tagSci-Fi & FantasyMy Little Fairy Ch. 02

My Little Fairy Ch. 02


Rick stood there, keys in hand, staring at the door. His eyes wandered back and forth between the number on the door and the knob. It was his apartment. He knew it well. Leah was silent behind the door. He knew why, but part of his brain didn't want to admit why.

He had gone to work that morning, everything had been as it was. Nothing changed, nothing out of place, the girl was even gone. He silently prayed he had not imagined her, or worse that he had frightened her off. The bird was silent. Some how, that gave him hope.

He stuck the keys in the lock and heard the click. Still he was frozen there; quiet, listening. A familiar squawk came and Rick's heart fell. Then he heard it; the giggle, a sound of tiny bells in a breeze. He knew it wasn't a dream then.

He finally brought himself to it and pushed the door open. There she was, in the kitchen, by the stove; Leah running up and down the counter, the sizzle of something frying and the soft smell of cooking food. Some things moved on their own, but there she was, just as she had been last night, doing a good portion of the work herself.

She looked through the window to the kitchen and smiled brightly at him. "Hey Ricky! I got started a little early, I hope you don't mind. I wanted it fresh when you got home."

The places had already been set around the same table she had summoned the night before. He guessed it would be called summoning, he didn't know what other word to use. He sat down wordlessly.

"What's up with you, Ricky? You look like an owl!" Gigi giggled. She began filling up the plates with food. She had prepared corn, green beans and some kind of chicken. It smelled wonderful. "I hope you like it; it's my own variation on the chicken the woman in 411 makes. She adds just a touch too much pepper in my opinion."

Gigi sat in her usual floating position and began to eat. Rick slowly took a bite. What most put him off was how she acted like this had been going on for years. He wasn't sure what to make of her.

After the meal, she took the plates and began cleaning up. She set most of this to work on its own. Rick leaned against the counter and watched her work. She was still in that same dress from the night before. He found himself staring at her shoulders.

"I can always take it off..." came a sultry voice. Rick's head shot up and stared into Gigi's face. She had a sly grin on her face and her eyes dropped softly. Rick jumped back as if he'd been shot.

Gigi's face froze as she realized she had just done or said the wrong thing. He looked like a deer about to flee. She quickly dropped her posture and looked down. "I'm sorry." She said softly and turned around. "I didn't mean to offend you." She murmured quietly.

Rick shook his head and released the tension in his body. "No, I'm sorry; I'm just not..." he sighed. "I'm just not comfortable with that right now..."

"It's my fault Ricky. I would never make you do anything you don't want to. I would never pressure you into anything. You must always know that." Her head moved but she did not turn to look at him. "The soul must be as willing as the flesh." She ended quietly.

Rick could see a partial reflection in the window above the sink. He could almost swear he saw a tear. "Gigi, I ..."

"My cookies!" she said suddenly. Gigi opened the oven. "Oooo, they're perfect! I hope you like chocolate chip!"

Rick doubted there were cookies in the first place, but he didn't press the issue. He smiled. "Actually, they're my favorite."

Gigi looked back at him and smiled brightly. The sadness forgotten or ignored, he wasn't about to ask. She made him a plate and took it to him desk. She floated beside his chair. He sat down and took a bite of a cookie. They were warm, and gooey.

She had told him once that she watched him play all the time, he assumed she had always done it where he could not see her, but he kind of liked the fact she was so interested in his game.

After awhile he got sleepy, even though it wasn't close to his normal bed time. He wasn't sure why he was so drowsy. Rick turned off the computer and headed for the shower.

"You're not going to follow me are you?" He said half jokingly, eyeing her suspiciously.

"Only if you want me to." She giggled.

He stepped into the bathroom, a thought occurred to him and he stuck his head out. "Have you before? Without my knowing of course..."

She grinned wickedly at him. "I'll never tell. A fairy has to keep some secrets now." She winked at him.

Rick shook his head and got in the shower. Gigi lay down on his bed. She closed her eyes and stretched. The bed was extremely comfy. She could sleep here, she wanted to sleep here, but she saw the way he looked at her earlier. She sighed softly.

Gigi crossed her ankles and put her harms up behind her head. She could always hogtie him and... nah, that didn't seem right. She did honestly want to make him happy and she honestly didn't want to ruin this. She had plans; she had wants and desires, to do things she hadn't done in decades. Gigi debated on taking a peek, like she had done so many times before, but she decided this time she would be respectful of his wishes, since she knew what they were now. She closed her eyes and lightly dozed.

When he came out of the bathroom, Rick was surprised to find Gigi sleep on his bed. A tiny part of him hoped she'd stay there, another part told him he wasn't ready for that yet. Waving his hand in front of her face, he checked to see if she wasn't faking. She didn't move. He leaned down. He was compelled, he didn't know why. He stopped short of kissing her. He pulled back. What was he doing? That was the last thing he needed to try!

Rick pulled on some soft shorts and went to the other side of the bed. She was sleeping there, so peacefully, he didn't want to make her move. Besides, he was confident she would respect his wishes, even if a small part of him hoped she wouldn't. He lay down beside her. Without being able to control himself, he finally pushed a lock of cool blonde hair off her face. Her skin was soft and warm, her hair as soft as silk. He played with it between his fingers for a moment. He dozed off with his hand still touching her hair.

In the haze of sleep, he felt a hand touch his; it opened his fingers, the silky hair fell out of his grip. Soft hands run up and down his back. It felt good, soft and cool against his skin; he leaned in towards it. Soft lips caressed the corner of his eye, and down his cheek. He didn't want it to stop.

As if in a dream, unable to control him self, he reached out for the soft pink form in front of his eyes. "I must be dreaming, it's got to be a dream, I can do what I want." He thought to himself. It was her, she was there. The dress had been discarded; she lay naked beside him, her body perfect and soft as he pulled her tight against him.

He was naked too, in this dream, and he found that convenient, further proving to him that this was a dream. He ran his hands up and down her soft body, caressing her hips and trying to feel every inch of her, she snuggled against his neck. She kissed him there, her lips warm and feverish. She enjoyed the warm touch of his fingers caressing her warm skin. She needed this, she had been craving it.

Giving in to all temptation he kissed her this time. Their lips met, their tongues clashed. They lay there, enjoying the taste of each others mouths. She reminded him of cotton candy, sweet and soft. He devoured her lips and she met him back. She wrapped her arms around his neck and his arms around her back, his hands trailed down her butt, he felt the soft perfection of it. She pressed into him, his erection pressing hard into her thigh. His fingers trailed up the crack of her soft ass.

He couldn't stand it any more as he rolled on top of her; he lay between her legs, still feverishly kissing her. He pressed his cock against her pussy. She was dripping wet. His fingers went there next, he rubbed her soft flesh, and the feeling was wonderful to him. Using his fingers, he spread her lips winde and pressed his cock softly into the folds. He rubbed around her pussy with his fingers, enjoying the warmth. He then pressed his cock further into her pussy and moaned into her mouth with ecstasy, she was tight as hell and wet and warm as anything. He slid all the way in effortlessly, aided by her dripping warmth.

He paused for moment held inside of her. He looked down at her, her brilliant blonde hair spread across his pillows, her soft breast heaving as she gasped for breath. She smiled up at him with that sly grin from earlier. She closed her eyes and arched against him. The movement sent shudders through his body. He leaned his head down and sucked on the soft breast she offered up to him. She moaned and shivered under him. Shifting her legs, her feet sliding on the bed, she gripped his hair and called his name. He began to move inside her then.

"Say it again, baby. I want to hear it again." He murmured.

"Rick!" She cried. "Oh Rick, please..."

Rick bent down and began kissing her again. He shifted his hips and began to pump in and out of her soft pussy. In and out he slipped deep within her. It was so tight and wet, she practically poured around him, and he felt her juices slide on his balls.

"I want to feel them against me." Gigi murmured softly. It took a second before he realized what she meant. He went deeper so his balls pressed against her ass Did she know what he had been thinking? He surmised so. He sped up then, in and out while placing kisses on her face and neck. They moved together in a form of harmony and lust. She rising up against him, they meeting each other move for move. Neither wanting it to end, until they could do no longer; they came together, a rush of completion that felt too soon. They gripped each other as they shuddered and moan in perfect symmetry.

He didn't want this to end. She knew it had to, what had to be done, and she felt sad. It was alright though; it would be ok in the end. They fell asleep like that, embraced, locked together. He buried his face in her hair and her neck. The world fell dark.

The tapping on his forehead was irritating. He swatted it. A soft giggling came above his head. "Wake up sleepy head..." a soft voice cooed. More tapping. "That infernal tapping!" He fumed to himself.

"Would you quit it?!" He groaned and turned over. Gigi was leaning over him and giggling.

"I think you should get up... though it seems you were enjoying your sleep, if I let you sleep any longer you might run late for work." She giggled again.

A thought dawned on Rick and he yanked up the covers. The same sleep shorts from last night were still in place. It seemed her really had dreamed it. He shook his head.

"What is it?" she asked softly.

"I thought..." he trailed off and looked at her innocent happy face. Nothing looked out of the ordinary; except he just now noticed her hair was full of glitter. He wondered if it was still as soft as... he stopped the thought and shook his head.

"Thought what?"

"Nothing. About last night..." He started slowly.

"What about it?" Gigi giggled again. "Did you have a bad dream, dear? You sure were kicking your leg and whimpering like a puppy!" She broke into a fit of hysterical giggles.

"Why must you constantly compare me to animals?" he asked with some annoyance.

"What else is there?" She cocked her head to the side and grinned. Rick glared at her sunny face. "Don't be late for work dear!" She winked at him then and flew off to play with Leah.

He sighed and held his head. It was just a dream. He muttered and threw the covers off. He put his hand down in something wet. He looked at the bed. There was a wet spot on his bed. "Could it be..?" he thought slowly. "No, no it was all a dumb dream." Rick muttered to himself.

He got ready for work and headed out the door. Gigi watched him go and then sighed at the closed door. She went back in the bedroom and stared at the spot. She cursed herself for forgetting the sheets.

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