tagBDSMMy Neighbor Ch. 4

My Neighbor Ch. 4


Chapter Six: A visit to Harvey's house

The next morning Peter was up early, and after a quick cup of coffee he went through my dresser and chose my clothes for me. For my top he handed me a plain white T-shirt much to small for my ample tits. Of course a bra was out of the question. In the bottom drawer, Peter found a pair of bright red short shorts that I have never had the courage to wear because they are so scandalously small and tight. He had me put on red spike heel pumps over a pair of sexy black net stockings that stopped at mid-thigh. Peter insisted that I add to my harlot's flavor with heavy makeup and lots of cheap perfume. I was mortified to see whisps of my blond pubic hair visible at the crotch of those horrid shorts, but Peter had ordered "no panties."

I was humiliated to be dressed like a prostitute, and I told him so. Peter could have cared less, and there was worse to come. We stopped briefly at his house where he added a bright red plastic dog collar with a matching leash to complete my costume. With that humbling collar around my neck, he led me to his car by my leash like a untrustworthy pet. We must have looked exactly like a street whore and her pimp.

Ten minutes later we pulled into the driveway of a rundown house in a low income mixed racial neighborhood. Peter used his leash to jerk me out the driver's door of his car, and led me inside without knocking. There on the sofa in a cheaply furnished living room sat an absolutely enormous black man, as naked as he day he was born. His massive coal black legs were splayed apart, and between them a nude white woman was on her knees with her face his crotch. All I could see of her was a slim bare back and shapely ass, but her head was bobbing up and down in the unmistakable rhythm of a woman servicing a penis with her mouth.

Around the woman's neck was the same plastic dog collar with a leash attached as I wore except that hers was yellow. The big black man held the end of her leash loosely in one hand, and he would tug on it lightly from time to time as if to remind the poor thing of her pitiful servitude. Curiously, even tho her hands were quite free, the woman kept her wrists firmly crossed behind her back as she vigorously serviced the ebony dick with her mouth.

I was terrified by what I saw. It was plain what was happening here. Naked and on her knees, collared and leashed, her hands held obediently behind her back as if tied there..., this white woman was a slave in bondage to this big Negro. Except for the shabbiness of the room and its furnishings, I could have been watching a scene from three centuries ago when white women were kidnapped from all over Europe to serve as pleasure slaves for the men who bought them in the flesh markets along the African Barbary coast.

In my fear of the scene before me, all my teenage sexual fantasies came flooding back. Countless times I had masturbated while imagining myself a female slave in the harem of an Islamic pirate. In my fantasy I always played the part of this woman now before me, naked and on my knees, servicing with mouth and tongue the coal tar penis of a Moorish prince. The scene I was now watching, and the woman in it, however, were quite real. My pussy began to moisten as I matched the vivid pictures I recalled from my own imaginary servitude with the submission of this poor woman to the cock she was raking with her lips.

"Yo Bro, who's the new bitch?" the black man greeted Peter.

"Only a horny yuppie neighbor Harvey," Peter answered. "She likes big cocks so well that I thought I would bring her over to enjoy that big black root of yours."

"Well now my little blond slut," Peter instructed as he yanked on my leash pulling me to my knees, "This Harvey Wright. He's my offensive line coach. We've have been friends for a long time, and we share our women. He just loves a hot white pussy, and today he is going to enjoy yours. It would save a lot of wear and tear on the skin of your backside if you do your damnedest to be the very best piece of white ass he has ever had. Is that clear?"

I nodded understanding, but my mind was struggling with uncertainty. I had never made love to a Negro before, and I was not sure I wanted to now. But, what choice did I have. After all, I was no longer the decent wife of a respected physician. I had become Peter's personal slut, his whore, his erotic plaything. From now on, he would decide when, how, and with whom, I was to have sex.

The big black across the room began to ejaculate into the mouth of the indentured female who continued to suck diligently, emptying the male tube that was pulsing between her lips. I could hear her choke as he grabbed the back of her head to force his enormous member even further down her throat. It took over a full minute before the spasms of his penis ceased and she finished swallowing his load.

As he pulled the abused woman's head off his slick and glistening black shaft, she leaned back on her knees and turned her shoulders to face us. Long streamers of white male jism dripped from her mouth and chin.

"Melanie" she said, startled, her face suddenly drained of color.

"Dottie" I replied, no less surprised than she.

"Hey Bro," the big black asked Peter, "these two from the same ho' house or what?"

"In a way Harvey," Peter answered. "You see, little Melanie here is the stepmother of your bitch. Neither knew the other one was somebody's cock whore. After all, it must be a shock to a spoiled white rich bitch to find her husband's daughter sucking off a nigger. Once Melanie gets a taste of that big black woman tamer of yours tho, I'm certain she will take a less bigoted view of Dottie's choice in dicks. After all, she herself just loves a big cock stretching her tight little yuppie pussy."

Then turning abruptly to me Peter asked, "isn't that right my little slut?" I stammered something non-committal in reply before Peter continued, "Well damn it, why are you still dressed? Harvey isn't going to fuck your worthless honky cunt with all those clothes on. Strip woman, and be quick about it!"

Off over my head came my T-shirt, but still on my knees as I was, it wasn't easy to get my legs out of those ridiculously tight short shorts. Never the less, as quickly as I could, I tugged and pulled until they were off my hips and clear of my feet. My stockings came off right after the shorts. I could roll them down to my ankles before trying to pull them free, and they came off more easily than my shorts. Finally naked except for collar and leash, I looked up at Peter waiting for him to tell me what to do next.

Peter just snapped at me, "don't be looking at me bitch. Today you belong to my pal Harvey. I'm going to be too busy fucking the ass off your step daughter to be bothered with you."

Peter signaled to Dottie, and she quickly came crawling to kneel at his side. Clearly she had been through this before. Me, I wasn't sure what to do. I looked back at Harvey fearfully, hoping for a sign, but the big Negro just sat there staring at my naked body, saying nothing. His two legs the size of tree trunks were still spread and extended, but now the huge black cock that hung down between them seemed flaccid and lifeless. Even soft tho, I was amazed at its size. It was the largest penis I had ever seen. I couldn't take my eyes off it. How could I ever fit a donkey cock like that into my mouth or my poor pussy? How could any woman?

"Well come over here sweet white thing," the big black man said to me at last. "Let ol' Harvey introduce you to the dark meat that satisfies. Yo' ain't never had no real cock in you until you've been fucked by a nigger's black jelly roll."

As he spoke he reached down with a hand and began to play with himself. My eyes must have bugged out as I watched him swing it from side to side slapping it against his thighs. "It's a shame yo' already Peter's 'ho 'cause once I stretch yo' pretty little puss, yo' won't never want nothing but a brother's cock in there again."

"Please," I begged his giant who was about to use me to satisfy that amazing penis, "Please, you're too big. You'll kill me with that thing."

"Oh no, sister. It doesn't seem to have harmed Dottie any now has it? Matter o' fact, every time she takes it, she always tells me how much likes it. Begs for it even. Oh, it may hurt for a little while, but not for long. Now crawl between ol' Harvey's legs like a good little white 'ho. Yo' will for sho' do some real hurting if I have to yank yo' worthless lily white ass over here by the hair of yo' head."

There was no choice. On my knees I began my long trip across the room. My leash trailed under me, dragging behind me between my breasts as I crawled.

From behind me I heard Peter give Dottie his brief order to "mount." That slut step daughter of mine was about to sit down on Peter's cock. I was jealous and resentful about that. I had to look! I turned my head just in time to see Dottie lift one leg over Peter's lap, and carefully guide his male member into her descending slit. I heard her catch her breath as she spread her legs wide and let her pussy settle down over that great male pole. A squeal of mixed pain and delight confirmed that her sex had swallowed the full length of Peter's prick.

My concern with Dottie's pleasure faded, however, as I turned back to face what was waiting for me. I was at the feet of this huge big black man whose enormous black body loomed over me like a mountain cliff made of tar. An incredibly big and ugly ebony male sex organ hung down before my eyes. How would I ever cope with anything THAT big?

Timidly I entered the trap between his legs, and as I did so, my black master gabbed my leash and jerked me upward. I fell forward with my nose buried in his chest hair, and my breasts pressed against his massive belly. He held me dangling there like fish on a line for an instant or two before his other hand grabbed my hair and jerked my head back. His head bent to mine, and he kissed me hard, his tongue exploring my mouth. He dropped my leash, its control no longer necessary now that I was caught against his body in the grip of his legs, and with that free hand he reached between my legs to play with my pussy. I was doomed, a naked rag doll on her knees, locked between two powerful thighs, and at the mercy of this ebony giant.

"Now that's better white girl," he told me approvingly. "Let's see if yo' can get ol' Harvey stiff again. Here, let's warm my whanger between yo' tits a little."

His hand in my hair pulled me away momentarily, and reaching between us, he stretched his cock upward by its foreskin so that its length rested in the valley between my breasts. With his 'whanger' in place, he pulled me back against him, locking that ugly tube between my sensitive tit flesh and his body. I looked down and there, right under my chin, was the pee hole of the a swollen cock head staring back at me like an India ink eye.

"Come on now, bitch, MAKE ME HARD!" he commanded. "A little tongue on the tip will sho' 'nuff help things along. SUCK ME!"

"My God," I thought. "I'll never get all that in my mouth..., or my pussy..., oh, my poor pussy..., and what will I do if he wants to fuck my ass?"

Still, I knew that I would just have to somehow stretch enough to take him. My Peter told me that for today I was this man's woman to use in whatever way pleased him. If he wants me to suck him, I must try. Whatever else he wants, my pussy or my ass, they are his too. Resigned to my fate, I dropped my head, stretched my jaws as wide as they would go, and began to minister to his penis as best I could.

"That feels good, woman! Real good!" My big black stud was breathing hard, and I took that as a victory.

"Suck that black thing!" he repeated.

He obviously liked the feel of my lips around the head of his cock. I was doing well, and his erection was growing fast. That was the main thing for both of us.

"Make it good and hard!" he urged me on. "I mean to wear out yo' precious white cunt with it, yo' honky bitch."

God, yes. I did so need to be fucked that I was losing my fear. I didn't care that this huge cock was certain to hurt me. I was in such heat that a little pain no longer mattered. Yet, despite my passion to have a cock in me, I was oddly reflective, looking for some reason WHY? Why was I not only willing service this man's huge penis, but even eager to do so? I WANTED this Negro stranger to use me as his sex toy.

For only a moment I pondered how the proper wife of a respected doctor could have become such a cock hungry slut, but the thought passed quickly and without any effect. I simply didn't much care. It was enough to know that now I belonged to Peter, and he had told me to service this wondrous black prick.

While these thoughts flashed through my mind, the pre cum from Harvey's long bone was leaking into my mouth in a stream. Its taste was an aphrodisiac to me. I was as eager as Harvey was have his ugly black tool, now all stiff and swollen, buried in my cunt.

"If it hurts, so be it," I thought to myself. I was so desperate to be fucked. "Get it up, you black bastard," I whispered under my breath as I momentarily took my mouth from him in order to slide my tit flesh up and down against his cock. I could feel him growing hard as I jacked him between my tits. It was all working. It wouldn't be long now.

And it wasn't! I felt his arms and legs relax around my body. Turn around you white whore," he ordered. "I mean to fuck yo' from behind like the dog bitch that yo' are."

I didn't need to be told twice. Harvey loosened his grip with his knees, freeing me to reverse myself inside his spread legs. Still on my knees, I backed my ass into his crotch, offering my tiny white pussy to his big ugly woman tamer.

"No, bitch," he corrected me. "Yo' gonna do the work. Off your knees, on to your toes! Stoop over; hands on the floor. Head down, ass up. Rock yo' ass back toward me. I'll guide it into yo' pussy. Then push back hard, bitch. One push, and yo' cunt better be wrapped around my prick all the way to my balls. Then pump me off. Remember what Peter said would happen to yo' spoiled little yuppie white ass if you don't make it good for me."

"Good God," I thought, "he isn't even going to give me a chance to stretch myself to fit around him. If I impale myself that way in a single stroke, it will kill me."

"Please," I was begging him out loud now, "Please, yes, fuck me. I want your cock in me, but please let me take you easy and slow. My pussy is too small to swallow you all at once like that."

"Don't argue with me, bitch!" was his answer. "Peter told yo' to make it good for me. If I don't feel yo' cunt slide all the way down my prick on the first push, yo' get yo' white ass whipped but good."

I could see I had no choice but to do the impossible. Truth was, by this time I was beyond caring. Even as I was arguing with him, Harvey was running his fingers in and out of my vulnerable pussy and butt hole, sending my aching insides into pre-orgasm spasms. Nor was I alone in my passion to be filled with cock. Across the room my sister concubine was astride Peters lap impaled on his great hard-on. Now that I was turned around, I could watch her bouncing up and down, catching an orgasm every second or third time that hard pole of blood filled male flesh sank up to the hilt inside her cunt. Nor was she quiet about her passion. "More, MORE, give me MORE! Fuck me, please! FUCK ME! Please give me more and harder," the poor woman kept begging Peter in a high pitched whisper.

It was unreal, a fragment of a porno movie, as I watched my daughter in law beg for more cock, and I waited impatiently to be dog fucked. Stooped over on my hands and toes before this black stranger, the blood must have rushed to my brain. I felt faint and disorientated as if lost a sexual twilight zone. My mind drifted back into my teenage fantasy that I had been captured by pirates, and then sold in an African slave market. Was any of this real, or was I again only imagining myself to be a white whore in the service of some black Moor's cock.

No, this was no fantasy, but the reality of my situation was little different from what I had so often enjoyed as I masturbated in my shower. Hadn't I been ordered by my owner to fuck a black man I had never seen before? Wasn't I stooped on my hands and tip-toes with spread legs presenting my ass for this stranger's use and pleasure? What made the real me any different from the captive concubine of my imagination?

I was indeed only a harem cunt of a more modern age. The realization that I was no more than slave to be enjoyed by whomever my owner might choose for me, made my pussy even wetter than it was already. I was hot and ready for cock..., and resigned to my fate as a captive concubine.

The law of the harem must be obeyed whether on the Barbary Coast or in Ohio. I must take whatever penis is offered to me, be it big or small, black or white. Perhaps, in my desperation, I actually could take this huge prick in a single thrust. There was really no choice. It was either drive my poor pussy all the way to the hilt onto the oversized prong of this black stud, or be left empty and frustrated, and then whipped to boot. I had to try.

I pushed my ass back toward my tormentor, tentatively at first, waiting for him to set his prick firmly inside me. My hesitation, however, lasted only until I felt the big head of his weapon punch its way past the lips of my cunt. That was my signal. I rocked backward violently, shoving my tiny white sex on onto the huge male tube waiting behind me. It was my good fortune that as wet and slick as I was inside, a single savage thrust was enough to carry the cheeks of my ass to a finish tight against his balls.

Yes it hurt, it hurt a lot! Yes, I screamed with pain..., and then with delight. As the hurt passed, my God, but it was soooo gooood. Slowly I began to rock back and forth, sliding my slick vaginal passage along his length, jacking him off inside me, enjoying all that hard male flesh packed so tightly inside my sex. God, but this man was big. The friction of his prick against the greasy walls of my tight pussy was indescribable. I dissolved into a puddle of passion, screaming at this dark stranger who was fucking me:

"Give it to me you ghetto son of a bitch. I took your cock. I took all of it, every inch. Now God damn you, fuck me. Fuck me hard! Get me off. More, give me more you black bastard! FU-U-UC-CK ME!"

Across the room I watched Peter ejaculate into Dottie's cunt as she screamed out in the ecstasy of her final orgasm. When his last spasm subsided, and Peter spread his knees, dumping Dottie unceremoniously on the floor between his legs where she gratefully raised her tongue to his softening penis Dottie had finished sucking the shaft clean, and was licking away the jism that had spilled from her cunt onto Peter's balls by the time Harvey neared his climax. It came on him in powerful spasm to which he reacted by pulling my hips to him with all his considerable strength, forcing the head of his cock to jam itself against my cervix. The cheeks of my ass felt his belly muscles tighten as his hard penis began to jerk violently, spilling his seed deep inside me right at the mouth of my womb.

God, but it was all sooo wonderful!!


Part Seven: Dottie Explains

Harvey shoved me off his softening prick, and I fell forward to the floor on my hands and knees. Still swollen and flushed with sexual excitement, my cunt was all stretched, warm, and tingly. Seeping from my open hole was a stream of man seed that oozed down my leg.

I knew, however, that I was not yet finished. A woman so well fucked has a duty to the cock that has pleasured her so. Well mannered slut that I am, I spun around and began to make gentle tongue love to the big coal black penis that was hanging limply between Harvey's tree trunk legs. The object of my affection was soft now, but even so, it was a sex organ too big for my mouth. It was, however, ripe with the taste of our mingled juices, a perfect desert for a freshly fucked bitch. I stretched it upward with my fingers, and thankfully licked it from root to tip.

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