tagLoving WivesMy Journey into Sluttiness Ch. 06

My Journey into Sluttiness Ch. 06


This continues my journey:

I was becoming very comfortable in having sex with guys individually and with Sunny from time to time when John was out of town. I had progressed to double penetration with the help of Sunny, Jerry and a friend of his. At that lesson I was eating and drinking Sunny at the same time. Did that make for a threesome?

John was beginning to spend more time at home so my activities were being restricted in going to Harry's place and the motel up the road from the gym.

The black guy at the gym that I had some interest in was not visiting as frequently as he had been and when he did it seemed either I was leaving or he was leaving.

Luck must have been with me one night when I pulled into a parking space. My car lightly tapped the car in front of me. It was dark and I misjudged the distance.

After backing up a tad, I left my headlights on and walked to the front to see if I had done any damage. As I was looking at the two cars, I was startled by, "Something wrong miss?" I looked up and it was the hot looking black guy that I'd wanted to meet.

"Well I bumped into this car and was trying to see if there was any damage. Thank god both cars look okay."

"I guess we can get off to a good start then," he smiled. "I'm Jeffery, the owner of that car; and you are?"

"Erin Snow," I said without hesitation. I certainly didn't want to miss this chance to get to know this good looking hunk better . . . hopefully a LOT better. "I'm sorry I tapped your car. It was dark and my front end stuck out farther than I thought."

"I think your front end sticks out just far enough," he said with a wink as his eyes studied my breasts. "Where have you been lately? I enjoy my workouts a lot more when you're around. Too much work keeping you away?"

"I haven't seen as much of you, either," I smiled, intentionally letting my eyes wander up and down his muscular body.

"Well, home life's been getting in the way a tad. My wife's been putting in a lot of overtime at work lately, so I'm sitting the kids."

Then the words that I'd been hoping for, "Do you have time to visit a little over a cup of java or juice over at the restaurant, Erin?"

"Sure, Jeff, I'd like that."

As we scooted into a booth, I looked Jeff over a little closer. He was an Adonis, standing at least six feet tall and somewhere around 190. I could tell by the way he looked in his workout clothes that he was well-endowed, with well-defined muscles and really good abs, especially for someone probably in his early thirties. He had wavy black hair and dark brown eyes that seemed to be looking right through me. His teeth were nearly perfect and he smelled wonderful, with just a hint of after shave.

After a lot of getting to know you questions I heard, "Erin, I've seen you meet guys out in front of the gym from time to time and drive away with them," he said with a little half-smile. "If I stood out there some night, would you take me for a ride, too?"

"Would that please you, Jeffery?" I smiled, trying to sound coy.

"God, yes," he responded, his deep voice now almost a whisper. "I can't think of anything I'd like better than getting that sexy white body of yours in bed. I'd show you that everything you've fantasized about black guys is true."

"I think we could arrange something Jeff," I said, trying to sound calm, despite the butterflies that were fluttering deep in my belly. "Of course, how much time we'll have will depend on the day and where my husband is at the time."

"Here is my private number, Erin," he said, quickly scribbling on a napkin. When you are horny and want to play, call me." Jeff was definitely taking control of the situation, which made me even wetter. "If I don't answer, a recording will let you know whether I'll be free that evening and when to call back."

Not even a week passed before Jeff and I got together. I didn't want to wait one minute more than I had to before satisfying my curiosity about that black cock of his. We were barely inside the motel room before our hands were roaming all over each other, our mouths locked together in a deep, sensuous kiss.

As we undressed each other for the first time, my eyes focused on his cock as much as they could. I wanted to compare it to Jerry's. When we were both naked, I had my first un-obscured look at Jeff's body; and what a body it was! His smooth skin was the color of dark chocolate, and he looked even more muscular in the buff.

And, finally, I got a first-hand look at his cock. He was not hung like a horse, as had been my fantasy. However, he was extremely well-endowed. Even not completely hard, he was impressive, in both length and girth. I felt my pussy almost gush at the thought of having him inside me.

I thought it might be fun to make him wait a little, rather than going right to the main course, so I took his hand and led him into the bathroom. With the warm spray raining down on us, I took his cock in my hand and felt it grow harder and harder, until it was pointing almost straight up. The swollen purple head reached all the way up to his navel. I knew then it would be as good as Jerry's or maybe even better if he used it like Jerry.

As I massaged and caressed his hard shaft, Jeff's hands massaged my breasts firmly, pausing occasionally to pinch my nipples and bringing them to full hardness. He kissed me forcefully, his tongue deep in my mouth dueling with mine.

We played like that for awhile, before Jeff broke our kiss, turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. I watched as he sat down on the toilet, wondering what he had in mind. "Give me a lap dance," he ordered.

We hadn't even toweled off, and the water was dripping off our bodies, collecting in wet pools at our feet. I spread my legs wide and straddled him, taking his rigid shaft in my right hand and positioning it so I could drop my body down and impale myself on it.

It felt so good stretching my opening that I almost cum then knowing it was going to fill me up and make all the nerves tingle in me as I slowly impaled myself on the black shaft. He was as good as Jerry, Sunny's boyfriend in filling up the void. I began humping his cock slowly to prolong the building up as long as I could after picturing him doing me when I masturbated.

I orgasmed and Jeff did not. I had placed my forehead onto his and watched him massaged my white breasts with his black hands. He stood with his hard cock in me. I wrapped my legs around him. He set me on the bathroom counter top and began to hump as we went to tonguing. I soon grabbed him tight around the neck, brought my legs up again to pull him deeper, broke the tonguing and went, "Ohhhhhoooo, god, yeah."

He let me calm down by playing with my breasts and leaning down to suck them softly. He then pulled me to him and took me to the bed where he laid me down, going down with me, lifting my legs over his shoulders and then hammered my pussy with his hard toy. I moaned all the time he was thrusting and I was heading toward the edge.

I started to orgasm and in the middle of mine, Jeff stiffened, buried his cock all the way and yelled, "Awesome a tight pussy, Mmmm...mmm...mmm," as he unloaded in me. The warmth of his sperm took me to another level of orgasmic pleasure as he was coating my insides. The sensation of a long cock moving slowly in/out over the nerves is out of this world. It builds one up slowly and nicely. The friction of the cock movement in both directions makes my body wanting to explode.

Jeff and I met a number of times over the next several months, but not too frequently because John was around more.

My side trip to Harry's were becoming less and less. Sunny asked me about it and I told her about Jerry. She asked if I would share Jeffery and I said that I would.

Before that happened, an event took place that could have been a disaster for my husband and me.

John was scheduled to be out of town for two weeks. I had invited Jeffery to the house so he and I could spend the night comfortably. It was not the first time Jeffery and I had sex at my place so it was not out of the ordinary.

In the early part of the second week that John was out of town, Jerry and I had done the routine thing of getting each other hornier and then hopped in the sack. Jeff had my knees bent back to my breasts and was leaning over me, making me feel so good. As I was entering a 2nd orgasm by Jeffery's nine inch black cock and close to cumming, I said, "I cannot get enough of your cock Jeffery, it fills my pussy up so nice and triggers awesome cums for me. I wish John could do this for me. God that cock has some magical powers."

"Babe if you get off the pill I can really show you the magical powers of my dick."

"I'm there Jeff, Ohoooooooooo god."

My orgasm was interrupted and shortened when we heard, "UUUGGGGHHHh...Uuuggghhhh... Uuuggghhhh..."

We turned our heads to where the sound was coming from. It was John shooting his cum all over the floor with his pants down to his ankles on the floor.

My heart felt as if it would explode and sounded like a base drum in my chest.

Jeffery placed a hand over my mouth and leaned and said, "Don't say anything; close your eyes."

I then heard, "John did seeing your wife's cum all over my black dick get to you? Get your naked ass over here and come watch me make your woman feel like a woman when she is being fed cock to her snatch. If you run I will rip your balls off so you will never enjoy pussy again. When I'm done with her, you can clean her up, and then you can fuck her while she cleans my dick and gets it ready to fuck an ass."

Jeff leaned into me and said, "Enjoy babe and cum hard so your hubby can see the juices on my black cock again and maybe smell them telling him how hot and turned on you are. I will guarantee that you will get the hardest fuck of your life from him shortly."

I heard John stripping and moving to the bed. He did not say anything so I assumed he was going to do what Jeffery had asked. I kept my eyes closed.

Jeff was doing me slow. The longer he was doing me the more comfortable I was becoming knowing John was watching. I heard, "Don't you jerk that dick of yours, save it for the slut here. Her snatch will appreciate it that much more. And when you do get to fuck her, you make sure she cums before you fire them little nuts of yours."

I heard, "Yes, okay, okay."

Jeff had me almost to a point of cumming when I heard, "Hey dude I got a better idea. You get on the bed here and fuck your woman's mouth and we will double seed her. I want to play with your nasty hole while you throat her. Don't worry she will swallow so don't pull out. She is fantastic at sucking a guy's balls dry.

"Babe let's lower your legs so you can make him feel good."

I did not open my eyes but did my mouth as John moved into position. John straddled my head, fed his cock slowly to my mouth and he knelt forward, bracing himself with his hands. When his cock was in my mouth I noticed from skin to skin contact that he had shaven his balls. There were no hairs on my chin. When did he do that, crossed my mind.

His cock was harder than I had ever noticed before in all our married years. This was a first for him and me. I let him slowly fuck my mouth and did not touch him.

Jeff then began to fuck me slowly after lifting my hips onto top of his thighs, used his left hand thumb to massage my hard love button, reached down to my pussy with his right hand to collect my leakage and must have shoved a finger into John's ass because the cock buried itself all the way to his pubic bone and we heard, "AAAHHhhhhhhaaaa".

I was so thankful that I'd slept with so many guys now . . . I'd learned how to deep throat them. I'd have choked if it had been my first time to have a cock that far down my throat.

Just then, John stiffened and, moaned louder, just as his cock erupted and sent huge amounts of semen down my throat. I couldn't believe how much he came, given that he had gotten off just a short time earlier. I couldn't help but wonder whether the moaning was from the pain in his ass or from the pleasure of fucking my throat?

John's explosion was followed closely by Jeff's. I felt him stiffen, as he growled and fired his hot nut juice into my steaming pussy. It was enough to send me careening into a gut-wrenching orgasm, moaning on my husband's cock.

As I regained my senses, I heard John pleading, "Oh god, Oh god, take those fingers out. I'm going to cum again if you don't!"

"Feels good, right dude? Jeff laughed. "Just think what my cock can do for you if two fingers can do that. Okay I'll take them out now, so you'll have something left later when I fuck your virgin ass."

At those words, there was dead silence, broken only by the sounds of our heavy breathing.

After we'd rested for a few minutes, Jeff said to John, "Okay dude, I'm soft. You get down here and clean her up good. I'll let her clean my cock in the meantime. I am going watch and make sure you eat her good and clean her snatch. Then Jeff's voice got sterner, "I want to see, feel and hear her cum two times with your tongue and mouth. If you want to fuck your wife and make her cum, you'd better do it right. Get your sweet ass in gear. Now!"

I closed my eyes as the guys repositioned themselves. My heart was pounding, knowing John was going to eat me and at the same time drink the cocktail that Jeffery had made. I was shocked at Jeff taking over and being so dominant with John. And I was even more shocked that John would actually do what Jeff ordered!

I was surprised and pleased that John seemed to know how to eat a pussy. He was actually as good as some of the other guys I'd been sleeping with. He wrapped his arms around my thighs, spreading my pussy lips with his fingers and going after the goodies. My hands automatically reached down to hold his head and my hips started to hump. My god! I was going to cum soon for my husband's eager tongue and mouth for the first time ever.

I was sucking eagerly on Jeff's cock, but soon, thanks to John's considerable oral skills, I plunged into another orgasm. In a moment I heard Jeff giving John more orders, "Fuck her with two fingers now dude and keep eating her, she is hot. Don't let her cool off. Fuck her with those fingers; faster dude."

I was shocked at John's eager response. By this time, I was no longer thinking of him as a husband, but simply a guy who was pleasing me. As John went to work with his fingers as he'd been ordered, Jeffery pulled his cock from my mouth, placed his mouth to my ear and whispered, "Make it good for him, Erin, so he'll do anything we ask."

I was close to cumming from John's fingers, mouth and tongue when I heard Jeff again, "Fuck her with your cock dude, she's ready. Make her scream and beg for it."

John reacted instantly. He moved quickly along the length of my body, then buried his cock to the base in one shove in my hot volcano and went to work like a rabbit. All I could manage was, "Yes, yes, ohooo yes John that's it, yes . . . feels so goooooood! I've wanted it this way for years from you."

At that moment, I wanted . . . needed John deeper. I wrapped my legs around his waist, locked my ankles, and then thrust my hips upward to pull him even deeper.

"Fuck me John, make me cum, make me, ohooo god John the stars are in color, I'mmm...I'mm...Ohooooooo," as I had the hardest orgasm of our married life. John stiffened and screamed as he made his delivery into my convulsing body and exploding pussy.

He collapsed on top of me panting.

When we had finally come down from our amazing climax, Jeff took charge again. "John, let your slutty wife clean your cock while I fuck your virgin ass. Her cleaning you up will take your mind off your bottom. Your body will be confused from feeling of pain and pleasure. If you can manage to get it up again, give her another drink."

John pulled out of my steaming pussy, crawled up and inserted his soft cock in my mouth. It was coated with a combination of his own cum, Jeff's cum and my juices. John did not utter a word as he lowered his cock to my mouth and knelt forward offering his ass to Jeffery. I still had not opened my eyes.

I felt shuffling and body movements and then John let out a scream of "AAAAHHHHHHHaaaaa." I assumed his anal ring snapped around Jeff's shaft as the head of a black cock popped into his virgin ass.

John moaned as Jeff began to plunge his cock steadily in and out of my compliant husband's back door. Remarkably John's cock came to life again and began to swell again in my mouth.

Jeff was slow fucking John's ass; forcing John's cock to fuck my mouth. I decided to reach for John's balls and massage them softly with one hand and I used my other hand to massage Jeffery's balls hanging down slapping against John's thigh.

After a few minutes, I heard Jeff say, "Harder Erin, please squeeze them." I did as he asked. Then we heard John, "I'm close, oh shit, oh god, uuuggghhh, uuuggghhh...," as he fired the little sperm he had left down my throat.

At the same time, Jeffrey grunted and growled with pleasure as he shot his load into my husband's ass.

Jeffery then said, "Let's get cleaned up and do it again. John, you and I and my woman here are going to get along just wonderfully I see. Don't you agree dude?"

"It appears so Jeffery," came John's surprising reply.

"Hey guys I forgot I have an early morn meet," Jeff announced. "You guys enjoy and I'll be back tomorrow after eight to play some more." Then he took me by the hand, "Walk me to the door babe will you please."

I found a robe and walked Jeff to the door. I hadn't even been able to look John in the face yet. At the door Jeff kissed me and sent two fingers into my pussy and rubbed my clit with his thumb. He did not let go until I orgasmed over his hand as our tongues dueled. Then he gave me that self-satisfied smile and said, "Thanks babe I appreciated that," as he pulled his fingers out, offered them to me to lick clean before leaving.

By the time Jeffrey had gone, John was in the shower. I waited in the kitchen until he cleared the bath before going in. I wasn't quite ready to see him yet, and I was terrified to get in bed with him. I got in the shower, rested my head against the hard tile and let the hot water pelt down on me. It was as if I was trying to wash away everything that had happened over the past few hours. When the water began to cool, I dried myself and walked softly into the bedroom. I was relieved that John was in a deep sleep, snoring.

I had a fitful night's sleep. Finally, toward morning, John rolled into me from behind, reached around me to find a breast and spooned himself against me. He began to massage my breast and hump me from behind, as he kissed the back of my neck.

Then he ordered, "Lift those legs, bitch, so I can fuck that pussy I'm married to."

I did as he asked with my knees at my breasts and was terrified not knowing where all of the past few hours would lead. After he was buried deep inside me, he moved his left hand from my breast and began to play with my clit. I kept my eyes closed not desiring to look Jon in the eyes.

I soon managed an orgasm. John was still hard, which surprised me, because he usually fired instantly, or so it seemed. He then slipped the cock out of my pussy and rubbed the head around my back door as if to announce that it was about to have a visitor. Then he pressed forward with force until my anal ring locked down on him.

I pictured Jeffery there knowing I had taken his and other cocks there and John was smaller.

I heard, "Damn babe your ass is tighter than those bitches I having been nailing on the road. Why haven't you mentioned before you like ass fucking? I think it is the best kind. I think Jeffery, you and I are in for some good times, slut. How many other guys have you given this great tight ass to when I am out of town?"

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