tagIncest/TabooMy Long Lost Sister

My Long Lost Sister


My mother and father divorced when I was in second grade. My mother took a job working full time at a less than stellar salary. Since she couldn't afford to pay for daycare, it fell upon my sister Kate who is eight years older than I am to watch me after school. I still remember how she would bake a German Chocolate cake on Tuesday afternoons. Kate took care of me for a number of years before she left for college.

While away at college, Kate met, fell in love with and married one of her professors. Jim was a much older man, who I guess provided the stability that she needed having spent her youth being the "responsible" one. When the opportunity to take a position at his alma mater back in England came up, Jim jumped on it and they moved across the ocean. I didn't see Kate for several years after that and then only for a brief vacation when she came home to visit.

In the mean time, I had grown up. I too had gone away to college and graduated with my degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. After graduating I decided to take advantage of the fact that I had relatives in Europe and to take an extended vacation before starting my graduate studies.

I called my sister and asked her if I could come and visit her. She was ecstatic with the idea and asked me when I would be there. I told her that I was committed to finishing a project with my employer that would take about another six weeks and that I would fly over immediately after that. Her reaction was one of slight disappointment. She told me that Jim was going to Japan for a month and would be leaving right before I got there. "Oh well, I guess that it will give you and I a chance to become reacquainted".

Not really knowing Jim, I wasn't all that disappointed. I booked the tickets and when the time came, hopped on a plane and took off for merry ole England.

Kate met me at the gate with a huge hug! As I hugged her back I noticed that she had dropped a some weight. Not that she was fat when I had last seen her, but she was now down right skinny! While this thought passed through my head, I noticed her breasts pressing against my body.

I brushed aside that weird thought and stood back and looked at her again. She was looking great! At 5'6", she weighed maybe 120 lbs (a solid 40 lbs less than when I had last seen her 2 years before), her hair was now a golden blonde (where it had been more of a dishwater blonde) and she was wearing more make-up than I had remembered her wearing. Her smile and the obvious joy of seeing me made her look all that much better as well!

We checked my bags through customs and hopped in the car for the drive to her house. We talked and caught up with one another as we drove to the small town that she and Jim had settled in. Though this was my first time in England, the scenery was strangely familiar to me. I felt like I was cast in a James Bond movie or something! Anyway, as we drove and talked, I spent most of the time looking out the window. Lost in thought, I missed something and turned back towards her to ask her to repeat herself. As I did, I caught her tugging at the hem of her skirt, which had ridden up on her. Though an innocent gesture, it did draw my eyes to her legs. Surprisingly, for the first time I noticed that she was wearing a very short skirt. Also surprising to myself was the reaction that I felt in my groin from the sight.

"Whoa!" I thought to myself. "It hasn't been THAT long since you got laid!" I quickly brought my eyes back up to hers. For a brief moment her smile had disappeared and a somewhat puzzled look had crossed her face. I was embarrassed because I thought that she had "caught" me checking her legs out. The moment passed quickly as my sister changed the subject and asked me if I was hungry. I said that I was and she said that she would fix us lunch when we got to her house.

While not uncomfortable, the rest of the drive was pretty much silent. For the most part, she looked straight ahead and drove. I went back to watching the scenery. As rural England passed by the window, my mind went back to the image of her tugging at her skirt. "She does have nice legs." I thought. And I remembered the feeling of her breasts against my chest when I had hugged her at the airport. At first, I tried to push these thoughts to the side, but as time went on and they kept returning, I accepted them. I even let my imagination go and allowed myself to picture her skirt riding up again. How would the inside of her thigh look? It was only after my imagination had moved on to picturing my kissing that thigh that I caught myself and forced these thoughts from my mind.

We got to their house and Kate fixed lunch. After lunch she showed me to the guest room and I got settled in. I unpacked and sat on the edge of the bed and was thumbing through a tourist guide when Kate appeared in the doorway. She had changed into a tight pair of knit shorts, a sports bra and had pinned her hair back. She announced that she was going to get her workout in and would I care to join her?

For the second time that day, my reaction to my sister's appearance stunned me! Looking up from the guide I couldn't help but take the sight in. She was gorgeous! In reality it probably only took me a second or two to snap out of my stupor, but it seemed longer. In the mean time, Kate simply laughed and headed down the hallway towards the stairs. As she left, she yelled that the towels were in the bath closet and the gym was in the cellar.

"Shit!"…I thought to myself. "Now, I've gone and done it! She's going to think that I'm a total pervert!" I couldn't believe that I had openly checked my own sister out! Furthermore, she KNEW that I had checked her out! "Oh Fuck! Shit! What was I going to do now?" I sat there for a minute and figured that the best way out of this was to join her for a workout and to keep my perverted thoughts to myself.

I closed the bedroom door and dug my workout clothes out. While I would like to say that I'm 6'5" and built like a Greek god, I can't do that. I'm 5'10" and built like a linebacker. I weigh about 220 lbs. My body reflects the fact that I have lifted weights since I was 16 years old. While not chiseled, I have good muscle mass and am particularly proud of my chest and arms.

The other thing that I'm proud of is my cock. It's fairly long, about 7 ½ inches, and extremely fat. As I was changing into my workout clothes it was still semi-hard from the reaction that I had from seeing Kate in her workout clothing. I reached down and stroked it a few times and he became immediately hard. I looked at the door, which was still open and purposefully thought of my sister in that sexy little outfit. While I knew that the chances of her coming back upstairs were pretty slim, the "danger" of stroking my rock hard cock with the open door turned me on even more. I was well into bringing myself to orgasm when I was shocked out of my fantasy by my sister yelling from the bottom of the stairs for me to hurry up, she needed a spot. I pulled my jock strap and shorts up, grabbed my shirt and hurried down stairs to join her.

I trotted down the stairs to what Kate had referred to as "the cellar" and found that it was only a cellar in the loosest terms. They had finished it off very nicely. A small portion was unfinished and contained the furnace and such, but the majority of the space was finished. Of that space about half was used as a family room with a black leather sofa and love seat, wet bar and a big screen TV. The other half was a very nicely equipped workout facility. They had two treadmills and a couple of other cardio machines, a full set of dumbbells, a universal machine and a couple of benches. Over in the corner was a professional grade massage table with a rack of scented oils.

I stopped and looked around. Kate was over at the bench press bench and was loading the bar up with weight. Still feeling a bit odd about her having seen me checking her out, I was glad when she acted as if nothing had happened. She asked me if I would give her a spot.

She laid down on the bench and on the count of three; I helped her lift the weight off of the rack. I was surprised at the amount of weight that she was lifting. I watched the bar as it went up and down. With each rep her jaw clinched and I could see the outlines of the muscles across the front of her shoulders and chest. From there it was only a quick glance down to the valley formed by her breasts contained in the spandex sports bra. My dirty mind working again, I noticed her nipples outlined in the stretchy fabric.

When she finished her set, I helped her place the bar back on the rack and she asked me what I wanted to do. If she could have read my smart ass, dirty mind she would have slapped me! I said that I would do a set of benches too.

Since I wasn't warmed up, at least not for a workout, I told her that I would start with what she had on. I laid down on the bench and Kate hopped up to give me a spot. I didn't need one at this weight, but when I looked up and saw that her pussy was only inches from my face, I decided not to say anything. I quickly knocked 10 reps out.

Kate whistled a compliment. She said that she was impressed! It took me almost two years to get to that weight. I told her that I had at least a hundred pounds on her and that I have been lifting since high school. I also told her that I was impressed with her. "When did you start working out so much?" I asked.

"Oh, about two years ago."

"What got you into it?"

"Well….." she hesitated. "The truth?"

Wondering why she would hesitate, but curious all the same, I said, "Yeah, the truth."

"Alright, but this is just between you and me, okay?"


"Well, about two years ago I found out that Jim was having an affair with a girl about your age, one of his students. I confronted him and he admitted to it. When I asked him why, he couldn't give me an answer."

"Ohh Kate! I instinctively tried to comfort her.

"Oh, don't feel bad for me, it all worked on in the long run."

"What do you mean? What happened?"

"Well, at the time I was devastated. I couldn't believe that he would do that to me. I tried to come up with a reason why he wasn't satisfied at home. I guess that, in some weird way, I blamed it on myself. Maybe I wasn't attractive to him any more? Maybe I wasn't a good lover? Maybe I wasn't paying him enough attention?

I sat there and listened to her as she told me the story.

"Anyway, I guess that I sort of lost it. My confidence sank to the point where I hated myself. The only thing that kept me going was that Jim promised me that he wouldn't see her."

"So, what happened then? I asked, genuinely concerned about what my sister was telling me. An urge to beat the living shit out of Jim rising in my heart.

"Well, It was tense around here for a few weeks, but things started to settle down. Jim would go to work and come straight home. The only variance to that was that he would go to the gym on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I wasn't worried about it because the gym wasn't coed.

"Okay", I said, waiting for her to continue.

"Like I said, things had started to settle down around here. Then one day…Bob, do you mind if we sit over on the sofa?

"Ahh, yeah, sure." I responded to her abrupt question. "I guess that the workout is over, huh?"

"No, let's take a break though because I need to explain some things about my domestic situation and now is as good a time as any, okay?"

"Sure." I responded as I followed her over to the family room area. Before I could sit down she veered over to the wet bar and reached down into a small refrigerator in the bar. As she bent down to retrieve two bottles of water I admired just how good she did look. Whatever had gotten her into working out, it sure doing her some good!

I sat down on the sofa as she came over with the bottle of water. "So, where were we?" she asked as she plopped down on the sofa next to me.

"Things were settling down around here." I prompted.

"Yeah, well one day I was driving home from the grocery store and I happened to pass Jim's gym. Jim's gym with a big ole banner across the front of it announcing, "Now, Coed!" I was pissed! It's not that Jim had lied to me; the subject had never come up. It's just that he had never bothered to tell me about the change and I guess that I was still pretty insecure."

"So, what did you do?"

"Well, nothing for a few days. I was kind of hoping that he would tell me on his own. That it was just an oversight or something. And that's when I for some reason decided to look in his gym bag. Now this might sound silly, but I found a bottle of cologne in there. Bob, Jim has never worn cologne as long as I've known him! I knew something was up!"

A bit puzzled over what could be suspicious about a bottle of cologne in a gym bag, I asked her to continue. "So, what did you do then?"

"I'm a bit embarrassed by this, but I waited for him to get off of work one day and followed him to the gym and I was right."

"Right about what?"

"That he was still seeing her!"

"Go on."

"I followed him to the gym and on the parking lot this cute little thing bounces out of her car and throws her arms around him and kisses him on the lips."

"Ohhh Kate!" Again, I tried to console.

"Don't feel bad for me Bob. That little kiss that I witnessed changed my entire life!"

"How so?" I quizzed her.

"Well, at first I cried. All of those negative thoughts that I told you about came flooding back. I came home and looked at myself in the mirror. And I'll be honest; I wasn't crazy about my body. I was soft and maybe a bit flabby, but you know what?"

"No, what?"

"As I looked in that mirror and was beating myself up it dawned on me!"

"What dawned on you?"

"Fuck him! That's what dawned on me! FUCK HIM! I have been a good wife. I followed him over here and left you and Mom back home. I've attended every function that I was supposed to and if the worst thing that he could say was that I had gotten a little soft, then….FUCK HIM!

I sat there listening to her. I was proud of her, but was still a bit confused, so I asked her, "So, what happened? What did you do? Are you guys still together?

"Well, that's what I needed to talk to you about. Let me finish the story that then I need to tell you something. When I do, I want you to understand and at least think about what I tell you without jumping to any judgments, okay?

I agreed, partially because she was my sister and I would support her no matter what and partly because I was curious what she was afraid that I would think badly about, if makes sense?

Anyway, she went on, "Alright, so there I was looking in the mirror and I got a hold of myself. I decided that I needed to think about what I wanted to do. Should I kick him out? Should I leave him and move back home to the states? Bob, this might sound weird, but I found that I wasn't really all that pissed off at him as much as I was pissed off about me."

"What do you mean?"

"I was mad at myself for being so weak, for becoming so complacent. I don't know? For just existing and not really living, if that makes sense?

I looked at her and wanted to understand. It was obvious that something inside of her had changed. This wasn't the same big sister who I had watched grow up almost as much as she had watched me grow up. This was a more confident, more self-assured woman than the girl that I had known as a kid. As I was thinking about what to say, she went on.

"Let me tell you the rest of the story and I think that you'll understand, okay?"

"Ah, yeah, go on."

"Well, I knew that I needed time and I didn't want to see him, so I got in the car and drove to Manchester. I got a room at an Inn. I wasn't trying to purposefully be mean or fuck with him, but I didn't call him to let him know that I was all right. I figured that it was only fair that he stew and I needed the time to think. The conclusions that I came to were that I needed to get control of my life, be it with Jim or without him."

She continued, "I thought about every aspect of my life, the good, the bad and the ugly. I did a through self examination and I decided that while I couldn't go back in time and make myself 21 again, that I could and should get myself into better shape. Not for him, but for me, if that makes sense?"

"Yeah, it does. Go on."

"I thought long and hard about why I wasn't that upset with him for having fucked around behind my back and I know that this might sound weird, but I came to the conclusion that it really didn't matter that much. That if he wanted to keep seeing her that he could, as long as we were both honest and forthright with one another. Also, I decided to tell him that if that was the case, that what is good for the goose, is good for the gander.

I guess that a look of surprise at her last statement had flashed across my face because she laughed. She reached out and put her hand on my knee as she continued, "Bob, no. I haven't become a total slut!

I'm not sure if that was the question that I was asking, but I did notice for the first time that one of the changes that had occurred in Kate was that her language sure was a lot stronger! Removing her hand from my knee, she leaned back on the sofa and went on. "And that brings me to the point that I wanted to get to. I finally came home after three days. Jim was frantic. He had even called Mom and the police. Before he could say much else, I told him to sit down, that we needed to have a good talk."

"What did he do?"

"He sat down! Kate said, smiling to herself as she looked like she was thinking back to that day."

"Then what?"

"I told him that I knew about him and the girl and that he had three choices, that I didn't care one way or the other, which he choose. One, he could dump the girl and never be dishonest with me again. Two, he could keep the girl, but like I told you a minute ago, that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Or, three, we could split up, in which case I wanted half of everything and I was going to move back to the states.

"Hmmm, well you're not back home, so I take it that he picked one of the other two?

Smiling at me, she went on, "Nope, we didn't split up. What happened was that he begged me not to leave him and promised me that he would be faithful? I reminded him that he had made that promise a couple of times already. He assured me that he would keep his promise this time. I told him that I would wait and see about that. Anyway Bob, and again this might sound weird, but I have never felt more in control or confidant in my life! I finally realized that I was the one in control of my life. Not Jim, not Mom, no one but me!

"So, what happened?" I asked, almost wanting her to tell me that he had fucked around again.

"That night he came to bed and again was all apologetic. I told him to cut it out and to make love to me. While we were making love I asked him to tell me about the girl. At first he didn't want to, but I insisted. Eventually, he told me about how she had flirted with him and how it had all started innocently. I told him that isn't what I wanted to hear, that I wanted him to tell me about fucking her. As he told me, I pictured him fucking her. I pictured him on top of her. Bob, I shouldn't tell you this, but I got into it. I came like I never had before!

I didn't know what to say? Listening to Kate talk to me so openly about her sex life started to have an effect. I didn't want to admit it, but I wanted to hear her tell me more. So, I asked her to go on.

"Well Bob, the point of this entire story isn't to turn you on." She said motioning her eyes towards the hard on that had formed in my shorts. What I wanted to get to, is that Jim and I have an open marriage now. It didn't come about overnight, but eventually we started playing with the idea of us each having different lovers. I joined Jim's gym and hired a personal trainer, Pete. Well, one thing led to another and Pete and I became lovers.

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