My Journey Ch. 05


This is the fifth installment of My Journey. Although not necessary, this story will be more appreciated if you read Chapters 1 thru 4 first. Thank you to all who read my first four submissions and provided feedback.

I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. (And I REALLY enjoyed writing this one!)

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Whitney separated from her lover's mouth and asked "Do you think it worked? Do you think our little show got them interested?"

Ellen, with supreme confidence, answered "I'll be eating Trish's pussy and you'll be fucking daddy's cock by the end of the weekend. I guarantee it!"

"I hope you're right. Just the thought of fucking my boyfriend's dad makes me absolutely creamy!"

The two lovers kissed again before Ellen said "Come on, let's get to bed." Whitney and Ellen stood from the shallow water and lovingly toweled each other off. Ellen kissed Whitney on the lips and whispered "I love you."

"I love you too" Whitney replied as they walked naked to the house, each with an arm around the other.

I already knew that Ellen wanted to bed her Aunt Trish, but I was shocked that Whitney wanted to do me.

After the words sunk in, all I could think was "Ellen, you are going to be so surprised when Trish sticks her six inch clit in your mouth!"

The next evening I told Tina and Trish what I had witnessed that morning in the pool. Of course it led to more mind blowing sex between the three of us.

The remainder of the week passed quickly. Saturday morning I took Mark to the range so he could put some rounds through his birthday present. I took the Colt 1911 my dad had given me on my eighteenth birthday and let Mark shoot that too. My son was a natural. It didn't matter which firearm he used he had great groups. A couple of hours and more than a hundred rounds later it was time to head home.

Mark had plans to spend the rest of the day with Whitney. Trish, Tina, and Ellen were going shopping and would be gone by the time we got home. I was going to fire up my smoker and cook some ribs for supper. That would give me at least six hours to sit around and do nothing.

Once at the house, Mark got ready for his day with Whitney and headed toward the front door. "See you later dad!" He yelled toward the kitchen where I was finishing the prep work on the ribs.

"'Bye Mark. Have fun, and be good!" I hollered back. "Hey! Are you gonna be back for supper?"

"Only if I can bring Whitney" he joked back.

"See ya both tonight then. Dinner about six!" I said.

"K. See you around six."

The house was finally empty, maybe for the first time since Trish became part of the family. I poured a glass of bourbon, grabbed a cigar out of my stash, and took the ribs out to put on the smoker.

I sat in a lounge chair by the pool and lit my cigar. There was nothing better than a glass of bourbon and a cigar while the smoker chugged away.

I relaxed in the chair for a long while nursing the golden elixir and puffing on my stogie. My sun glass covered eyes were closed while I enjoyed my vices in rare silence when I detected a cloud pass in front of the July sun. When the cloud didn't move out of the way, I opened my eyes to see what was going on.

It was Ellen, and not a cloud, that was impeding the sun's rays from reaching me, and she was dressed in her scandalously skimpy swimsuit.

"Well, hi honey. I thought you went shopping with your mom and Aunt Trish?" I inquired.

"Hi daddy. I just wasn't in the mood to shop today"

"Are you sick?" I asked. Ellen was never not in the mood to shop.

"No daddy! I just wanted to hang out by the pool. Is that OK?"

"Sure. Pull up a chair. But there's one condition" I said.

"What's that?"

"You can't tell mom about the cigar."

Ellen's smile told me she understood. She pulled another lounge chair near mine and reclined it all the way back. I tried to be discreet as I stole a long glance at her exceptional body stretched out on the chair, but she turned her head and caught me with my head turned her way. Hopefully the sunglasses prevented her from seeing that I was staring at the two ample fleshy mounds on her chest.

Ellen smiled when she saw where my face was pointed. I didn't respond, hoping it would make her think my eyes were closed.

I turned my head so I was no longer looking at her, sipped my drink and smoked my cigar. We were quiet for an hour, the two of us, enjoying the perfect summer day as the waterfall splashed and the birds sang and flitted overhead.

"Daddy?" Ellen's question broke the silence.

"Yes, sweetie?" I answered.

"Can I talk to you about something?"

"You know you can Ellen. What's on your mind?"

Ellen got out of her chair and took the short steps to where I was sitting. She straddled the chair and me, lowered herself to my lap, and sat directly on my groin, her hands resting on my chest.

"Sweetie, you probably shouldn't sit on me like that, especially when you're practically naked" I said.

Ellen ignored my suggestion. "I know what's going on daddy" she declared.

"Well I would hope so honey. I've only cooked ribs a hundred times, you should know what's going on by now" I answered, hoping my answer would bring some levity to the situation.

"Very funny dad. I'm being serious. I know what's going on" she reiterated, her expression as serious as a heart attack.

I took off my sunglasses so she could see my eyes. "What are you talking about?"

"Don't play dumb with me daddy. You know what I'm talking about" she insisted.

"I'm afraid I don't honey. Why don't you tell me."

"You? Mom? Aunt Trish? You don't think I know what's going on? I'm not stupid, daddy. I see they way you and mom look at Aunt Trish. Do you think I haven't noticed the new, huge, matching wedding rings they wear? Do you think I haven't noticed you're all wearing two wedding rings? Do you think I didn't notice that Aunt Trish's "apartment" is attached to your master bedroom?" Her tone was simultaneously accusational and mocking.

"Those are all excellent observations honey, but you still haven't told me what you think is going on."

"OK. I'll tell you what I think. I think you and mom are both fucking Aunt Trish. That's what I think. I think mom and Aunt Trish are bi, and I'm cool with that. It also means that mom and Aunt Trish are committing incest, and I'm cool with that too" she answered confidently, her crotch beginning to rub against my hardening cock. "I can tell by the way your cock is responding that I'm right. And since I'm right, I want in. I want some of Aunt Trish's pussy."

"That's a pretty bold demand young lady. And what if I don't help you in your quest to seduce Aunt Trish?"

A wicked, victorious smile spread across her face. "I'll tell mom you fucked Whitney" she answered boldly, defiantly.

"Oh you will, will you?" I answered coolly. I took a long draw from my cigar and said "Now, before you try to further your blackmail attempt, let me address what you've said so far. First, you don't know what you think you know. Second, if you want some of Aunt Trish's pussy, you'll need to take that up with her. Good luck with that. Third, I'm getting hard because there is a nearly naked eighteen year old bombshell grinding her crotch against mine. And finally, I don't think your mom would be too happy if I told her that you were skinny dipping and tried to seduce me in the pool."

Ellen's face registered a look of angry disappointment at my response. It was obvious that I had just beaten her at her own game, and that I held all of the cards. Of course, my carefully worded response did give her permission to try to seduce Trish. I hoped she picked up on that.

After glaring at me for a few seconds Ellen said "Fine. Be that way." She pouted, stomped away, and dove into the pool.

"It's going to be interesting tonight, I bet" I muttered as I returned to my bourbon and cigar.

Ellen spent the next half hour in the pool under the waterfall, undoubtedly licking her wounds and plotting her next move. Once she had successfully salved her ego, she swam to the far end and lay in the four inch deep pool that her mom and Aunt Trish had ingeniously integrated into the design. (It was genius because one could lay in the water while still catching sun. It was also brilliant because two or more people could have sex in the water without being submerged.)

At about 3:00 I got up and checked on supper. My ribs were coming along nicely, but still had a ways to go. I ducked in the house to pour another glass of whisky. Before I opened the door to come outside, I glanced toward Ellen. She was apparently feeling a little better because her hand was inside her bikini bottom and she was playing with herself. I was pretty sure she was thinking about Trish, and had apparently come up with another plan. I stood inside, observing my daughter as she masturbated while, presumably, fantasizing about my transsexual wife. The scene was very erotic and I would like to have moved closer, but I had already thwarted her plans once today, I wasn't about to do it a second time.

I went to the fridge and got a cold drink for my daughter.

After Ellen had completed her solo exploration, I ventured back outside. She was still relaxing in the shallow pool. I approached and offered her a glass of iced tea.

"Thanks daddy. It's warm out here."

"Looks like it, you're sweating" I said. Her impeccable form sported a glistening sheen of perspiration from her recent session of self-pleasuring.

"Oh, yeah, I guess I am." She paused. "Listen, daddy, I'm sorry about how I handled things earlier. I never should have put you in that position."

"Apology accepted, honey, and I understand. Your Aunt Trish is a very beautiful woman. I can appreciate your attraction to her. But, it's wrong to blackmail me or drag me into something that you need to address with her as an adult. Understand?" I asked.

"I do, and you're right. I won't do it again" she answered humbly. "One more thing daddy."

"Yes, honey."

"Please don't tell mom or Aunt Trish, OK?"


I lied. Tina, Trish, and I no longer kept secrets, and I would tell them what happened as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

"I'm going to go take a nap" Ellen said as she dried off and padded toward her room.

I had the backyard to myself again. I enjoyed the blissful silence with my vices. The area around the pool provided limited shade, and the sun was becoming uncomfortable. With whisky and cigar in hand, I decided to venture to The Clearing for a few minutes of shade and introspection. I sat on the cool grass, my back against a tree to enjoy the rest of my cigar and to sip my bourbon, which now had been diluted by the melting ice. The sip became a gulp and the whisky was gone. I finished my cigar and crushed it in the grass. I have always said "you don't buy whisky, you rent it" and ducked into the trees to relieve myself.

"The world is my urinal" I said as I extricated my unit.

When my bladder was empty, I lay on my back in the cool, shaded grass.

"Clark?!" I heard Tina yell from the backyard. "Clark?! We're home! When will dinner be ready!?

I glanced at my watch and noticed I had napped for a couple of hours or so. I walked back to the house and checked my ribs before going into the house.

"Hi, honey" I said to Tina and gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Oh! Hi sweetie. Where were you?" she asked.

"I was dozing out in The Clearing. Did the two of you have a good time?"

"We did. It was nice to just spend time alone with Trish. Will dinner be ready soon?"

"Whenever you're ready" I answered. "I was surprised that Ellen didn't go with you."

"She said she wanted to go hang out with some friends today" Tina answered.

Trish came down the stairs from our room and into the kitchen. "Hi Clark!" she said before giving me a peck on the lips. "I hope I'm not interrupting" she said.

"Nope. Did you have a nice time?" I asked.

"Sure did. It's always fun to just walk around and I love spending time with just Tina."

"I asked Mark and Whitney to come for dinner too. That OK?" I asked.

"Great!" they answered.

"Since you're both here now, you should know that Ellen didn't go anywhere today. In fact, I think she's still napping in her room.

"Really?" they both replied with raised eyebrows.

"I wonder what's up with that?" Trish asked.

"It was because of what I overheard between her and Whitney the other night. While you were gone, she tried to blackmail me into letting her have her way with you, Trish. She said she knew what was going on between us: That the wedding rings and the apartment are proof that all three of us are involved in a love affair; that her mom and Aunt Trish are bi; and that you're both into incest. She has no problem with any of it. Of course, we already know that. She just wants Trish's pussy. She also said if I didn't let her have her way with Trish she would tell you, Tina, that I seduced Whitney."

"What did you say? What did you do?" Trish asked, fascinated yet frightened.

"Well, I told her she didn't know what she thought she knew. That if she wanted Trish she would have to work that out with Trish, like two adults. I also told her that if she tried any of the blackmail crap again I'd tell her mom that she tried to seduce me while she was skinny dipping."

"Did it work?" Tina asked.

"Well the subject got dropped and she apologized for doing what she did, but I think she has another scheme to get to Trish."

"As far as her threat, have you and Whitney..." a slightly jealous Tina asked.

"No, sweetie. You would already know if we did."

"Thanks for telling us, Clark. I do have to ask though, did she try anything? With you?" Tina asked with concern in her voice.

"She sat on my lap in just her bikini when she tried her blackmail bit, and she rubbed herself against my woody" I confessed.

"You were hard?" Tina asked.

"Honey, I had an essentially naked eighteen year old in my lap. I may be old, and I may be her dad, but I am not dead!"

"You're right. I'm sorry. I know you wouldn't have done anything with your daughter. Yet." A knowing smile crossed her lips.

"But Tina, baby, I would have gotten hard too!" Trish interjected.

Tina laughed, kissed her wife, and said "That's because you're a slut!" and continued to laugh.

All three of us were laughing when we heard Ellen's bedroom door.

Ellen came into the kitchen barefoot wearing a halter top tied under her bountiful breasts and a pair of tight blue denim cutoffs which accentuated her firm, round ass. She turned so she was facing Trish. Ellen began a post-nap stretch. With her fingers interlaced she raised her arms high above her head and arched her back. Her magnificent rack pressed forward against the restraint of her top, spreading the opening and exposing her cleavage. The three of us looked at each other knowingly, and stifled the urge to giggle at her blatant attempt to entice Trish with her womanly form.

"Wow! I must have been tired! What time is it?"

"'Bout a quarter after five" I answered.

"I've been out for four hours?"

"Right around that, yeah" I said. "And you're awake just in time for supper. What are the odds of that?" I teased.

"So when can we eat? I'm so hungry I'll die if I don't eat!" she exclaimed in her usual hand to the forehead fake swoon.

"As soon as Mark and Whitney get here" Trish answered.

"Mark and Whitney are coming? Sweet!" Ellen squealed.

A few minutes later Mark and Whitney arrived. Once in the kitchen, Whitney greeted Aunt Trish and Mrs. P with the usual hug, pressing her sundress covered body against theirs.. "Hi Mr.P" she said, and gave me a hug too. Her hug was unexpected. Her very sensual 'grind-my-crotch-against-yours' hug was a surprise.

I now pretty certian that I did not misunderstand the early morning conversation at the pool.

Dinner was casual as we sat in lawn chairs and ate ribs, potato salad, and pit baked beans from paper plates. I cook some pretty good spare ribs (St. Louis cut, of course), and they did not last long. More important than good food, there was a lot of good laughter. Everyone was in a great mood and conversation flowed effortlessly.

Ellen got out of her chair, tossed her plate in the garbage and began to untie her halter top. Her eyes were glued to Trish's, her face bore an innocent yet seductive look.

Ellen took her time untying the knot of her halter, and when the knot was released, she slowly slipped the skimpy garment from her shoulders and placed it on her chair.

For a moment, I expected to see her standing topless in front of us, but her breasts were "concealed" in her tiny bikini.

Ellen performed a small back and forth rotation of her hips before unsnapping her cutoffs. Her eyes were locked on Trish's until she bent over to pull down her shorts. Her bikini top did almost nothing to hide her tits as they hung in front of her. Luckily for her, she was facing us. If she had bent over and exposed her round, scantily clad ass to me, I would have been behind her to tongue her hole so fast I would have left a vapor trail.

She stood again and stepped out of her shorts before bending over again to pick them up and place them on her chair. Once again her eyes were focused on Trish. Ellen seemed to be in a daze. It seemed to me that Ellen thought she and Trish were the only ones in the backyard.

Ellen extended her hand toward Trish and said "Care to join me in the pool?"

The three of us had discussed what Ellen was wanting to do. Trish wasn't going to start anything, but if something did happen, Tina and I were going to be good with it.

Still, Trish looked to Tina and me for approval before responding to Ellen's offer. In turn, Tina and I looked at each other, discussed the situation without saying a word. Tina's eyes were twinkling and glassy. I turned back to Trish. She saw the right side of my mouth move up into a nearly imperceptible grin.

Trish smiled back at me and said "I'd love to. Go ahead and get in the water, I need a minute to change".

Trish went up to our room to put on her suit, and Ellen nearly skipped to the pool before jumping in feet first in the deep end.

Trish emerged from the house in her one piece suit with the frilly little skirt that helped to cover her specialness. She was barefoot, and her hair was pulled back in a pony tail that exposed her slender, graceful, feminine neck. She walked across the yard, through the shallow pool, and into the deep dark salt water.

The two women swam and chatted in the pool while the rest of us sat and let the great barbecue digest a little before doing anything.

"You know, I've never seen the two of you use your own pool. What's up with that?" Whitney asked Tina and me.

"We use it a lot, just not when the kids have friends over" Tina answered.

"Why not?" Whitney asked.

"We don't think that you young kids should be subjected to us old folks in swimsuits. You know, we don't want to scar you impressionable young kids" I answered.

"I'm not a kid. I'm eighteen. And you two aren't old! You both look really good" Whitney confessed.

"It's very sweet of you to say that Whitney, but we have these things in our house called "mirrors", and they tell us a different story" Tina answered with a laugh and a smile.

"Whitney's right ya know" Mark piped in. "You both look a lot younger ever since Aunt Trish moved in and got us all eating right. You look especially good, mom"

"Well, thank you Mark. I'm glad you believe that, but I think you must want me and dad to buy you something. What is it and how much is it going to cost?" Tina teased.

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