the aisle and realized that my skimpy panties were soaking wet! Just the knowledge that Dan was coming over to the house that evening had my pussy positively dripping. I left the empty cart near the entrance of the BX and drove home, practically shaking with excitement.

Arriving at our spacious house near base, I quickly showered and "freshened-up" for Dan. Not wanting to appear too obvious to my husband's rival, I dressed simply, yet somewhat provocatively: tight, low-rise blue jeans that showed my firm, rounded ass to its best potential; a short red halter crop top that highlighted my flat tummy (and that my braless, softball-sized tits stretched taut); and a pair of simple white sandals. Underneath, I had put on a tiger striped cotton thong that barely covered my freshly shaved pussy. I had braided my hair in one long French braid that hung all the way to the top of my ass and swished across my back as I raced around the house getting everything ready for Dan's arrival.

Dan arrived promptly at 6PM with a bottle of red wine and, after some small talk, quickly set to work on the chores I needed done. It took him a grand total of 40 minutes to mend the items on my "to do" list, and by the time he joined me in the kitchen, I had already finished off most of the bottle of wine he had brought, and had opened another to share with him. Dan sat, somewhat uneasily at first, in the kitchen sipping wine as he watched me finish preparing dinner.

I felt his eyes linger over my body, frequently focusing in on my braless tits, and I was thrilled in the obvious appreciation he had for what he saw.

"Damn," I thought to myself. "Just the way he's looking at me is making me wet!"

We ate at the table between the kitchen and the family room, talking about work, friends, and nothing in particular; my itchy pussy oozing hot, sticky cunt cream the whole time.

Towards the end of dinner, we'd opened a third bottle of wine, and I found myself floating in that delicious world of being happily buzzed but not quite drunk.

After getting up from the table, I asked Dan if he had to leave right away or if he wanted to stay and watch a movie. Of course, I knew what his answer would be, but I was still very pleased when he accepted my invitation. Grabbing our just-filled wine glasses, Dan followed me into the family room.

Walking over to the TV cabinet, I asked Dan what type of movie he felt like watching. "Since you're the guest, you get to pick: comedy, action, drama, Western; we got it all...even porn." I added with a suggestive giggle.

Dan chuckled in response, and standing beside me looking at the large collection of DVD's arrayed in the cabinet, stated, "Why don't you go sit down and I'll put on something good."

He handed me both glasses of wine and I went and sat down on the couch wondering how bold Dan would dare to be. After a few minutes of delving through the DVD's, Dan inserted one into the DVD player and sat next to me on the couch, our thighs barely brushing against each other.

Handing me the remote, Dan asked me to turn on the TV and DVD player and added, "I picked out a naughty title that reminds me of you, hope you aren't too shy or offended."

Squirming slightly on the sofa, my nipples became erect in anticipation, and I again wondered how audacious Dan would be. My curiosity was quickly satisfied as the movie began and the raunchy title flashed on the TV screen – Ass Cleavage 3.

Dan watched appraisingly as I took in at the movie's title. Before I could comment in any way, he began to rationalize his choice. "It's been a long time since I watched a porno with an attractive woman, and well, since, you do have a great ass, I figured..."

"Shssssh," I hushed him reassuringly before he could continue. "This is a good one! Every girl in the movie gets fucked in her ass."

I laughed out loud as Dan swallowed hard and appeared stunned.

"Hey," I responded haughtily. "You tried to shock me first. I don't offend easily and nothing shocks me. Looks like I win round one! As the loser, you gotta go get more wine."

Chuckling loudly, Dan did as requested and he returned just as a busty blonde dressed in trashy lingerie began to lick and suck the cock of her porno co-star. Sitting next to me, Dan pressed his thigh hard against mine as he once again refilled my wine glass.

"Trying to get me drunk?" I inquired looking straight ahead at the action on screen. "Afraid I won't put out if I have a clear head?"

Dan's response was to ignore my question, casually drape his arm around my shoulder, and drink deeply from his own wineglass.

Our conversation ceased for a few minutes as the busty blonde slut on screen eagerly stuffed her face with the thick cock of the male "actor." I heard Dan's breathing become deeper, and I grew amused at his effort to try to discretely rearrange his hardening cock before it became too painful in its current position.

I fidgeted a little myself; my pussy growing hot and wet, my nipples throbbing, as I decided to see how far I could tease Dan before he'd forget all about the movie.

"Look at her suck that cock!" I exclaimed dreamily, "She's really getting into it!"

Dan exhaled softly at my teasing, nasty words and I felt his arm tighten around me and his hand begin to softly caress one of my tits over thin fabric of my halter top.

The wine had greatly lowered my inhibitions and I was determined to drive Dan crazy by talking as filthy as I possibly could. "Suck it, Baby!" I urged the pornoslut out loud, "Suck that big fucking cock, you lucky bitch. Let me see you take it all!"

"You like that?" I inquired breathily of Dan. "You like seeing her slobbering all over his cock like that? I do it better. I can deep throat, and it doesn't look like she can. Guys really like it when I let them shove their hard cocks all the way down my throat."

Hearing an opening, Dan was compelled to ask: "Guys?" Or just Troy, now?"

"Guys." I huskily responded as his warm hand rubbed my tit harder and his fingers found my erect nipple. "Lots of guys. Guys with big fat cocks who like to face fuck me hard. Guys who like to see me drooling all over their stiff dicks."

My bawdy answer encouraged Dan to squeeze my tit more firmly and, squirming beside me on the sofa, he spread his legs wide and used his other hand to hastily reposition his throbbing cock.

I couldn't let it pass: "Uncomfortable, Dan? Is something making things hard on you?" I asked teasingly.

"God, yeah," He huffed. "You've got some way of talking. Do you always talk like this?"

"Yeah, I pretty much do." I responded brightly, "I learned pretty early on that guys like girls who talk naughty and who know how to ask for what they want. Why play coy? I'm a born tease. I like to see how far I can push guys before they can't take it anymore. It makes things more interesting."

The scene on the screen had changed, and the whimpering, writhing big-titted blonde was now on her back getting her pussy licked and fingerfucked by male her co-star.

"Ohhhhh!" I moaned wantonly, resting my head on Dan's shoulder. "That looks so fucking hot! I hope you like eating pussy, Dan, because I really like that a lot. I shaved it after I got home from the BX, so it's all nice and smooth in case you wanna lick it for me later."

Dan's busy hand crept under my tight crop top and my firmly stroked my bare titty in response to my statement. The wine I had consumed made by body feel warm and my eyes closed slightly as I luxuriated in the feelings awakened by Dan's warm hand on my firm tit. His fingers crept down the slope of my breast and he began to tweak and tug my hot nipple, sending sparks of pleasure shooting all the way to my gooey cunt.

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