tagErotic CouplingsMy Name Is May! It's 1912!

My Name Is May! It's 1912!

byJack Gates©

Its the year 1912. My name is May, baptised Mary, but other children made fun of that name and I changed it myself to May. being born in 1893 means I am 19 years old now. Not as that means a thing because I have been in service since I was twelve years old. My father wanted me put in a brothel because he would have got more drinking money for me. My mum signed me into service. Same as she did with my other two sisters although I don't know where they are now.

The house where I am at, is large with lots of bedrooms, although I and the rest of the servants sleep in the attic. We are lucky if we get four hours sleep. Our toilet is a hole in the ground away from the house which is filled in when the stink gets too much and a fresh hole dug. We wash at a cold water pump in the garden. My clothes get washed when it's my turn in the wash house.

The Master and Mistress have two Sons. Master Johnathan and Master Jacob. Master Johnathan likes the boys in the house. There are seven of them. They sleep in the stables. Jacob likes to bed us house maids. If a house maid falls pregnant she is cast out in the street where she is taken by the brothel owners where she will work until the baby is born, it is taken away and sold and the mother is put back to work in the brothel.

This is my ninth year in service and so far I have been very lucky as my bedding is at the far end of the attic and Master Jacob seldom gets to my end before he is distracted by one of the other girls who catches his eye. He's had me twice but amazingly only to do a service for him. He licked my bare bottom and fingered it which was sore because he has long finger nails. The second time he made me suck his thing and it came off in my mouth very quickly, while I was doing it he touched me between my legs and he kept licking his fingers when they got wet. He did.

One of my friends, Rachel wasn't so lucky. She fell pregnant, she did. The very first time he took her. She told me all about it, everything he done to her, she did. The cook told me she had been taken directly to a brothel.

Then things changed, a month ago I became the Mistress's private maid, I did. Which meant that I slept in a small room with a real bed in it next to my Ladies bed-chamber. When my Lady wanted me, she summoned me with a bell. I dressed and undressed her. Bathed her and looked after a her toilet pot which I had to empty in the cess pit. Hated that job because I was often chatted up by male servants doing the same chore for the Masters. One of them grabbed me and felt me up in the larder, he did. Had his finger right inside me. I slapped him good and hard, I did! He just laughed at me and went away sucking the finger he had used. Dirty varmint, he was! You have to laugh about it though.

Seeing my Lady naked in her bath and having to sponge her down and lather her private places with my fingers, makes me feel all funny, she knows it does, too. Say's I have a lovely touch, she does. When I am between her legs, she likes me to linger and not hurry, rubbing parts of her over and over again until she goes all rigid, like and utters word to me like, Do it faster, May!'

One day Master Jacob was spying on the Mistress from the drying room, he had bored a hole through the wall. I found him in there when I went in for warm towels for my Lady. He had it out of his breeches and he was rubbing it up and down. I crept back out again before he could see me. I thought of poor Rachel and him having that big thing in her. Causing her downfall. It did not do me any good seeing it like that. I started to think about it and what it would feel like in me.

Then came the virginity testing. Master Lional, my Lady's husband, said he was losing too many of his female staff through pregnancy. He wanted all the females tested to see if they were still virgins. I was made to go before him and let down my bloomers so he could enter me with his fingers. I was made to bend forward over his lap. I felt his thing, it was terribly hard and long in his breeches. He positioned me so the part between my legs was right over his bulge. I felt myself letting down a wetness onto his breeches. He must have felt it, because his thing got even bigger.

His fingers were reaching inside me and then he traced his wet finger to my bum hole and he prodded me there, he did! I moaned and pressed my groin against his thing and had this over-whelming urge to have it in me. He pushed me off his lap and told me to adjust my dress. He said he didn't know if I was intact or not and that I would have to go to his room at ten o'clock that evening for him to make absolutely sure. He looked at me as if he was angry which made me very afraid that he might put me out. I went back to my bucket and scrubbing brush shaking like a leaf, I did! My bloomers were all wet as if I had peed myself. The more I thought about it with my wicked thoughts, the more I knew I wanted it! Was Master Lional going to take me? I wondered.

While I was down on me knees scrubbing the scullery passage one of the footmen came and he felt me up as he passed me. He laughed and said I was wet and ripe, he did. When he spoke he pulled up the front of his breeches with it in his hand, his thingy. It was right big, it was. I smiled at him and he blew me a kiss. I was heading for serious trouble, and I knew it!

I shut my eyes while I was scrubbing and imagined Master Lional on top of me, doing it. Feeling his thingy, in me. I had never had one in me, but the urge was getting bigger within me. I tried to concentrate on the floor I was scrubbing, but couldn't. The Devil himself was in me! Would Master Lional make me all naked when he did it? I knew he had a big'en. I would have to take a pail of water into the trees and wash myself between my legs for the Master. The other pair of bloomers I had, I had washed them last night, I didn't know if they would be dry yet. I would have to go in ones I had on.

He would punish me for sure! I had never been punished by him. The girls who had been, said he used a riding-crop on their bare bottoms and he had fingered them. They also said that the whipping had made them feel very horny. Just thinking about all these things was making me rub my thighs together which was getting me even more on heat.

At five minutes to ten I stood trembling outside Master Lional's study door which was away out on the west wing, away from the main house. It was frightening just walking along those dark passages on my own. I knocked the door.

'Enter!' His voice boomed from within.

I opened the door and stepped inside.

'Turn the key and lock it and bring the key to me!'

I obeyed and he gripped my wrist and pulled me roughly to him and he threw the key onto his desk and then thrust his hand up underneath my flowing skirt. His fingers found the frontal split in my bloomers and then entered me in my front hole.

'Master Jacob, said you were ripe for plucking girl! Are you? No one has fucked you because I have forbidden Jacob from having you at the pain of his flogging in front of the servants. He hasn't fucked you, as he, May?

'No sir! I be a good girl!'

'Good! I have been keeping your virginity for me to take. Tonight I am going to make a woman of you and I hope I knock you up. I want you to birth my children, May. Mistress's doctors are saying she can't have bairns. That is why she has chosen you as her hand-maiden so you can come and live in the house with us. You will be given your own maids and a nice room with a nursery attached. For all this generosity to you, you will become my whore in my bed and you will surrender your body and go into the Mistress's bed when she has a need for you. When you are safely pregnant you will service some of my friends, both male and female in any way they wish you to service them. The fact that I have told you all these things means if you refuse you will be delivered from this room to a brothel this evening. The choice is yours, May. I guarantee, you will be fucked tonight, if not by me, some one in the brothel will have you.'

'I want to stay here, Sir! With you! Please don't send me to the brothel!'

'That is what I thought you would say. Strip those rags off. You will never have to wear them again. Mamie here is your servant, your hand maiden. She will wash you and dress you and empty your pot. She will also empty our pots. You will remain the mistress's hand-maiden, except you will no longer do any fetching and carrying. You will have a new title. You will be a Bed-Chamber Companion. If my Son's try to interfere with you, then you say no and tell me! All the other servants will obey your orders. People will address you as Miss May from now on. Even My Son's!

Mamie was servile to me and unbuttoned my bodice and pushed the garment off my shoulder and I stepped out of it when she gathered the dress up and placed it into a laundry sack. She then stepped behind me and lowered my wet bloomers. They too went into the sack and she withdrew with it. Leaving me standing naked in front of the Master.

'Now, Miss May, you may come and undress me and turn down the bed clothes for us. Don't worry, I will not treat you roughly. I know you have never had a man with you. There will be some pain when I break you in, but all maidens have to be broken in and none have died or cried to much over it. I will want you in every way it is possible to take a woman. I have no doubt you are aware that one of my Sons takes young lads to his bed. He takes them in their back-doors. Jacob too likes back-doors, those belonging to womenfolk. I also have back-door desires, although I like you are a virgin in that respect. Your Mistress will not allow me that favour. That choice is not yours. I can get good money for a virgin over at the brothel.'

'I want to please you in any way I can, Master.'

I never knew what a pleasure it would be to get naked into bed with an equally naked man! To be taken into his arms. To be kissed on my mouth and on my face and neck and then on down to my breasts where he lingered and so gently nibbling on my erect nipples. His hands were all over my body touching and feeling. And I could not believe it when he went down the bed and spread my legs wide and his lips and tongue was doing things to me that I had never dreamed of. All the time he was talking to me, telling me how beautiful I was and that he had had his eyes on me for a long time. Waiting for me to blossom. Wanting to have me!

The pain of my deflowering was immense, agony in fact. He said it was his prickle! That between my legs was the cunt of a wench! From my cunt, eventually a baby would be born. If it was a boy. It would be named Jediah, a girl would be named Josephine. All that I was told before Master Lional spurted his seed inside me. I felt it, I did. In fact I liked being put to seed as the Master called it. I liked it very much! When he woke me up several times during the night with his thing hard and ready, there was joy in my heart and a prickle in my cunt. I wondered how many babies he wanted and would he have names for all of them?

The new day started with sunlight in the window and the Master's prickle in my mouth. He woke me up pressing his prickle against my tongue.

'Suck it Miss May, lick it nice and clean for me!'

I sucked and licked until my jaw's were sore. His hands were on my tits, pinching my teats with his fingers just like milking a cow. It made me feel all funny, putting a need between my legs. I guided his prickle to the seat of my need, I did. Now I knew what them there horses were doing in the meadow. A little bit glad that Master Lional did not have a prickle the likes of old Dobbin. How he managed to line that big thing up with the mares cunts I do not know, but he did, never missed.

The Master unloaded another load of seed inside me and when he finished he wrapped me in his big strong arms and hugged me to him. For the first time in my life I felt safe and protected. My heart warmed to him. I kissed him and he kissed me back and there was a deep passion within me when he put his long tongue into my mouth. It felt like his prickle, so I sucked it too. One of his hands crept down my back to my bottom. I moaned into his mouth when I felt a finger enter me there. I had heard the other maids talking about what Master Jonathan did to the boys, about putting his prickle up their arses and Master Jacob doing it to some of the maids. They said it hurt a bit.

'Turn onto your belly, Miss May, let me show you what Master Johnathan and Master Jacob likes doing the servants arses. I told you I wanted to try it. I know Master Jacob has had Mamie that way, she told me he did.

Somehow it felt quite wicked what the Master was asking of me, but I didn't hesitate, I presented myself, my whole body shaking. He surprised me by getting up and leaving the bedroom, then he came back with a bowl of Mistress's body lotion which I massage her with. She likes it particularly between her legs, she does. Master started to massage my cunt and bottom hole with it. It felt so nice, even when he was pushing his fingers into my bottom.

'Mamie told me that this stuff will help me to get my prickle into your arse, as your hole be tight. It might hurt a bit, Miss May, but the pain will go away. Mamie said she likes Master Jacob doing it to her this way. I think the lawful term for it is buggery. When I tell you I want to bugger you, have Mamie prepare your arse for you this way. Ask Mamie to be naked and play with you from time to time. I would like to see two wenches playing with each others arses and things. It will be nice for you too, Miss May.'

'Yes, Master. I will Master. I will ask Mamie to play with me. That feels nice.'

'I also want you to play naked games with your Mistress too, to get into her bed with her if she asks you to, will you do that for me, Miss May?'

'Oh! Yes! The Mistress knows I will do anything she wants me to do, Master!'

'Just relax now, Miss May. I am going to put my prickle in your arse. If it hurts, say so and I will stop until you get used to it. Just push your arse back on my prickle when the pain goes.'

'Yes, Master.'

The knob end of his prickle touched my arse and I froze and clenched my hole up tight, I did! Couldn't help myself. My brain wanted it, but my arsehole didn't!

The master slapped my arse-cheek good and hard, he did. I yelped out and yelped out again when his prickle struck deep into my arse! The agony was hellish, it was! I had heard maids a screaming when Master Jacob skewered them in their arses. The Master did not wait for me to say yes or no, he didn't. He rammed his prickle right up inside me with no mercy what-so-ever! He was buggering me, he was. I was amazed at myself, because I felt happy about it! It was what I wanted him to do. It was the Master's place to take me like that, it was his right, it was! I was the Master's servant and I had to serve him in any way that he wanted.

He was moving it in and out and there was a sound of slapping flesh as he jarred my spine with every thrust. The pain dulled to a discomfort and then to a warm sensuous feeling and I felt myself getting strange and I was moving my arse onto his prickle because I wanted it in me as deep as he could get it. Something was a throbbing inside me and I was shaking as if I had the fever and I was still moaning and urging him to it harder. I never felt like that before. If this was being buggered, then I liked it, I did!

The Master fired his seed into me and then he collapsed his full weight on top of me and it felt so nice to have his warm damp body on me like that, holding me down, as it were! I had been taken.

Mamie materialised from nowhere and placed a towel by the side of the bed and picked up the bowl of lotion and went away with it. I blinked my eyes to clear them. She was naked, she was! She must have watched the Master buggering me!

She produced the Master's pee pot and she held it out for him and when he signed to her she took his prickle and held it over the pot and waited for him to start peeing. He almost filled the pot. It made me want to go too! When he had finished she held my own pot out and I squatted over it and sighed when I let go. The master smiled kindly at me. I got a shock when Mamie poured pee out of the Master's pot into a drinking glass and she did the same to my pee into another glass. She then offered my pee to the Master and his pee to me.

He bellowed out, 'Drink up Miss May!' He put his glass to his mouth and drank my pee straight down, all of it! I put the glass to my lips and sipped and then drank it all. Mamie took the glasses away then came back and the Master hugged us both tightly. He kissed us both on the lips and then pushed Mamie up close to me and Mamie hugged me tight to her. The Master stood back and Mamie kissed me and pressed her tongue into my mouth.

'Make love to her, Miss May. Mamie is yours to do what you like with. We kissed fondled and caressed each other until the Master lay down and went to sleep. Mamie then led me to the Mistress's room through a secret tunnel.

When the Mistress saw us her eyes lit up and she drew back her bed-clothes and opened her arms for me to join her in her bed. Mamie moved in and removed the Mistress's nightdress so that she too was naked. I was so amazed that Mamie knew what was required of her without the Master or the Mistress saying anything to her!

The Mistress went down between my open thighs and lapped at me down there, slurping noisily, then she moved herself over my mouth and I used my fingers to open her up and delve my tongue into her hole. The smell and taste of her was something I could go on lapping at for the rest of my life. She obviously liked my essence too. Mamie was fussing around until the Mistress invited her into bed with us and then it became a three way love nest feast. My tongue was now in Mamie's slit. She was now licking the Mistress and the Mistress was slurping the juices out of my arse!

Four weeks later when I started to get morning sickness the Master told me I was pregnant with his child. He started to be more gentle with me and as the weeks rolled by he switched to putting his prickle up my arse more and more. I had the same food as the Master and Mistress were eating and I had a life of almost complete leisure, even my duties with the Mistress were taken over by Mamie. Then I was given another old maid who knew all about childbirth who would be with me when the baby was born.

The baby was a strapping, healthy boy who was named Jediah Lional. I was his wet nurse and the Mistress became his Mother. Within four weeks of the birth the Master was taking me to his bed again. Six weeks later I was again with child. This one was a girl, she was named Josephine.

As for the Master sharing my body with all his friends that didn't materialise until one day a boyfriend of Johnathans broke into my quarters and raped Mamie who he thought was me. She was in my bed and I had gone for a moonlight walk in the grounds with Master Lional. She told me every sordid detail. He had taken her both front and rear. She pleaded with the Master not to punish the youth too severely. The Master had him taken to another city where he was sold to an all male brothel.

I have one more incident to talk about which involved Master Jacob. It happened three month after the birth of Josephine. I was still wet nursing her. The Master was away on business and the Mistress was not feeling to well. Mamie was in attending to the Mistress's bath and I had just finished breast feeding the baby after I had taken my bath. I was still naked when Master Jacob came into my quarters. I was still a servant and was unable to resist his advances towards me. He pushed me face down on to my bed and fingered both my holes until I was wet enough for him to enter my arse. Which he did, most painfully. I stifled my screams with the bed sheet. It went on for ages until he finally spent his seed within me. He told me he would kill me if I breathed a word to anyone. As soon as he was gone, Mamie was there consoling me and I had the distinct feeling that she had set me up. Two days later I had her delivered to a brothel in a sack. No one said a word about her disappearance only she probably ran away and the brothels probably have her by now. There were plenty of maids to take her place. How did I do it? I just told Master Jacob that Mamie had witnessed what he did to me and that she had said that she would tell Master Lionel on his return. I thoughtfully provided the sack they put her in just as she had stepped out of the bath. No, I did not kiss her good-bye. I did not know she had gone, did I?

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