tagIncest/TabooMy Mother's Dirty Panties Ch. 04

My Mother's Dirty Panties Ch. 04


I realized now that I was the Man of the house and the change was so sudden that it took me a while to accept it. Very subtly but surely enough I had been given a strange power - it was no longer what my mother wanted that mattered but rather what I wanted. All her energies were now spent on getting me to desire her. For the first time in years she actually started to take care of herself she started to use make up and her wardrobe saw a major improvement. She even started to exercise a bit in the hopes of looking good and seeing her transform from day to day - I couldn't help but notice that if she wanted she could actually be kind of attractive - well for a large woman at least.

For me I was getting to know a new side to my mother - I was experiencing her female sexuality - it was a side that had been hidden for so many years and I took a certain amount of pleasure in knowing that it was I who was responsible for this. My mother was very clear now in what she wanted. If she was in two minds before now she was certain - she ached for me to be inside her - all she thought about was fucking me - her son.

I wanted her very badly too but I derived a strange feeling in denying her this - I felt an awesome sense of power over her which made me even more sexually aroused - to the point where I would daily visit her used dirty panties in the toilet and blow my load playing with them. She knew about this and though she questioned me a number of times about whether I would visit her in her bed ever again - I always said "Not today - ask me tomorrow".

Our little game kept going - each day I would notice she would get a little more desperate and that desperation would make me wilder. I cannot explain how exciting it was watching her become a complete slut for me. The same woman who until a while back was everything a mother is to her child was now taking on a new image. She still took care of me and fed me and made sure I had everything I wanted but come nightfall she would change into someone else.

I was lying in bed thinking whether today would be the day I should end it or not when she came barging in wearing a short skirt and a tight tank top - her body almost bulging out of her clothes - her hair all done up and some cheap red lipstick on her face making her look even more slutty and vulgar - her tits popping out and her ass not able to fit into that skirt was falling from under her. I enjoyed what she had become and looking at her I said as usual "Not Tonight mom - ask me tomorrow". She looked at me and said "I don't know if that tomorrow will ever come darling - but from tonight on you don't need to visit my panties in the toilet - I will personally deliver them to you every night - is that ok". She said it with such hope that I couldn't help but smile at her and say "yes".

I knew what she was doing - she was attacking me with the one thing I couldn't resist the smell and taste of her cunt. Watching her there was the single most erotic moment for me - she stood with her chubby legs slightly apart and as I watched her she started to rub her panty covered crotch. "What are you doing mom" I asked her heavily turned on by the sight - She replied "Oh baby I want my panties to be as smelly as possible for you - I know how much you like it" - She knew that was irresistable for me - and I did not stop her - I wanted to stroke myself looking at her but I held back - she understood and as she rubbed her cunt faster she said "Oh baby at least give your mom the pleasure of looking at her sons big juicy cock". I wanted to tease her now "Only if you promise not to touch it and stay right there" I said. She moaned in front of me half closing her eyes "Yes yes my darling boy anything you say - please show it to me".

I was very hard inside my shorts and looking at her there all I needed to do was pull down my shorts. My cock came jumping to life - which was followed by an immediate groan from my mother. She started to rub her panties vigorously now - "Oh Baby - do you even know how big your cock is compared to other men" she moaned at me - I honestly didn't so I just kept quiet. "from the moment I saw it that day in my toilet - I knew you had been blessed with a monster between your legs".

I was immensely enjoying this new revelation - I was unsure about cock sizes - I mean of course I had seen others in changing rooms but never erect and I didn't care to notice other cocks really. "how big is my cock mom" I finally asked her as she stood there rubbing. "Mmmmmm" came her reply "Im guessing 8 inches baby but that's not what is so great about it - its your thickness" - she was transfixed now looking only at my cock as if nothing else of me existed.

"Is it really very thick - mom" I asked her - looking at it too. She nodded and asked me to hold it in my hands squeezing it as hard as I can - I did as she asked forming a circle with my finger and thumb around it. "Now when most men grab their cocks like that - usually the tip of their fingers touch the tip of their thumbs - but look at yours". She was right I had grabbed it but not only could my fingers not go across the entire diameter - there was a considerable gap of almost 2 inches. I let my cock go and smiled. She said "that is the thickest damn cock I have ever seen baby" and she groaned rubbing herself looking at it.

The smell of her cunt was now all over the room - a wet dank smell emanating from between her legs - the unmistakeable odor of my mothers cunt - mmmmmmm - I so needed to stroke my thick throbbing cock now - mesmerised by the smell. I closed my eyes as I tried to inhale her smell deeply - I again took the now apparently thick cock in my hand - slowly stroking the length of my super Cock - the head of my cock now swollen red - I knew that if I went on like this I was sure to erupt.

Looking at my huge erection lying on the bed my mother couldn't control herself - she started to lick my cock in the air - imagining as if she was licking the real thing and soon she was giving me an imaginary blow job all the while rubbing herself. The sight of my mother was so horny for me - she looked like a 10 dollar hooker with an expression of complete submission. I knew she was playing a game - who came first would lose and I was not ready to lose tonight to my slutty mother.

Her eyes were now fixed at my cock - she was talking to me but it felt like she was talking to it "Ever since I saw it I knew that I had to have it inside me - If you haven't noticed I have a very big cunt baby - lots of room inside there - and my babys cock would be such a tight fit there - mmmmmm" she let out a moan.

And so it came - gasps and groans followed by her moans of Orgasm - calling out my name while all the time she rubbed herself - her eyes were closed now and as she finished climaxing and opened her eyes - she found me still stroking myself - smiling at her. She came upto me and slowly peeled off her dirty panties. The smell of her pussy overpowering my senses now - As she slipped them off - I could see how big her panties were and how wet she had made them - she looked at me lying in bed and dropped her wet dirty panties right on my face. As they fell on me - I realized how truly wet she was cause it actually sploshed her cunt juices all over me - smearing my face in it.

The heavy stench of all her day long juices mixed with her cunt fluids was too much for me I lifted the panties off of my face and felt her stickyness all over me - holding it in my hands my face all wet and gooey - I looked up at her - she lifted her tiny skirt to expose her hairy mound between her thick legs - and stroking it she said "So do you still like the smell of your mothers cunt" - I was in her power now - she had pressed the right buttons and I started to speak "it is smelly mom - but I cant get enough of it". She pointed to my cock and spoke "Fill me up with that monster baby and you can have as much of my cunt as you like".

She had me - I lay down fully and pointed to my cock - "Come and get it - mommy". She shouted in glee as I said it and with that she ripped off her little skirt. Her big belly and thick thighs were dwarfed by her huge ass behind her and she looked strange naked except for her tank top. She slowly walked over to me and started to get on top holding my cock in her hands as she slowly brought it to her cunt - "Ok baby Ive never had something so big inside me before so be a little gentle". I nodded just mesmerized by my fat mother slowly inching my cock into her cunt.

Inch by Inch I saw my mothers hairy cunt eat up the entire length of my cock. It took her some work to allow me inside her but soon I was all the way up and she was screaming. She started to jump up and down on my cock and I could feel her ass flapping on my balls and thighs behind. I was in extasy - watching my mother enjoying my cock was making me wild - I really had never had had my cock up a cunt before and to think that the first woman id be fucking would be my mother was a feeling I couldn't comprehend.

However from the looks of it it was my mother who was fucking me now. It was an awesome sight to see my fat mother jumping on my cock as her entire body shook to her movements. She was screaming and from the looks of it she was in pain but she kept going on. I grabbed her tank top and ripped it off to see her saggy tits fall all over her belly. What a site she was and I was not going to be able to control my cumming much longer. She understood that and screamed "you better get ready my baby - I want you to cum when I cum". By the looks of it she was on the verge of it too.

And then it happened - I think she started to cum a few seconds before I did - but as soon as her she tensed up on me I could feel her cunt strangling my cock from inside and then it was out of my control too. Her movements slowed down to enjoy the sensations and we were both screaming at the top of our voices. Mother and son orgasming together.

It took some time for both of us to calm down after it and she just lay on top of me dead to the world - except for her whimpering - I was also frozen just enjoying the greatest orgasm ever - I had blown my load deep inside my mother and now we were both spent. Sowly she got off me - and as she got off - my cock slided out of her - slimy from both our juices. She stood beside me and looked at me for a long time - we were both looking at each others naked freshly fucked bodies. Then slowly she bent down to me planted a kiss on my forehead and said "Thank you - good night" and she walked away. That night I had the best sleep ever and I knew a lot of mother son fucking was to come next.

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