tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Little Pony Ch. 01

My Little Pony Ch. 01


This chapter only sets the scene and doesn't contain any sex - to get straight into the action, go direct to Chapter 2.


Megan was desperate. She had been searching for work now for weeks and hadn't found anything. She was, she had quickly realized, trained for nothing, and she could feel the pointlessness of her pursuit on the rare occasions that she sat in interviews, knowing that she would be turned away yet again.

This was why, when she saw the advert for a 'pony-girl' in the classifieds, she decided she may as well go for the job. Room & board, and training provided, the advert said, so she figured she was in for a shot even though she knew almost nothing about horses. She made an appointment, and was soon on her way to Anderson Manor.

The taxi pulled into the illustrious drive and Megan was impressed by the sheer size of the place. There wasn't another house around for miles, and if the family owned all the fields around, she could only guess that they must be incredibly rich. She asked the taxi to wait and then she hesitantly rang the door bell. A maid answered, and Megan's first thought was how revealing the woman's uniform was, and was surprised that she was wearing stockings and high-heels. At least, she thought, if she was helping in the stables they wouldn't make her wear anything like that – it would be obviously impractical.

She was shown up to Lord Anderson's office, and as she followed the maid, she saw that the inside of the house was just as impressive and opulent as the outside had seemed. The maid knocked on the door, entered, and bobbed a curtsey. "This is Megan, here for the pony-girl position, master." Lord Anderson merely nodded and waved her away, then told Megan to sit.

She sat, studying Lord Anderson as she waited for him to continue speaking. He was tall and rugged, and his age didn't work against him – instead his black hair shot with streaks of silver made him look mature and experienced in a way no young man could.

She suddenly realized she was staring, and sat up, determined that this was an interview she wouldn't be turned away from. "I have to ask you, do you have any experience as a pony-girl?"

Megan's heart sank as she heard the inevitable question. "No sir, but the ad said all training provided." She was surprised, as Lord Anderson seemed rather pleased that she had no prior experience.

"Indeed it did, and that is certainly the truth. What jobs have you done previously to this?"

Previous interviews had taught her always to be honest with a potential employer. ""Well sir, nothing with horses I'm afraid. I've done some secretarial work – very basic: filing, making coffee and answering the phone. I dropped out of university you see, so I haven't had much time to gain experience in anything."

Lord Anderson leaned forwards, indicating that this next was an important question. "This job requires you to live here 24/7. Do you have any family or friends that would make that difficult, or perhaps a current job to which you would have to give notice?"

Amazed that she seemed so close to getting the job, Megan answered honestly. "No sir. I'm an orphan. My aunt was my only other family, and she took care of me as a child. She died last year. I've kind of lost touch with all my friends from university." She cast her eyes down, embarrassed at her lack of a social life. "I've not really had the heart or the time to make new ones yet, sir. And I live in a bed-sit – I doubt the scum who owns it would even notice if I left."

Lord Anderson regarded her with delight – there couldn't be a better candidate for the job. And she was very attractive, which always helped, of course. "In that case, Megan, I'd be delighted to offer you the job. When can you start?"

Megan looked up in surprise and smiled widely. "Just like that, I have the job? Well I'd have to go home and get my clothes. I've got a taxi waiting downstairs. And then I can come straight back here and start."

"Oh there's no need for that, even. We have a uniform we provide, and we require you to wear it at all times."

He pressed a button on his phone, and spoke into the receiver. "There's a taxi waiting in the drive. Please pay it and send it away."

He replaced the handset, and looked at Megan contentedly. "You will live here at the manor, and we will give you food and clothing in return for your services. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the work, we cannot give holidays. Do you have any questions about the job, before you sign the contract?"

Unwilling to admit that she still had no idea what her job description was, since that would undoubtedly lose her the job, she shook her head. "Not at all, sir." He had not mentioned pay, but at that moment, even being given a place to stay and food to eat seemed like a relief, and she was sure payment would come up soon enough.

"Good girl." He got out a contract and directed her to final line. "Now, if you'll just sign here, and print your name below your signature, we can get you kitted out and into training." He watched with a sadistic pleasure as she happily signed her life away, knowing full well that she had no idea what a pony-girl was, or what she was letting herself in for.

He picked up the receiver again, and pressed a few buttons. "Can you get James up please? Tell him I've got the latest pony-girl here." Megan smiled nervously at Lord Anderson, who reassured her. "I'm sure you'll be absolutely great in the position, Megan. James will kit you out with your new uniform, and he'll be responsible for all your training."

Almost immediately there was a knock on the door, and a well-dressed young man with jet black hair entered the room. "James, how very prompt. Take Megan along to the stables and prepare her. She has had absolutely no experience in this line of work." James smiled ironically as he regarded his latest charge, and nodded. He turned around and left the room, expecting Megan to follow.

Once Megan had left, Lord Anderson picked up the phone again and spoke very softly into it. "Please find out where Megan lives and tell the landlord she has found alternative living quarters. If he makes a fuss, pay him off."

James walked along the corridors quickly then led her outside. The stables were very close to the house, and Megan could see a training ground not too far way. She began to feel excited at the thought of working with horses – she had always wanted to learn to ride as a little girl, but she couldn't, as her aunt never had the money. She followed James along to the stables, and was surprised not to see and horses poking their heads out, like she had always seen in films and pictures. "Don't you have any ponies here at the moment?"

James simply gave her another mocking smile, as he led her up to the first stall. As she got closer she saw with shock that there was a girl there on all fours, naked except for a harness. The girl had had her head shaved into a horse's mane, and there was a tail clearly visible at her behind, although how it was attached, Megan couldn't tell. She looked just like a 'My Little Pony' toy. Megan looked at James in apprehension and disgust. "That's absolutely disgraceful, keeping women like that. I hope I'm not expected to take care of these women. I couldn't bring myself to degrade them by treating them like horses."

James smiled again, and shook his head. "No, you're a pony-girl, not a stable-hand." Megan relaxed a little, but was still appalled by the situation.

James patted the woman on the head. and she whinnied and shook her mane, obviously loving the attention. "This is Sunshine, one of our top pony-girls. She's pretty much forgotten that she ever was human. Sunshine here doesn't work at all. She's just for show, and sometimes my father's sexual pleasure. Or mine. Sir James Anderson, by the way," he said, extending his hand to hers. "As Lord Anderson's son, and heir to all this I really don't need a job, so I train the pony-girls for amusement."

Upon hearing him call Sunshine a pony-girl, Megan froze, as it began to dawn on her precisely what she was expected to do in this job. "If you're expecting me to get down on all fours and be your horse, you must be absolutely insane. Aside from the fact that it's disgusting and depraved, it's not legal." Something about James' calm and measured expression made her stop, fearful of what it might mean.

"You signed a contract," he informed her, his lip curling into a cruel smile, "giving yourself over to my father. You are officially and legally his possession, and if he dies within your lifetime you will be legally my possession."

He smirked, as he indicated another stables further away. "That's where we keep the old nags. They come in useful to satisfy the stable-boys and other lowly staff." He sighed as she still looked rebellious.

"Look, this is your life now. You may as well accept it. You can't scream for help – no-one would hear you, and father would pay them off even if they did; and you can't escape. At least, not without us finding you and giving you a punishment that doesn't bear thinking about."

She stared at him defiantly, and he slapped her across the face. "How dare you look at your superiors, girl? Keep your eyes on the floor, like a good pony."

She dropped her eyes to the floor obediently, but was all the time thinking about how she could escape. Unaware of her secret thoughts, James smiled at her quickness to obey. "Good girl. Now, before we do anything else, let's get you all kitted out."

As he led her to the stall on the very end, he explained how things were organized. "The further down the line we get the less well-trained or well-bred the horses are. Although every pony-girl goes through a few weeks of intense training before we put her to work, we have to keep up regular training for a long time after that. The better they get, the less time we spend training them and the more time we can spend working them.

"Occasionally we sell a pony, or give it away. Sometimes we get a really unruly one, and it has to be sent to obedience school. Every time a pony leaves the stables, all the others move up one, so Sunshine has the most luxurious stable, and you, well..." Megan knew precisely what he meant – she'd be forced to live in squalor as the lowest of the low for as long as it took for someone else to leave. Or until she escaped, she thought to herself, still determined that she would find some way out.

Once they had arrived at the last stall, James unlocked it and pushed her inside. In spite of everything she had heard, she gasped when she saw the stall. Sunshine's stall had been prettily decorated; she had a soft place to sleep, rugs, and even a pretty little pink toilet. This place was stone and completely bare except for a pile of straw in the far left-hand corner. There was a drain the other side of the stall, and a shower head fixed in the roof.

Megan looked at James in disbelief, and he smiled back at her. "Welcome to your new home. I think we'll call you... Blaze – a nice, harsh name for an unpleasant, harsh girl. Anyway, it goes with your hair." He pulled at one of her auburn curls playfully and she pulled away angrily. He tutted patronizingly at her then left the stall.

He bolted the bottom section of the door and looked over at her. "I'm just going to get your new apparel. When I come back I want to see all of those clothes off, or you will begin to find out what happens to disobedient ponies. Don't bother to escape. I'm about to bolt the top part of this door closed, and you'll see that you have a nice high wall on both sides both to prevent you from socializing with the other ponies, and to make it difficult – or impossible – to get away." His arrogant smile was the last thing she saw before he swung the top of the door closed. She heard the bolt slam shut.

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