tagBDSMMy Little Husband Ch. 2

My Little Husband Ch. 2


Author’s note:
This is the second part in this series. Your warm response has encouraged me to continue writing. This is a fictional story. It did not really happen, although it might. If you take offense or do not care for stories where a wife completely dominates her husband, please pass this one by. This series is copyrighted by the author. It may not be reproduced for commercial but it may be reproduced for personal viewing. Please do not submit it to other sites without permission. You must be of legal age in your locale to read this story. If you are not, please leave now.

Jean could see how easy this was going to be. For the past year she had been slowly changing their love making habits and now it was paying off.

Tying Mark up to the bed, shaving his manly hair and taking pictures to blackmail him if he did not follow her every whim was a carefully laid plan that she had worked out with her mother’s advice. They called it their Twelve Month Plan, since a small change was made on the first of each month to slowly lead Mark down the path of servitude. He never noticed the small changes as he became more and more ensnared in this plan. Each small change brought him further and further under her control. Mark was either not aware of what was happening or didn’t really care. As long as he got to cum at the end of their love sessions, he was happy.

The next step was important. It was the last of the twelve steps. It was critical that Mark sign an agreement so that Jean could legally control all facets of Mark’s life. These agreements had been challenged in the courts and were found to be binding as long as they were signed properly and witnessed. The courts looked favorably on these types of contracts arguing that in a male dominated society, such as ours, these contracts help equalize the power balance between the sexes. Once signed, they became legally binding upon all parties that signed.

Mark knew he was in trouble when Jean called him into her study. He was naked as she had instructed him to be whenever he was home. Jean wore a mid-length skirt, white satin blouse, a maroon business woman’s suit jacket, black stockings and black pumps with 4” heels. He could see the bumps of the snaps of the garter belt that held up her black stockings. He knew by now that she no longer wore panties or a bra.

He fell to his knees in front of her seated form. While he was kissing her feet, she began “I have an extremely urgent document that I need you to sign now. If you sign it immediately, I’ll give you a reward. I’ll allow you to cum today in addition to our usual Sunday evening session. In fact, if you sign it in the next three minutes I promise you that I will suck your little cock today until you ejaculate and you can fuck me until you squirt your manly juices into my hot and ready cunt this Sunday.”

Mark’s dick immediately swelled to its full size and he became so excited he began to stutter. He could not believe his good fortune. “Will you p-p-promise it’ll be s-s-s-swallowed?

“I would love to suck you dry my little husband,” Jean lied. You taste so sweet I wish I was swallowing it now. “Stand up and sign so I can put your gorgeous he-man dick in my mouth and suck the life out of it.

Mark wasted no time and signed where Jean pointed. He suddenly was aware of another presence in the room. He had not noticed, but his mother-in-law was standing behind him. After he dated the contract, she signed as the witness to his signature. He was terribly embarrassed and totally flustered. Should he run upstairs to get his clothes or just stand there since that was the house rule. Mark chose not to move for fear of his wife’s punishment but he could not stop his hands from covering his manhood. He blushed a bright pink from head to foot as his mother-in-law slowly circled him.

Jean’s mom, Frieda, smiled at Mark and began reading the contract out loud. She wanted to make sure he knew the rights and responsibilities that he was bound to for the rest of his life. Her face was very stern and businesslike even though she was laughing hysterically inside as she watched Jean put the final signature on the contract.


To insure a successful marriage, the husband will agree to the following regarding the penis which will now be called the marital penis:

1. The Wife will have complete ownership and control of the marital penis.
2. The husband has no right of privacy during the periods of time set forth in the “husband’s dress code” below. Therefore, bathroom doors must remain open when the marital penis is urinating so that the Wife may inspect the marital penis at any time.
3. The Wife will decide if and when the marital penis will be allowed to ejaculate.
4. The Wife will decide the method used to cause the marital penis to ejaculate. She may, for example, have the husband masturbate or She may choose Her preferred method applied by Her or Her designee.
5. The husband is not permitted to ask for any sexual favors, such as rubbing of the marital penis, insertion into any animate or inanimate objects (except as described below), licking or sucking unless directed or initiated by the Wife.
6. The husband is not permitted to touch the marital penis without permission.
7. The husband will wear a chastity belt whenever required by his Wife. Wearing the chastity belt symbolizes the Wife's absolute domination and control of the marital penis.
8. The husband is not permitted to touch any Female or expose himself to any Female unless directed to do so by the Wife.

To insure a successful marriage, the Wife has the following rights:

1. The Wife has complete ownership and control of the marital penis and She and only She will decide when it will touched, rubbed, sucked or placed into or on any object whether animate or inanimate and when or if it may ejaculate.
2. The Wife may require the husband to wear a chastity device on the marital penis that may eliminate engorgement of the marital penis, touching of the marital penis or scrotum, hiding the marital penis from the husband’s view and/or controls ejaculation.
3. When the marital penis is allowed to ejaculate, the Wife has the rights to the ejaculate.
4. The Wife has the right to recycle the ejaculate in any way She sees fit, for example:

a. by direct injection into the husband’s mouth
b. collecting it in a vessel of Her choice to be fed to the husband
c. collecting it in Her hand so that it may be fed to the husband or She may require that he lick it from Her hand until Her hand is clean.
d. Collecting it on or in Her body to be cleaned by the husband.
e. Or in any other manner She decides.
f. Disposing of it.

5. The Wife has the right to demand sexual pleasure from the husband at any time without any reciprocal duties, which may include but not be limited to cunnilingus, fornication and body worship.
6. Since the Wife no longer needs the marital penis for satisfaction, She may seek other means of satisfaction.

a. She may demand the husband provide Her with pornographic stories or pictures for Her amusement.
b. She has the right to make love to as many men as She wants without any repercussion from the husband.
c. She may suck as many dicks as often as She likes without any repercussion from the husband
d. She may swallow other men’s ejaculate if She so wishes without any repercussion from the husband
e. If She returns to the husband full of another man's cum this symbolizes that the marital penis is not the least bit necessary for the wife's sexual fulfillment.
f. Every evening upon demand, the Wife has the right to have Her pussy licked clean by the husband.
g. If She returns to the husband full of another man's cum, the husband’s licking of her lover's cum out of Her pussy symbolized his submissive role to Her and it also demonstrates the absolute need to put the erotic pleasure of the Wife as the highest priority in a husband and Wife relationship.

To insure a successful marriage, the husband’s dress code is as follows:

1. The Wife sets the rules that dictate what her husband shall wear. For example:

a. The husband may be required to remove all clothes after a set time of day or after a particular trigger time, such as after dinner.
b. The husband may be required to wear clothes that allow him to be exposed after a set time of day or after a particular trigger time, such as after dinner.
c. Sexual devices such as butt plugs, chastity devices, rope binding, handcuffs, etc. are considered clothing.
d. The husband is required to advise the Wife when his workday is easy and he is available to service the Wife. He is not required to follow the dress code during his workday.

To insure a successful marriage, the Wife may punish the husband for the following infractions as follows. This is a guide only and does not limit the Wife to decide to punish for other infractions:

1. Not following instructions
2. Not satisfying his Wife when directed to do so
3. Not following the dress code.
4. Complaining or forbidding the Wife to have sex outside the marriage as is Her right.
5. Not cleaning His Wife’s pussy after sex with another male when directed to do so.
6. Not recycling his ejaculate according to instruction.
7. Touching his penis.
8. Ejaculating without permission.
9. Asking for sexual favors from any Female including the Wife.
10. Not encouraging Her to seek sexual pleasure outside the marriage with whomever She decides.
11. Not facilitating sex outside the marriage if instructed to do so. For example, not driving Her to Her lover, preparing Her lover for Her which may include facilitating the lover’s erection for Her by hand or orally as instructed by the Wife only and, but not limited by, preparing the scene if She decides to engage Her lover at home.

To insure a successful marriage, the Wife may punish the husband as follows. This is a guide only and does not limit the Wife’s choice of punishment which is only limited by the Wife’s imagination:

1. Spanking.
2. whipping
3. Binding him to the bed or other object for extended periods of time. During this time #1 & #2 may be applied to the husband’s body. The penis or balls may be bound and/or stretched with any device the Wife chooses. This will possibly increase the size of the substandard puny marital penis.
4. Restraining him with ropes, belts, chains or handcuffs.
5. Prolonging the husband’s chastity period.
6. Applying pressure to the husband’s balls to create discomfort. Since the husband does not own the marital penis and balls, the level of pressure exerted on the balls is entirely up to the Wife’s discretion.
7. Instructing the husband to wear clothes only suitable for women or sissified men. This may include under clothes such as panties or bra or overclothes such as a dress or skirt.

To insure a successful marriage, the husband acknowledges that the following are privileges, not punishments:

1. Satisfying his Wife whenever She demands.
2. Allowing the Wife to withhold his ejaculation to improve the marriage by making him more attentive and responsive.
3. Cleaning His Wife’s pussy with his mouth on Her demand.
4. Dress code including chastity devices.
5. Punishment administered by his Wife or Her designee.
6. Eating of cum upon Her command, whether his or His Wife’s lover.
7. The Wife’s right to engage in any sexual activity outside the marriage that gives Her pleasure.
8. Encouraging the Wife to take pleasure with others outside the marriage.

To insure a successful marriage:

1. Since the marital penis is owned by the Wife, all previous rights and obligations of the marital penis is transferred to the faux penis, which is owned by the Wife and will now be called the Penis.
2. She has the right to wear the Penis.
3. The husband may be required to wear the Penis to fuck the Wife if She so desires since he may no longer use the marital penis for penetration of any woman including His Wife.
4. She may demand any male to kiss or suck the Penis and She may penetrate any male or Female with it. Only the husband must comply with those requests.
5. The husband must comply with the Wife’s wishes for sucking or kissing the Penis and must allow Her to penetrate him at Her whim.

To insure a successful marriage:

1. The Wife has the right to change or add to this contract at will and the husband must comply with the new conditions as if they were in the initial agreement set forth here.
2. The husband does not have the right to change any conditions under this contract without the prior written permission of the Wife.
3. The husband must be completely naked when signing this binding document and the Wife must be fully clothed so that the new power relationship is clear and established.

husband’s signature Date Wife’s signature Date

Witness Date Witness Date

Jean felt triumphant. She now owned another human being. So what if it was just a lowly male. She was beaming and her mother could see the flush in her daughter’s face as she relished the conquest over her male.

Being true to her word, she immediately went to her knees and began sucking Mark’s prick. He could not remember the last time she had sucked his dick and he was in his glory. He felt he had put one over on her. There she was on her knees in front of her mother sucking his dick. Jean grabbed his shaft tightly and worked her hand up and down while she was licking his shiny purple mushroom shaped head.

Mark felt his knees wobble as the pleasure radiated from the head of his dick throughout his loins. Jean licked up and down his shaft for a few seconds and then went back licking his drooling knob.

Back and forth.

Back and forth.

It was driving him wild.

He was aware that his mother in law was watching, but that only drove him closer to climax. He felt a momentary feeling of power, which he had not experienced in a long time, as he knew Frieda was watching her daughter suck his dick. He couldn’t wait to blow his long overdue load into his Wife’s mouth while her mother watched.

Frieda said, “wait ‘till his balls tighten and pull up in his sack and lay right against his body. That’s when he is going to explode, so be ready.

Sure enough, Mark could feel his balls tighten and he could feel his seed rising. It was only a matter of seconds. He was past the point of no return and there was no way to stop his ejaculation. Finally! he thought. He would blast it right down her throat. It’s about time!

Jean pulled her mouth away from the head of his dick, continued stroking with her hands while looking over at her mother. “He is ready now, mom. He is ready to squirt and he can’t stop now.

Frieda brought her hand out from behind her back where she had been hiding a shot glass. She quickly stuck it at the head of Mark’s dick as Jean stopped pumping.

Mark could not believe his eyes. At first he thought his mother-in-law was going to finish him. Maybe even take him in her mouth. Why is she doing this? She shouldn’t be involved in this, or so Mark thought.

He could feel the buzz in his dick as it got ready to cum. It felt so good. An almost sweet feeling. Jean had pulled his dick out of her mouth and had stopped rubbing it. He was already over the edge and this sudden cessation of rubbing robbed him of the final excruciatingly delicious feeling at the end. Instead he looked down saying, “What the fuck…? He watched his semen pour out of his dick almost filling the shot glass, yet he could feel almost nothing. All that saved up cum and it did not even feel good.

Frieda shouted in excitement, “I’ve got it. He almost filled the whole shot glass with that thick white gooey disgusting stuff. Here Jean, I want to watch” as she passed the now very warm shot glass to her daughter. “Please let me watch?”
It was obvious that Jean’s mom Frieda couldn’t wait to watch Mark being humiliated. After all, she had taught her daughter almost everything she knew and she enjoyed nothing more than seeing a man being humiliated, especially when there was more than one woman to witness his descent into total subservience.

Jean smiled a knowing smile. She not only was pleasing her mother but she had put another one over on her little husband.

“What are you doing? You promised!” wailed Mark.

“I only promised that it would be swallowed. You don’t actually expect a Superior Woman to actually let that disgusting white goo even touch her lips. If you did, you are a bigger fool than I thought and you deserve to be where you are. Now little husband, open your mouth so mom can watch me pour your jism down your throat. We enjoy watching it so much. That’s a good boy. Open wide, lift your chin and stick out your tongue. Hey mom, I’ll pour it slowly onto his tongue so we can watch the slime ooze down his throat where his reflex will force him to swallow it.”

“Hey mom, it’s a shame we didn’t film this, so he can see for himself just how low he has gone. C’mon little husband, let’s see how much you enjoy eating cum. You better get used to it. You’ll be eating cum for the rest of your life. I bet you’re looking forward to Sunday when you get to put your dick in my pussy, aren’t you, little husband.”

“You are going to let me stick my dick in your pussy and fuck you, aren’t you. You said I could,” Mark whined.

“Sure little man, I can’t wait for Sunday!”

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