tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Little French Girl

My Little French Girl


Our annual vacation is getting closer and I am spending more time thinking about the great time my love and I are going to have, and the great sex we are both looking forward to.

When I kissed my lover goodnight on our second date, 26 years ago, and she practically stuck her tongue down my throat, I immediately knew she was the one for me. M is and was a very quiet, shy lady. She was the type of girl that a guy wants to bring home to mom – sweet, attractive, polite – all the "perfect wife" qualities. The same qualities that a horny young guy is not looking for. But that kiss, which I expected to be a little peck on the cheek, let me know there was another side to this beautiful little French girl that I had found.

Within about a year we were married and that little French kiss has turned into the hottest, sexiest woman I know. Yet, to the rest of the world she is still that sweet, polite lady. Oh, if they only knew! Our sex life is hotter than I ever could have imagined and it gets hotter all the time. About ten years ago, when we started to get away on vacations things really took off.

When we are on vacation and away from our regular routine, family, and all the things that inhibit us, we tend to step out a little and take risks that we ordinarily wouldn't. One example of this is our trip several years ago to St Martin. The easy going French culture along with the proliferation of topless or nude people opened M right up – so to speak.

On about the third day on the island we found a beach that was perfect for loosening her up. I had been asking her to try going topless and I could tell she was warming to the idea yet still very nervous. She was feeling that her body wasn't up to it, and no one would want to look at her. When we first arrived at Friar's Bay , a quiet, remote beach with a small restaurant/bar on the sand, she seamed to relax.

There were several couples and small groups at the beach but there was plenty of space between to stake out our own little spot of sand not to far from the bar. I made a bee line for the bar and got us a couple of drinks before we settled in the sun. Sitting there, watching the tanned, mostly naked bodies strolling by had it's effect and M nervously dropped her bikini top as she laid her chair flat and closed her eyes. This, of course, was time for me to sit up and watch.

I wasn't watching her so much as watching the guys walking by ogling her. I was getting my rocks off seeing this and telling her about each one that walked by and how they were looking at her. This had the desired effect as she nonchalantly reached up over her head and stretched this way and that as she became more comfortable with exposing herself. The small patch of cloth on her string bikini bottom was the only thing that protected the last of her modesty as she moved about. I was in heaven and had to be careful not to expose my now semi-rigid cock. This only got worse when I spread a coating of tan lotion over her exposed tits and tweaked her nipples.

I asked her to take a walk with me on the beach and was surprised when she agreed. Now I could really get a look at the expression on the other guys as we walked past them as they took in the beauty of my almost naked wife. We spent the day enjoying M's new found appreciation for exhibitionism. As the afternoon faded, we headed back to our hotel and as we drove she seamed more relaxed than I have ever seen her with a wonderful smile on her face – basking in the glow of being ogled by men. I asked her how she liked it and she said that she was surprised that she actually found it exciting. I reached over and slipped my hand in her bikini bottom and couldn't believe how wet she was. She quickly removed the last of her clothing and sat completely naked next to me as I drove back to our hotel, my finger alternately working her clit and slipping into her sopping hole while I struggled to maintain focus on the winding road.

It was all I could do to keep my focus on driving as she spread her legs so I could get easier access. When she lifted her right foot and placed it on the dash I just about lost control of the car. I couldn't believe that my shy baby was acting this way, and I was loving every second of it. I knew we were never going to make it to the hotel and I pulled into a large parking lot near the water. Without thinking, I pulled up to the front of the lot facing the water and stopped the car. All around us were people walking and I realized I had chosen a spot near the vendors selling their wares to the tourists. For a moment a thought that would be the end of my show but she didn't even slow down.

Sitting there now with our little rental car shut off, the windows down, M placed the other foot on the dash board and begged me not to stop. Now with both hands free I could get at that beautiful body and dripping, hot cunt. I spread her lips open and loved how they glistened in the bright sunlight. I couldn't resist any longer as I dove in head first and lapped up as much of her juice as I could. The scent of her sex was incredible.

After a few minutes of this, I came up for air and looked at M who was in a state of bliss with her eyes closed. Then I noticed the people walking past the car pretending they didn't notice what was going on inside. Being the courteous guy I am, I thought it would be unfair to block their view of my wife's beautiful cunt by licking her, so instead I slowly inserted two fingers of my left hand into her as I played with her clit with my right. She reached down and pressed my fingers so I was rubbing harder against her clit, a sure sign of her increasing level of excitement.

Any fear that I had that she would suddenly come out of her state of bliss when she realized what she was doing was put to rest when she dreamily opened her eyes looked around at the people walking by and then gazed at her own gaping pussy. She was so deep into it now that nothing was stopping her. She opened her legs even more as she thrust her hips at my pounding left hand and lowered the back of her seat so she was laying almost straight out. She closed her eyes and moved deeper into her state of exhibitionist bliss.

I had now moved up to four fingers sliding in and out of her. I had never seen her so wild and never imagined that she could get so relaxed and horny in full public view. As she laid there, writhing in ecstasy, she lifted her ass off the seat exposing herself even more to anyone that might be looking – and plenty of people were. Finally she erupted in orgasm along with a deep groan that drew even more attention to the car from the shocked passersby.

Even after her explosive orgasm M was in no hurry to cover herself as she laid there for several minutes with a grin of satisfaction on her face. She slowly covered herself as I pulled out of the parking lot. I thought I heard a bit of applause as we pulled away but I was more focused on what I was going to get when we got back to our hotel room.


We have found that as much as we like to fuck almost every day, there is something to be said for a little bit of abstinence. I like to say "absence makes the cock grow harder". We have some of our best sex when I return from a few days away. And since we plan on having a lot of sex during our week of vacation, we decided to test ourselves and see how long we can go without it. Originally we agreed to go for a full month but then I went away for five days and we knew we would have to make love at least once before we started the fasting. When I got home about midnight two days ago I was horny as hell and I wanted it then but M convinced me to let her sleep and she would take care of me in the morning. I'm glad I waited.

We woke up about five-thirty and snuggled close together in that wonderful half awake world of early morning. It didn't take me long to start getting hard and I could tell M was waking up by her occasional twitching that tells me her horny little mind is starting to work. The softness of her naked skin against mine felt great after being away for so long. I nuzzled into her neck and took in her scent, kissing and licking my way up to her ear which I could tease with my tongue and gently nibble on. I then worked my way down to those wonderful tits and nipples.

Usually about this time I continue working my way down across her soft belly to my favorite part of her magnificent body, her dripping cunt, but this time she pulled me on top of her and told me she wanted me in her now. I slid in with ease as I held most of my weight off her and continued to nibble away at her and inhale her scent. I could tell this was going to be one of the times we refer to as love making instead of just raw sex. We define love making as those times when you are into each other mentally and emotionally, sex is pure physical animal stuff and both are great.

We began to kiss and I worked my tongue deep into her mouth as she did the same to me. We were working ourselves up with the least amount of movement I can handle and still feel that my cock is in a tight pussy. As I lifted myself up off of her I began to pump deep into her wet hole. I love it when the end of my cock slams into the back of cervix and when she is this horny, she loves it too. I ground my cock as deep into her as I could and pressed my pubic bone against hers catching her swollen clit in between. This is something she can only handle when she really wants it.

We gazed deeply into each other's eyes as she raised her hands up to my chest and began to pinch my nipples. She knows my nipples are like a switch that drives me wild and after squeezing them gently for a moment she began to twist and turn them, being as rough as she could. I lowered myself onto her as we continued our deep stare and we each began to glaze over, moving into a state of total bliss. With almost no motion and with most of my weight on her, she began to orgasm. As her eyes rolled back she began that deep groan that tells me this is going to be a good one. Just knowing that she is experiencing so much pleasure sends me over the edge and, without moving, I began squirting my hot cum deep into her.


Well, so much for holding off for 23 days; last night we got a little carried away. It all started out innocently enough, with plans to tease and then go to dream land. M and I went to bed and, as usual, held each other's naked body close, getting as much skin contact as we could. After relaxing for a few minutes, M stuck out her tongue and flicked it over my left nipple which happened to be right in front of her mouth as I was holding her. Thus began the tease.

Knowing how much I love my nipples played with, M kept up the licking and flicking of her tongue for a few minutes before she took my nipple between her teeth and gently bit. Getting an immediate reaction from me told her she was on the right path so she began her way of doing quick little bites on my nipple and then full blown biting. All this time I was being good and trying not to take our teasing too far but at the same time I was getting very hard. With her left hand she reached down and stroked my stiff cock a few times before reaching up for my right nipple and giving it a squeeze between her fingers. Biting even harder now on my left nipple while pulling it with her teeth she began to torture the right one by pulling and twisting it roughly. I loved every minute of it and decided two can play at this game.

I pushed her away for a moment while I got up in a kneeling position next to her. I started gently kissing and sucking her nipples (she's not into nipple torture like I am) and I could tell by her movements that her juices were already flowing. I worked my way down to her delicious pussy, gently spreading her legs. Without touching her, I moved in as close as I could and inhaled her wonderful aroma. I stayed in that position, torturing her with nothing more than my breath on her moistness until she begged me to touch her. The first touch was meant to relieve just enough of her growing frustration to keep her on the edge. I touched the tip of my tongue to the tip of her swollen clit and she gasped and then sighed in relief.

From there I went to work ever so slowly and gently licking her clit and labia, building her excitement until I couldn't hold out any longer and plunged my tongue as deeply into her as I could. My patience was rewarded as her juices flooded over my face and into my nose which was now buried deep in the crack of her ass. Her wonderful scent was overwhelming and intoxicating.

Having raised her to this level I now kneeled up straight on the bed next to her. She had been playing with my nipples and rock hard cock while I was licking her and she didn't let go. As we looked into each other's eyes we knew we were in trouble with our bet of abstinence but without saying a word we moved it to the next level. I plunged a couple of fingers of my right hand into her sopping pussy and pressed hard against her clit. In return, she held my cock tight with one hand as she sucked on the index finger of her other hand. Opening her mouth and showing me her finger wet with her saliva, she slowly inserted it into the tip of my cock. What an incredible rush to be finger fucked by her while I was finger fucking her. The mixture of pain and pleasure was overpowered by the wickedness of what she was doing. This is something we had started with slowly and just as a woman gets stretched from larger and larger insertions, she has managed to stretch me to the point that she now was pushing her finger into me almost to the first knuckle. The evil smile on her face as she tortures me adds to the excitement.

I had to put a stop to this before I lost it completely so I pulled back from her and laid down on the bed begging her to sit on my face. She straddled my head and faced my feet so she could continue to play with my cock while I drank her juices. What a great position! With her kneeling upright, her juices naturally flow out and into my eager mouth. I flick my tongue over her clit enough to keep her happy but my real interest now is the sweet nectar that is pouring out of her. I can drink to my heart's content as she goes back to torturing me, alternately pinching my nipples and working a finger into the tip of my cock. She wet her fingers and then wet my nipples, which adds even more to the sensations. This position will definitely make us both cum if we are not careful and I can only take about five minutes of this before I ask her to turn around and let me fuck her.

M turned around and mounted my rigid, aching cock as I sighed in relief. What a wonderful feeling it is to finally slide into that warm, soaking hole that I love. She rode me for a few minutes while lying on my back and ground her body into mine then she knelt up and sat down hard on my cock driving it deep into her. From the increased sensitivity caused by earlier roughness with the tip of my cock, I can feel every ripple inside of her. As the end of my cock slams against her cervix she smiles at me knowingly.

She knelt up straight again and then drew one foot up under her so it was flat on the bed and her thigh was straight out to the side. From this position I can thrust into her by lifting my ass off the bed and I have the most incredible view of everything. She can also see me sliding in and out of her when she bends forward and puts her head next to mine. But the real reason I love this position is that my thrusting cock gets her juices flowing so much that with each withdrawal comes a splash of wetness all over my cock and down onto my belly. The wetter the better as far as I am concerned and this is the wettest of all. A few moments of this is all we can take and the cum from our mutual orgasm adds even more to the wetness as she collapsed onto me.

Alright, I'll admit it, I suck at this abstinence stuff. Three days ago we had sex again and we went wild again with M inserting her finger in her own pussy while I was fucking her. When I pulled most of the way out, she played with the head of my cock inside of her. What an incredible woman. Anyway, since then we have been playing the game right to the edge but not going over. I don't know how long I can continue like this. I'll write to you again after vacation and let you know how we did.

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