My Loss


Time passes slowly.
As it rushes past me.
I remember the days we had.

I wish to return.
To what I once had.
I know it will not be.

Never regret what choices I make.
I used to believe this true.
Now I know the one thing I do.

Alone I am, and alone I will be.
Someday, maybe, someone for me?
I want, but do not, but I do and I don’t.
The chaos reigns inside, with the fear.

The thunder of my silent heart.
The flashing of my blind, dead eyes.
The past holds my soul, the present my form.

You loved me as I was and were.
I loved you most for that?
I do not know, so many reasons to choose.

A small place of hope and love.
It lives for what may be.
It will wait, as will I.

A smile, for you are happy.
A tear, for you are happy.
With a man not I, but good.
His gain, his luck, my loss. My Marion.

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