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My Neighbor's Wife


My new neighbors moved in last summer. A young couple with no children, they are the typical young newlyweds - both working at good jobs, driving new cars, living above their means in a nice respectable neighborhood.

Ted is 24, tall, athletic, very outgoing and friendly. He's got a good job as a computer network manager at a good sized nationwide company.

His wife, Mandy, is a goddess. Pure and simple. There is no other way to describe her. 23 years old, about 5'9", maybe 120 pounds of delectable goddess. Honestly, I've never seen a more beautiful woman in my life. Her body is the most perfect creation imaginable. Wavy blond hair cascading past her shoulders, brilliant blue eyes, creamy soft skin - the face of an angel. And her smile and friendly manner tops off the list. She works as a computer help desk consultant for another local company.

The first day they moved in, I stopped over there to welcome them to the neighborhood. I met him outside, as he directed the movers where to take each box. Ted took me inside to meet his wife, and what I saw would change my life forever. She was in the kitchen, her back to us, bent over opening a box that was on the floor. She wore cutoff bluejean shorts, I mean VERY cutoff. A loose, very short white blouse was showing a lot of heavenly skin. Her long slim legs were all I saw in that moment - everything else in the room faded away.

Ted spoke to her, "Honey, our new neighbor came over to welcome us, his name's John." and she raised and turned around to face us. I stood next to Ted, and did my best to maintain my composure when I first saw her face. Standing before me, smiling, was the most incredibly desirable creature I had ever seen in my entire 42 years of life. Mandy's face was that of an angel. You know how some women (very few actually) seem to remind you of a lioness or a kitten or something like that? She's one of them. A very rare, classic beauty. "Breathtaking" and "heartstopping" were among the words going through my mind at that moment (along with a few others much more graphic in nature). And I think perhaps my heart did stop for just a moment.

She held out her hand as she said," Hi! I'm Mandy, nice to meet you!"

I know there must have been a second or two delay in my response, as I had to snap myself out of my reverie. I took her hand in mine and savored her tender warm flesh as I spoke,"Nice to meet you, Mandy. And welcome, it's good to see some nice young people moving in here. I live right next door, and if you need anything at all, just let me know." It was all I could do not to drool all over her or faint on the spot.

I thought I did rather well at maintaining control given the situation. You see, at the time I'd been 'alone' for nearly a year. My wife of 20 years had been killed in an auto accident that nearly claimed us both two years earlier. I had spent over a month in the hospital, and gone to physical therapy for another three months. After that, I started going to the gym and worked at building up my body beyond the pre-accident level. At my age, I knew it was important to stay in shape, and now I was in better shape than ever before. I worked out every other day at the gym, and ran a few miles every morning. With our investments along with a sizable insurance settlement, I no longer had to work.

Our children were both grown and going to college out of state, so I was pretty much a 'bachelor' now, and this vision before me reminded me all too well that something was missing in my life. I felt a desire that I had not felt in a very long time.

The three of us talked for a few minutes, before I excused myself to let them get back to the job at hand. We talked again a few days later, and over the course of the summer, became good friends. We helped each other. They filled my need for human companionship, and I filled their need to make contact in their new location.

My house has a large inground pool and hot tub in back, and I gave them a standing invitation to come over anytime and use it. Of course, I was hoping to see 'more' of Mandy's gorgeous body. That Saturday, I called and asked if they had time to come over for a swim, and Ted said they would as soon as they got some things unpacked. A few hours later, they were at the back door, both wearing long white terry robes. I came out already in my swimming suit, and offered them something to drink. We all had a soda, and settled into the lounge chairs. I wore dark sunglasses and waited for them to lie down before I did. Ted threw off his robe and flopped down first. My eyes nearly popped out when Mandy untied her robe and let it slip off her shoulders. She wore a tiny pink thong bikini, the top of which barely concealing her full breasts, and the bottom, well, it was barely there. I could clearly see the material pulled up into the slit of her pussy, the lips on either side bulging. I quickly laid down as well, trying to calm myself and appear 'normal' as possible.

We talked about neighborhood things, and about how their move was going. I learned that Mandy was taking the next month off work to give her time to get their house organized. I again offered the use of the pool anytime either of them wanted to come over, and Mandy said she might take me up on it next week, after she got all hot and sweaty from working hard on unpacking stuff. No reaction from Ted. I tried to just keep quiet and peek at Mandy's body every chance I got. After about 30 minutes in the sun, I noticed a fine sheen of sweat covering her thighs and belly, along with a single glorious drop of moisture sliding down between her breasts. They stayed for a couple hours, then had to get back home to get ready to go out with some friends. When they left I had to jump in the cool water for a while to quench my desire.

Mandy was good for her word. Monday afternoon she knocked at the back door, asking if she could use the pool to cool down. I offered her a glass of tea, and told her sure, no problem, just come over anytime, you don't need to ask. I knew if I stayed out there with her I'd probably make a fool of myself, sO I excused myself, saying I had some investments to track online, and left her to herself.

I went straight upstairs to my bedroom window and watched from behind the curtain. God, she was gorgeous! Her long slim legs drove me crazy with desire, and her large breasts seemed about the pop the strings of that bikini. She dove into the water, and as I watched her swim and float around, I took out my cock and began stroking it. I fantasized while watching her - that I was touching her, sliding that thong down those long glorious thighs, licking that golden pussy, sucking those hard nipples. And I came. I grabbed a tissue just in time to keep from spurting all over the carpet.

When Ted got home a half hour later, he must have found a note she left him, and came right over to the pool. They swam for a while before going home to eat. I came out long enough to say goodbyes and make sure they felt comfortable enough to come back on their own whenever they wanted. I jokingly told them,"The only time it might be a problem is when I'm entertaining a female conquest in the hot tub. Interruptions then would have dire consequences!" They both laughed, knowing that I never entertained females, much less a 'conquest'.

In the next few days and weeks, Mandy and Ted were over several times, both together and separately. Mandy usually came over before Ted got home, and I usually watched her glorious body from the bedroom and masturbated. When Ted arrived, I would come out and socialize with them both.

A month after they moved in, they threw a big housewarming party and invited many of their friends over, along with a few select neighbors. I was invited, of course, and as soon as I arrived, it became obvious they were trying to 'set me up' with a female friend of Mandy's.

Mandy met me at the door with 'Tara' in tow. She introduced us, and asked Tara to take me around to meet all their other friends who had arrived. I was a little put off, but, well, Tara was a gorgeous woman, so I didn't mind too much having to spend some time with her. She was wearing a form fitted sleeveless satin dress, short enough to draw the eyes of every man in the room when she sat. We made small talk, and I learned that she was an 'older' sister of one of Mandy's high school friends. Tara was 28, very tall and slim, but not too thin, with straight auburn hair to her waist and lips to die for. We did get along pretty well. I found conversation with her fascinating. She works as an auditor, going all over the country to check up on books at the branch offices of her company, striking fear wherever she shows up. Often, after Tara leaves, heads roll, or at lease procedures get tightened up. I found her to be very confident and intelligent - a pleasure to be around. We ended up together for the entire party, having several drinks and dancing to the slow songs.

Tara was bold enough to invite herself over to my house when the party guests began leaving, on the pretext that I would show her my investment program on my computer.

We walked across the lawn, arm in arm, both a bit tipsy. I showed her through the downstairs, stopping in the study so she could see the program I used to track stocks. She seemed impressed, and teasingly said, "I just might have to come over and audit you one of these nights..."as she squeezed my hand. I grinned, and whispered, "You're welcome anytime, you can audit me to your heart's content!" She smiled. I took her hand and led her outside to see the pool and hot tub, and she sat down at the edge of the pool with her feet dangling in the water. I squatted beside her, as she splashed her feet and laughed. Suddenly, she said, "I want to swim!" and stood up, peeling her dress over her head. In one fluid motion, the dress came off and flew to the ground behind her, and her naked body smoothly dove into the water, barely making a wave. I was in shock at what I just saw. I had no idea she had been naked beneath her dress all evening. DAMN!!

She swam out to the middle of the pool and turned to me, her breasts barely below the surface, saying, "You coming in, or are you chicken? The water feels wonderful!" her voice laughing with delight.

I stood and peeled off my shirt and pants, leaving my boxers on. As I started to jump in, she waggled her finger at me, and yelled out,"Huh-uh!! NO clothing allowed! Strip 'em off, buster!" She laughed.

Might as well make this as quick as possible, I thought, not wanting my now-hard cock to show any longer than necessary. As I jumped in, my pole waving ahead of me, I remember thinking, this girl is moving way too fast...I'm not used to this kind of openness about sexuality. Then I shook my head, and said to myself, hey, it's the new millennium!

I swam out to her and we intertwined the fingers of both hands, then I spread my arms apart, pulling her close to me. Our eyes were locked as I felt her nipples against my chest, the bottom side of my cock head brushing the soft skin of her belly. We kissed, floating together, and I began to something I hadn't felt in a long time. Passion. As we kissed, I could feel sparks of electricity flowing between us.

I released her hands and wrapped my arms around her, and she began to caress my back. My hands moved over her back and down over the perfect, firm cheeks of her ass. My cock felt like a log pressed between us as I pulled her ass against me. I felt the fine fur of her pussy brush against my balls.

We floated over to where we could both touch bottom and she reached between us, her hand guiding my cock as she raised to wrap her thighs around my hips. I could feel the tip at her entrance, barely between her lips, when she wrapped both arms around my neck and impaled herself fully on my cock. NOTHING had ever felt better than her pussy wrapping itself around me as I slipped inside her hot wetness. She clung to me tightly, ankles locked behind my ass, her face buried against my chest as she hissed, "YESSSSSS!! OH, GOD, that feels SO good!!!"

Knowing from past experience that the pool water would soon wash away any lubrication, I whispered in her ear,"Let's take this party inside..." as I began walking toward shallow water, then up the steps out of the pool. She clung tightly to me, my arms wrapped firmly around her lower back, as I carried her fully impaled on my rigid cock. We approached the patio door and I opened it and entered the kitchen, both of us dripping all over the tile floor. Every step I took only served to impale my rigid cock deeper inside her. I felt her pubis grinding against mine as I walked. I carried her like that, still buried inside her, up the stairway and carefully slid her up onto my bed, staying inside her the whole time. One arm wrapped around her ass holding her tightly against me and the other supporting us until we reached the center of the bed.

She relaxed back onto the soft comforter, unlocking her ankles, opening her knees wide and placing her feet flat on the bed. She spread her arms wide, looking into my eyes as she said,"Fuck me, John, fuck me like you've wanted to all evening!! I want you to fill me with your hot cum!" She thrust her pussy up against me, burying me deeper inside her. I supported myself on my arms and pushed hard into her, fucking her with my eyes as my cock slid even deeper into her.

I began a slow, excrcuiatingly slow, movement. Sliding forward and back, letting my fully buried cock put pressure against her clit, then back away from it. Her eyes widened as she felt the sensations.

"OH, GOD! Oh, Oh, Oh!" she panted. Then I began stroking slowly out, then back inside her. I alternated, a few forward and back movements, then more in and out strokes.

Her legs wrapped around my back and she locked her ankles behind my ass, using her thighs to pull me into her deeper. I bent down to kiss her as I thrust into her, and we stayed like that for what seemed like a very long time, kissing and fucking.

She broke the kiss, panting,"OH GOD, I'm cummmiiinnnggg...". I felt her pussy tighten up around my cock and pulsate as her orgasm swept over her. At the same time, I felt my cum churning in my balls and begin it's trip through my cock. I began shooting my hot cum deep inside her, thrusting hard and holding my cock deep inside her. My cock could feel the hot wet smoothness of her pussy juice and my cum making her even slicker as I began a quick short in and out movement.

That set her off again, renewing her moaning and writhing beneath me as he came one more time with me inside her.

I collapsed, rolling her over on top of me. We both were breathing hard, trying to recover, when she got a huge grin on her face, saying,"My God, John, where did you learn to FUCK like that?? You are the best lover I've ever had!" Of course that made me feel pretty good, and I told her,"and you are the hottest woman I've had for a whole YEAR! the only one, as a matter of fact..." with a grin. she sighed and nuzzled into my chest, as I pulled the covers up over us.

The next morning, I woke up to the smell of bacon. I found her in the kitchen, fixing us breakfast. She smiled when she saw me, jokingly saying,"YOU should have a pretty healthy appetite this morning!" I agreed, saying,"Yeah, you did work me pretty hard last night...but it was worth it!"

We sat down and ate, then she helped me clean up. We talked as we cleared the dishes. She explained that she didn't want me to think that what happened last night was something she made a habit of, and that she felt something special between us. We agreed that it was special, and that we should give it some time.

We showered together, laughing and joking, teasing each other, touching and soaping and rinsing, but no sex. We were just two friends in the shower together, having a good time.

After we dressed, I walked her over to Ted and Mandy's driveway to get her car. She got in and we said our goodbyes, then Tara backed out and drove away. As I was walking back toward my house, Mandy came out the front door, grinning wide. "I see you had an overnight guest, John!" she giggled. I replied,"Oh, yeah, well, she didn't think she should be driving in her condition, so I let her sack out on my couch..."

To which Mandy said,"Oh? on the couch, huh...?" as she shook her head up and down, smiling. "I'm sure when I talk to her later she'll tell me the same thing... Well, I'm glad you two had a good time!" she continued.

"Uh, yes, we did enjoy each other's company," I agreed with a smile, and walked on to my door.

The Monday after the party, Tara had been sent to audit the Dallas office for the next month, so it was just the three of us once again.

After the party, our get togethers became more frequent, with Ted and Mandy spending nearly every evening in my back yard. We would take turns doing a cookout, then spend some time in both the pool and hot tub. On several occasions, we would all three be sitting in the hot tub with the pump running, the surface of the water covered in bubbles, and I would feel Mandy's foot 'accidentally' touch my leg. After that happened several times over a period of a few days, one time her foot didn't move away, but rather began sliding up along the inside of my thigh until her toes bumped against my cock. Ted was laying back relaxing, and didn't see a thing, but Mandy's lips formed a "wow", her eyebrows raised and her eyes got big when she touched me, and she pulled her foot back once again. I smiled, and she smiled back.

I was in shock, to think that this goddess would actually touch me in that way, even if she were only teasing. I didn't mind at all.

Then a week later, that Friday night, it happened. Ted and Mandy had been over and we'd gotten out of the hot tub about 9pm, the two of them teasing about how they had to get home and 'take care of business'. I smiled knowingly, waving them off.

An hour later, the phone rang. It was Ted, asking me to please come over, in the back, and to please be very quiet. He opened the door to let me in. Finger to his lips, he whispered,"I need you to do me a favor, buddy. Mandy and I are right in the middle of our 'fantasy game', and I just got called to work on an emergency network problem. I just need you to babysit her for maybe an hour. Come here, I'll show you..."

Ted led me down the darkened hallway to their bedroom. I was completely puzzled, wondering what the hell he was talking about, but I followed him. Just outside their bedroom door, he stopped, and whispered,"Don't be too shocked at what you're about to see, we do this at least once a week. Mandy likes to be blindfolded and tied down, then teased for hours at a time. She's got headphones on, listening to some soft sexy music, and she'll never know you're here - or that I'm gone. The last time I got called out to work like this, she got major pissed and I didn't get any pussy for a month. That's why I don't want her to know I left. Just fill in for me for a while, maybe give her a drink when she needs one, maybe caress her legs, anything like that. While she's blindfolded, she likes to pretend that it's someone besides me with her, so she won't expect you to say anything. She may ask you to do things to her - just touch her arms and legs, that'll keep her warmed up for me, ok?" I nodded, and he quietly opened their bedroom door.

The room was illuminated by a few dozen candles. Mandy was, as Ted said, tied spreadeagle in the middle of their bed, with a sheet loosely thrown over her, covering her from shoulders to knees. The headphones had a long cable to the stereo across the room. She was rocking herself from side to side, as if dancing to the beat of the music. I was mesmerized. In a state of shock, I could only stand and stare. The candlelight on what little skin that was exposed seemed to make her glow.

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