tagIncest/TabooMy Mother is a M.I.L.F.

My Mother is a M.I.L.F.

byL.A. Wicker©

This is a little story I've had on another website that went under. Same as before, my editor is busy, plus this is old, so I don't care about the mistakes in it.


A guy always loves his mother from the day he's born and she's the prettiest woman on earth, until he starts to grow. But, some guys really do have a hot mother and need a little help from his friends to see her as she was meant to be. A hot and sexy M.I.L.F.

"My Lord! Look at that sweet piece of ass." Todd said watching a beautiful woman walking on the field in her snug white blouse and equally tight white shorts. "I wonder who in the hell she is?" Todd asked feeling his twenty-year-old cock coming to life in his uniform pants. "Oh fuck! It's my turn to bat," he laughed and ran to the batting cage.

Jim looked to the sexy woman and knew she was prettier than most of the girls' at school, but he'd never thought of doing it with her. He couldn't help but watching her climb up in the stands, something filled his mind. Mom had a great body with one, fine little ass.

'Damn!' he laughed to himself and knew if she wasn't his Mom; he'd been checking her out just like his teammates. She had shoulder length hair, light brown, with light red highlights and soft, loving green eyes that could warm anyone's heart. He couldn't help but watching her chat with a few of the other people in the stands, admiring her little breasts under her small top and one other thought filled his mind. He remembered that after every one of his games in high school, her nipples appeared to be three their normal size. "I'll be watching those little things tonight," he smiled, hoping that she'd want to go out for dinner after the game.

Kelly noticed him watching her and saw a look on his face that she'd never seen before. 'My little boy is sure growing up nice,' she thought to herself trying to watch him and listen to a woman she didn't even know talking about her husband not being able to keep his dick hard during sex. 'Maybe if you lost fifty pounds and fixed yourself up, he could do it.' She thought, looking at Jim from the corner of her eye, trying to act as if she cared what the woman was saying. 'I wonder why he's looking at me?' she thought seeing him still gazing her way and she felt a strange tingling between her legs. "I'll be right back." Kelly said turning to run down the bleachers in her seventy style, three-inch platform shoes to see if Jim was okay and why in the heck he was looking at her this way.

Jim saw her running down the bleachers and wondered what she was doing. She looked so good and it took his friend Todd to make him realize it. Jim loved watching when she concentrated on something, just like now; she watched each step down with such care, ensuring she didn't slip or fall. 'You're a very pretty woman,' he said to himself as she made the last step down and walked towards him with a look of love on her pretty face.

"Hey baby, it's so good to see you," she smiled walking up to him. "Is everything okay?" she asked admiring his jet-black hair under his batting helmet and his neatly, trimmed mustache as the tingling slowly increased.

He gave a puzzled look. "It's good to see you too. I'm fine, why?" he asked with a smile, watching a soft, summer breeze gently blow a long strand of her hair across her face.

"I was just wondering. You keep looking at me like you needed something," she smiled looking at his handsome face, thinking of how much Jim looked like his no good father, but she knew Jim was a caring young man.

"I'm just glad to see you. It has been awhile." Jim smiled, reached to caress the hair from his sexy mothers face. "And, I was just thinking how beautiful you looked standing up there," he said with a wink, watching his mothers face turn a nice warm, shade of pink.

Kelly was in shock at his words. "What?" she asked, wanting to make sure that she heard him right.

"You look beautiful tonight," he said with a smile, watching her face turn that warm shade of pink once again. "Is it okay that I tell my Mom she looks beautiful?" he asked watching her face turning red and a smile that he'd never seen until now.

Kelly was lost for words and couldn't believe the feelings that were running through her body, mostly that wonderful tingle she was feeling. Jim, her son had just set her body on fire. She'd only been with two men in her life. One was his father and the other was a secret Kelly kept hidden. But, he was her son and he wasn't supposed to turn her on this way.

"Thank you, baby," she whispered in a helpless voice, as the tingle grew more, wishing that she could grab him in her arms and hug him as tightly as she could. "I um... better go back up to my seat," she smiled looking at his face, wondering what he was thinking, wondering if he knew how much he had just excited her. "Would you like to have dinner with me after the game? We haven't seen each other in a long time." Kelly said, feeling like she was back in school, asking a guy out on a date and she couldn't believe the butterflies in her stomach.

Jim rubbed his chin and acted like he had to think it over, but he knew the answer. "I'm not sure," he teased watching a slight, hurt look cover her face. "I have this thing with a very attractive lady with pretty, green eyes and she's got awesome looking brown hair. Tonight she's wearing this tiny white top and a matching pair of white shorts that look like they were painted on her cute, little ass," he winked looking down to her shorts and her small hips, thinking that she looked a lot like Candie, the last girl he was with.

It took Kelly a few seconds to realize that he was talking about her and she began to smile. "Oh really!" she smiled feeling that tingle between her legs growing more. "That's pretty bad ditching your lonely old mother for some floozy dressed like that," she teased putting out her lower lip.

"She's hot as hell!" he smiled moving a little closer to her enjoying the smile on her face, wishing that he could hug her. "I'm thinking about taking her dinner and a party one of the guys is having tonight. You think she'd like that?" he asked and couldn't resist putting his big right hand on her hip.

Kelly felt the tingling moving over her slender thighs and around her small hips as his words filled her ears. "I'm not sure about her, but I would," she whispered in a soft voice she didn't even know existed in her until now. Kelly's baby boy made her so horny if he touched her anymore, she would cum in her panties.

"I'm meeting her by my car after the game and I shower up," he smiled looking over her tiny breasts, quickly noticing her nipples growing hard and so was his long cock. "I'm next in the cage. Can you tell the babe in the white shorts to be at my car and ready for one hot and exciting evening?" he winked, gave her a slap on her firm, little ass and walked away.

She raced to the ladies room and splashed cold water on her face. 'My God!' Kelly panted thinking about what Jim told her about having a hot and exciting evening. "I should be going out with men; maybe I wouldn't be thinking such things now," she whispered thinking of her handsome, young son, wondering if he was small like his father or if he'd been blessed with her fathers size cock. "Oh gezz!" she moaned, remembering helping her father after his accident and seeing his big, long cock. "I'm going to burn in hell!" Kelly giggled splashing more water on her face, remembering the times she helped Jim with his bath as a small boy and how big his penis was then. "I bet my ass he's hung just like Daddy was," she smiled thinking of the great times that she'd with him before he died.

Jim stood waiting for his turn the batting, thinking of his mother. 'I can't believe I'm hard for my own Mom. And, I just slapped her gorgeous ass and thinking of fucking her,' he thought stepping into the batting cage, dug a foot hole with his right foot and was ready for the first pitch when Candie filled his mind.


It was the big party at Rod's new place to celebrate signing with the Reds, when he met the young girl. "Hi. Aren't you Jim Walker?" the pretty girl asked, snuggling as close to Jim as she could get, making sure that he could feel her large C cup breasts. "I'm Candie, I've been dying to meet you," she added slipping her arms around his waist. "You went out with a friend of mine a few months ago, and she told me all about you," she said with a smile, pressing her slender hip on his growing cock.

"I'm glad to meet you," he replied enjoying her body against his, looking down her loose blouse. "I hope your friend said good things about me," he added having a good idea that Candie's friend told her of his cock and that was all.

"She told me about something that came close to," she paused, slowly moving her hand between his legs. "Splitting her in two." Candie smiled gently squeezing his growing cock. "And," she smiled up to him. "I want to find out how it feels inside me." Candie whispered, hoping that he wanted her. She'd been going crazy at college. Any guy she went out with was lucky if he was three inches long and when Becky told her how big Jim was, she couldn't wait to meet him.

Jim pushed back her long blonde hair and replied, "Let's get a beer and find a nice, quiet place to talk," he smiled taking Candie's hand, leading her through all the other people. After looking in just about every room in the house, Jim led her through one last door. "This looks nice," he said carrying four beers as they walked into a small sunroom on the far end of the house.

She looked around at all the plants and pointed to a plush lounge chair. "You sit there and relax. I'll do everything." Candie smiled watching him sit down and she sat on the floor, between his legs. "I've been dreaming of this day every since my friend told me how big you were," she whispered unzipping his pants and reached in. "Oh wow!" she moaned grabbing his swollen cock shaft and gently pulled it out. "This is unbelievable!" Candie smiled moving closer, running it over the side of her pretty face.

He watched her drooling over his cock and quickly knew that she was going to be fun, wondering if she'd be the girl that could get him at full hardness. "I'm glad you like it," he said caressing the side of her face. "Is it everything you friend said?" he asked looking into her soft, blue eyes as she began kissing his cock head.

"Oh yes!" Candie purred between kisses. "I can't wait to get it in me," she whispered licking a small drop of pre cum from the tip. "I bet you're going to fill me full of cum," she smiled licking him again, enjoying the salty taste on her tongue, hoping that he'd want to cum in her mouth, too.

"You keep this up and I'll marry you," he laughed enjoying her tiny hand around his shaft as her wet tongue continued licking his head.

Candie just smiled, licking from the base all the way up the shaft and slowly moved back down again. "I just love playing with a nice cock," she whispered in between licks, wondering if he would get any harder. "This isn't fair. I'm seeing this wonderful thing and you haven't seen any part of me yet," she leaning back a few inches, pulled off her blouse and exposed a set of large, excited breasts.

"Holy shit!" Jim moaned leaning forward, gently squeezing them. "You're gorgeous," he whispered kissing the side of her face. "I hope you plan on using them on me," added with a wink sitting back in the chair, watching Candie get on her knees.

Candie just smiled at him, grabbed each of her breasts and leaned forward. "Do you mean this?" she asked putting one on each side of his inflated cock and smashed them together. His cock felt like a hot piece of steel between her breasts and wondered what it would feel like to have him cum on them.

"Oh yes!" he blurted out, watching his cock being smothered between Candie's large breasts. "I bet guys line up for you." Jim said running his fingers through her long, blonde hair as she smiled and started moving up and down. Her warm flesh felt so good against him, but he wished he could get harder. "That's it!" he moaned watching his cock slide up and down between her amazing breasts.

She enjoyed the smile on his handsome face and knew what she was going to do now. Her mouth opened and Candie sucked his large head into her warm mouth. "Mmmm," she moaned as his hot flesh filled her mouth and it felt like her pussy was going to burst. She moved up and down, keeping his shaft between her breasts as she sucked him as hard as she could. "This will get this monster harder," she said to herself moving faster, taking him deeper until he hit the back of her throat. She pulled from him long enough to mutter. "Come on, baby," she quickly said and swallowed him deeper, until his head went down her silky, smooth throat.

"Oh you little bitch!" Jim moaned grabbing each side of her head, holding her as she fucked him with her wet mouth. "You should have been a whore," he whispered enjoying a moan come from Candie. "You're a good little cock sucker," he said, hearing another moan coming from deep inside her. "Come on you cocksucker!" Jim moaned reaching back to slap her tiny ass.

His words drove Candie crazy. She sucked him harder and deeper than any other guy she'd ever been with. She eased him from her mouth, looked up to his face and said, "I want you to hold my head and fuck me anyway you want," and she took him back inside, as her pretty eyes enjoyed the look on his face.

"Oh hell yes!" he said holding her head, lifted his hips and started fucking her mouth just as if it was her pussy. "Come on baby! Suck it hard as you can," he moaned watching it quickly going in and out of Candie's mouth, enjoying her warmth and wetness covering him. "You should have been a whore," he laughed, hoping to hold out long enough to fuck her pussy the same way.

She pulled away from him and smiled. "How did you like that?" she asked in a soft, loving voice, hoping that he'd want her again. But, now it was time to find out what this long piece of meat was going to feel like rammed up her tiny cunt hole. "I need it inside me now," she said standing up in front of Jim, slid down her shorts and moved over him with one leg on each side, looking into his eyes as she lowered herself. "I love fucking this way. I hope you like it too." Candie said in a low, sexy voice, feeling his swollen head spread her inflamed cunt lips.

"I think anyway with you would be great," he replied caressing her soft ass, feeling her wetness covering his cock. "Oh fuck!" Jim growled as his head slid in her body. She wrapped around him so tight that it was close to hurting, but it was a good hurt. "Yes!" he smiled hugging her to his chest, enjoying her breasts against him and her tight pussy around his cock.

His sweet words filled her ears, making Candie want him even more. His large head was pushing against her and she knew that it was time. She relaxed, letting him slip in and felt his massive head spreading her like nothing she could have ever dreamt in her life. "Oh yes!" she squealed out with a mix of pain and pleasure as his thickness torn her open. She panted for air as he sank deeper into her once, tiny pussy and she knew from this moment on, only a cock of this size would ever please her again. "You've ruined my life," she whispered lying against him as it sank father inside. "No other cock will please me again," she whispered in his ear as at last his cock hit the deepest part of her pussy.

Her inside squeezed him like a vise, sending wonderful feelings rushing up his cock and to his brain. "You're out of this world," he moaned holding Candie as tight as he could. "I've never been with anyone like you," he whispered in her ear, hoping that she would be able to move her slender hips up and down his cock. Jim fucked a few different ways, but never like this. Most girls' just wanted him on top of them or from behind, but this was new and he loved it.

"Now I'm going to give you the best fuck you'll ever have in your life," she smiled as her hips lifted. "You're cock is going to pump me so full of cum," she whispered sliding back down him. "I'm going to be your little fuck slave for the rest of my life," she whispered again, taking him deeper than before. "Fill my tight cunt full," she moaned moving faster. "I want you to enjoy me all you want." Candie moaned, hearing her juices flooding from her body, making a wonderful sound.

Jim couldn't believe this. She was so beautiful let him do anything he wanted and she loved him calling her such nasty names. "Oh yes," he groaned slipping in and out of her body, wondering if he would ever have anyone as good again. "You're a nasty talking, little bitch. I should have washed out your mouth with cum," he smiled as a long, deep moan came from deep in her young body.

"I would just love that."

"Maybe next time," he smiled pulling her mouth to his and kissed her. "My little fuck whore."

"Oh yes! I'm your whore, now fuck me!" she cried out not caring if anyone heard or not. She was fucking a handsome guy and one of the stars of the baseball team, what more could a girl want. Her hips were moving as fast as she could move, his long cock was moving in and out of her like a piston in a few tuned engine. "Cum in me!" she growled. "Cum in my hot little cunt!"

Jim held her hips as she rode him like a mad woman. "Go you whore!" he yelled slapping her ass. "Fuck me, you beautiful little bitch!" he moaned slapping her again, feeling his cock jump and his balls tighten. "Oh my God!" he yelled ramming up as hard as he could and it happened. He started cuming in her like a garden hose and it felt great. "You little bitch! Oh you're wonderful!" he moaned pulling her against him as cum sprayed from his cock and deep into her young body.

"Oh yes! Come on bad boy. Cum in me," she growled at him moving her hips up and down and in every direction she could move.

"You're so fucking hot!" Jim moaned hold her hips, filling her young body full of hot cum. "Now you do it, Candie. Cum for me baby. Cum for me, now," he whispered to her and could feel her pussy lock around his cock.

"Yes!" she moaned humping completely against him, his cock was so deep inside her, it hurt, but it was a wonderful pain. "Oh Jimmy! It feels so good." Candie whimpered feeling a fire growing deep in her wet and excited pussy.

He held her body to his feeling his cock growing harder. "You're going to kill us if you don't cum soon," he laughed squeezing her fantastic ass. "Come on baby!" Jim moaned pushing his hips up to hers. "Cum on me Candie," he whispered in her ear, gently kissing it.

Her arms hugged his neck, she began to tremble out of control and it felt like her pussy just blown up. "Oh Jimmy! Yes! Oh my God!" Candie screamed so loud people inside the house heard with ease.

"Oh yes! That's it baby! Come on you beautiful thing," he said pushing up to her. "Cum for me." Jim said hugging her, hoping she wasn't just looking for a good time and would want to be with him.

She fell over him panting for air. "Damn! It felt like my brain was going to explode," she giggled, hugging him so hard, her arms hurt.

"Please tell me where you live and your phone number. I'm not letting you go until you do," he replied giving Candie a loving kiss on her lips.

"What if I refuse to tell you?" Candie asked with a big smile, squeezing her pussy muscles around his stiff cock shaft.

Jim felt her insides squeezing him and still couldn't believe how wonderful Candie was. "I guess I'll just have to hold you here and keep fucking you until you do."

Candie smiled again, thinking of Jim doing her the rest of the day and long into the night, and how nice it would be. "I may never tell you then," she whispered in a soft voice, enjoying his big hands caressing her ass.

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