tagBDSMMy Little Husband Ch. 3

My Little Husband Ch. 3


The author would appreciate feedback from readers. If you are not into wives dominating their husbands, please pass this story by. This is the third in the series and each story explores a different phase in Mark's new life. Enjoy!

Chapter 3, My little husband, the Marking

Still in a dream state, I could almost feel the backwash of the wings of bees. That dam buzzing sound was really annoying. As I went from dream state to barely conscious, I still could not see. I also could not move. "What the hell..." is all that came out of my mouth.

"Good morning little husband," my wife Jean cheerfully greeted me. "I would like you to meet Tully."

"What's going on?" Mark demanded, realizing that there were no bees in the room.

Jean replied with a sneer "You are still tied up from last night. I just added a blindfold."

"What's that dam buzzing sound and who the hell is Tully?"

"Let me introduce you two. Tully this is Mark, my little husband. Mark, this is Tully. Tully likes to tattoo people. He's quite an artist. Would you like to see his work?"

Not waiting for an answer, Jean removed Mark's blindfold. She slowly pulled her jeans down to just above the knees. She was wearing a white satin thong. Mark had a thing for white lingerie and he could feel himself beginning to engorge.

Jean twisted to her left, pushing her ass out so Mark could see the multicolor butterfly emblazoned on her rear.

"Where did you get that?" Mark asked even though he already had guessed the answer. "Why are you exposing yourself in front of another man."

"I think you already know, Mark." With a wink at Tully, Jean said to Mark, "Its your turn now."

"I don't want a tattoo and I certainly don't want a butterfly on my ass. Now this is going too far"

"Mark, do you remember yesterday when I shaved you clean like a little boy and took pictures of you?" Jean smiled as she saw the fear in Mark's face. "I am now going to place my mark on you so the whole world will know you are my little husband."

Tully began a process that would take more than an hour. He picked up a bottle of alcohol and poured a small amount onto a gauze pad, rubbing it over Mark's new white triangle. Mark winced as the alcohol evaporated. He could feel his cock shrinking and his balls pulling up tight to his body in response to the chilling effect of the alcohol.

All Mark could think of was that Seinfeld episode, when George was changing in his bedroom at the beach house and a girl walked in on him and began laughing. George had been in the cold water and had shriveled up like men usually do. All he could say was "Its shrinkage" as the girl leaves, presumably to tell all her girlfriends how small he is.

Mark watched as Tully began writing something in script. It had that blue/black tint that most tattoos have.

Tully looked down at Mark's crotch and said, "Its probably a good idea if you hold still or its gonna hurt and its gonna look really ugly. Now you don't want that to happen, do you Mark?"

Mark was at a loss for words. He sure didn't want to say the wrong thing while a guy was working on his privates. What the hell could you say to a guy busy writing things on your body, especially when you were tied to the four corners of your bed.

Not knowing what else to do, Mark began reading out loud what Tully was busy concentrating on. "Wife Jean's permission required before use" was neatly scrawled across his newly shaved triangle above his dick. Each of the three lines of words was shorter than the one above. The bottom line said 'use'. Mark saw Tully put the finishing touches on it. Tully looked up and said in a very business like manner, "We're almost halfway there now, Mark. That wasn't so bad was it?"

Mark's mouth dropped open but no words came forth. His lips were moving but no sound seemed to be coming out. Mark sighed loudly, let his head fall back on his pillow and closed his eyes as tears started to well up. A few tears were running down the side of his face and it tickled.

A feeling of warmth, wet and arousing, engulfed his dick. Mark was afraid to open his eyes for fear of what he might see. He was very happy to see it was Jean sucking on his dick and not Tully. It didn't take long for his erection to reach his full size of 6 inches. He hoped that this blowjob was to make up for the way he was being treated.

Jean slid a black rubber cock ring down to the base of his dick. He relaxed as his excitement increased and as the constriction of the cock ring gave him a macho sort of feeling as his prick was stretching to its limit. He liked that feeling. He had a passing moment where it made him feel powerful. He could feel the head of his dick being rubbed. What an exquisite feeling. He could feel something encircling his dick just behind the head. Whatever it was, Mark was not in a state to care until he felt it tighten.

Looking down, Mark saw that Jean had tied a thin rope just behind the head of his dick. He could feel it pinching as it tightened. Jean had attached a bungee cord to the top rail at the head of the bed and was trying to catch the loop she had formed at the end of the noose to the hook on the other end of the bungee cord. It hurt and Mark noticed that his dick did not deflate even though it was being stretched to its limit.

Mark complained. "It hurts, please stop. What are you doing to my dick? Let me go, please."

Jean sneered and just walked away. Tully began working again but this time Mark could not see what he was writing.

Tully said, "The pain you are feeling from the noose around the head of your dick will mask some of the pain from the needle of the tattoo machine. Your dick is a lot more sensitive than your regular skin. When I'm finished, your dick will be real sore for several days, so be smart and don't try to play with yourself since it will just get worse.

"Hey Tully," Mark sheepishly asked, "What are you writing on my dick?"

"If I can spell it correctly, it will say 'Not permitted inside any female' "

When Tully finished, he cut the string and Mark sighed in relief, only to find that his balls were now being wrapped with rope. The upper part of his sack was being wrapped and as each loop was being added, it was squeezing his balls to the bottom. The silky smooth skin became red, taught and shiny. Mark could not watch. He felt like a snake had wrapped around his sack and was going to squeeze the life out of him. He then heard that buzzing sound again.

This time Tully read the words as he wrote them. "These are Jean's balls. I guess that does it. See ya!" Tully said as he unwrapped Mark's balls.

Mark was exhausted from all this pain and anxiety and immediately drifted off to sleep. At this point he was resigned to his fate even though he was not quite sure what that was.

Several hours later, when he awoke he was very thirsty and Jean gave him a drink. Within a few minutes he had drifted off again. Every few hours he would awake thirsty and groggy. Jean would give him a drink containing a sedative. This repeated over and over for several days.

When Jean felt he was healed enough, she offered Mark a cup of coffee to help him wake up. She then led him to the shower and he quickly cleaned up and washed his hair. The coffee was not enough to bring him completely to his senses. Stepping out of the shower, Mark saw his reflection in the steamed up mirror. The fear of what he though he might see brought him into focus. Using his towel, Mark rubbed circles on the mirror until he could see his image. There it was. The writing was all over his dick, balls and his bald pubic hair area. "Holy shit!" Mark whispered to himself over and over," until the phrase no longer had any meaning.

"Come down here now, little husband." Mark heard from the bedroom. That seemed a little curious since he thought Jean was downstairs.

As he left the master bath and went into the master bedroom, Mark heard his Wife calling again, "Come down here now, little husband." The sound of her voice was coming from a speaker that he had never seen before. Mark figured Jean had installed an intercom system while he had been asleep. He could now hear her commands from anywhere in the house.

Mark realized he better do what he was told. He looked around for clothes but could find none. He started heading down the stairs, stark naked, his dick getting longer and thicker and waving slightly from side to side. He could easily see the words written on his dick as the words grew in size.

Next chapter coming soon.

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