My Mother My Satin Doll


Amanda moved off of her son and left the room. The satin gown was cum drenched and it excited her as it had her son. Eric remained in bed somewhat confused by the entire encounter but still very turned on. He was so turned on if fact that his cock remained hard and he jerked off again thinking about his mother. Amanda returned to her bedroom and stripped off the satin gown. She rinsed it quickly and hung it up in the shower. Then she got in bed with her dildo and fucked herself with it. She had another intense orgasm as she imagined it was her son's big cock filling her pussy. Both Amana and Eric eventually fell asleep thinking about each other. The first visit to Eric's room had been very enticing and satisfying; still it set the stage for more adventurous encounters.


The next day not a word was said about the previous night's activities. Eric ate his breakfast and went off to school. He had a difficult time concentrating on his school work that day as he kept thinking about his mother's visit to his room. Eric wondered if anything like that would ever happen again and he prayed that it would. At home Amanda relaxed with a warm bath before she began her day.

After the bath Amanda was curious about what Eric had been viewing on the computer. Amanda sat down at the desk and logged on the computer. She clicked on the tool bar button to see the list of Eric's favorite web sites. There were many sites but the one that got Amanda's attention was the Satin Dolls. Amanda clicked on that link and the Satin Dolls homepage lit up the screen.

Amanda spent hours that day perusing the web site and admiring the good looking young women in their intimate satin attire. Amanda was intrigued by a number of the items for sale and she decided to order a few. She was particularly turned on by the satin panties that had a slit in them. Amanda thought that it would be incredibly sexy to take her son's cock in her pussy while still wearing the panties. Another item she loved was a bra that had holes cut out so that her nipples would be exposed. Amanda got very turned on looking at the web site and she could understand why her son visited it. However it was Amanda's intention to make her son forget about the young women on the site as she planned to become Eric's Satin Doll.

Tuesday was a repeat of Monday night except that this time Amanda was wearing a blue satin nightgown after dinner. Eric was as hot as a firecracker and he could hardly wait until bed time. This time after Eric spied on his mother; he lay in bed naked stroking his cock anticipating her visit. Amanda did not disappoint him and she entered his room soon after her orgasm. As before Amanda got on top of her son and rubbed her satin covered body all over him. She kissed him as before and Eric was ready to explode.

This time Amanda got up and sat on Eric's thighs. She reached down with her satin gloved hands and took a hold of his big cock. Amanda used both hands to jerk off her son and Eric moaned as the satin slid up and down his shaft. Eric did not announce that he was going to cum but his facial expression and his body language tipped Amanda off. She held onto his cock with one hand and gently grabbed his balls with the other. Amanda stroked the big thick shaft as she fondled his balls and Eric groaned loudly.

Then without warning Eric ejaculated and streams of semen shot out of his cock. Cum landed on his face, neck, chest and abs. Semen also coated the satin glove that his mother wore. Eric cried out with his massive cum shot and his body lifted off the bed. Eric remained hard and Amanda continued to stroke his cock. Eric knew he could cum again quickly and Amanda knew that too. The satin glove was soaked with his first cum load and slid easily up and down his shaft. Amanda began to rub his perineum with the other hand and the fell of satin was incredible for Eric. It was all too much for him and he ejaculated a second time cumming as much as he did the first time. Eric couldn't remember if he ever came that quickly or that much when it was his second discharge.

Amanda stroked her son's cock until it softened in her hand and then as she had the previous night she left the room without speaking. Amanda returned to her own bedroom and within minutes she was naked in bed with her dildo. She closed her eyes and imagined her son fucking her with his big cock as she worked the dildo around in her pussy. Amanda had an intense climax and the she planned her next visit to her son's room as she slowly recovered from her orgasm. Amanda was showing incredible patience and restraint as she was anxious to get her son's cock in her womb.


On Wednesday evening Amanda surprised Eric after dinner when she emerged from her bedroom wearing a red satin night gown. But it was the additional attire that stirred Eric's hormones. Amanda was wearing black stockings with a red garter belt and red panties. Eric could only see the outline of his mother's garter belt and panty line through the red satin gown. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra as her nipples were erect and poking out the material.

That night Amanda surprised Eric by not masturbating in her bed. In stead she came to him early in his room and repeated the performance of exciting him with the satin gown. Amanda moved her body all over Eric and when he was erect she played with his cock and balls with her satin glove covered hands. Eric was on the verge of a huge ejaculation when his mother released his cock.

"I need you to trust me Eric," Amanda whispered.

Eric nodded that he did and then Amanda fastened his hands to the bedposts with satin restraints. Not that Eric needed to be restrained but it added to the eroticism of the moment. Eric liked the feel of the satin circling his wrists securing them to his bed. Amanda then took a hold of his cock again and stroked it slowly as she contemplated her next move. Amanda then shocked her son when she straddled his legs and leaned over to take his cock in her mouth.

"Oh my God, my mother is going to blow me. She is going to suck my cock, oh my God!" Eric thought to himself as he watched his cock disappear into his mother's mouth.

Amanda slowly let the cock slide into her mouth and deep throated her son. She swirled her tongue around the thick shaft causing Eric to groan loudly. Then Amanda lifted her head and let her son's cock slip from her mouth. She looked up at him as she took his cock back in her satin covered hand.

"Did you like that Eric? Do you like having your cock in my satiny mouth? It does feel like it is surrounded by satin doesn't it?" Amanda asked sexily.

"Oh yes mother, it feels wonderful. Take my cock back in your satin mouth," Eric begged.

Amanda then lowered her head and took her son's cock back in her mouth. Eric was charged and they both knew that he wouldn't last much longer. Amanda fondled his ball sac and she felt it shrink and tighten in her hand signaling her son's imminent ejaculation. Eric cried out as cum shot into his mother's mouth. Amanda felt the first jolt fill her mouth and she removed her mouth from Eric's cock. Amanda then resumed jerking her son's cock with her satin gloved hand as she let his cum dribble out of her mouth. Five more streams shot out of Eric's cock and landed on his chest and abs. Amanda continued to jerk his cock until cum just oozed from his shaft. Amanda then covered her son's cock with her mouth and sucked it dry. She next moved up his body and kissed him deeply allowing him to taste his own cum on her lips.

Amanda then lowered her mouth again and sucked on Eric's cock keeping it hard and then she lifted head and spoke to him again. "Now I am going to let you feel how satiny my pussy feels."

Amanda moved up her son's body and straddled him. She pulled up her satin nightgown and for the first time Eric saw her red panties and red garter belt. Amanda looked incredibly sexy with her gown around her waist in her black stockings, red panties and garter. Eric watched helplessly as his mother pulled her red panties to one side baring her neatly trimmed pussy. Amanda then holding her son's cock in her hand she lowered her pussy onto the big thick shaft and gasped aloud as it filled her. It was the biggest cock that Amanda ever had in her pussy and she loved the way it felt within her and it was the first pussy that Eric would fuck.

"Doesn't that feel good Eric? Your big stiff cock is in my satiny pussy, do you like it? Doesn't my pussy feel like satin around your cock?" Amanda asked in a sexy manner.

"Oh my God mother, I can't believe how good my cock feels in your pussy," Eric replied excitedly, "Your pussy feels just like satin."

Amanda then began to ride her son's cock. She loved the way it filled her and she made sure that her clit was in constant contact with her clit. Eric couldn't believe how good his cock felt in his mother's pussy. He knew that after this week that he would never have to jerk off again with his mother's satin gloves. Eric wished that his hands were free so that he could fondle his mother's tits through the satin gown. However, Amanda was in charge and Eric would remain with his hands bound in the satin ties.

Amanda was charged like she never had been before. She felt her orgasm approaching and she humped her son like a wild woman. Then the crescendo hit and Amanda screamed her son's name as she collapsed on his chest. Amanda's pussy gushed and covered her son's cock and her love juices leaked from her womb to soak his pubes. Eric continued to move beneath his mother's body as she lay on his chest. Amanda slowly recovered from her first orgasm and then began to ride her son once again.

Amanda could feel Eric's big dick touching her g-spot and rubbing her clit at the same time. It was a feeling that she had never experienced before and she knew that she would cum again. In fact Amanda would have multiple orgasms before Eric shot his load. Amanda was out of control as she rode her son's cock. The satin gown had slipped from her waist and now covered her pussy and Eric's cock. The sensation was incredible and Amanda lost it for a second time. She screamed again as her body was rocked with a powerful orgasm and tremors ran through her.

Eric continued to move as his mother thrashed about. He could feel his release building and he knew that it would be a huge one. Then Eric lifted his hips off the bed and drove his cock deep into his mother's womb as he unleashed a massive cum load. Jets of semen shot into Amanda's pussy and she had never felt so full in her life. Amanda's vagina seemed to take on a life of its own and suck the sperm out of Eric's shaft. Eric groaned as his mother's pussy milked his cock and his body shivered in response. Amanda collapsed on her son again and the two of them rested for several minutes before Amanda moved off of Eric.

As she got off the bed the satin gown dropped and covered her lower body. Amanda then untied the satin restraints and freed her son's hands. Amanda then kissed Eric and whispered to him, "That's enough for tonight. I will come to you again tomorrow night."

Amanda then left the room and returned to her own bedroom. She was sexually sated as she had just had the best sex in her life. Amanda felt naughty and wicked but she was also shameless. She was already thinking about what she would do with her son the next night and the nights thereafter. She didn't want to scare him so she would take it slow. Amanda wasn't sure at that moment if she would introduce her son to anal sex and she wasn't sure that she was ready to take his big cock in her ass. Time would tell and there were plenty of other things to teach Eric.

Eric lay in bed with his eyes wide open as he comprehended what had just happened. He had gotten his first blow job and fucked his first pussy and it was with his mother. Eric never knew that sex could be so good. He was ecstatic that his mother was so into satin but of course he didn't know that she had picked up on his fetish. Eric was already fantasizing about the next visit and what they would do tomorrow night. He was also looking forward to the weekend when they would have all day Saturday and Sunday together.


On Thursday Eric rushed home from school and started his homework immediately. He had a lot to do that night and he wanted to finish it before he and his mother got together. Eric was a good student and he wanted to keep his grades up. Amanda was proud of him as he took his studies seriously. As anxious as they both were to get in bed again, schoolwork was a priority. Eric worked right up until dinner time and then after dinner he returned to his homework. Amanda cleaned up the dinner dishes and she refrained from putting on a satin nightgown until Eric had completed his school work.

By the time Eric put his books away it was time for bed and he stripped naked and anxiously awaited his mother's arrival. Eric's cock got hard just from the anticipation but he didn't dare play with himself as he looked forward to the sex with his mother. Then Amanda entered the room dressed in satin again. She was wearing the black satin gown this time without stockings. Eric didn't know it at the moment but she was wearing red panties under the satin gown. They were a special type of panties with a slit in them so that Eric's cock would fit through the slit as he fucked his mother.

Amanda got in bed with Eric and she knelt by his head as she leaned over and took his cock in her mouth. Eric's hands were free that night so he reached up and caressed his mother's shapely ass through the satin nightgown. Amanda bobbed her head up and down on her son's cock as he fondled her ass. Then Amanda moved her leg over Eric's face and he could see her red panties under the satin gown. Eric ran his hands under the gown and over his mother's buttocks through the red panties. He loved the feel of her satin covered ass.

"Eric put your fingers in my satin pussy. There is an opening in my panties for your fingers," Amanda said sexily as she lifted her mouth off her son's cock.

Eric fumbled around and then he found the slit in the panties. He parted the slit and let two fingers slide into his mother's pussy. Amanda gasped when his fingers entered her pussy and then she coached him how to find her clit and rub the hard nub. Eric was getting very excited and he was close to blowing his load. He tried to concentrate on his mother's pussy and clit but Amanda's mouth was just too sensual. Eric wanted to cum in his mother's satiny mouth again so he did not let on that he was close to cumming. Amanda sensed it however and she kept her mouth glued to her son's cock. This time she would see how much she could swallow before pulling off his cock.

Amanda felt the first jolt rocket off the back of her throat almost causing her to gag. She recovered quickly and swallowed it preparing to receive the second and subsequent streams. The second and third entered her mouth quickly and Amanda felt like she was drinking from a fire hose. She had to pull her son's cock from her mouth to keep from choking on his cum. Three more forceful streams shot out of Eric's cock and hit Amanda in the face, neck and her satin covered breasts. Amanda jerked off her son's cock with her satin gloved hand until every drop had been squeezed from it. Then Amanda sucked it some more before speaking to Eric.

"Eric, put your tongue through the hole in my satin panties; stick it into my satin pussy and lick my swollen clit too," Amanda gasped in a harsh whisper.

Eric did as he was told and he found that he liked the soft wet feel of his mother's pussy and he was not put off by the taste of her. In fact he found Amanda's pussy to be delightful. Eric learned how to play with his mother's clit and he liked running his tongue over the hard little nub. Amanda had covered her son's still stiff cock with her mouth again as Eric worked on her pussy. Eric then nibbled on his mother's clit gently rolling it between his teeth and Amanda went wild.

"Oh my God Eric, oh, oh, oh," she cried out and then she lost it.

Amanda drenched her son's face with her love juices and her entire body shook from the intensity of her orgasm. Eric held onto to his mother's ass and kept his mouth glued to her cunt. Eric had really gotten into making his mother cum with his mouth and tongue. Amanda groaned and moaned on her son's cock which filled her mouth and then she collapsed fully on his body. Eric lovingly stroked his mother's body through the satin gown and panties until she began to recover. Then Amanda turned around and straddled her son guiding his erect cock through the slit in the red satin panties into her pussy.

"Oh mother I love the feel of your satin lined pussy around my cock," Eric said as his cock filled his mother's womb.

Amanda began to ride Eric as she had before and she knew that she would orgasm again quickly. She was overcome with lust and desire for her son's big cock. Eric looked at his mother's face and he could see the passion in her eyes as she rode him. Eric too was close to cumming again and he thrust up into his mother fucking her as she fucked him. The two of them were racing toward their orgasms and it looked as if Eric was trying to buck Amanda off and as she was riding him. Then Eric ejaculated into his mother's womb and Amanda felt the surge of his release fill her. The force of volume of Eric's ejaculation triggered Amanda's orgasm and both of their bodies were rocked when they came together. Their simultaneous cumming had their bodies tossing and thrusting together until they were drained.

Amanda then collapsed on her son again and they kissed tasting each other. Eric caressed his mother's body and spoke softly, "Mother, you are a wonderful lover."

Amanda cooed and the whispered her response, "Tomorrow is Friday night and I will stay in you red the entire night and we will make love the first thing Saturday morning."

"Oh that is so exciting and mother I want you to wear your satin gowns all weekend," Eric requested.

Amanda smiled and said, "Of course I will but I also have a special outfit for Saturday night that you have not seen yet."

"I can't wait to see what you will wear but all this talk has got me excited again," Eric said as he stroked his big stiff dick.

"Ah yes the power of youth, there is no substitute for youth," Amanda sighed and then she slid down and took her son's cock in her mouth again.

This time Amanda could taste her pussy on his cock and it added to her thrill. Eric surprised her when he had her turn around so that he could eat her pussy again. Amanda was surprised that Eric ate her after filling her cunt with a massive load. The two of them ate each other until they both came again and Amanda was impressed with the volume of Eric's third load. Then Amanda kissed her son goodnight and returned to her own bedroom. It had been quite a night and Eric and his mother were already looking forward to the weekend.


Eric and his mother have a weekend to remember as he would see a side of his mother that he never knew existed. Amanda had more to teach her son and she would prove to be a very capable seductress and teacher.

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