tagBDSMMy Master/His Slave Ch. 02

My Master/His Slave Ch. 02


"What in the hell have I gotten myself into?" I pondered. Daylight had broken over the horizon. I rubbed my sleepy little eyes and sat up.

Thinking about the events that had happened the previous night; I could already feel myself becoming wet. Oh how I wanted it to happen over and over again. I truly felt that I had finally found my place in this world.

Just then the phone rang. "Hello."

"Good Morning. How are you?"

"I am fine, but who in the hell is this!" I exclaimed, totally not recognizing the voice at all.

"Excuse me, don't ever talk to me like that again young lady." He said in a very firm tone.

Instantly I realized who it was. "Yes, Sir!" I exclaimed. "I'm sorry Sir."

"In due time, you will pay for that. But for now this is what I request of you. Shower, shave your cunt hair completely off, apply lotion all over your body, some perfume behind your ears, neck and knees, and be at your door on your knees completely nude in 30 minutes. Is that understood?" He said making sure she heard each and every word that he had spoken.

"Yes, Sir."

After hearing my reply he hung up without another word spoken.

As I showered and did the things he requested I wondered how he had gotten my phone number. "Hmmm…" I thought, "he must have attained it from the telephone book. After all he does know where I live."

Completely nude now I stood in front of my mirror applying lotion to every body part. My skin was moist and tingling. I could feel my cunt beginning to throb at the mere thought of remembering his voice over the phone. I continued applying lotion all over until I was sure that I had covered everything. And then begin applying perfume.

Downstairs I knelt in front of the doorway awaiting his next command. Several minutes had passed and I could feel my heart drumming in my chest wondering if he was actually coming over or if I had just been deceiving myself. Suddenly the doorbell rang. I stood up to answer it half-hiding behind the door. It was he.

"Kneel!" He commanded.

Graciously, I did as he requested. The front door was wide open and anyone passing by would be able to see me.

"You see as I stand here with this door wide open the world can see you for who you truly are. You are a slut, but not just any slut, NO. You have become what the world out their views as a trashy whore. I am going to change all that for you right here, right now. I am going to make you MY slut. And in return you will never give anything to me but the very best of yourself. From now on girl, you will have some damn dignity and respect for your own person as well. Have I made myself clear?"

My eyes were focused on the floor now. Listening to his words I realized how very true they were. Looking up at him, I said, "Yes Sir."

He slammed the door shut with his foot. His hand then reached to grab hold of my hair and lift me forcefully from the floor.

He led me into my living room and sat down upon the couch instructing me to kneel at his feet. Reaching into his leather jacket he pulled from it two pieces of paper. One of them was handed to me. And I was told to follow along as he read what was to be my contract aloud.

He began…

1. Master is my name and that is the only name that you will be permitted to call me, unless out in public and even then you are to pay respect to me by calling me Sir at all times.

2. You always be presentable for me, your Master. This includes the following:

a. Everyday you are to shave your underarms, cunt and legs, making sure that they are soft as silk. b. You are to apply the finest lotion to your entire body, which will always be provided to you as I see fit. c. Perfume and deodorant are musts and have to be worn at all times. d. Make-Up is to be applied to your face in a way that you feel would be pleasing to your Master. If it does not please me you will remove it. e. Clothing (from the ground up) 1. No heels smaller than three inches will ever adorn your feet again unless I say so. 2. Ankle bracelets and toe jewelry that I give you is to be worn at all times and taken care of very delicately. 3. If I request for you to wear stockings, you will never wear anything but thigh highs and a garter belt. 4. Thongs are the only types of underwear that I feel are worthy for your ass to be in. 5. No dress or skirt that you wear will ever be more than three inches below your ass. 6. You are not permitted to wear anything but skirts or dresses, unless I say so. 7. If I choose for you to wear a bra, it will be cup less, allowing me full access to your nipples at all times. 8. Your tops will consist of materials and designs solely made to show off your body to me and those that I deem worthy to see you.

3. You will always be honest, open and concerned to and for me. As I will do the same for you.

4. If, at any time you do not feel comfortable with anything that I or someone that I appoint is doing to you, I will allow you to use two words…"Yellow Master". These words tell me that my slave is in danger and needs me to stop doing what I am doing, or slow down. And I will ask you which it is. Then you will only be permitted to say…"Please stop Master." Or "Please slow down Master."

5. You will not speak until you are spoken to. If you have an opinion to state then you will ask for permission to speak. I may or may not grant this request. Though you will be given times to speak your mind freely about any and every activity.

6. You are to always carry a pack of cigarettes with you wherever you go in the brand and flavor that I choose for you to smoke. These things will be provided to you as well.

7. You will never come unless I have given you permission to. Nor are you allowed to have sex with anyone including men or women unless I have given my consent.

8. In the first 6 weeks of this engagement I will refer to you by your name. Nothing else. If at the end of the 6 weeks I feel that you are worthy to be MY slave, then I will call you such. Your name is SLUT, for now.

9. Above all else, you will obey me.

Your training will be long, painful and pleasurable. I will take you places that you have never been before. I will give you highs like no drug could ever give you and lows so pitifully low that you may cry. Your body will belong to me and I will give it a most enduring ride. But you will never be hurt or punished in any way that I feel would hurt or damage you so completely, that you will become permanently injured.

You will become mine, your body, your mind and your emotions are mine to control. And I will use them all to please you and myself as well.

I agree to be safe, sane and consensual with you and our play, ALWAYS. You will never be forced to do anything that we had not previously agreed upon. At the signing of this contract you will receive a collar that is to be worn at all times, whether I am in your presence or not.

You have 6 weeks to experience all that I have to offer you. I am sure that after the six weeks is up you will submit to me all of you with no reservations what so ever! But if you do not want my offers or me during and/or after the six weeks then you can walk away. Just tell me you are done with it and leave.

There will be another contract upon the time that your training is complete committing you to one year of servitude to me.

If you agree this contract is legal and binding. If you do not agree I will tear it up and walk out the door and you will never see me again.

I looked down at the floor. I questioned myself. Could I do this? Could I submit myself to this man without any reservations? I could back out at any time that I so chose to. What did I have to loose?

"Yes Sir. I wish to sign this contract and let you train me to become your most humble slave."

He withdrew a pen from the breast pocket of his suit, "Sign it NOW slut!"

Grabbing my hair and turning me towards the coffee table he lays both papers down. "Sign them both Cunt, one is for you and the other is for me." Still holding my hair firmly, he watches while I sign both papers.

When I am done he takes one paper and signs it himself. The other is put into his jacket pocket. He now has a very firm grip on my hair. More firm than ever before. It hurt! But it was not so extreme to use the words that he had given me to use.

"You have pleased this Master very much today slut." He says as he stands, grabbing my hair, turning my face and pressing it into his crotch. "Feel that bitch? You caused that! Now, you are going to learn how to service your Master's cock. Unzip my pants, NOW!"

I was still in quite a daze from the signing of the contract and how fast things were progressing that I did not hear exactly what my Master said. Looking up at him, I said, "What?"

"Excuse me slut! What did you just forget to call me!? That is twice that you have disrespected me today." His voice was so demanding as he spoke those words.

"Pull my cock out and service it NOW slut! Did you hear me??"

"Yes, Master."

"Thank you slut."

I slowly took his cock from his pants. Gently I began to rub and lick and kiss on it. I did this for a while. The entire time my Master stood looking down upon me. His face was sternly set but I could see under the demeanor that he was very turned on. I licked around the head of his cock and as soon as I tried to moved to another spot he shoved the entire length of his fat, thick cock into my throat stretching it's dimensions and making me gag on him.

"Now, hands behind your back cunt! I am going to fuck your face. And when I come you are not to miss a drop."

All I could do was nod. I wrapped my lips around his cock and made them into a vice like grip sure to please him as he shoved his cock into my throat over and over again.

It did not take him long to come at all. In fact I was very surprised at the amount of time it took him. I just assumed that it would be longer and he would want to fuck me.

As soon as I felt the first squirt spilling into my mouth I began to swallow. I accidentally let a drop fall onto the floor and ignored it hoping that he would as well. The entire time he managed to stare straight at me and never speak a word. Not even a moan as he thrust it continuously in and out of my mouth until he was completely done.

He made me clean his cock off well and tuck in back into his pants putting everything back the way it was before. The Master stepped back slightly, still firmly holding my hair. He pointed my face towards the ground. "Lick it up, NOW!" I did exactly as he requested. (Although the thought of licking something from the floor turned my stomach.)

I could tell from the look upon his face that he was very pleased with my actions. "On the couch slut. Legs spread, cunt lips spread. I want to see your pussy." He said as he was guiding me towards the couch.

I leaned back once seated and spread my legs as wide as I could. I opened up the lips of my cunt very slowly and methodically. He smiled at my gentle teasing. "Hold your cunt lips open and DO NOT move!" He commanded.

"Yes, Master." I replied.

He sat down in between my legs on the coffee table. Slowly he ran his hands along my inner thighs and down my legs. He laughed as he neared the lips of wet cunt. I knew that he could feel the juices that had already spilled out. Over and over again he neared my cunt and then denied me the presence of his fingers on my very sensitive clit. I struggled to maintain my composure without begging him for an orgasm. I laid my head back upon the couch and closed my eyes.

Oh God, it felt so good to have his experienced hands roaming all over my legs and cunt lips. I forgot where I was or whom I was with. I just begun to feel. And the more he touched me the more I became aware of my senses. My breathing increased slightly and my heart was pounding against my chest. My body was begging for the release that it so desperately needed. Suddenly without warning he inserted two fingers in my cunt. So hard and so fast that it left me spinning in a daze. His expertise showed very well when he immediately found my G-spot. Rubbing and manipulating it, I could feel the orgasm begin to approach. I writhed and moaned under his wonderful hands.

"Remember Slut that you do not have my permission to come. You have not asked for it nor have I granted it." His command was well received but not well taken by her cunt.

"Master, please may I come! I need to come so bad!"

"NO!" With that his hand begin to fuck me faster and faster bringing to the very edge of my orgasm.

"Master, please." I begged, tears approaching my eyes.

"I said NO, I meant NO!" He said.

I felt my whole body begin to respond. My nipples tightened, my vagina walls began to throb with the expected release. I was so very close, I did not know how I was going to manage to hang on for even another second.

The moment he felt my cunt begin to tighten down up on his fingers, he instantly removed them. My orgasm ceased, although my pussy painfully throbbed.

I almost cried. The tears welled up behind my eyelids, but I refused to let them fall. Silently my Master sat and watched as I slowly regained my composure. And then he spoke to me.

"You must learn to control the very thing that has made you who you are. You my slut, are never allowed to come unless I command you to and you will learn to do this and I will guide you." She could see the look of seriousness upon his face as those words left his lips.

"Master, permission to speak please?" I very humbly asked.

"Yes, you may speak." Looking directly into my eyes. He took my hands and pulled me to a sitting position.

"Master, will I ever be allowed to come?" I asked. So afraid of hearing the answer.

"Of course you will be allowed to come, but only on my prompt, not on yours. You must remember that it is I that is in control. Not YOU! Controlling your orgasms is one small process in your training. And it will teach you to become a bolder, stronger woman in the process. Not to mention a much better lover for me, your Master."

"Yes, Master I understand." I said.

"No, you don't but I promise you sweetheart you will." He said as a smiled crossed his face.

"Yes, Master."

"Now, I will be back here at exactly 7PM to pick you up. I will be taking you into my domain. I expect you to be fully dressed appropriately. You will receive a package between now and then, so don't worry about what clothes you should wear or buying anything new."

He leaned down and ran his fingers through my hair to the back of my head. And then grabbing it, pulled my face up to his. He kissed me like the lover of my dreams would. So passionately!

"Thank You Master." I managed to say.

"Your are welcome my darling. Remember that is it my pleasure to bring you pleasure. But you must be taught when to accept that pleasure and I will guide you through it all. I will make you truly become my slave and you will thank me for it for the rest of your life." He said as he stood up to leave.

Going to the door he told me to kneel, which I did.

"This is a present for you my slut." He spoke as he removed a simple silver chain from his pocket and placed it around my neck. "Wear it proudly." The back of the chain had a very simple lock on it that could be broken if necessary. "If at anytime this chain is removed without my command then you can consider the contract broken." With that he left me kneeling at my front door.

I was at a total loss for words. I didn't know what to think or how to feel. He had brought me to the crescendo of the best orgasm of my life and then denied me the pleasure. Why had he done that? My cunt was still painfully throbbing just recalling what had just happened. And even though he was gone, I dared not touch my cunt.

I went over to the couch, feeling near exhausted and drained and laid down to have a short nap before getting ready for the evening that lay ahead. "Maybe he will let me come tonight. God, I hope so." I thought as I drifted off into a restless slumber.

I awoke with the sound of the doorbell ringing. I glanced at the clock on the wall and saw that it was about 5:30. I only had an hour and a half to get ready! "Hang on please." I yelled towards the door. Running to my room I grabbed my robe and half-ass tied it around me. My breasts were all but falling out of the thing.

There was a young man there, who could not have been more than 20 or 21. "Ma'am your Master asked me to deliver this package to you. You are to be ready and waiting for him by 7 PM sharp!" He handed me the package and walked back to his car.

It was a beautifully wrapped gift. A big bow was in the center with a small note card attached. I pulled off the bow and opened the note.

It read:

Dear Slut,

This is your apparel for this evening's event. This is all that you are to wear and nothing else. Now, go get ready and be kneeling at your door with it unlocked at promptly 7 PM!

Signed, Your Master

I was so curious as to what my Master has chosen for me to wear that I could hardly manage to rip open the gift. Inside I found a short black leather skirt, a leather halter that would barely be considered a bikini top, a pair of black thighs, a black leather garter belt, and a pair of size 8, simple black stiletto heels. "Oh My! He expects me to wear this?" I thought.

I prepared myself for the evening ahead. First taking a long hot shower to clear my mind. After getting out of the shower I took my time applying lotion and perfume to my body. I put my make-up on very carefully making sure that it was not too dramatic nor was it simple. I applied my favorite color of lipstick. It happened to be a very deep rich burgundy color.

In the bedroom, I sat down upon the bed and began getting dressed. First I put the garter belt in place and fastened it. And then slide the long stockings up over my soft shaven legs. Very slowly, making sure that I did not tear them. Next came the skirt. It was very small and was a like a second skin on me. The top was the same way. After getting my breasts into it, the top looked as though I had been painted into it. The shoes were the one thing that I was certain I would have no problems with. I LOVED the shoes!

I surveyed myself in the mirror. I tweaked my nipples making them hard under the fabric. Well, the Master certainly knew how to pick out clothes for his slave. God, she thought, "I look hot!"

All of a sudden a chill ran down my spine as I heard the front door shut. Glancing at the clock in my bedroom I realized that it was 7PM sharp and I was late! "Oh, shit." I thought panicking. "What will he do to punish me? Deny me coming all night long or longer?"

Slowly and shamefully I walked down the stairs. I dared not look at my Master's face. Disappoint struck my heart and I could sense it in his demeanor as well. I hurriedly made my way to his feet and sat their several long moments before he spoke.

"Up slut…your punishment awaits you!" Grabbing me forcefully by the hair and leading me out of my door. He spoke in a very calm, even tone of voice. But I knew that I was in for the punishment of my life.

I imagined that it would be similar to the very first night that we were together. It just seemed like so long ago, yet it was just…last night.

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