tagNonHumanMy Mortal Beloved

My Mortal Beloved


He was silhouetted boldly by the moonlight as he stood in front of the window. I did not need to see him to know he was there. I could feel his very presence seeping into my pores. The deep throbbing beat of his heart was like thunder in my ears, the soft rush of blood in his veins tantalized me like a lovers whisper.

I stood in a shadowed corner, so near to him I could have reached out and caressed the softness of his cheek had I chosen to. The deathly stillness of my body gave not a sign of my presence. Not a breath, not a whisper of movement.

He turned towards me, gazing into the shadows as if in search for something lost. I captured his eyes without him even realizing it. I held them, hypnotizing him as I looked into the depths of his being. I saw pain and mournful longing. It was this longing that reached out and drew me to him, that brought me here to his home this very night. Desire for him swelled within me, searing my cold flesh like a deadly fever.

His eyes suddenly filled with awareness, and he stepped back, retreating from the shadow that concealed me. Was it possible? Could a soul as damned as my own emit enough human warmth as to make it detectable by mortal senses? He was staring right at me, his eyes straining to make out my form in the darkness. I stepped forward, revealing myself to him. He stepped back even farther, taking in my unnatural appearance. His face filled with horror at my deathly pallor and luminescent eyes.

Please, I whispered, don't be frightened of me. He took yet another step away, pressing his back against the wall. I moved towards him, reaching out to him. I had to touch him, feel the vitality that surged through him. He shook his head as if in denial of what was happening.

I let my fingertips graze his cheek, feeling its softness and warmth. I shivered at the pristine beauty of his mortality. My fingers slid down over his jaw and found the pulse nestled below. It beat frantically against my fingertips, racing with mortal fear. The feel of it vibrated through my entire body, causing a blood lust that was almost beyond my control. I stepped closer, pressing myself against his warmth, desperate do absorb it. I could feel every pulse in his body beating against me, driving me to near madness. I brushed my lips against his chin, reaching up to tilt his face down to mine.

I pressed my lips to his, feeling their searing heat. His mouth opened beneath mine and I felt his tongue slide gently between my lips. I tasted the exquisiteness of his living flesh, feeling its hot vitality being absorbed by my body, warming me. His tongue brushed the sensitive tip of one fang, sending a surge of hunger through me strong enough to make my legs weaken and threaten to give out from beneath me. I felt his arms slide around my waist, pressing me tighter against him, supporting my weight. I reveled in his responsiveness now.

I could feel his desire for me pressing rigidly into my belly. I let my lips slide down over his chin to his neck. I pressed my lips against his quivering pulse, parting them slightly to let the very tips of my fangs rest against his skin. He moaned softly in anticipation of what was to come, his body yearning for the penetration and ecstasy that would follow.

My lust for his blood was becoming an intense need. My hunger for his purifying mortality was driving me now, overpowering all other emotion. Except one. As I pressed my teeth into his flesh I hesitated, faltering at the last moment. He felt my uncertainty, whispered a breathless plea against my ear. I backed away from him, every instinct I had screaming at me to take him. I shook my head, burying my face in my hands. No, I told him, I cant. I love you.

I fled into the night. The first mortal I came across I fed on. I took him quickly and violently. He died screaming terror.

At dawn I slipped into my coffin, feeling its comforting confines wrap around me as I pulled the lid closed. My last thoughts were of him as I drifted into my sleeping death. My dreams were plagued by images of us joined as two mortal. An unattainable desire I could never have. I knew only one way to love him, and that love would only be fatal.

The coming of dusk awoke me and I found myself retracing the way back to him. He drew me like a moth to a flame, his luminous vitality mesmerized me. Where ever he went I followed. Every nuance of his humanity was fascinating to me. Night after night I repeated this pattern, not once did I let him become aware of my presence. I even watched as he slept, finding that one human act the most alluring of all. I neglected my hunger every night, feeding at the last moment just before dawn. I could hardly bare to leave him even for that.

Night after night this continued. My feedings were becoming careless and completely void of passion in my haste. I was ashamed of them. They were a disgrace to any vampyre. There was no beauty or pleasure in them. I had to purge this desire for him from my soul. There was only one way. The next night I made the decision to release myself from this endless purgatory.

At dusk I arose and made my way once again to his home. I watched as he left. This time I did not follow. I slipped unnoticed past locked doors into his house. There I awaited his return. I drifted through the empty rooms, feeling the residue of his presence on everything he owned. Even these small traces were enough to cause a blaze of desire for him.

I went to where he slept and was almost overpowered by its sexual energy. Images of him in the heat of passion assaulted my head. The scent of his pheromones filled my nostrils and I clung to the doorway to steady myself against the dizzying onslaught of lust.

I walked over to his bed, discarded my clothing, and slipped beneath the covers. His presence enveloped me like a cocoon. The seldom felt stirring of human arousal fluttered in my groin. I battled against the urge, knowing my cold, bloodless body would never again find that kind of fulfillment. Images of my nightly slumber came back to me. Images of me in his arms, feeling warm and full of life. Images of him taking possession of my mortal body. I pressed my hand between my thighs, hoping for some response, but the flesh was frigid and lifeless. I withdrew it and curled up on my side to wait for him.

Several hours passed as my mind drifted through dreamless states of sleep. I was awakened by the sensation of a hot, naked body pressing up against my back. I turned to look at him, gazing into his eyes, mesmerizing him. I could feel his heat engulf me, driving away my chill. He touched my face gently. Your warm, he whispered. Yes, because of you, I told him. He bowed his head to kiss me, the delicious smell and taste of him flooding my senses.

He rolled me onto my back and covered my body with his own. The feel of his hot, throbbing flesh against my own was maddening. He wrapped his arms around me in a lovers embrace, drawing me tighter against him as his hard desire nudged between my thighs. I opened myself to him, wanting him to fulfill my dreams. The agony of his entry was indescribable.

My shrieks of immortal pain filled my head like a banshees wail, heralding the death that was to come. He drove on relentlessly, deaf to my pleas for mercy. His cries of pleasure mingled with my own tortured cries. His desire for me was all consuming and unresponsive to any resistance. I felt him stiffen as he poured his essence into me. The pleasure of being filled with his vitality momentarily dominated over the agony of his intrusion.

He withdrew from me and lay heaving and spent beside me. I sat up and turned to kneel at his side. I took his face in my hands and whispered in his ear. I love you, I told him. My lips found his pulse and I rested my fangs lightly on his skin, enjoying the feel of him throbbing against the sensitive tips.

I penetrated him quickly, sheathing myself in his warm wetness. His body stiffened and he uttered a faint gurgle of surprise. His lifeblood flooded my mouth, running down my throat in hot rivers. He struggled weakly against the ecstasy of approaching oblivion. He moaned softly as his world faded. I could feel his pulse weaken as I consumed him. The faint whisper of blood in his veins grew dimmer.

I withdrew from him and looked into his eyes as the last few trickles ran down his shoulder to stain the silk sheet beneath him. His eyes began to glaze over and his pupils dilated, making it hard for me to hold his gaze. His face had become pale, his lips taking on a bluish tinge. Even in these final moments he was beautiful. He took one last breath, exhaling silently as his spirit escaped its earthly bindings. I leaned down and kissed him one last time, passing my hands over his eyes to gently close his lids. The ethereal beauty of him in this endless sleep was breathtaking.

I slipped off the bed, unable to take my eyes off him while I dressed. I turned towards the door, taking one last look at him before I departed. I felt a slight pang of regret at his loss. I loved him as no mortal ever could have. I would always love him. I turned my back on him and disappeared into the night.

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