tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Naughty Vixen

My Naughty Vixen



The following vignettes were inspired by Ima and Isseii of the Lit boards. Thank you ladies for your amazing sexiness.


You have been such a naughty girl, I thought it was time you met some other naughty girls. I hand you your outfit for the evening, a small sundress that ties behind the neck and a pair of heels; all you will be wearing. We leave, destination: a local strip club.

On the way, you tell me you are getting horny.

"Show me," I tell you. You reach for my lap. "No," I say, "show me on yourself. Take of the dress and play with yourself."

You recline your seat and slide your dress off. You begin to touch yourself. Several passing vehicles can see you as you caress yourself and finger your pussy. As distracted as I am, I manage to keep one eye on the road and we arrive at the club. You quickly dress and we walk in.

It is late afternoon, and the club is relatively quiet. There are about a half dozen guys and three or four dancers. Your arrival causes a little bit of a stir. The guys all check you out as we grab a table. As we order drinks, one of the dancers asks if we'd like a dance.

"The lady would," I smile.

She takes your hand and leads you over to the couch for a lap dance. The other guys all tear their eyes away from the stage to watch the dancer rub her body against yours as she strips.

I am rock hard watching the show and it gives me an idea. She finishes the dance and I motion you back to our table with a slight nod. I take your hand and move us to a couple of chairs next to the stage. The girl performing dances towards us. I leave a tip and she bends down to kiss my cheek. I give a quick shake of my head and nod towards you. She smiles and kisses you full on the lips. By now the attention of all the guys in the club is on you. As she kisses you I whisper in her ear. She turns to me with a questioning look. I pull out another $20 and nod yes. She smiles again and takes your hand, starting to pull you up towards the stage. You turn to me.

I nod sternly, "yes, go."

You step up towards the stage, your dress riding up and exposing your bare ass to the guys lucky enough to be in the right spot. As you take the stage with the dancer the small crowd lets out a huge cheer. You are not quite sure what to do and stand on the stage, near the main pole as the dancer twirls around you, feeling you up. She whispers in your ear, but the music is loud and you are distracted, looking out at the guys and the other dancers who've stopped working to see what happens next. The dancer on stage scoops up a stocking she had taken off earlier in her routine. She backs you up a step as she again runs her hands over your body. Suddenly and quickly she uses the stocking to tie your hands behind you to the pole. You look at me. I smile back.

Now giggling, she looks out at the little crowd,

"What do you think guys?" She asks.

Everybody yells back ideas at once, it's tough to make anything out. She turns to you, smiles, and kisses you deeply. As she kisses you, she reaches behind your back and unties your dress. It slides off your body, leaving you completely naked on stage. She feels you up for a few moments as the music starts to fade, and leaves the stage with the guys going nuts, leaving you tied to the pole naked.

By now I'm close to coming in my pants. I can no longer wait. As the next dancer starts to take the stage I jump up, rip my clothes off and take you right there. The dancers and crowd stop and cheer and watch as I thrust my cock into you again and again. Finally we are spent. A burly bouncer is standing over us, shaking his head.

"You can't do that here," he says.

But I notice he is, um, aroused. I look at you, your eyes are still smoldering. I smile and turn to the bouncer.

"Maybe we can work something out" I tell him. He looks at you hungrily. "Maybe we can," he says.

We are at the beach. It is a weekday afternoon in early summer and there is not much of a crowd. Mostly college age kids. We spread out a towel and you lay down. You are wearing a suit that ties around the neck and at the hips. I begin to rub lotion on your back and massage you. I untie the top of your suit. Don't want any unnecessary tan lines. You relax as I massage your back. Soon you doze off. I look at you laying there and begin to have naughty thoughts.

I look around for a moment. Not much happening, nobody really close by. I look down at you again and start to get excited. I untie your suit at the hips very gently. You are still asleep. I slide your bottom off. You are lying naked on top of your untied suit. I look at you for a couple of minutes and am very hard. A couple of guys notice you are nude and start to come over for a closer look. You are beginning to attract more attention and I see a couple of cell phones and cameras as a small crowd heads our way.

Now I am more turned on than I can stand. I slide off my shorts and begin to stroke my cock on the crack of your ass. You wake up, confused, and I quickly turn you over and penetrate you before you are completely aware of what is going on. You are wet (what were you dreaming about?) so I am easily inside you.

We are now surrounded by a small crowd and I see a couple of video cameras. I am very, very turned on and thrust in and out harder, faster, faster......you are wonton, taking all of me and demanding more, completely lost in the lust of the moment. I come inside you and kiss you. It begins to sink in that we are surrounded my more than a dozen people, cheering, laughing, enjoying the show. They are mostly college age guys. I look at you, your eyes are smoldering with lust. You are not done, not close. I smile. I look up.

"Gentlemen," I say, noticing several guys with obvious erections, "it appears I could use a little help."

We are going out for an interesting night on the town. We are going clubbing. But you have been so naughty lately that I decided you may need an extra cock to tame you a bit.

So we get you dressed extra sexy and head out. At the club your job is to pick up a young guy while I sit at the bar and watch. You work the dance floor and the room, flirting shamelessly. It doesn't take long for you to pick out a handsome young lad. I watch you rub up on him. You can already feel his arousal when you whisper to him what you have in mind. For a moment, he is stunned. You look back at me, I nod, almost without moving. He quickly regains his composure, and breaks into a big smile. I nod towards the door and we leave.

We hale a cab and the three of us climb into the back with you in the middle. You are wearing only a small dress and heels, and before you even realize it we have you naked. We are both exploring your body and you are aching to play with our cocks, especially that of our new friend. But I shake my head. Not yet, we'll just tease you a bit on the way. Meanwhile the cabbie can see you in the mirror and is, um, distracted. Fortunately the hotel we have selected for the evening is not far. We slip you back into your dress as we arrive. And with reasonable decorum get into an elevator.

The door closes and again, almost before you know it, you are naked as again we both explore your body. The elevator stops. we kind of half carry you out, leaving your dress on the floor. There are a couple of people in the hallway, looking shocked, but I smile and we quickly disappear into the room.

We lay you on the bed and both quickly strip. I get you up on all fours and put my cock in your mouth while our young friend takes you from behind. You are working both our cocks when there is a knock on the door. We ignore it, there are muffled voices but we are all lost in the moment. Then the door bursts open and two police officers enter the room. Our friend begins to slack off.

"No!" I tell him loudly, "Fuck her, keep going." My cock is still in your mouth.

I turn casually towards the cops.

"Problem, officers?" I ask.

The cops are having a composure issue watching you take on two cocks. Finally, one of them stammers about a public nudity complaint, about you in the hall. I pause for a moment. Then I take my cock out of your mouth.

"Your problem," I tell you. "Fix it."

Our young friend pulls out. You get off the bed and go to the officers. They are still stunned. Without a word you drop to your knees in front of them and reach for their cocks. They are both already hard. You begin to stroke them. Now I come between them and put my cock back in your mouth. The young man was momentarily concerned about the local constabulary getting involved but he is now so hot he drops to his knees behind you and takes you on the floor. You spend the rest of the night servicing all four of us every way you can.


I am modeling nude for a college art class. I am on a small riser in front of a predominantly female class with a rather stern looking, older female teacher. I am posed like the "David" statue. You walk into the class, taking a seat in front but a bit off to the side (my left). You are dressed in a very short skirt, heels, and a button front blouse that is displaying an alluring amount of cleavage.

You flip open a sketch pad, and as our eyes meet, you give me a little smirk. Just seeing you in that outfit has me starting to get aroused. You wiggle a bit in your seat and uncross and re-cross your legs. Your skirt creeps up a bit, and out of the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse. You might not be wearing underwear. Now my arousal starts to become obvious, but I can't control it. You smirk again.

Your hand brushes across your chest and almost without effort, you undo a button on your blouse and lean forward just a bit. You are wearing a half-cup bra, and your luscious breasts nearly pop out, straining the remaining buttons. You squirm and uncross your legs again. Now it is obvious you are not wearing underwear. You bite a finger as you stare at my nakedness. Now I am fully erect and there are a couple of muffled giggles and comments from the class, but I don't notice.

I am fixated on you, watching out of the corner of my eye as I hold my pose but lose my composure. Watching the hem of your skirt slip up and your breasts strain against your blouse is more than I can take. One of your hands again brushes your chest and plays with, but does not undo, the button that would expose your breasts. My arousal demands relief and without conscious thought I begin to stroke my cock while still posing. While a dozen women and a few men watch I am lost in lust for you and continue to stroke. Finally I come. As I do, you close your pad, smooth out your outfit, laugh, smirk again, and leave. I am still posed, but now holding my shrinking manhood, aware now of the laughing, comments, and severe look of the older teacher. What did you just make me do?

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