tagLesbian SexMy Husband's Sexy Mom Ch. 2

My Husband's Sexy Mom Ch. 2


Geri, my mother-in-law, stayed with me that night and taught me the meaning of "total sexual response." All I could remember is, that after she shaved my pubic hairs and then gave me a mirror to look and admire my new pussy, I was excited beyond belief. I could see the true beauty as to what my vagina looked like, especially the inner lips and my clit, it excited me to no end. I couldn't help myself, I just wanted to touch and play with it. I felt like yelling out, "This is my beautiful cunt, look at it, taste it, I love it."

It seemed as though I had cum all night long from her tongue and hands exciting all of the erogenous zones of my body. She was right, I don't think that there was any part of my body that was not sensitive to the touch of her soft hands or tongue, even the back of my knees.

I woke up to the soothing voice of my mother-in-law, Geri. "Well, my sex kitten, I think if you get up quickly, you'll be able to make it for lunch."

"Oh shit, Geri, I slept through my sweet Cindy's feeding. How could I be so selfish and not think about her, she must be starving." But why wasn't Cindy crying, as a rule, when she is hungry, she starts screaming so loud that she could wake up the dead.

"First of all," started Geri, "not only has Cindy been fed and changed, but we went for a nice walk in her stroller to my house, got what I needed for my stay, and just put her down for her nap. I used one of the bottles that you had pumped out of your luscious breasts for when you couldn't breast feed her."

"That's odd, my breasts are usually very full and painful if I use the bottled milk and not from my breast, but they are full but not to the point of being painful, and they're not leaking."

"Sweetheart, I confess, when you kept dozing off during the night, I would cuddle up to you and start sucking on your nipples and stealing some of Cindy's milk, but I knew that you always had more than she could drink. But I have to tell you what was so adorable, when I was sucking and massaging your breasts, you instinctively, in your sleep, wrapped your legs around my thigh and ground your pussy until you came. When you were about to cum, I had to rub my pussy and get myself off along with you. Between you getting yourself off, and me sucking your delicious milk, got me so hot."

"You know what, I knew that I was having some kind of erotic dream, but I thought that it was maybe Tom playing with me, kissing my breasts."

What is so incredible is that I've fallen in love with my husbands mother. In one day she has made, or I should say, turned me into a mature, desiring woman. When Tom wants to fuck me and I'm half asleep, (this is an unlikely scenario because if Tom is going to fuck, it would be as soon as we got into bed, otherwise after five minutes he would be fast asleep.) But if he did want to fuck me, is it possible for me to moan out, "Oh Geri, I love you so much?"

"I don't know what you've done to me, but Geri, I don't even feel like the same person that I was yesterday. I feel terrific, I feel so happy, and most of all, I feel like I could make love to you all day and all night."

"My, you're a sexy slut, just as I had expected. Are you going to do what ever that I ask of you? Are you going to obey me like an obedient slut slave without giving me any arguments?"

"At this point, how could you even ask me this? The answer is yes, yes, yes , I would happily do as you asked, anything. I love you so much and I feel soo alive, thanks to you."

"That's the answer I expected, so for your favorable response, I'm going to serve you breakfast in bed." With that said, Geri slipped out of her loose cotton dress and was totally naked underneath. Geri got on top of me as I laid in bed on my back, she laid on top of me with her pussy just inches above my face and her head between my legs.

"Now start eating your breakfast, my sweet sexy slut. See how warm I've kept it for you so that you would have a nice warm, healthy breakfast to start your day. I've poured some of my special hot honey on it so you'll enjoy the flavor. Oh yeah, hon, that's the idea, your tongue is going to make me explode in a minute. Geeezzz, you're a natural pussy eater."

Then Geri just buried her face into my crotch and started doing all sorts of things with her fingers and tongue to my hungry and waiting pussy. I couldn't believe it, I've probably cum more times with my mother-in-law than I have in an entire year with her son. How had I survived these last three years with Tom? Maybe I'm a lesbian nymphomaniac, I love the taste of her sweet pussy and I feel as though I could jus lick and suck her non stop.

I was ready to cum, and the closer I got, the more aggressively I sucked on Geri's clit and her swollen lips. I had my hands on each side of her tight buns and in my frenzy, I started slapping her cheeks as hard as I could while I was tonguing her open hole. Then she started yelling into my crotch, "harder, baby, harder, slap my ass, spank my ass harder. Oh god slut, I'm going to cum, bite my clit, oh yeah, chew on my clit, Oohhhh fuuucck, I'mm cuuuuuming, swallow my cum, suuuccck itt alll uuup."

When Geri came, it was a down-pour, I had Geri's sweet cum all over my face and lapped and sucked every last drop that I could out of her sweet pussy. With that, it was just seconds later that I rewarded her with my cumm.

We just laid there, side by side, her face in my crotch as she kept her tongue on my pussy as if not to miss a drop of my nectar, and I doing the same to her. I just felt so energized and so comfortable, it was unbelievable. But then we finally got up, but not dressed, I think that while we were able to enjoy looking at each others bodies without any interruption, we would stay naked.

"Geri, I know I shouldn't be asking you this, but how have you managed to stay as beautiful as you are, your sexy body, a body almost like a teen-ager. And your energy, you're twice my age and you have more energy than anyone I know with the sex drive of a girl that hasn't even reached her sexual peak?"

"To answer your question, my young slut, is that I always think of myself young, and years don't interest me at all. I think that part of the reason I look so well, and I'm aware of it, is that I don't just sit around for something to happen, I just love sex. I turn down most guys that hit on me unless I know that he is able to keep up with my needs, I've been there and done that. You will be the same as me because you don't accept being frustrated, so you, like me, masturbate. But you, my sweet love toy, will keep me young for a long time because you have the same sex drive that I had when I was your age. When Tom first brought you home, I could see it in your eyes, there was something there, like a smoldering fire, but after you got married and when we visited one another, I sensed your sexual frustration. One day when we were together, as I did on occasions, I could even smell your state of sexual arousal, I'd go home and masturbate until I was exhausted, just thinking about how I would take care of your need."

"What if Tom finds out about our relationship, he'll probably divorce me. I mean, I really love him and I don't want to lose him, but I love you as well and I wouldn't want to lose you either. You have given me so much pleasure in just the time we have been together and I don't want it to stop."

"Well, sweetheart, we're going to have our cake and eat it as well. First of all, we're not going to show each other our strong sexual side when Tom is around, even though there will be times, in his presence, I'd crave for you to put your head between my legs, however, we will just show him how much we're fond of one another, like mother and daughter."

Just then the phone rang and I picked it up. "Oh Tom, we were just talking about you, with Geri."

"Laura, you sound like you and Geri have really been hitting it off. You sound great so I guess her helping you has really made you feel better? You know my mom, more energy than anyone I know."

"You're right, you don't know just how much she's helped me in every way, in fact, she's staying over until you get home. I used to get so lonely and unhappy when you stayed late at work, or went on your business trips, but don't worry about me nagging you anymore as long as she is around. She's right here, she'll be happy to say hi to you."

"Hi, Tom, Laura and I are having a great time and are really enjoying each other. I give her a hand in taking care of her needs, you know, her daily work as well as helping her feeding little Cindy, I mean giving Cindy the bottle when Laura is out. Don't worry, she's in good hands so there is no need to rush back."

"Thanks mom, you're the best. Now I can relax more and concentrate on my work. I love you as well as loving Laura and the baby. I'll let you know when I'm on my way home. Bye."

"Let's go out in the back and lay by the pool and get some sun," Geri said, "I'll get the play pen for Cindy and I'll put it under the tree in the shade. Bring some sun-screen with you."

In our back yard we have a cement walk-way all around the pool and the rest of the fenced in yard is all grass with thick bushes along and against the fence, so it's relatively private. I spread a large beach blanket on the grass near the tree where Cindy's play pen was. I was an ideal day for sun-bathing.

I laid down on the blanket and felt the radiant heat from the sun, it felt so good and it was so very relaxing. In a matter of minutes, I slowly started to drift off and I knew if Cindy needed anything that Geri would be there for her. I had the most wonderful vision in my dream like state. I was on a tropical island beach and was surrounded by beautiful dark skinned natives. They were looking down on me as they stood next to me, seemingly admiring my golden beauty. Then, one by one, they knelt down, men with large black cocks and women with beautiful copper tone skin and firm, cone like breasts, as they started to fondle me.

I sighed as I was dreaming, I guess to the guys, this would be a prelude to a wet dream, but I knew that I was getting sexually aroused myself. Their hands were all over my body, touching me in the most intimate places, stimulating me even further. Then one of the men pushed his large black cock into my cunt, but as large as his cock was, I was well lubricated and it just slid in without any effort. He started to slowly fuck me and gradually picked up on the tempo, we were know fucking each other as I was humping his cock as he was pushing it in. I could tell how excited he was because his cock was throbbing in my cunt, vibrating.

While he was fucking, the girls were playing with my swollen tits, squeezing one and then the other, my warm milk was squirting up and then coming down all over my body. They were rubbing my hot milk all over my body, as they massaged my body with my own milk. "Oh please, I moaned, please give me more." My body was now starting arch my back and my legs were trying to wrap around this man with his big cock and I was screaming, a muffled scream as you do in dreams, "Oh fuck me you bastard, rape me, pound me harder, "Oooh yeees like thaaat, oooh yeaaah, i'mmm cuumminng, fuuck yeeas."

I quickly sat up, knowing it was just a dream, but then I saw Geri, kneeling by me with a big smile and holding a big black dildo. "So it seems as though you had a very wet dream, you sexy slut." I looked at her, admiringly, knowing that she had fucked with her dildo and was playing with my breasts. I could see my milk all over my body.

"You gave me one of the hottest dreams that I can ever recall. I've had dreams where I was cumming as I awoke, but usually my fingers were in my pussy when I came, but this was the best ever. Also, giving my body a warm milk massage was totally awesome, it felt fantastic. Thank you."

"Honey, I just enjoy touching and playing with your body so much, you don't have to thank me, I should be thanking you. I think that we should go back in, you've had enough sun for one day. And besides, your neighbors dog must be a male because I think he smells your sex, he's been barking and growling and scratching on the fence trying to find the bitch that's in heat that he smells, I don't want any competition."

After putting Cindy to bed for the night, we just talked about our situation and how we would be able to continue our sexual pleasures even when Tom got home. We came up with a plan that, we're sure Tom would appreciate. I would tell Tom that Geri could move in with us until Cindy was a little bit older, then Geri and I would sleep together in the spare room with Cindy's crib, and if and Cindy woke up and started crying in the early hours of the morning, it wouldn't disturb Tom because Geri or I would take care of her immediately.

After a drink, Geri said, "love, let's go to bed, I'm in the mood for some good sex, I don't know about you, but I'm getting horny. Tonight, I want to do something a little different, are you in the mood?"

"If I wasn't, I'm sure in the mood now, hmmm, something different, I wonder what you could possibly do that's any different that what we've already done, but I'm ready. I also noticed that you put a plastic sheet covering the bed."

"Lay down, face up and lift up your head." I was giggling at the thought of what Geri would be up too, but at the same time getting wet in anticipation. "Now I'm going to put this blindfold on you so that you can't see anything that I'm doing."

After she put the blindfold on me I was thinking of the different possibilities of what she would do, and then it hit me, "Geri, I hope your not bringing in my neighbor's dog? I've seen his cock and it's twice the size of Toms."

"Sounds interesting, but no, that's not what I have in mind, but remind about that stud in the future, he might come in handy."

"Are you relaxed," Geri asked, and I nodded that I was. I heard her moving in and out of the room and then I felt a soft, feather like brush, move all over my body, from my feet to my head. It was an erotic, tender feeling and I was feeling the sensations of arousal where-ever it touched. Geri was right, if you let yourself go, every part of your body can be sexually stimulating.

She had lit several aromatic candles and the scent was intoxicating , it seemed to intensify my sensuality to new heights. Geri then just left me alone so that I could have the time to really let my libido do a number on me, to continue to bring me to new and a higher plateau of my sexuality, the anticipation of what was coming next was starting to get me to where I just had to touch myself. I brought my hands to my breasts and squeezed them, but she quickly slapped my hands and pulled them away.

Impatiently waiting for her touch had my sexual frustration at a point which I thought that I would go insane. But then I felt her warm hands touch my body, that, by itself, almost caused me to cum. The fact that I was blind-folded seemed to add to the intensity of her touch and I was thrashing around like a fish out of the water.

Then I felt her spreading some warm, scented body oil, all over me, oh god, it felt so erotic. Again she just left me, I could hear her shuffling around the room and then she turned on some music, well not really music, more like chanting as you would do in meditating. She was going to tease me to the point of insanity, it just heightened my arousal even further.

Then her soft, warm hands touched me again, her hands were slowly touching all parts of my body, my neck and ears. Then Geri said very softly, as if not to break the mood, "my beautiful slut, I know that you're all worked up and I promise you that you will reach that point of your sexuality that you never dreamed possible."

Her fingers caressed my lips and at the same time she was chewing on my ear lobe. Her hands and her mouth went down to my navel, sticking her tongue into my little button hole. I was in such a state of turmoil that it seemed that her hands were all over me at the same time, however, they never touched my breasts or my pussy, but all over the rest of my body. My feet were being massaged and then I felt hands on my thighs.

Then my body shook as I came. Unbelievable, she hadn't even touched my pussy or my breasts and I had a shattering orgasm, just by her touch. I moaned loudly as I tried to catch my breath. I started to say something, but Geri said "quiet," before I could say anything.

When I calmed down, her hands again started to massage my body with the warm, scented body oil. I thought, this must be heaven, it seemed though that my body was just floating in air. I could feel my cum just flowing out of my body, the feeling was incredible and now I was in a state of total arousal, another dimension, and what ever she did to me would probably have me cumming in a matter of seconds.

Her soft lips were now sucking on my swollen breasts, drinking my warm, tasty milk. Then her hands were milking my breasts and squirting my warm milk all over my body as she massaged it in with the body oil. I couldn't control myself as I arched my back to another powerful cum. Oh god, I felt as though that I was just going to have one orgasm after another, every time I felt her hands touching any part of my body. I was now at a point where I just kept moaning.

I no sooner caught my breath when again, hands were massaging all of my body, but then I realized that the hands were touching me more intimately, unlike before, I felt fingers probing my pussy as well as my butt-hole, and at the same time, massaging and milking my breasts. I couldn't stop myself, I just kept moaning and cumming, my body was like a bowl of quivering Jello.

I was being kissed deeply into my mouth and at the same time, my breasts were being massaged with my warm milk. Also at the same time, I felt fingers going into my hot cunt, probing my love hole in every cavity. I could hear the swishing sound as the fingers were going in and out. I felt my ass-hole being probed, being fucked. I thought to myself, "Oh damn, I'm going insane, I feel hands and mouths all over my body, but I don't want it to stop, ever."

My nipples were being sucked on, I was being fucked in my ass, fingers were massaging my G-spot and lips were sucking my throbbing clit. I came so hard as I yelled out, "OH FUUUUCK, YEEEEAS GERI, YEEEASE, YEEEEEASE, FUUUCKK." and then I passed out.

When I came too, I looked up and saw Geri with a big smile, and beside her was another beautiful woman. The other woman was at least ten years younger than Geri. When Geri saw the confusion on my face, she said, "My sexy slut, this is my wonderful friend, Jill. She called a few days ago to let me know that she would be in town for a couple of days, so I invited her over to spend those days with us. So, how do you feel?"

"Oh my god, I have never in my life thought that I could enjoy anything as much as this. For a while I thought that I was losing my mind, it just didn't register in my mind that there was someone else in the room when I felt those hands all over me at the same time. Just don't touch me for a few minutes because I would just cum by your touch. It was heavenly bliss."

For the next two days, as soon as Cindy went to sleep, (Geri took care of Cindy,) we would do everything, from strap-on-dildos to butt plugs, from massages to enemas and golden showers.

I was crazy about Jill and sad when she had to leave, but she promised she would join us every chance she got. But the love that Geri and I had for each other was something that was a lot deeper.

When Tom got back from his trip, he couldn't believe how radiant I looked and thanked his mother for being here for me. Then Geri told him about her staying with me so that he could concentrate more on his work without being disturbed. He loved the idea, but then said, as he gave me a pinch on the butt, "can you come to bed with me once a week?"

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