tagBDSMMy Master's Cunt

My Master's Cunt


I originally wrote this story for my online Dom. My Master often sends me to bed describing in detail the scene he wants me to simulate with toy play. This assignment was actually intended to work on subduing my orgasms as a practice of my controlled submission to my Master. (I will let the reader decide if I need a little more practice!)

This was my first submission and I originally submitted the story knowing it was poorly formatted & obviously not well edited. The story very much pleased my Dom but he was very disappointed in the quality of the read. I felt it was important to please my Master first and make you, the reader, want to read my sexual scene again.

My Master's original IM direction is detailed below as he wanted me to simulate with toys (which I did execute, by the way!). This story is my imaginings of how his scene detailed for me would play out in real life.

"I want you to simulate pleasing three different men for me tonight while I watch and evaluate you. First, the prep, I will install an anal plug in your ass so that you are off limits for anal intercourse. Second, nipple clamps, lightly done, but that you remember you're a sub.

Then you have permission to fuck three DIFFERENT cocks (using different toys). Long deeeeep strokes and fuck each one in at least two different positions. This assignment should focus on cumming enough so that the men know you are cumming but in a very, VERY quiet subdued manner; very meek. Clean each cock when done while the next one fucks you. Do doggy style. Do on top. Do missionary. Do on your side; edge of bed, etc.

Remember to suck a cock while getting fucked. Speak their names to encourage them to cum. Make them feel like studs. Remember, three men, two positions for each guy. Simulate their cumming inside MY cunt and your mouth.

Then when they are done I will dismiss the men and 20 minutes later I will return to fuck your ass for 30 minutes. Long deeeeep strokes; no cumming for you during this time. Right at the 30 minute mark I will stroke deeply and cum. After I have finished cumming in your ass I will leave my cock inside you, still. Only then may you ask Master if you are permitted to cum. This is ONLY if you have obeyed my direction Karen; been subtle, etc. With 40 spanks you may cum. But if you have not performed as I requested, then it is 50 spanks and no cumming.

I want a full report."

My Master stands before me in our hotel suite. He is fully clothed. We are face to face. I am naked but he is refusing to touch me. He makes me wet with the slightest gesture and his voice makes 'His' (my) cunt twitch. He knows how to torture me without violence or humiliation.

My Master leans into my ear as I arch my neckline hoping for a sweet kiss. Softly he breathes in my ear, "Squeeze your nipples for me Karen, and make them hard." I do as he requests, pulling back with a teasing smile, hoping that is all it will take for him to covet me. Instead, without touching but staring into my needful eyes, he clamps each of my nipples with dangling crystal beads with icy cold assembly line precision.

My Master knows I want him to touch and desire me but he is far more self-satisfied by the power he has over me. He enjoys the denial when I submissively (or not so submissively) beg for his attention. He poses the question, slyly already knowing the answer, "Do you want to put the anal plug in your ass or do you want you're Master to insert it for you Karen?"

A submissive should always wait but in my desperation I didn't even let him finish the sentence before I answered, "I want you to put it in G..., I mean Sir, please put it in for me."

My Master instructed me to turn my nipple-clamped and anal-plugged body around facing the bed. He commanded me to bend over the edge while pulling my ass cheeks apart for him. He could be methodical about insertion but he choose to tease me further. Covering the tip of the toy with lube, he stroked my tight anal hole till it was wet. I started to moan in an effort to entice him. He abruptly spanked me hard; admonishing me not to make a sound. Resolved to obey, I wisely choose not to answer as my face sank lower into the bed as my ass peaked higher; begging silently for his touch. He responded with a cold and systematic insertion. He moved quickly to insert the anal plug into my ass.

My Master told me to stand up to face him. He gave me thorough instructions about how I was to deliver very quiet subdued and meek cums for each man I was about to fuck in front of him. He explained to me how I would clean each cock with my mouth while the next one started to fuck me. None of the men were allowed to fuck my ass as that was reserved for my Master's pleasure. His tone is controlling and he makes it clear that I am there to please each man and not to embarrass him. My focus is to be on their pleasure, not my own, not even my Master's. I bow my head in submission.

My Master invites the first man in and takes his seat in the corner in a comfortable chair facing the bed. I thought he might pull out his cock and stroke while I fucked these men but he was in total control today, saving his cum for my ass.

The first man was Joey, a cowboy. He had a rugged hard body with rough skin, strong arms, tight ass and a nice chest. He flicked my nipple clamps and asked me if I liked those. I winced at his flick and told him if he fucked me hard enough, I wouldn't notice the pain. He smirked and roughly grabbed my tits and told me to take them off. Joey explained to me that he likes to suck on nipples. I looked over at my Master, unsure if I should ask his permission. My Master responded with a quick nod of his head. I quickly looked back into Joey's eyes while I removed the clamps. I winced in pain as he continued to squeeze my round full breasts. He excitedly sucked hard on each nipple, understanding that by doing so it would lessen my pain. Joey easily picked me up as I wrap my legs around his hips as he smoothered his face in my cleavage. Sucking my tits and asking me if I still felt pain. In ecstasy, I moaned, "Nooooooooooooooooooo, it feels sooooooo good Joeeeey!"

He laid me down on the bed, reluctantly pulling his mouth off my nipples. This cowboy forced my arms above my head and glided his rough hands down the length of my body; swiping his fingers into my Master's cunt. Joey wiped my nipples with his cum-soaked fingertips and made me suck the rest off as he inquired in a sweet Southern drawl, "Do you taste good, Suga'?"

I gestured to hold my wet, hard-nippled titties together while I teasingly give him a smirk. "You tell me, darlin'."He reached down between my creamy white thighs and started to finger-fuck me a few more strokes before he wiped my wetness across my tits again. Then he followed my scent up to my nipples to suck them. I was writhing in pleasure as he sucked my nipples hard, biting and rubbing my full double D's with both of his abrasive hands. Joey sucked my breasts so hard hickey's, the size of silver dollars, covered them.

He pulled off my body and gently began to slap my used breasts. He then positioned the tip of his cock in my wet bare snatch, asking me if I wanted to fuck him. I reached up to his nipple and teasingly twisted it to pull him down to me; begging him, "Hell yes!"He slapped my hand away roughly. Next, he strongly pulled me up by my arms and turned me around. I feel like I was bucking a bull.

He flipped himself around so he was lying on his back with his arm holding me flat on my back to his chest. He pulled back my hair to whisper in my ear, "I didn't say that I liked YOU playing with MY nipples!" I look down the length of my body to my Master in fear. He looked back at me sternly, scolding me with his eyes for even looking at him.

I quickly took action. "I'm sorry Joey. I was just trying to be playful."

Joey countered with, "Well, play with your own tits and ride me cowgirl style. You know how to do 'that', Miss playful?!" I giggled, "Mmmmmm, yes Sir!"

As Joey lay on his back, I squatted above his hard, thick cock and leaned forward to correctly straddle my cowboy cowgirl style. I was now facing away from him and so I took over rubbing my tits for him as he started to buck me with his thick cock. While I fucked him, Joey could see me rub my tits for him in the large mirror above my Master's head. I was careful to stare at Joey in the mirror and not my Master while I rode him roughly.

Curious, Joey started to push on the anal plug as he compeled me to fuck him with more bounce and longer strokes. I can't help but scream. This is a hard, rough fuck and my orgasms are impossible to control. I try to focus and calm down, squeezing my Master's cunt on Joey's thick cock, trying to make each stroke deliberate. In a desperate attempt to subdue my orgasm, I grab a sweaty bandana from Joey's jeans lying on the bed. I twist around over my shoulder to show my cowboy I am going to attempt to gag myself. He laughs, holds my hips and fucks me harder. Joey is unaware of my Master's agenda and it is his intent to force me to cum loudly. He sits up, grabs my tits roughly squeezing and pinching them. Telling me to ride him harder; whispering in my ear, "Rub your clit for me, Karen." All the while, I am trying to moan quietly as I cum, over and over and over again.

My Master's cunt is soaking wet and Joey is slipping out of my cummy cunt. "You're so fucking wet I can't fuck you anymore, get off of me." I pull off of him and kneel between his legs, feeling like a failed sub because of my slippery cunt.

He roughly shoves his fingers up my Master's cummy cunt, rips the bandana off my head and wipes his cum soaked fingers across my lips, grabbing at my tits again. He lays me down, taking my hands in his rough ones, forcing me to push my breasts together. He straddles me as the smell of my sex on his cock wafts up to my nose as he starts to titty-fuck me. "You make your tit-cunt tight enough for me and I will cum all over those pretty lips and fucking hot set of tits."

"Fuck me Joey, fuck me harder! Mmmmm, I want you're cum all over my lips and tits. Fuck me, give me your cum Joey."

"Open your mouth for me Karen, stick your tongue out." Joey is about to cum, "Mmmm, fuck!" He pulled out of my makeshift titty-cunt and began to stroke his cock rapidly. He slowly knelt back, cumming all over my face and tits. In rapture, he started to slap my face and tits while wiping his thick cum across my lips and nipples. In genuine real cowboy style, Joey dismounted me, grabbed his bandana, jeans, plaid shirt, tipped his cowboy hat onto his head, nodding to my Master and exited the bedroom.

My Master stood and looked over at me with pride for his dirty marked slut. I was covered in another man's cum, bruised tits and dripping cunt. He gruffly told me to freshen up and clean up his cunt. He wanted my cunt dry but he wanted the cowboy's cum left on my mouth and tits. With some hesitation he tempted himself by choosing to re-clamp my tits. I smirk with downcast eyes, knowing he couldn't resist smelling another man's cum on his sub.

The next stud was a businessman, Jack, dressed in a suit and tie; arrogant. I could tell by his manner he paid for me and intended to treat me as his dirty little sex toy. "Look at this dirty little cunt; covered in cowboy's cum while her Master watches her getting fucked." He pinched one of my nipple clamps tighter causing me to wince in deep pain. "You like that slut? You like it rough? Does it only get you off to get gang-banged while he watches?"

I reached between my legs and rubbed my Master's cunt with exaggerated strokes, "Makes me fucking wet just hearing you describe it."

He slapped my hand away and roughly submitted me to my knees, "Undress me!" He untied his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, removing the top half of his body while I removed the bottom, leaving my nose tip to tip with his bulging cock. I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, unzipped them, and pulled them down to his ankles. I nuzzled my face against his boxer briefs. I reached around with both hands and slipped them under his underwear to cup his ass cheeks. I bit the band to pull it down with my teeth, rubbing my nose across his cock and balls.

He sat on the edge of the bed pushing my face deeper into his balls, his hand holding firm on the top of my head, stroking & tugging on my hair. I opened my mouth wide to lick his offering but he pulled me off his cock, pushing my head down with force to untie his shoes and finish undressing him. As my butt pushed out, he could now see the butt plug. He reached down to push it in. He then slapped my ass. "What a fucking whore! You want all your holes filled don't you?"

Jack screeched, "Joeeeey! Come back in here and make this slut clean your dick off while I fuck her cunt!"

Jack laid me at the corner edge of the bed so my ass was on the beds edge and my head hung off the other edge. He was less interested in me cleaning off Joey's cock as he wanted to watch Joey fuck my mouth while he brutalized my Master's cunt while pounding his balls against my ass toy. Jack's back was to my Master's so my Master stood to get a better view. Feeling his interested presence fueled my excitement. I was turned on by Jack's brutality starting to cum quietly knowing how much my Master was enjoying the show.

Joey came back in the room and grazed his hand over one of his bruised hickeys, holding his cock to my lips. He was hard again. (he's a cowboy after all!) I focused on being gentle with Joey, licking delicately while Jack began to pummel me. I was excited squeezing my Master's cunt hard, trying desperately to hold my cum's in this time. I was trying not to be cummy wet mess as Jack ruthlessly fucked me hard in his efforts to make me cum. It was difficult for me not to be turned on by his raunchy speak. "Such a fucking slut, you love sucking his cock while I fuck your cunt, don't you?" Jack tugged at my nipple clamps, grinding me into the bed so the anal cock in pushed deeper.

The vibration of my restrained moans drove Joey to hold his cock deep in my throat. He commanded me to clean his cock which was virtually impossible when it was forced that deeply down my throat. But like a good trained sub, I opened my mouth wider and stuck my tongue out. He eased off so I could lick his balls and suck his cock one last time. He wiped the tip off my lips and once again strutted out of the room cool cowboy style.

Jack stated the obvious, "You like sucking cock. Dirty cunt likes her ass, cunt and mouth filled with cock." As he slowed down, he stuck a finger in my mouth, stroking it in and out slowly. "You want to cum all over my cock Karen? Your Master says you're a good little cumslut who can squirt. You wanna' squirt for me baby?" Using Jack's nasty perversions for my own pleasure I suggest, "I can but it only works when I'm on top and you are on the floor. Can we fuck at my Master's feet, Jack?"

"Such a whore, wanting to perform; kneel and suck your cunt juices off my cock!" I do as I'm told and take him deep; instantly gagging as he held my head down fucking my mouth just as he did my cunt. "Such a good cocksucker." I gently grab his balls and lick, all the way up to the tip. I then stood up.

I grab his hand in mine and lead him over to my Master but I was careful not to look at my Master, only Jack. I pulled him down to the floor on his back. I stood over him, holding onto my breasts, rubbing them. "I can squirt just by hearing my Master's voice. Do you want me to squirt while he directs me to cum for you?"

Jack sat up on his elbows and told me to squat above him. He reached up and opened up my pussy lips. "Yeah, he can talk you into squirting but do it squatting over me so I can see you do it". He snapped my clit hard, and tapped a nipple clamp causing me to wince.

My Master begins by telling me I've been a good cumslut for our guests and he instructed me to gently rub my clit, "Push first 2 fingers in, then 3 fingers, increasing the pressure and speed to masterbate my cunt. Harder, faster, take two of those fingers and slip them deep in my cunt, Karen. Push harder. Cum for me Karen cum for me, don't stop, keep cumming. Drench Jack with your juices."

I started to spray a hot squirty cum all over Jack's chest. "Jack, let me fuck you, let me fuck you Jack, I promise I will drench your cock with my cum."

He reached into my Master's cunt and sucked my cum off his fingers. "Clean me up first slut!" I leaned down and licked his chest full of my salty liquid cum while positioning my Master's cunt on his cock. I begged him to let me cum again as I rode him forward so he could keep hitting my G-spot that was spasming to cum again. I licked him like a dog and rode him trying to stifle my moans as best I could for such a frenzied fuck.

I am sexual being who understands the difference of duel pleasing sex. 'This' is sex for my pleasure, my cum, there is virtually no pleasure for Jack who is a beast who likes to pound and abuse the cunts he fucks but he finds other ways of getting off. He grabbed at my clamped tits and roughly squeezed them. I pulled up and leaned forward for more exaggerated deeper strokes whispering in his ear. "Slap me Jack, slap my face. Slap my ass, slap my tits!" He smacked my ass. I screamed, "Harder, I like it rough, use me as your nasty whore!"

He slapped my face. I groaned and I began to squirt. He slapped me harder. "You get off on this? Such a slut." He slapped my face again, and then I started to grind more on his cock and he spanked my ass over and over. I ground down harder and begged him to spank me more. I know the sight of my reddened ass was pleasing my Master. I squeezed tight on my Master's cunt and start to sob in Jack's ear. Begging him to call me his cunt, "You're a sick dirty filthy cunt cumming all over my cock in front of your Master." I can feel the cum dripping down my legs and into the crack of my ass. "Get off of me, you dirty whore. Get on your knees so I can fuck that throat!"

Feeling very sexed up, I slinked off our cum covered bodies. As I stood to extend a reach to help Jack up, I gave my Master a wanton look as Jack's head turned away for second to catch his balance,. I quickly turned back towards Jack, grabbing playfully reach for his cock as I bit his nipple and gave him a give a sexy giggle. I asked him if I could pleasure him with a hand job on the bed before he fucked my throat so I could milk his cum.

My attempt was to tame him. I took his hand and traced over my breasts, hips, ass and lips as I settled him down. "Be gentle with me while I pleasure you Jack, can you do that for your slut?"I knelt between his legs and began to stroke his cock. Long strokes to start, rubbing his balls, reaching into my Master's cunt for wetness and sliding my wet finger from his asshole to his balls. Watching for his reaction; I can tell that he liked it so I take the tip of his cock in my mouth, looking into his eyes while he caresses my clamped nipple. I reached for more of my pussy juice and massaged his balls then rimmed his asshole, taking his cock deeper in my throat. Jack groaned. I cannot help my desire to show off my submissive skills to a raw animal like Jack. I spring forward and whisper in his ear not wanting my Master to hear. Pretending to protect Jack's potential insecurities, "Do you want to fuck my face while I finger fuck your ass Jack?" as I bite the edge of his ear. Jack's never had this kind of pleasure, so he instructs me to keep doing what I'm doing. I go back to stroking his cock with my hands; slipping my fingers outside his hole, pressing in circular motion.

He played with my hair in ecstasy wanting to know if I had ever been with a woman. So I spin a tale. "My Master will only fuck my cunt when I'm eating out another woman, he loves cumming in my ass and mouth but he likes to feel me clamp down on his cock as I get excited pleasuring another woman's pussy. He enjoys sucking off her cum on my lips as the other girl cleans his cock." My now moist finger starts to push in his asshole. I ask again if he wants to fuck my face. He is calm and relaxed, only nodding yes. I jumped off the bed and scrambled to get a pillow to kneel on.

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