tagFetishMy Little Penis and Me Ch. 02

My Little Penis and Me Ch. 02


(((Note: All Characters in the following story are based on real people in my life, however it is not a true story. All the character's names are changed. All of the following characters are over 18. This story is about humiliation and a person with a Napoleon Complex, so to speak. If sph isn't your thing, move on.)))

Hi, it's Tim again, I'm still living at my aunt's house with my cousin Jon. About a month ago I went on a date with my old friend Zoey. Since then I have come to learn that the length of my penis is below average. It was a really embarrassing date, and no matter what I do, I keep thinking about it. When I'm alone in my room, I get out a ruler and measure myself. As if to check and see if I had gotten any bigger. Obviously I don't and it just makes me think about it more and more.

Last Sunday, my Aunt Deborah asked me to help her do laundry, so her and I were in the laundry room, I was putting in a load of whites and she was folding my delicates. I noticed she was wearing more revealing clothing than usual, and I was almost certain she had no bra on.

She disrupted the silence, "So, how has school been?"

"Uh, good," I said

"Are your classes hard this semester?"

"No, I'm just taking Introduction to Art and Photo II."

"Make any new friends at school?" she continued.

"Yeah a few," I didn't want to talk, so I tried giving her the shortest possible responses.

"Did you get a new girlfriend?" she asked

"No, why?"

"Well I just thought I remembered you going on a date with some girl named Zoey about a month ago. I thought maybe the two of you were still going out," she said.

"No, we aren't going out."

"Oh, what happened? You seemed really happy when you said you were going to meet her," she kept on pestering.

" I don't know. We just aren't going out anymore."

"Have you met any other girls?" she asked.

"No, not really,"

"You know, you'll never meet girls if you don't try to talk to them. Have you tried?" she kept on.

"Yeah, sort of," I said

"Well, are you gay?"

"What?! Jesus, Aunt Deborah,"

"Well? Are you?" she asked.

"No! I'm just not going out with anyone at the moment. Sheesh."

"Well, I just thought because you never bring any girls home. It seems like Jon is bringing a new girl home every week."

"Why do you always have to compare me to Jon?" I asked.

"You're right. I'm sorry. I know it's not fair to compare you to him. It must be tough living in his shadow all the time. And believe it or not I know how it feels to be single and lonely. Do you know how long I've been divorced from your Uncle Ben?" she said with a lonely look in her eye.

I responded, "No"

"It's been almost 10 years... a very long time for Aunt Deborah." She sometimes refers to herself in the 3rd person. "That means I've gone almost 11 years without intercourse."

"Ew, Stop," I said.

"Oh, quit being such a baby. Just because you're a virgin doesn't mean I can't talk about sex in front of you." It stung to hear that from my Aunt in her 50's.

"I'm not a virgin," I lied.

"Don't lie to me, little Timmy; you make it too obvious. Everyone can see you're a virgin," she snapped back. "You act like such a little boy... unlike your uncle. I remember back in the day your Uncle used to really give it to me. How I miss the feel of a real man... his scent, his forcefulness. Oh Timmy, I want that feeling again."

After what she had said I could feel my cock starting to erect itself, but I didn't want my Aunt to know, "Aunt Deborah? You're starting to gross m--"

She cut me off, "Timmy, I know you could be that man. Please Timmy, I haven't been with a man in so long. And I know you want it too. You'll probably never get another chance to be with a woman." She had a weird look in eye now. She looked hungry.

I tried to reason with her, "Aunt Deborah, this is wrong. We're related."

She started to get mad. "Stop being such a pussy and take me like a real man. You are a real man, aren't you?"

"Yes, but I don't know about this." My dick was now at full mast.

"Timmy, I didn't want to have to do this, but if you don't come here and fuck me right now, you will not be permitted to live here anymore." Holy crap, she was serious, and how could I deny I wanted it when I had a raging hard-on?

"Fine Aunt Debby, I'll do it," I admitted defeat.

"Take me Timmy," she demanded, before she immediately turned around, bent over and pulled down her skirt to reveal big purple granny panties with what might have been a skid mark. I didn't get a good look because the panties were pulled down as well in a split second to reveal my Aunt Deborah's chubby, cottage cheese ass-cheeks. I pulled down my sweatpants and my boxers, and out sprang my eager little 4 and a half inch member. Luckily, she was not looking back to see my under-sized manhood, so I shuffled up to her and spread her butt- cheeks with my hands. I was disappointed to find she had not been accustomed to shaving, as her blonde pubes really redefined what a "bush" is. I quickly slipped my penis into her and started thrusting.

After a few seconds, my Aunt said, "What are you doing? Quit fooling around and put it in."

I said, " I'm trying," and then started thrusting even harder.

"Don't be shy Timmy, just stick it in." she said.

"It is in, Aunt Debby, I swear." I was starting to understand what was happening. My Aunty couldn't feel my penis, because it wasn't big enough. I felt my heart sink into my stomach, and I realized she was going to look back and see my penis.

Right on cue, she turned around to see what was wrong. She looked down, "Oh, Timmy, it's so small.... are you cold?"

I let out a sigh, "No"

"Then that's the normal size of your penis?" She asked

I answered, "Yes Aunt Deborah."

"You poor little thing; it looks as if you never hit puberty. I can't say I'm surprised though; you've always been playing catch-up with other boys in school, physically. It seems fitting that you're... well... not well-endowed. This is why you and Zoey aren't seeing each other anymore isn't it?"

"Yes," I said. Once again, I was getting that terrible feeling in my stomach that I was getting with Zoey. How humiliating to hear this coming from my own aunt. I lowered my head down in shame and began to sulk. My loving Aunt Deborah put her hand on my head and spoke.

"Don't feel bad little Timmy, not everyone can have a man sized penis like your older cousin Jon. Who knows, you're still young; maybe it'll get a little bigger." She put her left hand on my shoulder, and used just the fingertips of her right hand to slowly massage the sensitive head of my penis.

"But what if it doesn't, Aunty?" I whimpered.

"If it doesn't, then you'll have to learn to accept it. Afterall there are lots of men out who have to live with a small penis everyday. There's a very good chance you will be one of those men. I think it's time to stop sulking, and learn how to use what you've got," She looked at me sternly. I couldn't look her in the eye so I looked down at my feet. She put her finger under my chin and raised my head so I was looking back at her. "Would you still like to have sex with me?"

I slowly said, "Yes."

"Good," she said and then she led me to her room. Once inside she got on her bed; hands and knees, ready for doggystyle. I approached her getting prepared to put in her for the second time when she stopped me to say, "Would you like to do it in my ass instead?"

"Won't I get your poop on my dick?" I asked inquisitively.

She looked at me as if I was being naive, and didn't know what I was talking about. She then said, "No, not really. If you do we can always wash it off later."

"Well, alright I guess I'll try it." I said, and then I put myself in position to penetrate her. Once there I put the head of my penis, which was now dripping pre-cum, on the opening of her anus. Her hole looked like little pink puckered up lips ready to eat my cock in one bite.

I pushed in slowly. Her ass was a lot tighter then the vagina I had previously encountered. My aunt said, "Ooh, I can feel you now, Timmy. Stick that little thing inside me."

Being that this was my first time I wildly began humping her. I thought she would yell or at least moan from the pleasure and pain, like I had seen in all the internet porn I had watched, but she did neither. She didn't seem effected by my humping, so I tried thrusting into her as hard as I could.

She said cooly, " Pace yourself Timmy, you don't want prematurely ejaculate, do you?"

I said in between hip movements, "Can you feel me, Aunt Deborah? I'm fucking you." I must've sounded clumsy.

"Yes, Timmy I can see you're trying very hard to fuck me. You're doing a great job." She said with no emotion in her voice.

"Well why aren't you screaming or moaning?" I asked now slowing my pace to talk.

"Because I'm a fully grown woman, Timmy, and I need a descent sized cock to bring me to an orgasm. But you're doing great with what you have," she said. I increased my pace once again. After a couple seconds I heard a strange gurgling sound, and my aunt announced, "Oh my stomach feels weird. Must be the eggs I ate earlier"

I asked, "Are you okay?" without stopping my continuous thrusts.

"I'll be fine," she said. I didn't think anything else of it, and carried on what I was doing. About 10 seconds later, I heard my Aunt's stomach gurgled again and then my sweet old Aunty let out the meanest, loudest fart on me. The fart produced such an intense sensation on my penis, it made me cum almost instantly.

She apologized, "Good lord, I'm so sorry Timmy. I didn't mean to pass gas on you. You poor little thing, you were right inside me too." I was embarrassed that I had prematurely ejaculated again, but was too distracted by the foul stench that quickly consumed the room. Her fart was so potent I couldn't stop smelling it. It smelled like one of my cousin, Jon's farts. He used to cut the nastiest farts on me while I was asleep. I guess I know where he got it from

"Umm... Aunt Deborah?" I said

"What is it Timmy?"

"I came when you farted on me... I didn't mean to. It was an accident." I told her

"Oh Timmy. I know you didn't mean to, it's okay baby. It must be really hard to control yourself when you've never made love before, huh?"

"I'm sorry, Aunt Debby." I said

She pulled my head into her bosom as if I was crying, which I wasn't and put her arms around my back and said, "Don't be sorry baby boy. Every boy prematurely ejaculates at some point. It's not your fault your body hasn't fully developed." Then she moved one of her hands down and began gently massaging my butt cheeks.

"Are you mad at me?"

"No of course not Timmy," her fingers now slipping slowly between my cheeks. "Your body just responded the way any little boy's would." Her pointer finger was now rubbing on my anus softly, which felt strangely arousing. "If a growing young man like yourself, craves something it's not used to, but the sensation is too much to handle, his body will involuntarily release." Then her finger entered my booty hole, sending shivers up my spine.

I began to ask, "Aunt Deborah, what a--"

"Shhh, Timmy. Don't talk." She interrupted as her finger penetrated deeper into my butt until it was all the way to the hilt. She looked me directly in the eyes, then she pulled her finger out slowly. Once all the way out, she began the process over again, slowly penetrating then pulling out. After few times of her doing this I realized she wasn't going to stop, and I didn't mind. A minute later, she began to pick up the pace, always remaining gentle about it.

"Do you like that Timmy?" She asked in a whisper,

"It feels weird Aunt Debby," I admitted.

"Lay on my lap like this," she said signifying how I should lay

So I laid with my stomach on her lap, face down. My rear end was poked in the air, and I looked I was going to get spanked by my aunt. I actually thought she might spank me, but instead she patted my bottom and said, "Good boy." Then, once again she stuck her finger in me, in and out. However, this time, her finger felt bigger, and it hurt more, and she was fingering me at a faster pace then before.

She cooed, "You like that don't you. That's right Timmy, savor it. Close your eyes." I did as I was told and closed them. "Are they closed? That's a good boy. Take it, Timmy, take it like a cock. A real cock. Do you like it?"

A stifled, "Yes," was all I could manage to get out.

"Of course you like it, Timmy. Pretend it's a thick juicy cock, slamming you like a two-bit whore." I noticed there were 2 fingers in me, explaining why it felt thicker. Her pace was at an all-time high now, and rough too. I could feel a strange sensation of ecstasy creeping up in my ass, and it caused my soft penis to slowly erect against my aunt's leg, which she felt. "Uh-oh, does little Timmy have another stiffy already? You like it when your aunty finger fucks your virgin ass, don't you? God, you're so eager."

Then she stopped very suddenly, pulled her fingers out and put them in front of my closed mouth. "Open," she demanded. I obeyed, and in went her two fingers covered in my booty smell. It tasted gross, needless to say. I gagged and was about to throw up until she pulled them out. "That's a good boy. I knew you would like that."

I got up and looked around, not sure what to do next. My aunt looked at me and saw that I was confused. "Oh, Timmy, we're done now. You can throw your clothes back on. But probably you should take a shower first."

I started picking my clothes up off the ground and pleaded, "Aunt Deborah, can we do this again, please?"

"Hahaha, you really are eager aren't you? Of course we can Timmy, I'll be around. But no one can know about this, or it's over. Okay?"

"Okay," I answered

"Good, now get some sleep Timmy, you've got class tomorrow."

I listened to her and took a shower. I still had a hard-on, so I masturbated in the shower to Zoey. My dick was sore after cumming twice in such a short period of time. After my shower, I was tired, so I got in bed and replayed what had just happened in my mind over and over until I fell into an uneasy sleep.

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