tagGay MaleMy Journey into Bisexuality Ch. 02

My Journey into Bisexuality Ch. 02

byMr Story Teller©

The Bisexual Journey of John

The content of this story is based on actual events that have taken place in the previous few years of my life.

I’m now a forty year old business man, married with a two children, I spend most of my time in business suits, drinking coffee in business meetings and driving the UK having business meeting. I’m an attractive man who has never had difficulty with the women and has been very happy with the quality and quantity of women I have had the pleasure of. I’m just under six foot tall, athletic with blue eyes and grey hair and am more than happy with my 7” best friend

As a travelling business professional I have become increasingly aware of activities taking place in some local lay-bys near to where I live, whereby similar travelling people to myself were meeting up to enjoy the anonymous pleasures of each other, and for the vast majority it was mature men with other mature men, similar to myself.

I have I first noticed it a few years ago and it ignited those homosexual thoughts most people have at some point in their life. I would sit and watch as cars would come and go and some of the drivers would disappear into the bushes and reappear some ten or fifteen minutes later. It soon became apparent what was going on and the more I observed the hornier I became until I knew that sooner or late I would need to partake.

I revisited the very same lay-by on more occasions and watched intently and studied how things work and who to approach and who not, some days I would openly sit and masturbate as cars slowly drove past, knowing that although my hard cock was fully exposed most drivers would not be able to see my handy work.

Finally the day came when my urges became so strong and the opportunity seemed so right that I took my first nervous step into sharing the pleasure with another man. I would always sit at the far end of the lay-by just after entering it, this enabled me to see the entire strip and also I felt less conscious there. I watched as an MG roadster cruised in and parked right behind me, the gentlemen pulled in and once stopped flashed his break lights a couple of times to indicate his interest and availability.

Nervously I jumped out of my car and approached his near side, with his hood being down I made some small talk about how beautiful his car was and all the time I spoke he was fidgeting with the bulge in his pants, my own dick was stirring and I questioned him on “having a little difficulty” he smiled and said he was, I asked if he wanted to go somewhere else to “sort it out”

Quickly I followed David (his name that I only found out as I left) to a nearby quiet place and he joined me in my car. Nervously I opened my suit trousers and was thrilled to expose my hard dick to my new buddy, I was so excited I knew it wouldn’t take much to make me come so I set about achieving the very thing I desired.

I was so keen to feel another mans hard cock that with shaking hands I wrestled with his belt and then his suit, raising his hips David pushed down his trousers and there it was, not very big but a beautiful hard dick, still shaking I reached out and caressed his shaft and toyed with his foreskin, rubbing my thumb over his slit I felt the soft wetness of his precum and the next thing I now I was actually wanking another man off. David returned the favour and in only a matter of five or ten minutes I was shooting my hot cum all over the place, I wanted to make David cum but for some reason he decided to finish himself off quickly and then he was gone.

Looking back that evening I was disappointed not to have been responsible for David ejaculation and also the desire to suck another man off was the real big one for me and one still to fulfil, so this was only the beginning of my story.

My next encounter was a few months later, the same lay-by only later in the day, just turning dark. A Silver Mercedes E class pulled up behind me and again flashed his lights, I responded with a flash of my own and moments later a young handsome gentlemen was sat beside me, His name was Andrew and was very well presented, we chit chatted about nothing and the conversation quickly turned to our reason for being there, quickly Andrew was at my belt and in no time at all my stiff cock was wrapped in his warm fingers. Unlike last time I was more relaxed and pushed my trousers and pants down to my feet, I loved the view of my beautiful hard cock being slowly wanked by his fine manicured hands and that image is still strong in my mind now four years on.

Not wanting to be too indulgent I probed for his buckle and told Andrew that I wanted to return the favour, with a little help I was suddenly faced with the most beautiful dick imaginable, not fully hard it was about eight inches long and thick!

“Oh wow” was all I could say but inside was thinking that this is more of what I desired, a big fat dick to play with and one that was definitely going to end up in my mouth. Slowly I caressed and squeezed him to full hardness and so for the next few minutes we sat back and admired the spectacle of two grown me tossing each other off.

“Do you know what I really like” Andrew asked

“No” I replied “but I think you should tell me”

“This” was his response and he moved over and went down on my throbbing dick. Well as you can imaging I was in heaven, not only because I was being sucked off by this immaculate horny guy but because the way he lay allowed me to lean over him and get even closer to his beautiful tool. My dick was as hard as it had ever been in my forty years and his mouth was doing the most exquisite things, like my first experience I felt the need to slow thing down and so decided to take matters into my own hands, or mouth I should say.

“Slow down” I whispered “I want to do you” and with that he sat back up and we pushed his trousers and pants down past his knees, this was the moment I had dreamed about for quite some time now and I was so pleased that it was this particular occasion, he was immaculate and his dick was magnificent. He was dark and reasonably hairy similar to me but most noticeable was the thickness of his dick, slowly I moved closer until suddenly I could smell the familiar smell of sex, flicking out my tongue I tasted the precum and took a sideways look up at Andrews face, without waiting for a response and for my own personal desire I took his thick knob into my mouth and gave my first ever blow job.

Oh, how horny did I feel, my mouth stretched over his swollen glands whilst my fingers gently pulled on his foreskin, sucking, licking, tasting, I was in heaven, my own dick being slowly pumped by his right hand and getting nearer to orgasm. I continued my self indulgent delivery with the satisfaction of hearing Andrews moans turn into heavy groans and soon his hips we lifting to meet my mouth as I devoured his beautiful cock.

I wanted to make him cum and I had decided if he was going to cum then I wanted to experience the thrill of taking his full load in my mouth, without any slowing down I began to take him deeper into my mouth whilst increasing my wrist action and it was clear that he was about to shoot. Like a dirty old whore I was slurping and sucking on his dick knowing the imminent outcome was about to happen and happen big time, and boy was it worth waiting for.

Andrew was by now bucking and humping my mouth as I sucked him deep and suddenly his whole body began to shake as deep inside he let go of his load. Suddenly his posture changed and thrust his hip high and forward allowing me maximum exposure to his dick and balls and with one final tug I closed my lips tight around his solid mass of meat and felt his glands explode into my mouth. Oh boy, what a feeling, I loved it!

I was amazed at the feeling of him releasing what seemed like masses of hot spunk into my waiting mouth at that moment I knew that this would not be the first and only time I swallowed hot cum in my life. Waiting until Andrew had given me his all my desired returned to my own very hard and excited dick, in only a few seconds he was returning the favour and moments later I too let go of what seemed like a real heavy load of sperm.

Suddenly it was all over and suddenly he was gone, I wished I’d have taken a number form him but didn’t. Driving back home to my wife and family was a strange feeling, a little guilt was felt for being involved in such activities in a public lay-by but overwhelmingly was the feeling of fulfilling one of only a few sexual activities that had yet to be accomplished.

My next incident was with a guy I met through a sex dating site and to be honest it was a disappointment. I arranged for this guy to come to my hotel room whilst I was away on business. I was excited because I really wanted to get naked with a horny guy and feel comfortable in my surrounding, also I wanted to do a 69 and suck and play with his balls but as it turned out the guy had a very small penis and was just too camp for me. I guess I am more comfortable with similar guys to myself. Anyway this guy was more interested in wrestling that anything else so I felt the evening was a disappointment and it really put a damper on my desires.

Coming in Chapter 2, I find a new lay-by and reignite my desires

Chapter 2

It had been almost a year since my first ever outing into the new world of my bisexuality and for some reason I took a bit of a low in activities. I had visited a few prospective lay-bys which I thought would have the same activities but only really enjoyed the watching of others and didn’t partake myself.

As I began to travel more with the job I discovered a very busy and popular lay-by on the Fosse Way near to Stratford Upon Avon, it was clear that the popularity of this lay-by was for the same reasons as the one nearer to home and the more I passed the stronger my intentions became, soon I was a regular visitor and my presence was becoming known.

The first person to catch my eye was a gentleman in a silver Jaguar, he looked to be mid to late forties and was smart with blonde hair, I waited for some kind of response and after he returned my flash of lights I slowly drove out of the lay-by to a different one a mile or so down the road. I was more comfortable there and it was less active, moments after I pulled up he parked behind me and watched as I cut through the thick hedge into a woody clearing.

It was obviously a commonly used place as a path had formed from the opening to a secluded spot neatly and conveniently surrounded by hedges and bushes. Looking round there were discarded condoms and wipes of various descriptions and anybody being there was only there for one reason. I decided to take a leak and unlike most men taking a quick leak I fully unzipped my fly and completely exposed my dick to the warm evening air. Moments later he appeared similarly dressed in a light brown business suit and I made no attempt to hide my activity from his gaze, in fact I turned towards him to show myself off better. Feeling that now familiar excitement grow as I openly allowed another man to view my cock and I began to get hornier by the second and my dick was soon responding accordingly

Being braver than I used to be I asked “Do you want me to put it away or are you going to join me?”

“Well I think it would be rude not to join you” he smiled as he reached for his belt.

Instantly I squared up to him and replaced his hands with my own and quickly had him open and reaching in for his dick. My own member was beginning to swell with excitement and as he ran his hands over my shaft he leaned in and kissed me. This was the first time another man had shown interest in kissing me and to my surprise I return his kiss with passion and desire, my dick twitched as he slowly kissed and caressed me, I continued to fish out his own stiff member and to my surprise his dick was very long indeed, not particularly fat but very long, as we stood facing one another I began to feel a new excitement and wanted to feel his swollen knob rubbing against my own, I moved in closer and directed the head of his cock into my own crotch and continued to rub our hard cocks together making sure I felt him around my balls, at one point I had both my his dick and mine in two hands wanking us both together.

My new friend was now becoming quite excited with this and I knew I was firmly in control of the situation, I was thinking how good it would be to make him come right into my crotch but decided the mess would be too difficult to clear up before arriving home, instead I did what I decided I liked doing best and so dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth.

Picture the scene, two fully grown men, both in business suits in the middle of a thicket, one with his trousers down whist the other sucks him into his mouth and playing with his own hard cock, I distinctly remember pausing to admire his long slender dick and looking up into his face, with a dirty smile I cupped his balls, pulled on his foreskin and return to the task in hand, only moments later I had him bucking and groaning as he unleashed a wave of hot cum into my mouth, unlike the times before I now understand the meaning of a heavy cummer, this guy absolutely filled my mouth and what a joy it was.

To this day I have never seen or received as much spunk as I did that afternoon, it felt like four or five guys had emptied in my mouth at the same time!. Needless to say I did my best to swallow it all eventually, I was also close to cumming and as I stood he took a hold of me and wanked me hard and furious, I was hoping he would suck me but within moments he had me also spurting good and hard into the afternoon air, wow what a great meeting and one which was to be repeated.

I revisited a few days later and sat for an hour or so just waiting for the right type of car to arrive, being a confident, successful business professional I was only really interested in looking for similar partners to myself. I guess like me they would be married men looking for a bit extra, my theory was that if the car was of a certain type and fairly new then the driver would be of a similar status to myself. This generally worked out well as the next guy I met turned out to be well worth waiting for.

A new BMW drove past a few times and finally pulled up in front of me, again it was a businessman only this guy was nearer fifty than forty, he was a bit thicker set than myself and quite handsome. I had been feeling horny for the previous hour and had also held off on having a leak, so quickly I jumped from my car and headed for a clearing in the bushes. This again was a frequently used place for such rendezvous as it was secluded from the road and even from any other parked cars in the lay-by.

As soon as I was able I dropped my trousers and enjoyed having a good long piss and awaited my company, right on cue he appeared and held out his hand to stroke my dick. Still taking a leak he held me and allowed his finger to feel the hot release I was so enjoying. As soon as I finished he complimented me on my manhood and briefly bent down to kiss my swollen knob, before standing back up and like the previous gent kissed me firmly on my lips. I returned his passions with equal desire and felt for his belt buckle and rubbed the front of his trousers, it was suddenly very clear that this guy had a monster in his pants, it felt huge!

Helping me with its release he revealed the biggest thing I’d ever seen, not fully hard it must have been ten inches long and its girth was so thick and veiny it took me by complete surprise, I couldn’t take my eyes from it and wondered just how it would feel in my mouth, reaching out I caressed it as though it was a newly presented prize and revelled in the pleasures of my latest encounter, this was one guy who I would be asking for his number as I wanted to see him naked and feel his thick prick stretch my lips as I suck him off,

Mutually we wanked one another off as we stood face to face only breaking our kiss to look down and enjoy the picture of our two hard cocks at full hardness, moving closer he took hold of his dick and began to rub his dripping knob into my balls, he seemed to be lost in his own sexual lust as he began to thrust himself into me, realising what he was doing I parted my legs enough for him to slide his dick right under my scrotum and between my upper thighs. Having not experienced this before I was pleased with the feeling of his thick hard dick tightly held by my thighs, also I guess it was close to the feeling of fucking me without the risk of anal intercourse, as you might imaging the pleasure received by my new friend was most enjoyable and I really though he was going to shoot.

Suddenly he pulled away and paused, “Do you want to continue this somewhere more comfortable?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Well I live only ten minutes away if you fancy getting naked”

All I could think of was “Wow” I will get to do a full naked sixty nine and also get to suck that monster of a cock

“It fine with me, lead the way”

Quickly we dressed and in no time at all I was pulling my car onto the drive of a beautiful Cotswold cottage. We did a few bits of polite conversation and I discovered his name was John and within a minute or so I followed him upstairs to his bedroom. My dick was pulsing with excitement as we watched each other rid ourselves on clothing and for the first time in my life I was in total awe of this mans physique and the sheer size of his manhood. Kneeling on the bed he reached out for me as I joined him and it seemed so natural to kiss him fully and lustfully on the mouth, our dicks touched as we kissed and like earlier he thrust himself into me, this time I was expecting it and greeted it and openly allowed him to rub his swollen knob under my balls and towards my butt.

My desire to have him in my mouth was so strong I pushed him away and down on the bed and told him to relax, laying flat out before me and was able to run my tongue from his belly button towards where my hand was wrapped around his thick meat and with only a brief pause to enjoy the vision I stretched my lips around the object of my desires and took him in my mouth.

Fucking hell was it big and boy was it hard! This is what I hoped it was all about and this for me was bisexual heaven. I’m not so that interested in penetrative sex although I did fuck a young Asian virgin lad once (you’ll have to remind me to tell you about that one!) but mutual masturbation and oral sex was what my desires focused on, and licking his balls whilst wanking him off was just wonderful.

Because I was kneeling beside him as I pleased him he was only able to wank me off and so things needed to change, I had the best opportunity ever to have a full oral sixty nine with another man and it was not going to go amiss. I lay myself beside him and offered him my hard knob to which he took in his mouth with the flick of a tongue, returning to his swollen glands I fulfilled my ambition and marvelled at just how much fun I was having and also just how strongly aroused the whole situation made me.

I can clearly picture the scene now as I type this, a very well decorated bedroom immaculately presented with a high bed and soft cream covers on, John laying on his side facing me with his beautiful heavy dick standing so big and proud, its thickness and size an awesome sight and one he was obviously very proud off. As I positioned myself to offer him my dick he ran his tongue for my balls to my knob and without pausing he engulfed my hard cock, his eyes closed as he held me in his mouth and I watched him suck me to maximum hardness. My own hand slowly tugged on his foreskin as I carefully stored this perfect imagery to my memory before lying down and returning his skilful blowjob with my own assault on his monster tool

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