tagBDSMMy Master's Bitch Ch. 03

My Master's Bitch Ch. 03


On my knees, legs spread head and eyes down I can feel the whole room staring at you and I. With dread I hear you say, "Ladies and gentlemen this is my whore. She is still in training. Still full of pride and resistant to some of my demands. She is here to do as I please. I have brought her here for your pleasure."

My heart sinks knowing that I am not only here to touch you and only have you touch me. I realize that you plan to share me and to derive your pleasure from watching your cunt service this room full of strangers.

Fear overtakes me and I break my position and grab your leg begging you not to make me do this,

"Please sir, please! I only want you, your cock, your balls your ass, please Master I'll do anything, but please don't make me touch others. Please don't..."

"You unbelievably insolent cunt! How dare you speak when not told to! This is not about what you want, is it?!"

"No Master. I'm so sorry Master." I feel you pulling me to my feet by the leash.

"Get up you disobedient bitch, get up, spread you legs for all my friends to see what is mine to give as I please!"

I can hear murmurs in the group, some woman has said something and is laughing. I am mortified, tears streaming down my face.

"Now behave yourself, don't say another word unless you're told to and accept all that I demand. Yes?"

"Yes Master. Thank you Master. I will obey and do whatever you want." My head down I can still see several people approach me. I want to close my legs so badly, cover myself.

Knowing your slave so well you say, "do not close your legs bitch." The sound of your voice makes my pussy ache, even as I stand there terrified, my cunt starts to swell again, my juices start to flow. None of them speak. I can just feel them around me. Everything goes dark as I am blindfolded. I start to whimper and I feel a ball gag shoved in my mouth. I know it's you, because I can smell you over the smell of the leather blindfold. Then you whisper in my ear, "This is to make sure you keep your mouth closed until it's needed to be used, my sweet little cunt." All I can hear is dark, classical music in the background, my breath and your commands when you give them. I feel someone's hands on my breasts, pulling on them, pinching and twisting my nipples. I imagine it's you, because the thought of anyone else touching what's yours is too much. That little bit of imagination is taken away by the nails I feel raking down my chest, over my breasts and down my belly. I realize I'm being tormented and touched by one of the women. As she goes back to focusing on my breasts, pinching, pulling, I feel her warm mouth sucking my one nipple in, biting down. It hurts, but I can't cry out, because the gag has me mute. I can feel my spit sliding down my chin as I'm breathing deeply behind the gag. As she continues to fondle my breasts with her hands and mouth, I feel someone come up behind me. Their hand doing circles over my ass cheeks. I feel pressure on my lower back, bending me over at the waist, arching my back, sticking my ass further out.

I hear you say,"They want you to bend over cunt. Do it. Show them your ass, show them your cunt and how much you want it, how wet you are. And pet... do not cum, no matter what they do to you or have you do. Do as you please to her. She was a bad whore earlier and needs some kind of punishment."

I hear whoever is behind me laugh and then I feel the sharp slap of a hand on my ass. The heat spreading over my cheek, then another and another. I start to stumble on my feet when I feel an arm go around my waist, holding me up. I know it's you, because you whisper in my ear, "Take it like a good girl, you know you deserve it for displeasing me earlier, yes?"

All I can do is nod. So grateful that your hands are one of the sets of hands on me. The person continues my spanking. Spreading my legs wider, I'm slapped on my wet pussy lips. Five slaps, it's agony. My ass and lips on fire now. My hips grinding, the need to cum even through my embarrassment so great.

I feel the gag being removed. "Lick yourself off his hand bitch."

"Thank you Master."

I feel fingers probing in my mouth, I suck them clean tasting my own juices off of him. The gag is forced back on and more hands are exploring my body. I can't even tell how many. I just keep hoping one set is yours. Suddenly I feel a mouth on my cunt. I moan through my gag as I feel a tongue slide in and out of me, my hips pushing forward.

"Don't cum, my pet. Do not cum." The tongue stops and is replaced by someone reaching from behind me, I feel at least three large fingers slide up into me, probing my wet pussy, ramming in and out of me. All I can hear are my juices as the fingers slam in and out of me. The mouth that was tongue fucking me is now sucking slowly on my clit. It's too much. I'm moaning through the gag. If someone wasn't holding me from behind by my bound arms, I'd collapse.

I'm so close to exploding I try to pull away, make it stop, but I hear you say, "Control that greedy cunt of yours my slut, do not cum, but give them what they want."

I know I'm going to disappoint you because there's no way this can continue without me cumming, hard. And then it stops. I'm standing there on my own, no hands on me, the fingers stop abruptly, the mouth is gone. Complete silence except for the music. I stand there, dripping, drool running down my chin, waiting. So relieved and disappointed at the same time that the torment has stopped. I feel the binds around my wrists being undone and I hear "Present."

I get down on my hands and knees spreading for you. My pink and burning ass pushed up as high as I can to please you. I feel something hard and thick being slid inside my cunt, something resting on my hard, swollen clit and then I feel the harness strapped around my waist.

"This is to see how much control you really have my pet, behave and maybe I'll give you the cock you really desire."

I feel a tug on the leash as I'm made to crawl across the floor. The movement of my thighs, making the phallus deep inside of me move against my pussy lips and the hard nub of it's attachment slide back and forth over my clit. I crawl around the room, I assume you're parading me for all to see what a good, little pet I am. You stop, I stop. All of a sudden I feel the toy inserted in me vibrate. I cry out as much as I can through the gag, my hips grinding.

"Don't do it bitch. Do not cum."

I feel it moving inside me over my clit for what seems like forever. Then it stops and your walking me like the dog I am again. You stop, the vibration starts again. Slap! I feel a hand slap my ass. The vibration stops. We walk, we stop, vibration. I feel the same fingertips as before on my face, I feel the gag being removed from my mouth and the vibration stops. I'm trying not to move, but all I can feel is my cunt filled. All I know is you're watching all of my humiliation. That your cock is so hard, seeing me in torment, my thighs slick from my dripping pussy.

I feel you next to me, "My pet, I want to see you bring this beautiful woman in front of you to orgasm. You may use your mouth and hands. stay on your knees and spread, my cunt and do not cum. Please her now!"

Not being able to see, I lean down, kissing the inside of her thigh, my hands on either thigh spreading her open. Kissing and sucking the soft flesh of her legs, I run my right hand up her thigh my palm sliding over her pussy, I can feel how wet she is already. I rest my hand on her lower belly, pressing down, my thumb doing slow circles over her clit. I can hear her moaning softly.

I hear you say, "What a good little girl you are, lick her cunt for me whore."

The vibration deep inside of me starts again. So much pleasure and agony at the same time. As my thumb continues sliding over her slick, hard clit I start long slow licks of her slit, from her ass to her clit. Her warm gooey juice covering my tongue, I drink her in, sucking on her lips her moans getting louder. I feel her cunt grinding on my chin. I take my index and my middle finger with my thumb tucked under them and start finger fucking her, my tongue now sucking her clit over my thumb sliding back and forth. She's bucking as I fuck her faster and faster with my fingers, her juices sliding down my chin. I feel her pussy tightening over my fingers and I feel a gush of warmth cover my face. It just keeps coming and I can hear her screaming, I can feel her pussy throbbing over my fingers as I lick up her juices. The vibration in my pussy hasn't stopped and I'm moaning now as loud as she is. I feel the collar yanked. I'm pulled away, covered in this woman's cum, sticky with it.

Moaning, I beg, "Please Master, I can't take much more, please, please I need you, I need your cock."

"What you need to do is not be enjoying yourself so much. Did you enjoy her pussy whore?"

" No Master, no!"

"Fucking lying whore. Your pussy is dripping from sucking on her cunt. You're filthy with her cum. Knees. I need to wash you off. And then you need to please me, because watching you has made you Master's cock throb and I need relief."

I feel the blindfold come off. All I can see is you standing over me. I look up and instinctively open my mouth for you.

" Much better pet."

I feel your hot piss on my chest, up to my chin, in my mouth. Your piss tasting so much more familiar and better to me then the stranger I just pleasured. My mouth fills over and over, your piss spilling down my chin and belly. The stream slows and you slide your cock in my mouth.

"Clean my cock bitch, suck me and get every last drop of my pee."

I obey happily. "Thank you Master. Thank you for letting your cunt have your piss."

As I'm sucking you into my mouth, I feel you undoing the harness. I feel the object inserted in me slide out, my juices gushing out of me as it does. I moan over your cock at the loss of it. You take your cock out of my mouth, turn me around and grabbing my hair so my face is up for all to see, you ram your cock deep inside of me in one long thrust, yelling out as you do. You fuck me hard and deep and fast, I can hear you moaning as you do. Your one hand pulling back on my hair, your arm wrapped around my waist. My insides hurting and aching.

I hear you say, "Do not cum bitch!" I moan at the thought of not cumming, your cock feeling so good slamminng in and out of me. Then I feel you yank back even harder on my hair, pulling me back against you, impaling my wet pussy on your cock, I hear you cry out, grunting and moaning as you cum deep inside of me. I can feel your cock throbbing deep in my pussy. I do not cum, but my pussy throbs around your cock. I feel you pull out slowly. Your cum mixed with my juices dripping from my pussy. "Use your fingers to scoop my cum up slut, drink it down from your fingers." I reach down between my legs with my fingers cupped and bring your cum dripping from my slit up to my lips and drink it down, sucking it off my fingertips. I feel your hand on my face. You turn me up to face you, kiss me deeply and say, "Now let's continue."

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