tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMy Mom's Been Made A Bitch Ch. 2

My Mom's Been Made A Bitch Ch. 2


I went downstairs and slept pretty well that night, after watching my mother get fucked and humiliated by my friend, and then fucking and humiliating her myself. Of course she didn't know it was me, and thought she had fucked my friend Bobby. Oh well, what she doesn't know won't hurt her.

When I woke up the next morning it seemed like a dream. I fucked my mother in both holes, and well, made her cum, and then shot my load in her ass. I left her there like that, and wondered what she looked like now. So, I thought longer about what I had done in the shower, and got hard up again… But I had to go to school, so I just left it and hurried on with my shower.

When I had finished, I turned off the water, and saw a wet towel on the floor next to the shower. My mother had apparently already been down here and took a shower of her own. I shrugged and used her towel, since I'd been everyplace that towel had been, last night. After I was dry, I through the towel in the hamper and walked back to my room… but as I put my boxers on, I couldn't help but wonder what mom was doing now. So, I went upstairs, and didn't see her in the kitchen or living room. I walked to her bedroom, and found her still asleep.

Mary was laying there, with a pillow over her eyes, in nothing but boxers, with her tits out in the open and her nipples hard. Well, to tell the truth I was hard too. I quickly scurried downstairs and got the black mask I wore the last night to make her think I was Bobby. I put it back on, and walked upstairs. I walked into her room, and closed the door behind me, making sure it was good and dark.

I walked quickly to the bed, and pulled the pillow away from her face, climbing on top of her. She woke quickly and gasped, then reached up and felt the mask. "Oh Bobby…you scared me.. Come back for more?"

I nodded as I slipped off my boxers and spread her legs. She moaned like a whore as I rubbed the head of my cock against her clit, teasing her. Then she started to beg, moaning "please Bobby…please" over and over again. I didn't need to be told twice, so I just slammed it all into her. She let out a long high pitch scream, then smiled her goofy hung over smile.

She closed her eyes and started to pant as I slammed my cock home into her again and again. She kept shouting out encouraging phrases telling me to "fuck her slutty pussy" begging me to make her cum, shouting "Please get me there Bobby!!!"

The next thing I knew she started to shake and her eyes clutched close and she was in total submission, cumming. She kept panting and begging for more grunting out "ugh… baby yeah! Give it to me Bobby baby!" I leaned down and kissed her with tongue through my mask. She kissed back as I shot my load in her. She seemed to like it and kept smiling her goofy smile as I pulled out of her.

I moved next to her on the bed and rolled her over onto her stomach and gave her ass a good hard smack. I climbed on her back and rode her like a horse, smacking her ass and pulling her hair. She grunted in pain, but seemed to enjoy it.

Then I got off her, and without saying a word left the room, went downstairs and got in my car and went to school. When I got home, I saw a very familiar car in the driveway.

It was a Yellow Mercedes Benz, and only one person I know could afford that. My buddy Sean, who is better known as WWF's Xpac. We had met at a bar one night, had a few drinks, and since then we talk every week and get together and get drunk whenever he's in town. However, as soon as I saw that he was at my house my mind shot back to when I heard my mother talking to Jay. She had said that she slept with Sean! Obviously this was going on now. I was intrigued, but doubt she'd be drunk enough to not notice me watching now.

I walked around to the entrance to the basement and went downstairs to my bedroom. Sure enough, I could hear the bed upstairs bouncing around wildly. "Way to go Pac," I thought to myself. I could hear my mother screaming like a whore and just shook my head. I quickly undressed and got into bed, I was tired and needed some rest.

I fell asleep, and about four hours later I was awoken by Sean tapping me on the arm. I shook my head and asked, "What man?"

Sean laughed, and I realized he was naked. "Man, your mom's wearing me out.. You got any condoms? We've already been through a pack of 12! She's a fuckin' animal!" Sean laughed.

"Yeah, there's a case under my bed.. Don't use them all though, I might need some." I told him and he quickly dove under my bed to get some.

He came back up and had a two handfuls. "This should be enough, thanks dude. Oh and man, your mother is like a fuckin' Hoover vacuum cleaner when it comes to sucking cock!" He laughed and walked out of my room. Suddenly something came to me. He smelled of alcohol. He'd been slurring his words. He was drunk! This had to mean my mother was too. I quickly put on some boxers and walked upstairs. Just as I reached the top step the bed started bouncing again. I quickly ran down the stairs and grabbed my mask and put it on. I ran into the bedroom, and Sean saw me, while my mother rode him. "Hey Bobby! Come to join us?" Sean said as he smacked my mother's thigh.

My mother was trashed, and I could see why as an empty vodka bottle was next to the bed. She just kept riding him and grunting. Sean slapped her thigh again and she started to ride harder and faster. He laughed and leaned back, turning on the TV. He put it on football and watched it while my mother rode his cock. Quickly she leaned over, put her hand in my boxers and started to jack me off while she rode cock. "Hey Bobby.. Take her ass." Xpac suggested.

My mother was too drunk to say no, so I quickly got behind her. I pushed her forward so she was face to face with Sean and pressed my cock against her ass. It was apparent that Sean had already been in here tonight, so it wasn't too hard for me to push in. My mother squealed loudly as both cocks were in her. It was kind of tight at first, but after a while, we just sat there and she rode both of us. Her moans were muffled since she was making out with Sean, but now and then I'd slap her ass and she'd ride harder. Soon enough we both shot our loads in her, and it was done.

I went downstairs and went to bed, but I couldn't help but hear them continue long through the night. Damn my mother was a slut.

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