tagBDSMMy Little China Doll

My Little China Doll


I rolled over and looked at the alarm, realizing the time was 7 am. I scrambled to get out of bed thinking I was late. I fell to the floor with a thud, as my right foot got tangled in the sheets.

There I sat naked and my legs twisted in every which way. With a bruised knee and ego I heard footsteps, I tried to get untangled from the sheets, before Master had opened the door. My knee was rug burned and stinging and my other foot I couldn't reach.

There was a knock and then the door opened; there was Master with a look of disbelief on his face. With a tear on my cheek and trying to smile. Master smiled and said, "What are you doing doll?"

In a whimpery voice I looked at the floor and said, "I thought I had over slept and tried to get out of bed in a hurry Sir."

"Ohhhhh, I see, today is Friday doll."

I fix your breakfast and bath on Fridays. Trying not to cry I looked Master in the face and said "Yes Sir. I know that now, I had just forgot Sir."

With Master smiling at me I lowered my head and saw the odd position I was in. One leg twisted back the other still in the sheets unable to be reached. Leaning back on my hands to relieve some of the weight on my knee.

Master knelt beside me and wiped the tears from my face and untangled my foot from the sheets. And helped my straighten the other, shaking his head he asked, "My little china doll, are you broken?"

Looking up at Master I said, "No Sir, my knee is bruised and my ego Sir is all," half smiling.

Gently cupping my calf, he lifted it and rested it on his leg. Slowly moving his hands up till he was massaging my knee. Leaning down he gently kissed my bruised knee. Putting a smile on my face like a child that had been kissed after a fall, I smiled and thanked him.

Feeling his hand move up my thigh I could feel my heart pound but was worried to. After just waking I had to pee and I was unsure if Master was gonna make me cum if I could hold it or not.

"Sir, I need you use the bathroom bad Sir."

With a grin on his face he smiled and said, "Do you remember the topic we talked of the other night? The one we were going to explore soon?"

Looking at Master I smiled and thought oh noooooooo...about to pee I just said, "Yes Sir, may I go to the bathroom please Sir?"

With a look he helped me up and helped me to the bathroom. I sat on the pot and he stood there smiling. Looking up I wanted to wait till he left to pee.

He squatted down in front of me and said, "Don't go yet doll, we will see how your control is."

My eyes grew wide in disbelief. As I sat there Master put his hands on my knees and spread them. I closed my eyes, as I knew what was going to happen. Trying to forget that I had to relieve myself I concentrated on Master and what he was doing. His hand went between my legs and gently cupped me. I took a deep breath and moaned as his finger didn't enter me but slowly slid up and down. At times touching my ass but not entering. I'd moan and sit up straight. Then he'd let his finger back track till he was at my clit. Gently rubbing in a twirling position.

With both hands on Masters shoulders I sat straight Master leaned forward and began to suck my nipple.

"Master, ohh please Sir, I'm not sure I can hold off cumming."

Looking me in the eyes he said, "My little china doll this is to test your will power and to see how much control you have. I want you to concentrate on feeling my finger as it rubs your clit. I want you to cum and try to hold off relieving yourself."

He continued to gently rub my clit and as he leaned in to kiss me I knew I couldn't stop myself from cumming. His kisses sent me over the edge. I could feel my insides throb as he stroked me. When his lips kissed mine I lost it all. I moaned and let a low groan as I felt the orgasm explode inside me. With Masters finger now in me I had no control.

I said, "Noooo..." as I felt myself letting go of my morning relief. Master made no move to remove his hand. And that excited me more, with my nails digging into his shoulder, again I moaned as I exploded into another orgasm. And Master sat looking at me with a smile of approval. I had never felt so drained in both ways, looking Master in the eyes I apologized for the relief.

He smiled and said, "Doll this was to introduce our next lesson and I can see by the look on your face your going to love it." He then pinched my nipple and said, "Shower and come to breakfast doll before it gets cold."

I hurried through my shower trying not to think of the events just played but it was hard. I hurried down stairs and sat at the table and waited as Master brought me my breakfast. As we ate Master told me of an over nighter we'd be on to night and to pack something sexy and accessible and he smiled and walked away.

My eyes widened and my heart leaped. I cleaned up the breakfast mess and went to my room to pack. As I was packing Master appeared at the door with something in his hand. A pair of silver nipple clamps, he said, "Just to keep me in mind doll."

He placed them on my nipples, slapped my ass, and left. Was hard not to reach for them and flick them to feel the effect they had on me. Master uses them to time me, there on for 15 is all and that's the time I have to complete a task I'm doing.

Fifteen minutes later Master was back and asked if I was packed.

I nodded my head and bit my lip, as I knew what was next. Master reached for the nipple clamps and gave them a little twist. Moaning, Master asked if I was ready to go.

"Yes Sir," I replied, putting on a halter-top, a skirt, and sandals. I was ready to go, no panties, as Master didn't like them. We got in the car and drove for it seemed two hours on our trip.

I asked Master tons of questions. He told me to stop or he'd gag me. I tried but I was too excited. So Master did as he said; he gagged me. He unzipped his pants and told me to suck his cock till we got there.

Wasn't the worst punishment, smiles, but effective. When we pulled up to the hotel Master said, "Ok slut, wipe me off and sit up."

I did as Master said. When I sat up there was a bellboy there at the car. With a grin on his face and as I looked down his cock was hard too. I smiled and as I got out I brushed my hand on him.

He moaned and kept ahead of us. Master had seen and as I walked a step ahead to go in the door he was holding he gave me one of his looks. I knew then he had seen me touch the bellboy's cock. I was worried but not scared.

Master registered and we went to our room. Once the door was closed Master smiled and said, "Come here girl."

I walked swiftly to Master. When I got there he said, "Bend there and grab me an apple."

As I bent over the couch, I felt a sting that made me jump and scream. I stood up and looked at Master with tears running down my cheeks. Master grabbed my nipple and said, "Girl, don't ever touch another man's cock unless you ask me first. You got it?"

In pain I said, "Yes Master, I'm sorry."

Then he kissed me on the lips and said, "Freshen up doll. We're going gambling, wear the dress I had you pack."

I hurried and changed and we were out the door. We walked in the casino and there were people every place. I had never been anyplace like it.

Master held my hand as we walked to the Blackjack table. Where we spent most of the night, and Master did real good. He made lots of money so he was happy. At about 3am we headed back to our room. When we got there the door was ajar.

Master said, "Let me go in first."

I waited in the hall for the ok to come in. Master yelled but I couldn't understand him so I went in. As I walked in a piece of tape was placed over my eyes, and my hands were taped behind me. I yelled for Master but he didn't answer me.

I felt my clothes being ripped away, and heard men saying things like, I want to fuck her ass, and another saying I want her mouth. Two were yelling at each other I want her cunt first.

I started to panic and cry. I felt my legs being pulled apart, and a hand on my leg moving up. I screamed, " Masterrrrrrrrr please help me, where are you?"

I felt a hand on my ass and another touching and tugging at my tits. I was screaming as one was pushing its way in my pussy. And I could smell the musky odor as another forced his cock in my mouth and yelled, "Suck me bitch," as he pumped his hard cock in and out of my mouth going deeper with every thrust.

And the one in my pussy was yelling, "I'm cumming." As one pulled out of my pussy another was there. Same with my mouth. I think there was four or maybe five; it was hard to tell and I was crying. Begging for Master. Then in a flash I was on my stomach. I cried, "No, please Master, please."

They yelled, "Shut up bitch, you're ours."

Then I felt hands on my hips, and my face was buried in a pillow. I screamed as I felt the pain of a cock going deep in my ass. And again someone was pulling my hair holding my head up as they shoved their cock deep in my throat, but it was different. And then the one in my ass yelled, "I'm cumming." Then as quick as he was done another went in; it seemed to last for hours but I wasn't thinking.

All that I wanted was to feel this cock that was in my mouth as it pumped in and out, then I heard the door shut. And it was over but the cock that was still fucking my mouth the cock shoved deeper in my mouth. I sucked him till I felt he was going to cum, the throbbing the smell of him excited me I wanted to feel him explode in my throat cum dripping down my throat. I wanted him, I wanted him to cum. I moaned as I felt him getting close I sucked hard to get what I wanted, then he pushed me away. I lay there waiting when I heard the door shut there was silence. I got the tape off my hands and then my eyes I cried, and tried to call to Master. My throat was sore and my body ached from the fucking it took. I crawled off the bed and to the door when I opened the door to the other room Master was there and smiling.

I tried to tell him what happened, how I was tied and blindfolded and then raped by a bunch of men.

But all he said was, "Hushhh My Little China Doll, that's my surprise. You wanted a gang rape in your fantasy. I gave it to you doll. Next lesson my little china doll, control, golden showers and what ever else you wanna try."

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