My Mom and One Latex Glove


I looked up at Mom as I spurt and spurt. She had a slight smile on her face. I saw her watch my cum drops shoot and land on my stomach and all over Megan's hand and arm.

"Wow, sorry for the mess Mom," I said while I pushed my finger in and out of Megan's pussy.

"Do you feel better now, Sweetie?" Mom asked me.

I nodded. "Yes, thank you Mom."

"Don't thank me. Thank Megan. She did all the work."

"I'll clean that up Mrs. Merwin," Megan said, starting to sit up with my hand still in her shorts.

"No, stay right there and let him exercise his fingers. It's good for him." Mom said, "I'll clean it up."

"But Mrs. Merwin, you don't want—"

Megan stopped abruptly when I pushed a second and third finger into her and started pumping her hard.

"Oh . . . Oh . . . Oh . . ." she moaned and spread her legs further as I worked her. She lay back on the mattress and let me have my way with her.

Mom came back with a warm wash rag. She took Megan's arm and gently wiped the cum from her hand.

Then Mom wiped the wet towel across my stomach soaking up my cum there. Then, to my surprise, she wrapped the warm rag around my dick, which was still hard and she wiped up my column.

"Oh my God," Megan whispered beside me. She stared and her mouth hung open, stupidly, while Mom cleaned my dick and wiped the last of the cum off my sensitive knob. I thrust my fingers a little harder into Megan, eliciting a sharp chirp from her.

"Next time, cover him with a towel so he doesn't make a mess like that," Mom stated flatly and dropped the wash rag in the laundry. Then she looked at me, "That's enough, Sweetie, you need to get your rest and Megan has work to do."

Mom waited, watching me, until I reluctantly pulled my fingers out of Megan's pussy.

"Zip up and help me with this laundry," Mom said to Megan.

I swear, that's exactly how it was. My mom watched while the personal care girl jerked me off and let me play with her pussy. Then, Mom cleaned the cum off my dick. Sometimes I think I have the best mom in the world. ____________________

The next day, Mom came to my room and sat on the bed next to me. She looked severe in a button up blouse and skirt with a yellow floral apron. Her blonde hair was in a loose bun held in place by some kind of wicked looking implement.

She told me she was sorry, but Megan wouldn't be coming back.

"What?" I was shocked and disappointed. I had been waiting all morning for Megan to show up and jerk me off. I'd been fantasizing about her pussy and the way she spread her legs for me and moaned pleasurably when I finger fucked her. I was already starting to get hard from thinking about it.

"Don't worry," Mom said, "I can take care of you until we find someone else."

"But Mom—"

"No buts. I'm going to take care of my son and everything will be okay."

"But, what happened?"

"It doesn't matter and I don't want you to worry about it."

"Did she quit?"

"We're not going to discuss it anymore. She's not coming back and that's that. I can see you're disappointed but we're going to make it through this together. I'm your mom and I can take care of your needs perfectly well. I know what you need better than anyone else."

And to make it final, she started stripping the bedding off me before I could respond. Then she started on my sleep clothes. She pulled the t-shirt off me. She hooked her fingers in my waistband and started pulling my pajama bottoms down.

"Mom, don't."

She ignored me and pulled them off, exposing my genitals. "Stop fretting," she scolded, "I've already seen your penis a dozen times."

My mom said "penis" and before I knew it I was feeling excited down there and I felt my dick slowly lift.

Mom picked up a single latex glove and slipped it on her right hand. She snapped it loudly on her wrist and I felt my dick rise a little further (all those latex-gloved hand jobs by Megan had created a weird association for me).

She straightened her apron over her skirt and walked over to the stack of porn magazines. "Do you want to look at some of your dirty pictures?"

By now my dick was nearing vertical. Mom looked at me, looked and my dick, and remarked, "You sure are healthy, I hardly think you need any stimulation but we can look at your magazine if you want. What do you want to see?"

"Mom, no. I don' t want—"

"Nonsense! It's perfectly okay. Do you like Penthouse or Hustler?" She held up two magazines in front of me.

"Um, Penthouse. I guess."

Mom plopped down on the bed next to me. My dick was exactly vertical now.

"Hm, what shall we look at today?" She thumbed through the magazine, showed me a brunette bent over and displaying her crotch.

"Mom! I can do it myself. I'm not that weak."

"You need to conserve your strength, Sweetie." She opened to a picture of a thin blonde spreading her pussy lips for the camera. "She's cute don't you think?"

I nodded. "Seriously Mom. I can do it myself."

"I know that Sweetie," she said picking up the bottle of mineral oil. She propped the magazine open next to me, but I ignored it. My dick was so hard I could feel it throbbing.

"Then why are you doing this? Why did you have Megan to do it?"

"Didn't you like it?" she asked while dribbling oil over her latex covered hand.

"Yeah, but—"

"You need a woman's touch, Sweetie. It isn't healthy for you to be locked up in the house touching yourself like that every day. Besides, you keep squirting your sperm on the clean sheets and I have to rewash them every time. This is better. Don't you think so?"

Mom gently wrapped her oiled, latexed hand around my bulging dick and very slowly stroked up to my knob where she squeezed and rubbed the slippery oil over my sensitive tip. I throbbed with pleasure in her hand. My mom was different that Megan. She was more loving and tender the way she caressed my dick.

"Oh my God, Mom," I sighed. I couldn't argue with her now. Her hand on my dick was pure pleasure. She stroked me lovingly but firmly. My mom was wanking me off and I loved it. I was paralyzed with pleasure. "Yes, Mom . . . yes."

"Do you like blondes, Sweety? You got an . . . erection . . . right away."

"Oh God," was all I could manage.

She caressed my ball sack for a moment then went back to stroking my shaft. "I can feel your pulse in your penis. You're very aroused. You must really like that blonde."

"Fuck! Mom! You make me hard!" I blurted out.

"Don't cuss." She caressed my knob again. "You're being silly. I don't make you hard. I'm your mother. I was talking about the girl in the magazine."

"Mom, you make me hard. And you're going to make me cum. You're going to make me cum!"

"That's the whole point, Sweetie. That's why I'm rubbing your . . . penis." She moved her gloved hand down my shaft with a faster stroking motion. "You have a handsome penis."

"It's my dick, Mom. Call it my dick or cock. Do you like my cock?"

"You're getting rambunctious now."

"Say it Mom. Please!"

"Well, alright. I like your . . . cock. You have a nice cock. You have a very nice hard cock. It's lovely."

"Yeah . . . Mom . . . you're going to make me cum!"

"Yes I will, Sweetie." She stroked a little faster. "Did you really mean what you said about me making you hard?"

"Oh my God! Yes, Mom! You make me so fucking hard! Please tell me how much you like my dick."

She stroked me even harder now with a firm steady rhythm. "I already told you Sweetie, I like your dick very much. It's very big and healthy."

I saw her reach under her skirt with her free hand. She moved her hand up to her crotch and started rubbing herself right in front of me. That's my mom. She closed her eyes and started making little moaning sounds under her breath.

I watched her and she continued rubbing herself with one hand and stroking me with the other. I could hardly believe what I was seeing.

"Mom?" I asked.

"Hm?" Her eyes were still closed.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm just rubbing my female parts a little. You got me all worked up with all your dirty talk." She opened her eyes and looked at me now. "You don't mind do you Sweetie?"

"Tell me what you're rubbing."

"Just my clitoris. Just a little. It feels nice."

"Put your finger in your pussy, Mom. Will you?"

"Yes, okay."

"Are you?"

"Yes, I am now Sweetie. My finger's inside my vagina. Do you like that?"

"God yes! Are you wet?"

"Yes, very wet."

I could see my mom's hand moving rapidly in her skirt. She was finger-fucking herself fast and she started making little moaning sounds again. It was more than I could take. I came in my mom's hand, spurting up on her arm.

"Oh dear!" She quickly covered my dick with her apron trying to catch the cum but my spurts were so strong, it shot through the cloth, splattering her arm and lap.

"Oh my God, Mom. I can't believe you just did that."

"Did you like it Sweetie?" She was smiling lopsidedly.

"Oh, yeah."

"That's all that matters." Using her apron, she wiped the cum off her arm and skirt, then she carefully wiped my dick clean. "I'm going to wash my hands, and start the laundry, then I'll see to your bath."

"Wait Mom." I grabbed her wrist as she was getting up.

"What Honey?" She sat down again.

I pulled her hand up to my face and smelled her fingers. It was the smell of her pussy. She looked at me knowingly. She held her hand there for me, then she gently probed a finger into my mouth. I eagerly sucked Mom's pungent salty pussy juices from her finger. I was tasting pussy for the first time in my life and it was my mom's.

She stroked my hair with her free hand while I licked her finger. She looked at me in the way she does sometimes that makes me feel like I am loved, no matter what. _________________________

So, yeah, that was the first time Mom jerked me off. I was stunned. I loved it. I mean, who wouldn't? I was young and thought about sex all the time. I had no prospects. Mom is pretty hot and she wanted to make me happy. I was in no position to turn down her obvious charity.

Best of all, she liked it too. She liked it so much she played with herself right in front of me. That's what stunned me the most and it made me shoot my wad. My mom finger-fucked herself while she wanked me! How many guys would love to have a mom who does that?

I was disappointed that Megan was gone, but after what Mom did? I forgot all about Megan and started feeling pretty good about Mom.

I felt kind of bad because I wasn't really that disabled, but then, Mom knew it. She knew it and she jerked me off anyway just because she wanted to.

After that first jerk off session, Mom gave me a special hand job, that night. She offered to watch some porn with me to get me started. I was shocked and thrilled. I couldn't believe she was doing it, but I didn't want to say or do anything that would spoil it, so I went with it and found a good site I like with lots of fetish and taboo videos.

I was even more astounded when Mom pointed at a mother-son incest video an asked "What's that?" even though it was labeled with "MILF gets facial from son."

We got all set up, meaning I was sitting naked on the edge of my bed facing the computer, and my mom sat next to me with her one latex glove on and a towel to soak up my cum. She had her apron on in case I splattered her.

My heart raced as I hit the play button. Mom was tranquil and unreadable as she sat watching it with me. The woman in the video quickly launched into a very wet and lively blow job on the young man who was supposed to be her son. She stripped off her clothes and let him fondle all her private places while she went at him. The big climax was the woman holding her smiling face under his dick as he unloaded cum all over her.

Mom beat my meat as we watched. She put her other hand in her sweatpants and played with herself while she did me. Her gaze was transfixed on the video. I had it set to repeat so we kept watching until Mom brought me to orgasm and I shot my cum into her towel. She took her hand out of her pants when I was done and I got a slight whiff of pussy.

"Thanks, Mom," I said with genuine gratitude.

"You're welcome, Sweetie," was all she said without a word about the fact that we just watched a mom-son incest video together.

Mom jerked me off every day after that, and sometimes more than once a day. Sometimes we watched porn together, sometimes she just did me because I naturally started getting hard when she got close to me and put on her glove.

Every time she wore the one latex glove on her right hand. Sometimes she'd cup her tit with her other hand or finger her pussy, but I never touched her and she never showed me her goods. She was very loving the way she stroked me, but she always kept it a little bit distant and motherly, if that makes sense. She always cleaned up my cum and washed my dick very thoroughly afterward.

After a few days of this, she started making me get up and take a bath first, before touching me. I should have known. She probably had this planned all along. I started dressing and undressing myself so she'd do me. Then I'd take my own bath without help, just so she'd do me after. Eventually, I was getting up and making my own meals before she'd jerk me off. Moving was painful at first, but the more I got up and moved around, the better my physical condition got.

There were never any arguments about it. What was I going to do? Complain? No, I went right along with it and did everything she asked me to, then I'd lay back on the bed and Mom would put on her one latex glove and add some oil and start stroking my dick nice and slow at first, then faster and faster until I shot my cum off.

Mom was always pleasant about it too. She never looked squeamish or annoyed or anything like that. She really seemed to enjoy jerking me off. She really did. And, I know she was happy that I was getting up and doing things for myself again. I was in a better mood with her attentions and she liked that too. So, she must have thought it was worth it, but she got off on it too. I know she did. I saw the look in her eyes when she did me, and especially when she played with herself while she was doing me.

Things changed one evening when she came into my room for my last jerk off session of the day. It had been a good day. I'd done laundry on my own and even took garbage out. We were both in good moods and had been laughing and talking together all day.

That evening, she had already changed into her bedclothes, a sheer, loose fitting top, and terrycloth shorts underneath. I'd seen her wear that see-through night gown before, but usually she had a tank-top under it. On this night, she didn't, and I could see her tits, clear as day, through the thin material.

My dick sprang to attention immediately. Suddenly, there was no more doubt in my mind that I was turned on by my own mother. I wasn't thinking about porn or Megan. I was looking at my mom's nice conical tits bob in font of me and it turned me on. All I could think about was Mom and her tits and how much I wanted to touch her and caress her and do something to her.

She acted like normal and either didn't notice I was staring at her tits, or pretended not to notice. She went through the normal routine of putting on the glove and starting a slow loving caress of my dick, but I noticed that she sat a little closer to me than normal. Then she asked me, "do you like it when I do this to you, Honey?"

"Yeah, Mom. I like it." I still couldn't take my eyes of her tits though.

"I've been thinking about how you said I turn you on. Do you remember that?"

"Yeah, Mom, you give me a boner. And, Mom, don't be mad, but, I mean, I can see your tits right now, I mean, I like your tits Mom, I really like your tits. They're nice."

"Oh, that's sweet of you, Honey."

"I mean it, Mom, you make me hard. You do."

"You're embarrassing me." She sped up her strokes. "I want you to know that I've enjoyed this too. I don't want you to feel ashamed of it. It's given me a chance to get close to you again and you've made me feel things I haven't felt in a long time. Do you understand what I'm saying Honey?"

"Yes, Mom. I think so."

"It's been so long since I . . . touched a man. And you have such a fine penis. I enjoy seeing you aroused and touching you. I know it may sound odd, but, Sweetie, it makes me feel good that I arouse you. I don't know why. It shouldn't but it does. Is it bad to hear your mother say that?"

"No, Mom. God no. You can say it. Say it again."

"I like giving you a hard on," she announced emphatically, "and I like feeling you orgasm in my hand."

"God, Mom. I like it too."

"And, there's another thing . . ."

"What Mom?"

She looked away from me and said softly, ". . . there are things I miss . . ."

I didn't say anything. I think I stopped breathing.

She continued, ". . . things I miss about being with a man."

I swallowed. I couldn't talk. I didn't know what to say.

She stopped stroking me. "Say something, Honey. I hope I didn't upset you." She still wasn't looking at me.

"Mom, I . . ."

She was silent and let go of my dick, setting her hands on her lap. She looked down, embarrassed.

I took a deep breath and put a hand on my mom's knee. "It's okay Mom. Really. I want you to feel good too." I stroked up her thigh to the hem of her shorts.

She sighed, "Oh, I'm so relieved you understand Sweetie. Do you mean it about wanting me to feel good?"

"Yes I do, Mom." I reached under her nightie and touched her belly.

She looked pleased. "It means a lot to me. Do you want to touch my breasts?"

"Sure." I reached up for them, but she stopped me.

"I don't want to do this here. Do you mind doing it in my room?"

I was rock hard thinking about my mom's tits. I was so close to touching them. All I could think of was those puffy pink nipple of hers pointing out on the end of her tits and the way her tits bounced and jiggled in front of me every time she moved. I just want to squeeze and hold them so bad.

I got up to follow her and she grabbed my dick and led me to her room, leading me by my hard on.

I took a deep breath as she pulled me into her room. It was dimly lit by a shaded lamp and several burning candles. I realized she had planned this.

The room smelled of her perfume. Everything about the room, her bed with it's pink comforter, the perfume, the pictures of flowers on the walls, the open jewelry box overflowing with necklaces and earrings, it all made me think of it as her private space. I almost never went in Mom's room.

It didn't seem right to be naked there. It didn't seem right to be thinking about sex there. But there I was, stark naked, with Mom pulling on my rock-hard dick, trying to lead me to her bed.

It was also shockingly arousing. Mom had me in her private room and she wanted me to make her feel good. All I knew for sure is it was going to involve touching her tits and doing something with my hungry cock. Was I going to fuck my own mom on her bed? It was an amazing thought but I tried to banish it. Maybe she just wanted a foot massage and nothing more, or so I tried to convince myself.

She was pulling on my boner so hard it hurt, so I gave in and let her pull me to her bed. I followed her up on top of the pink comforter. Her bed was huge and soft. The material felt slick and silky against my bare skin. It felt like sacrilege to be naked on it.

Mom ran her hand down my abdomen. "Are you sure you're okay with this, Sweetie?" Her hand found its way back to my cock and circled it. She stroked me slowly, lovingly.

"Yeah, Mom," I said, even though I wasn't sure what it was going to be.

"Do you want to touch my breasts now?" She pulled her nightie off and cast it to the edge of the bed. She gently jiggled her tits in font of me and smiled.

I reached out, hardly believing what I was doing, and took my mom's soft pointy tits in my hands at last, at long last.

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