tagIncest/TabooMy Loving Step Mother Ch. 05

My Loving Step Mother Ch. 05


I must have made it almost to noon before digging through Terri's dirty laundry to find a pair of her worn panties. I sat on the couch reading and watching TV most of the afternoon, I kept my step mother's dirty panties close so I could inhale her scent and remind myself just how lucky I was.

Terri got home late in the afternoon. She came in just like any other day, saying hi and giving me a little peck on the cheek. She was wearing a tight fitting black skirt, worn up high on her waist, and a plain white dress shirt that was very snug and form fitting. Like usual, she was gorgeous.

I was still sitting on the couch when Terri came in and as she asked how my day was, and as she was talking she plopped herself right down on my lap. We both giggled and groped one another and ended up in a long wet kiss. After we kissed Terri asked me what I wanted for dinner.

We ate dinner and chatted about nothing in particular. I remember thinking how normal our relationship seemed considering the events of the past few days. Other than sitting on the end of the couch and asking me to massage her feet, we seemed more like mother and son than lovers. We stayed up late watching a movie because Terri didn't have to work the following day, but by midnight we were both dozing off.

Before dinner Terri had changed into a tank top and yoga pants. As I was getting ready for bed she walked into my room. I was sitting on my bed as she walked up to me. I wrapped my arms around her, cupping her ass as I rubbed my face on her belly. Terri's yoga pants were very tight, like all of her clothes.

Terri has a soft hairy mound of blonde pubes that she keeps neatly trimmed, and she has very soft full outer labia, and quite large protruding inner pussy lips. Combined with her tight pants, my step mother's pussy was causing her to have a very pronounced camel toe. I have lusted over the sight of Terri's camel toe as long as I can remember, and I could not resist placing my hand over her mound to feel and massage her swollen pussy.

"You're so beautiful," I said.

"What do you mean honey?"

"The way I can see you pussy through your pants makes me lick my lips."

"You can see my pussy through my pants?" "Are these pants see through?" she asked.

"No mom, your pants aren't see through, but I can see you pussy, you know, the shape of your pussy through the fabric."

"You mean anyone at the gym can see my vagina when I wear these pants?"

"Ummmm, mom, I can see your pussy through a lot of your pants. I thought you knew that. I just assumed you knew that people could see your, ummmm, you know, camel toe when you wear tight pants."

"Camel toe?" "What's that?"

"You know, when the seam of your pants kind of goes up into your pussy, and your mound kind of puffs out on either side."

"Oh my god," she said. "you mean everyone looks at my vagina?"

"Yes mom, everyone loves looking at your vagina," I said with a laugh.

"Why didn't anyone tell me this?" she said as she slapped my shoulder. "And why are you laughing young man?"

"I'm not laughing because I can see your pussy through your pants, I'm laughing because you made me say vagina. I wish you'd just say pussy," I said.

"Pussy sounds so lewd. Besides, it just doesn't seem right to say pussy to my son."

"Well last night you told me that you're my woman now, and I want you to say pussy."

"Will that make my baby happy, to hear his mommy say pussy?"

"Yes mom," I replied. "It sounds so hot to hear you say pussy, now ask me if I want to kiss your camel toe."

"Does mommy's camel toe turn you on baby? Do you like seeing mommy's plump pussy through my tight pants? Do you want to kiss my camel toe baby? Tell mommy what you want."

"Yes mommy," I said. "I want to kiss and suck your camel toe, and I don't want you to ever stop wearing tight pants."

With that I lowered my mouth to Terri's cunt and sucked her swollen labia through the fabric of her yoga pants until her crotch was soaked from inside and out.

"Ask me to eat your pussy."

"Oh baby, eat my pussy."

"Say it right mom."

"Eat mommy's pussy, suck mommy's pussy into your mouth baby, make mommy's pussy soak my panties," she finally said.

"Mmmm, yes mom, oh my gawd I love sucking your pussy through your tight pants and panties."

I told her to pull up on her pants and force them even further up into her pussy, "show me how big you can make your camel toe for me mom, it makes my cock throb to see you like this."

Terri pulled up hard on her yoga pants, forcing them to divide her labia. I was alternating between sucking her and massaging her. I finally pushed her down on the bed and told her to spread her legs and keep pulling her pants up her pussy as I took my shorts of and climbed on the bed with her.

I began sliding my cock on the wet crotch of her yoga pants while Terri was pulling up hard with both hands. Her cunt was swollen and wet and looked incredible. As I was sliding my cock on her bulging vulva, Terri had begun quickly pulling and releasing the pressure she was applying to her cunt. She was really getting off on this and so was I. I couldn't help myself and began lifting my cock off of her puss and slapping it back down hard when she would pull up on her pants. Each time her twat really bulged out it got a hard smack from my swollen cock, and each time my cock slapped down my step mother let out a little painful yelp. This went on and on until I was slapping my cock down hard on her cunt once, or even twice, a second. I was beating her bulging cunt with my hard cock. Terri's yelps had run together into a sort of moaning cry, and as her volume peaked I looked down to see a sudden rush of fluid literally soak her crotch as she came. This sent me over the top and I came all over the crotch of Terri's yoga pants, and shot a few ropes up to her belly.

I was so exhausted, I couldn't even believe how hard we had both just cum. Terri was no longer pulling her pants up her twat, but I realized that she was still moaning and crying, and she was rubbing her pussy, almost franticly with both hands. Oh my gawd, did I hurt her, my heart sank.

I reached out and stroked Terri's leg and asked if she was alright, but she didn't respond at all. She just kept rubbing her pussy, now slow and deep. As I looked down at her I saw how wet she was. She was soaked. I mean soaked. Her pants were wet half way down her thighs. I wasn't sure, but I actually thought she peed her pants. When Terri finally stopped crying she reached for me and hugged me tight.

"I have never felt anything like that sweetheart, I have never had such an intense orgasm." She said. "I have just never cum like that, I felt like I left my body. If I didn't have any pants on I would have squirted my orgasm all over you."

There was a large wet spot on my sheets, and Terri looked like I had just poured a full glass of water on her crotch. It was a first for both of us.

As we lay there, holding one another and enjoying the warmth and closeness, Terri whispered, "I still need to feel you inside me before we fall asleep."

I just said, "mmmmmm, yes."

Terri got up and went to clean herself up and get out of her wet pants, and I changed the sheets on my bed. My head was still swimming just thinking about how hard I was slapping my cock on Terri's puffy pussy, and how hard it had made her cum. I had never seen a woman squirt, and even though the sight of the sudden flood in her pants had been enough to get me off, I knew that someday I wanted to see my step mother's pussy squirting all over me. But, was it the feeling of pulling her pants up her cunt that made her cum so hard, or was it my cock slapping her swollen labia? Did Terri like me beating her cunt like that? Is that what made her squirt?

As I was changing the sheets and pondering this question, Terri came back into the room. "I'm sorry I made such a mess honey, I'm kind of embarrassed. I have never felt anything like that."

"Don't be embarrassed mom, it was the most incredible thing I've ever seen. I never even dreamed that you could be so wet," I told her.

Terri giggled, "neither did I," she said as she coyly looked down.

"I want you mom," I said wrapping my arms around Terri and squeezing her soft ass.

"My vag...... pussy is a little sore baby, but remember I brought you a present today."

"I forgot all about that mom," I said, "what is it?"

"Look in the drawer of your nightstand."

I opened the drawer and found a bottle of Astroglide. I had never used this, or any other lubricant, but I sure remembered why Terri said she was going to buy it. The minute my mind went to the thought of fucking my step mother's asshole my cock was standing out erect like a flagpole. I was wearing boxer shorts, and my cock poked right out through the fly without being touched.

"I see that you remember what the lube is for." Terri giggled. "You want to love your mama in my bottom, don't you?" "Would you like mommy to teach you how to love a woman in her bottom?"

I just stared at her, absolutely and complete in love with this beautiful woman. "Yes," I finally heard myself say.

Terri was wearing a short, tight cream colored nighty with no panties. The nighty hugged her curvaceous hips, and the plunging bust line really showed off her cleavage. We crawled into be together and began making out like, well, teenagers. As we kissed I slid my hand up between Terri's thighs and gently cupped her pussy. I fingered her very slowly, as I could tell she was a little sore. I really just wanted to get my fingers wet before searching for her little puckered asshole.

Terri loves to be fingered up the ass, I mean she really gets into it. As I worked my middle finger up her butt she reclined back against the pillows and drew her knees up, with her thighs wide open. Terri had her head off the pillows looking down to see my finger penetrating her anus. I too loved the sight of my finger disappearing up her butt. I would penetrate her a few times, then I would withdraw my finger and massage her pucker, noticing how her hole was becoming more and more relaxed. Not that I had much experience at that time, but Terri has a beautiful asshole, and she could tell that her back door was mesmerizing me.

"Pour some lube on your fingers and push two up into my bottom, she said. Push then in all the way, nice and deep so my bottom is ready for you,"

"Ready for me? I asked. Ready for my what?"

"Ready for you to love me in my bottom," she said.

"What do you want in your bottom mom?"

"You know, your penis."

"My cock," I told her. "Tell me you want my cock." She didn't respond, she just stared up at me like the words were stuck in her throat. "Tell me that you want my cock in your ass," I said with lust in my voice.

I continued fingering her asshole, now with two fingers. As I could tell she was about to speak I thrust my fingers deep into her butt. In an almost shy, but sultry whisper, Terri said, "please put your cock in mommy's bottom."

"I want to put my hard cock up your ass mom, and I want to hear you say what you want."

"Mommy needs your cock in my ass baby, please love me in my ass before I go insane," she blurted out as her face turned red in embarrassment.

"You're so naughty," I said in a playful teasing tone. "You really want my cock in your ass, don't you mom." "You want me to lube my cock and fuck you up your asshole."

Terri drew a deep breath like she couldn't believe I would say something so nasty to her, but then, with my fingers still in her rear, she said, "fuck mommy's ass baby, push your hard cock up my bottom. Please baby, mommy needs to feel you deep in my ass."

Now I was the one in shock. My step mother just said fuck. I had never heard her say the "f" word before, and now when she said it it was her asking me to fuck her in the ass. Life was so good. I pulled my fingers from her ass and watched her little pucker close as I knelt between her thighs and applied a liberal amount of astroglide to my raging hard boner. I wasted no time, and I could tell that Terri wanted me inside her right now. I gripped my shaft, Terri held her knees up to her chest and strained to see as I placed my swollen cock head to her butthole. I massaged my cock around her pucker for a moment and then began applying pressure. Each time I felt her anus giving way I would pull back a bit, and Terri would gasp a little. Finally on the third or fourth time, instead of pulling back I released my shaft and pushed forward with one hard stroke until Terri's asshole was pried wide open and gripping the very base of my thick shaft.

The noise that came from my beautiful step mother was a loud animalistic grunt. The sound made my cock throb inside her and I began withdrawing and thrusting until I had developed a steady assault of her rear entrance. The grip her little stretched butthole had on my cock felt like I was being milked. There was nothing lady-like about my step mother at this moment; she was a whore, taking my cock up her ass because she needed to be fucked. As the pace of my thrusting became a steady rhythm, our bodies moved together in an anal dance. Terri was grunting and groaning, noises of dirty sex that I never would have imagined her making. Between grunts she would pant, struggling to catch her breath. I loved the sounds she was making as I butt fucked her, so if I felt like she wasn't grunting enough I'd give her one, or two, hard punishing thrusts.

Terri wasn't talking at all, just grunt and groans, and a few moans thrown in to make my pole throb. I didn't know what she was doing at first, but while I continued the relentless drilling of her ass, Terri picked up the bottle of lube and poured a liberal amount down her crack and all over my pistoning shaft. I noticed the difference almost immediately as my cock was effortlessly penetrating my step mother's butthole. I also noticed right away that the increased lubrication had decreased the friction that allowed me to keep fucking without cumming.

Like it had when I was beating her camel toe with my hard cock, Terri's grunting and groaning had turned to a steady moaning and crying. I had learned that when Terri cried during sex it meant that she was really getting off. Either way, I wasn't about to stop fucking the velvet vice grip that was her ass, and my orgasm was nowhere in sight. I could hear, see, and feel Terri's orgasm building and I was now fully fucking at a hard and quickened pace. Her asshole was so different than her cunt, there was no bottoming out, and she was tight and burning hot, all the way in and all the way out. I wished I had a foot long cock just so I could go deeper up her bowels.

After Terri came I slowed my pace until I pulled my cock from her butthole for the first time since I had first entered her. She was still holding her knees up to her chest and I slapped her on the ass and told her to turn over. Without saying a word Terri rolled over and with her head and shoulders down on a pillow, and she got up on her knees with her ass up ready for me to continue fucking. I wasted no time.

I wasn't at all gentle as I grabbed Terri's ass cheeks and pulled them open. I didn't tease her at all; I lined the head of my cock up to her asshole and drove it home, deep into her butt. Terri squealed and I could hear her nearly screaming into the pillow as she clawed at the sheets. I was on my knees behind the sexiest ass in the world, and I was fucking her butthole hard and fast. My body was slapping into hers and the noise of our bodies banging together was exciting me to increase the pace.

I wanted to cum hard and deep up Terri's butt, and I needed to find a way to increase the power of my thrusts. I wanted to see how far I could push my step mother. She was screaming and crying out like she was being attacked. She hadn't said a single word to me since I had begun the anal assault, and I was going to push her to the limit. I found that if I got on my feet and squatted behind her I could grip her hips and fuck her twice as hard as I could on my knees. As I fucked Terri this way she raised up on her hands as I butt fucked her doggy style. I had kept my hands on her hip or shoulders most of the time, but as I looked down at her butt I was drawn by the sudden urge to slap her ass cheeks hard. Before I even realized what I was doing my right hand had smacked against her bare ass. She yelped loud and just as she turned her head to look back at me in shock, my hands slapped into her ass a second time. Then a third, and fourth....until her right cheek was bright red.

Spanking my step mother's ass had really excited me and I knew I would be cumming soon, so I picked up the pace. As I stated going deeper and harder, I reached under Terri from both side and got hold of her nipples. As I would hump forward up her butt, I would also pull back hard on her tits, pinching her nipples between my fingers and thumbs. Terri was now losing all control. Her head was swinging side to side, and her crying was only interrupted by the guttural grunts that came when my cock reached full depth in her fanny. As I felt my balls tighten, I kept my cock as far up Terri's butthole as I could. She could tell that I was going to come and my loving mom reached back between her legs and massaged my ball sack as I pumped and unloaded deep into her bowels.

Even after ejaculating a nice load up Terri's butt, my cock was still semi rigid and remained wedged up inside her as she slumped forward onto her belly. I lay on top her, pulling her head back with a handful of her blonde hair and kissing her face and neck as my cock was slowly sliding out of her bottom. We laid there spent for a few wonderful moments of bliss before I rolled off of her.

Terri, still having not said a word, got up and left my room. As she got up I saw her wiping tears from her face and I was worried that I had been too forceful as I fucked her ass. I laid there in my bed, trying to calm my heartbeat and catch my breath, as I thought about what has just transpired. I fucked my step mom's asshole, and I wasn't shy about it. I really fucked the hell out of her, it was dirty, nasty, hot, lustful, and it felt amazingly good. But even though she had asked me to fuck her in the ass, I had no idea how Terri felt about what had just happened.

A few minutes later Terri returned with a warm wet wash cloth. She sat on the bed next to me and washed my cock and balls. What an incredible woman. I laid there on my back, stroking her side and back as she lovingly washed me. As she finished she leaned down and French kissed me deeply, and she whispered as she looked me in the eyes, "I love you baby, I have never been so completely loved and deeply satisfied in my life."

Because she was crying while I was in her ass, I had been concerned that I had hurt her, but that was not the case. I asked her about why she was crying and she explained that it was just an uncontrollable response to what she was feeling inside. I kind of grinned, and she said, "that's not what I mean." She was talking about emotions, and I was thinking about my cock up her butt. Terri and I drifted off to sleep with our bodies tangled in a knot.

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