My Lord My Prince Ch. 03


"I hear he does not sleep in the servants' quarters. Can you give me clarity on this?"

"He is used like a bodyguard. He sleeps at the prince's inner door. A toy wouldn't be kept outside my Queen."

"Hammand has no need for another guard. We have them littered everywhere with nothing to do!"

Miriam played the only card she had left. "It may be that he bought him because he is the vision your son had for himself. It may be that he wishes he were big and strong and magnificent and bought the slave in the hope that some of that strength would rub off on him."

Queen Shila was quiet.

Miriam knew that the Queen always worried that Prince Hammand was too effeminate, too like her. She always lamented that she wished he were born a woman, as to her all that flawless beauty and loveliness of limb was lost on a man. Had he been a woman, she would have long taken him to be betrothed to the Crown Prince of all Goren. Such beauty. Alas he was a man. To Queen Shila it was like a curse, to have your most beautiful child be a boy.

Thanks to Miriam's presence and influence, Hammand never felt that way about himself. He was just himself.

Queen Shila was lost in thought for a while as Miriam's words brought forth old memories and ever growing fears.

She spoke softly this time, her tone regretful somewhat. "I see... You may go."

Miriam turned, hiding her inward relief and walked to the door, pulling the curtain that hid it aside. As she stepped out, the Queen called out. She turned back.

"Don't think you have me fooled Miriam. I will be keeping my eyes wide open. You will do well to remember that. If that slave so much as touches my son, I will have him not just hung, but drawn and quartered with all four pieces hung at Hammand's window to remind him of his misdeeds."

Miriam nodded respectfully and left the chamber. She nearly wept with relief, as the markings on her back remained painless despite the horror of what the Queen promised. Even though there was no sign of that threat coming to pass, Miriam knew she would need to be on high alert now, with the Queen's growing interest in her son's relationship with Asgar.

She hurried to her rooms to pray.

* * * *

Asgar was still asleep so Hammand crept out of bed quietly and went into the breakfast room. He squealed in delight as he saw that the red berries he had requested over a week ago had arrived, all laid out with the rest of his breakfast. He ignored everything else and picked up the bowl of red berries, heading back to the bedchamber.

Asgar had told him he remembered the taste of the fruit from his past life so he wanted him to have another taste of it. He pushed away the niggling thought of danger at the fact that Asgar had eaten the fruit before; that he may indeed be of royal blood.

He sat beside Asgar tentatively, wondering if he should wake his love. Then Asgar shifted, moaned a bit and turned to lie on his back, settling back to sleep again. His mouth was slightly open as he breathed softly. Hammand shifted closer, bit off part of a berry and then let some of the juice drip onto those lips. It trickled in and Hammand held his breath, thrilled as Asgar smacked his lips softly without awakening.

Not very comfortable in this position on his side as it was making his hand numb, Hammand slowly slid over Asgar until he was astride him. He placed the bowl of berries by Asgar's head and slowly lay on top of him till their chins were practically touching. Much better he thought absently, beginning to feed Asgar the crushed dripping berries one by one.

Asgar appeared to be dreaming for he still did not awaken. He just kept eating what was put in his mouth and seemed to be enjoying it too. Hammand was enjoying himself immensely, being able to do this uninhibited by Asgar's powerful presence, which always made him too shy.

Some juice dribbled down Asgar's chin and Hammand licked it off, enjoying the sensation the contact caused. He started to squeeze on the fruit harder as he put it in Asgar's mouth so that the dribbling increased. He licked at Asgar's chin and cheeks and then rather than his fingers, began to put the fruit between his teeth to pass it into that mouth, licking at Asgar's lips once he had dropped the fruit in.

It was so intoxicatingly good that he began to cut up the fruit into smaller pieces to make the experience last longer and also so he could get deeper into that mouth, telling himself it was only in order to put the fruit in. Jolts of pleasure shot through the length of his body as their tongues brushed fleetingly. He never left his tongue in there long; he was too overwhelmed with the intensity of it to do that.

The prince didn't realize he had begun to grind slowly against Asgar's stomach. He had subconsciously reached down to loosen the tie of his loose trousers. This had freed his aching cock, now sticking out of his waistband and desperately encouraging the friction against the bareness of Asgar's warm stomach.

More bits of fruits went in, more licking, more jolts of pleasure shooting down his back and belly to his groin to add to the coiling pleasure already building there.

The fruits finished soon enough and this time he had no excuse for what he was doing if Asgar woke up. At this point he really didn't care anymore. Caught up in the pleasure of Asgar's tongue he continued to lash at it with his, feeling a strange fire escalating within him.

He was shaking now; unbeknownst to him it was his impending orgasm. All of a sudden, strong hands slipped into his waistband and grasped his small buttocks, kneading them and taking over the ecstatic grinding more purposefully. That did it.

"Oh... Oh... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Hammand came hard, shocked as his body expelled the seed of his pleasure in long shuddering shots all over his chest and Asgar's.

It took him a while to get himself back from that shock. He could not believe himself. What would Asgar say? There was no way he could clean him without waking him up.

There was no need for too much thought on this for Asgar was stirring. "Ham?" he whispered. Hammand cringed as he noted the surprise in his voice. "What just happened? I thought I was dreaming...?"

Hammand lifted himself off Asgar's chest, blushing when the stickiness between their bodies almost made that impossible. Shame and humiliation filled him as he met Asgar's gaze.

"I... I'm sorry..." he scrambled backwards and ran out of the room. Asgar heard the door to the bath chamber slam and lock.

The huge man looked over himself in shock, not so much at what Hammand had done but that he was able to do it in the first place.

At first he had thought it was a dream, that he liked the red berries so much that he was dreaming of his little beauty feeding them to him with his lips and then his mouth. He had loved the feel of the little man licking all over his face but it was the electricity of Hammand's tongue on his own that had actually woken him up. That, and the insistent grinding. It had taken him a while to absorb the reality but he was grabbing Ham's bum before he had come fully awake.

Asgar knew Hammand well enough to know that Asgar was not meant to wake up when he did. He was not meant to have seen Hammand in the act. He was meant to stay asleep and let Hammand enjoy him so they could keep hiding what was happening between them, what had been happening from day one.

Well that was going to end today.

Asgar was sick of hiding his feelings from Ham. He understood that others might not view their love as proper, so they could hide it from them until the time was right but they should not have to hide it from each other. He stood up, aching in his loose trousers, and went after Hammand.

The bath chamber was still locked, and he remembered the main chamber door would surely be unlocked. He rushed through the other rooms, checking for any lurking presence. Then he locked the door and returned to the bath chamber. "Ham?"

No answer.

"Ham, open the door..."

"No... go away... I know you hate me now."

"I don't hate you my prince. Ham, open the door so we can talk about this."

"No! Go away... you think I'm unclean. I saw your face!"

"I was surprised, that's all. I was sleeping remember? How would you react if you woke up to that. Wouldn't you be surprised?"

No answer.

"Ham please, let's talk about this. There's nothing wrong with what you did."

"Ham?" He thought for a while. "You know I need to clean up too right?"

There was still no answer. Asgar leaned against the wall, unsure where to go from here.

To his relief, the lock clicked open. Prince Hammand did not open the door but had obviously unlocked it. Asgar pushed it open gently to find a crying Hammand curled up in a corner with his head buried in his thighs. He seemed to cry harder as Asgar stepped tentatively into the room.

The big man touched the water in the large bath. It was just about warm. He touched the water in the tin bucket set beside the bath and thankfully that was still steaming hot. He lifted it up and poured it into the bath.

Then he picked up a neatly folded toweling cloth and dipped it into the washbasin. Squeezing it off, he went to Ham, sure that he had not cleaned himself yet. Not saying a word, he knelt before his little man and pressed his knees down till they were flat on the bath chamber floor. Hammand kept his head down, sobbing quietly still.

Asgar gently cleaned Ham's chest of his come, ignoring the hand that feebly tried to stop him. He cleaned himself next, there was more of it on him and he saw Hammand watch him from the corner of his eye, his sobbing subsiding.

He pulled Hammand to his feet, pulling down his trousers and drawing a gasp from the small man. Hammand didn't stop him though; his shame was too much. Asgar lifted him into his arms and dropped his own trousers in the process, climbing into the bath.

"Asgar..." He had never been inside a bath with anyone before. He liked it though; he was just too ashamed of himself to enjoy it just then. Unable to help himself, the tears began again. "I'm sorry... I should not have --"

"Shhh. You did nothing wrong my prince. Don't apologize. It is fine."

They settled into it quietly, chest to chest, and Asgar soothed him by lightly massaging of his shoulders for a while. Hammand's crying soon stopped. He rested his forehead in Asgar's shoulder and simply enjoyed the massage. He felt like he would burst with love for this man.

Asgar upped his massage, slipping his hands down over the small back and reaching to knead the tense buttocks underneath the water. Hammand was surprised but he said nothing. However, he went red with shame again as he felt himself hardening and beginning to press heatedly on Asgar's taut belly. This had never happened to him in the presence of another before, only in his dreams.

"I wish I were a woman." His voice is almost inaudible.

"Why would you wish that?"

"So that you would want me..."

Asgar's hands came out of the water and cupped Hammand's face, keeping it tilted up to his. "You think I don't want you? After all this time, you would think that?" He was incredulous.

"What do you mean?" Wide eyes searched Asgar's in question.

Asgar stared at him in realization, and then he smiled. Hammand had no idea. A large hand slid back down to meet the slim cock and gently stroked it for a minute. Hammand squealed in shock, looking up wide-eyed at Asgar who was smiling sweetly.

What was going on? Did Asgar want to touch him that way?

"So much has changed within me since I met you. So much. You're not the only one that wants this," he whispered against quivering lips. "There's nothing to be ashamed of my prince." He shifted slightly so that Hammand could feel his own erection, loving the strained gasp that tore out of the small man's throat as Asgar's thick length burned against his balls.

"Were you not taught the art of consummation?"

Prince Hammand shook his head with a puzzled look on his face.

"You never did the love course?"

Another shake. "Only Jinor did. He-he was the reason we were not allowed to do it... after what happened with the adviser's daughter."

"Oh." Dear Isis, Asgar thought, his prince was even more innocent than he thought.

"Father decided it was not a good idea for us to know about such... relations. He said we would be taught when we were about to be wed. Miriam told me a few things... very little though, only so I knew what to stay away from, w-with maidens..." He blushed, but looked up at Asgar. "How do you know of this course?"

Asgar's eyes widened as he wondered same. "I don't know..."

They stared at each other for a while, ounces of surprise and fear intermingling. How could he know of the royal love course, they both thought. Then Asgar shook his head and continued to speak, pulling the little innocent closer to him. He marveled at how Hammand managed to delight his heart every turn.

"I've wanted you from the moment I saw you at the market."

"Really?" There was so much joyous surprise and delight in his voice that Asgar's heart soared. And to think he had doubted Hammand's innocence at the start?

"Yes, really." He whispered to his love. "I don't care that you are a man Ham. I don't want you to be a woman because I don't want a woman. I want you. My little, beautiful man. I want you just as you are."

"But I'm so tiny... and weak... like a woman. I can't fight. You said yourself that I'm beautiful. Only women are beautiful."

"My love," Hammand's eyes fluttered blissfully at this. "You may be tiny but you're definitely not weak. Have you forgotten how good you are with the sword? You beat the trainer slaves the last time we trained remember? And don't say its because you're the prince because I know they beat your brother earlier that day."

The prince smiled at the memory, wondering why he had forgotten that.

"And not only women are beautiful. You are a man after all my Ham. Beauty doesn't change that fact."

"So you really want me? You don't want a woman?" The prince persisted, his doubt fighting the joy with its disbelief.

"I want you. I've always wanted you."

The tears brimming in Hammand's eyes began to spill and he enveloped Asgar in a ferocious hug.

The big man chuckled, squeezing him right back. Then Hammand's thoughts suddenly went elsewhere and he tensed in terror.

"But... despite that, I shouldn't have..." Prince Hammand groaned. "What if I have...? The tests...?"

Asgar knew what Hammand had just done with him did nothing to affect his virginity. But the little innocent didn't know that of course. He wanted to hear the details of everything though.

"Tell me what happened..."

"I only wanted to give you a taste of the berries. I thought you would awaken, honest. But you just kept eating them and you looked so peaceful and... nice... as you ate them that I couldn't bring myself to stop."

"Show me..." The big man coaxed, unsatisfied.

Prince Hammand blushed and ducked his head from sight. "Asgar!"

"Show me." Asgar urged tenderly as he nudged Hammand's head with his chin. The prince lifted his head to look at the big man, then his face crumpled in embarrassment and he hid it again.

"C-close your eyes."

"Ham... its oka-"

"Just for a moment. Please, I can't show you if you're looking at me like that..."

"How am I looking at you?"

Like you want to eat me up. "Asgarrrr..."

Asgar chuckled, "Alright, fine. They're closed."

Hammand moved tentatively, still bright pink despite the closed eyes. He pushed himself up on his knees, still straddling Asgar. His hardening cock slammed against his belly as he shifted position, already aching in anticipation. Touching the big man's face lightly, he pulled Asgar's lips open until he could see his tongue. Delicious tongue.

He pressed his groin against Asgar's belly and sighed in the temporary relief it brought to that ache. Slowly, he began to lash at Asgar's tongue exactly as he had done earlier. His catching breaths soon became gasps as the shivers began all over again.

It was growing too for Asgar. He struggled to hold back but with the small hot body writhing against him, the little bottom brushing against the head of his straining cock, the tongue swirling in his mouth, the searching tongue unknowingly electrifying his, he could not.

He took over.

His large hand slid up into his prince's hair, gripping as leaned in and practically swallowed Hammand's mouth. The prince squeaked in surprise and held on as his tongue was sucked and teased. A moan rose from his throat as Asgar's other hand pressed into the small of his back and rocked him up and down so that his cock rubbed into the huge man's belly. His small hands gripped Asgar's neck and Hammand found himself moving with Asgar.

Despite wanting this so badly, now that it seemed like it was happening, he was a bit afraid. He pulled back to stare into Asgar's eyes, beginning to hyperventilate.

Large hands trailed down Hammand's trembling body as Asgar plundered his mouth again. The sensations were driving the prince crazy. His whole body was on fire. His nipples felt like bullets of electricity as they were teased and tweaked; his cock felt like a boiling volcano.

He had never given his cock as much as a thought until the day he met Asgar. With all the prodding from the regular tests and endless warnings as he grew up, he had never had any interest in exploring the pleasures of the flesh whether on his own or with another like this. There had been no one that had even remotely made him stir down there. Never.

Until Asgar.

Now he knew what all the fuss was about.

So when Asgar began to stroke his length, he lost his mind. Frantic, he squirmed and tried to push away. The fiery pleasure weakened his fight, instead driving him nuts. He returned the kiss hungrily, the stroking making him grind up to Asgar's hand and that inadvertently made him push against Asgar's hardness. His senses were in overload. He didn't know where to lean to and he couldn't form words that made sense. He couldn't think. He was a mess.

Asgar ground against the small thighs, keeping his berserk beauty in place with his powerful arm around the back of his shoulder and that hand in his hair as he drove him madder with the stroking and kissing. He nipped at Ham's earlobe and grazed down to the slim delicious neck he had been longing to taste for so long.

Ham's cries were so precious to hear. He was so overwhelmed with what was happening yet it seemed like the pleasure was increasing still. He keened at the stroking and his body began to shake maddeningly.

"Asgar," he gasped, panicking at the intensity of the sensations. His balls felt unbelievably tight... like they would surely burst. Oh Isis. "Asgar..."

"It's okay my love. You're finding your release... let go for me my love." Asgar murmured against Hammand's lips as he brushed them with his. But the strokes of his hand increased yet again. "...Just let go, don't fight it."

"Ah... ah..." Hammand was incoherent now but he couldn't stop the sounds. Asgar loved those moans though and ground up into him even harder.

Hammand's face scrunched up and a series of short gasps escaped in between their kisses. His body jerked spasmodically as he exploded into Asgar's hand, heaving as shot after shot of creamy fluid tore viciously through his loins and out of his cock.

"That's it my love... that's it." Asgar whispered before biting into that neck as he switched to stroke himself fast, shuddering as he also came long and hard within seconds.

They slid deeper into the water, wrapped in each other.

After a while Asgar washed them both and carried the small man to the main bedchamber. Much as he wanted to do so much more to him, he remembered Miriam's warning and knew he had to be patient.

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