tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Neighbors Have Sex?

My Neighbors Have Sex?


It is not something that I have thought of much, I mean thinking of my neighbors I picture the wife Carol mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges and raking leaves. I can even see them eating meals, watching TV, perhaps even taking an occasional shower, but what I had never pictured before was the thought of them having sex. Perhaps if the Carol was a bit younger or a bit hotter, but I just never pictured the lady who looks after our cat when we're gone in any sexual way. That is until early this morning.

I was about to leave for work, I had just put my computer bag and lunch kit in my car and was walking out to pick up the newspaper. Because it was still dark outside I noticed that the light through a side window, one that faced my driveway, was turned on. I walked past and thought I heard something, but continued on to pick up the newspaper in my front lawn. While coming back I noticed that the window was open, so when I heard another strange sound I moved over against the wall and took a quick peek from the corner of the window.

The first thing I saw was Robert, the husband, who has a bad back and heart condition reclining comfortably on his back completely naked. Though not in great health, he didn't look bad for his age, perhaps a bit more stomach than most would find attractive, a few wrinkles on his face and some gray hair running over his chest. There was one part of him that did seem very fit and ready for action and it stood at attention, twitching a bit, but a quite a bit larger than I would have expected.

Although I was curious about what my neighbor looked like without clothes, I really didn't want to watch him frolic about by himself so I was about to head to my car when I noticed his wife walk in. As I mentioned before Carol was not young and certainly not someone I would have considered hot, but now peeking in her window I got a bit more encompassing view.

Her short dark hair, salted a bit with gray was a bit messy and her eyes slightly swollen from sleep, but without her glasses I really saw her eyes for the first time. Normally dark and seemingly brooding, they now just seemed intense. From the clothes she wore I would never have expected her body to look like it did. Her breasts though small, only sagged slightly and her stomach was amazingly flat. Her hips curved nicely and she had a full, soft looking bush of hair between her legs.

Once in the room she moved her small body quickly, crawling up over her husband's chest to kneel over his face. I watched from behind, as she lowered her pussy down over his face. Listening hard I could hear some wet slurping as he began eating her. Yes, I could see she enjoyed it as she moved her hands up to her breasts and ran her palms up and down over them. I wished I could see her nipples from where I stood, but instead I watched as her hips began to move.

She was grinding herself onto his face now, her ass muscles flexing as she moved. Suddenly she spoke, "Oh yes baby, like that, just like that."

She continued talking now, words I never imagined she would ever speak, "Your tongue, put it inside me, yeah, yeah. Now, back to the clit oh yes, yes I'm going to..."

His hands moved up to her ass and kneaded it hard as she continued grinding on him. She moaned loudly, grabbing the headstand of the bed and moved back and forth so quickly it was like shaking her ass and pussy over him. "Oh yes, yes," she gasped and then suddenly her whole body relaxed and she slid downward onto his chest. His face glistened with her wetness and she began kissing him wildly, letting her tongue slide over him as she tasted herself on his face.

She paused a few moments catching her breath, slowly grinding her pussy on his chest, and then on his stomach as she slid down his body. Soon his hard cock rested against her ass, still twitching in anticipation. Rising up, she turned around, facing his feet and then lowered herself onto his cock.

From my vantage point I finally got a look at her hard nipples. They were incredible, very dark against her light skin, but also incredibly large. I could gaze at them for hours but my attention moved to her face as I watched the expression on her face as she slowly impaled herself on her husband's cock. Initially I could see the concentration there as she took hold of his cock and moved it into position. It changed then as she winced a bit, perhaps at a bit of pain as the skin stuck together, but then I saw her face relax as his hard cock slipped slowly into the soft, wet, folds of her.

She had only moved up and down on him a couple of times when I could hear him moan. Wow, it must have felt amazing for him to be so close to coming after just two penetrations, of course he had just finished eating her, something that certainly would have turned me on.

Damn, she was looking at me... was she? Yes she must have been, looking right at me she smiled, then turned to watch her husband's face as she moved quickly up and down. It took just a few more thrusts and he stretched his arms out and then collapsed back onto the bed. She stopped moving but remained kneeling over him until his cock slipped limply out of her. Then she got up, glanced at me and walked into the other room, returning with a towel wrapped around her. She tossed another to her husband and said, "Come on honey, let's take a shower and clean up."

I was backing away from my window as she glanced toward me once more, then turned and walked out of the room. I limped back to my car, my hard cock poking uncomfortably into my khakis. My cock remained hard for nearly my entire trip into work as I played the scene over and over in my mind.

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