tagMatureMy Neighbour, Reciprocity Ch. 02

My Neighbour, Reciprocity Ch. 02


James owed me, specifically he owed me one whole day of unquestioning obedience with absolutely no limits on my part. Naturally, in between, he tied me up and I really suffered for teaching him how to tease me so effectively when I had been a schoolgirl. He also tortured me with his tongue until I promised to teach him how to use my vibrators to the best effect. He's bought a new chair, the small comfortable arm chair in his bedroom disappeared and was replaced with a simple wooden one with low arms. It was his torture chair. Your legs are lifted over the arms and your ankles secured to the uprights leaving you wide open. Your wrists are secured next to your knees and your elbows fastened to the arms. Finally, two straps go round your hips and chest and two more over your shoulders so that you really are completely immobilised.

Once secured in that frightful chair your mouth, nipples, pussy and anus are all very accessible and you can be gagged, blindfolded and fitted with ear muffs, very easily: that's James new trick, he places headphones over my ears and plays my own breathing back to me very loudly indeed. Then he teases me mercilessly and I have to listen to myself moan, pant and sigh. Alternatively, he stops teasing me, indeed stops touching me altogether and leaves me blindfolded listening to recordings of my own previous orgasms: God, am I a little tramp sometimes. Still I play him recordings of him begging me to let him come, one single session I taped of him lasts fifteen minutes and it's good and thoroughly humiliating. It's an excellent introduction to a session of slow masturbation, it reminds him of what's to come, i.e. not him for a while. We did try the schoolgirl scenario again, but it did not work a second time, the continuous elements of surprise were missing and its real success was completely dependent upon them: Snow White and the incredibly inventive dwarves was much more fun as a special treat.

I went to talk to Valerie. As I mentioned, Valerie is the secretary at my daughter's school and she and I go back a long way, right back to before my ex and I split. Perhaps I need to expand upon this, I love the attentions of women in bed, especially once I'm already randy. As long term partners, however, women are a disaster: they want control in all the wrong places; they attempt to over-mother a troop of already suspicious children to death, which really puts off the kids; they have fixed ideas about diet, which don't suit my love of good food, big tits and big hips; they have headaches. After my ex and I had split Val and I tried to make a go of it but we soon parted again, remaining the best of friends in bed, occasionally; but, day to day, we were so very incompatible. No, if you have to share your life give me a simple straightforward man any day; better that self-centred Neanderthal than a caring sharing cerebral, well except for James: but then we did not live together, the kids would have been outraged - or in my daughters case, probably both jealous and outraged at the same time.

Valerie's sex life of late had been even less exciting than mine had been before I seduced James. Her kids were older, she is in her early fifties. But she is a fitness freak and blinding for her age, firm tits, firm buttocks and a soft kind of face that sucks you in with its look off innocent incomprehension. A few more lines than I, a few more grey hairs; well I was not going to introduce James to someone younger and more pretty than myself, was I? It was Val and her husband - who, sadly, soon after died of cancer - together with my ex, who demonstrated the 'spit roast' to me and the latter two who shortly, thereafter, initiated me into the delights it had to offer. It was Val who introduced me to the pleasures that women can offer women. We shared threesomes, foursomes and moresomes. Willing? She was delighted to be offered a share of my latest conquest. We remembered old times, drank some wine and then remembered old times once more but now cuddled up in bed together: children are stupid, if their mum takes a man to bed they are outraged and disgusted, but take an old woman friend to bed and they think it's sweet and cute.

Val was very happy to go along with my plan, so I went round to see James, reminded him that he owed me twenty four hours of total submission, ordered him to be stood in his front room, stark naked, on Saturday afternoon at two o'clock, blindfolded, in the contrite position and I borrowed a door key. Naturally Valerie and I made him wait until half past two before we crept in as silently as we could. I tied his hands behind his back, wrists secured to opposite elbows, hobbled him and had him kneel before one of the chairs. I pretended to sit down but really it was Valerie who sat in the chair, legs akimbo. It was Valerie who grabbed his hair and dragged his face onto her pudenda to receive a very comprehensive licking. To help fool James, she had carefully shaved her pussy, washed herself using my soap and dabbed herself with my perfume so at this point he had no idea that his tongue was teasing and tantalising the slit of a complete stranger. By the time Valerie had had two or three very pleasant orgasms I was very wet and very jealous: I had a first class view too, I had my head next to hers, she was desperately biting her lip to keep silent whilst I faked orgasms to encourage James to believe that he was pleasuring me.

Enough, I pulled James's head up, fixed a collar around his neck, clipped a leash to it and dragged him round the room. Tied as he was he had to shuffle behind me in a most undignified manner, so I shot off a couple of snaps with Valerie clearly in the back ground giggling silently, with her legs still splayed wide showing off her pussy. Finally, I led James to the other chair and had him lick me to ecstasy, but only after I had set the Polaroid camera up opposite on its tripod, we have a really long shutter release cable: I even made him pause each time I developed a photograph. So far so good, I was pretty certain that he had no idea that there were really two of us there. I had had three orgasms, taken two photographs and as I collected the second I secretly swapped places with Valerie so a third picture showed James licking her off to her fourth delight of the day. Watching one another was making us both, both very excited and very wet, but we did have to be careful: too much body contact and James would spot the difference, Val's breasts are quite a bit smaller than mine, her bum leaner and she could not risk a kiss on the mouth.

We led James around on his lead, made him lick skin, teased his stiff prick and I took a great shot of him in Valerie's mouth. Finally, we took turns to bend over the front of the chair whilst he sank his shaft in our slick pussies and I snapped another great view, James with the head of his penis just inside Valerie's dribbling sex. After this Valerie snuck back to my flat with the photos of us and I untied James, gave him a through teasing and extracted a very pleasant half hour of his tongue and fingers working my clit and pussy.

James jumped at a loud knock on the door. "Well go and answer your door."

"What dressed like this?"

"Yes, you have to do exactly as I tell you, remember. Anything! And I say answer the door." For the first time that evening his erection wilted.

He cheated and hid behind the door as he opened it, he would pay for that.

"Hi, my name's Val, Judy said to come over as soon as I was ready, you must be James," she extended a hand forcing him to move into full view. "Judy told me that she was going to tease you mercilessly and asked if I would help her, she thought it would be much more humiliating if you had an audience. She said I should listen to you beg for an orgasm, she says you're really good at that. Hopefully I can straddle your mouth so that you can lick my pussy, Judy tells me you're very good at that too. Then once you can't bare the pressure in you cock and your balls ache with lust, well we've a surprise or two for you, even then. But first a nice session of humiliation. Now run along and make us tea, gallons of tea and no sugar." James's erection was returning rapidly.

James brought us the tea, poured it with due ceremony, topped the teapot up with hot water and waited standing contritely, hands on the back of his head, head bowed looking at the ground. "James go across to my flat and fetch the chocolate digestives from the kitchen." James looked worried and his erection subsided again. "Oh and your responses are getting a bit slow, so bring the cane with you, it's in the cupboard in my bedroom, in a box on the shelf above my collection of naughty books, here's the keys." At that he shot off and returned pretty promptly, of course there was no one about, but you can never be certain, can you? I heard him go to the kitchen which I had not told him to do, but I forgave him that, as he had simply arranged the biscuits on a plate. He handed me the cane and resumed his contrite pose.

"James would you like to screw Valerie, bury that stiff little pole of yours in her warm moist hole?"

"Ma'am I will do whatever you ask of me."

"Perhaps I should order you to suck and lick her pussy till she comes and comes again?"

"If it pleases you ma'am." I was pleased, his erection was as firm as ever so he clearly has no objections."

"But Judy dear he's already done that," and she showed a photograph to James. He blushed and his organ flopped.

"What the hell! How on earth - Where ever? When?" I could see understanding fill his face. "You - you both - earlier on?"

"And I'm glad that you don't mind screwing Valerie because you've done that too," and I showed him another photograph. "Anyway you are a very naughty boy, speaking out of turn and with such indignation too: you do exactly as I say, one day of complete obedience with absolutely no limits on my part, no limits at all and naughty boys must be punished, mustn't they Valerie?"

"They certainly must Judith. Bend over, touch your toes. Get those knees straight."

"Please ma'am, I can't."

"You can't!"

"Please ma'am I'm not that supple."

"My God, useless. Grab your ankles then." James hates pain, he was completely flaccid and beginning to shrivel. Valerie picked up the cane and held it across his bottom, rolling it up and down his muscular buns, thoughtfully. She froze and James almost fell over as he anticipated what she was about to do. She pulled back her arm but then gently swung the switch between his legs to lightly touch his scrotum and use the tip to prod his balls from side to side. "Tempting; very tempting," she mused, "but then again I might cut off my nose to spite my face." She delivered a sharp tap to his buttocks, enough to sting for a few seconds but not really hard enough to hurt. "You stupid oaf, why are you stood there like a wet hen whilst my good friend Judith has to pore her own tea?"

He jumped up and rushed to complete the task for me. Then sensibly resumed his position. Another sharp tap, "And my cup, is it not empty too?" It was now, Valerie had just drained the contents in a single gulp. Each time he completed the next task he bent over, Valerie found a new job that he really ought to have anticipated and delivered a light rap for his inattention: I needed the biscuits, she needed the biscuits, there were no napkins, his legs were not spread wide enough, the napkins were too big we had to have serviettes, he had to get them from my flat, he was too slow. It was not lost upon either of us that James's erection had returned.

"I need to pee," declared Valerie, "have you taught him the routine?"

I didn't even know that there was a routine but obviously Valerie had one, so I said, "he's a man, they're so forgetful, you had best remind him."

"First you will go to the toilet, raise the lid, lower the seat and sit on it to warm it for me. When it is pleasantly comfortable you will call me and when I arrive you will raise the back of my skirt, stand, assist me to sit, continuing to hold my skirt up at the back so that there is no danger of me soiling it. When I have emptied my bladder you will run a basin of warm water and then wash my pussy with a damp flannel most thoroughly, no soap; finally pat my private parts dry with a soft, fluffy towel. Your thoroughness will be checked." James looked stunned but lumbered off: I had forgotten, Valerie herself was no novice at role play and enjoyed it every bit as much as I did.

We had drunk a lot of tea and I too soon needed the loo, I entered to discover Val sat on the edge of the bath, her legs spread wide apart and James using his tongue to check that her ablutions had totally removed any trace of her discharge. Somewhat crossly - Valerie had agreed that she would only take pleasure from James when I was there to witness it - I explained that I needed the facility, urgently. Valerie, obviously irritated, stood in the doorway to watch and James sat on the seat to warm it up once more. After James had sat me down, held my skirt up, helped me up and cleaned me up, I too sat on the edge of the bath so that we could establishing the effectiveness of his handiwork, I could understand Valerie's annoyance at having a very delightful orgasm interrupted; but I had rights, I was - after all - in charge. I hope James did not miss a spot with his flannel because his tongue was not allowed to.

Naturally, he was gently punished again for his sins, he had not left the lid of the loo seat down, he had not cleaned the porcelain under the seat properly, there was a pubic hair in the wash basin, Valerie's tea cup was empty, the tea had gone cold. We slipped James's leash on again, he was still wearing his collar, in fact all he was wearing was his collar, and took him for walks round the flat. I taught him to kneel up and beg for biscuits, Valerie hit his bottom for getting chocolate all round his mouth. Eventually, however, it was nearly time for some serious teasing and definitely time for high tea.

Before we sent him to make the tea I produced a small black cloth bag containing James's outfit. We dressed him in red suspenders, black stockings and a white, bib fronted, frilly apron that went over his head, covered his chest, tied at the waist and, just, covered his genitals, although when he put it on it stuck out prominently at the front. Mercifully, for a man, he had smallish feet and we had been able to buy him some black, patent high heeled shoes off the shelf, which he was hardly able to walk in. We topped his outfit off with a big red bow-tie. He looked sweet. Valerie and I spent a happy twenty minutes dropping things for James to pick up so we could goose his crotch, pinch his bottom and generally expose him to all those, 'harmless bits of fun' that men were so keen to deliver to women: this was a bit unfair because James himself was always the perfect gentleman, but it was still fun.

We had James brew a fresh pot of tea, and whilst it brewed he had to make us cucumber and smoked salmon sandwiches. The smoked salmon was in my flat so he had had to totter across the hall to fetch it. So were the cakes and he had had to make a second wobbly trip. Valerie administered three strokes of the cane for his first attempt at the sandwiches - I admired her control, the strokes obviously stung but left no prolonged mark nor lasting pain, although they were getting harder and James did not seem to have noticed this - he had made cucumber and smoked salmon sandwiches whereas any fool maid should have known that you made the cucumber sandwiches and the smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches separately. He earned three more strokes for failing to cut the crusts off the cucumber sandwiches. When we were done we sent James for an oven dish, scraped the remains into it, cake and sandwiches all together, placed the dish on the floor and, after tying his hands behind his back, ordered James to eat it up: that was truly comical, so hilarious that he actually lost his erection. Finally, we sent him to wash up and as he rinsed the dishes we goosed him and pinched his bottom once more.

Valerie announced that it was time to get James hard again and by the time she had stripped him he was. We led him to the bedroom and tied him over my special cushion on his big brass bed, rendering him almost immobile, he could wiggle his fingers but not even his toes. We licked him all over, well all except for the twitching rod of iron that protruded from his groin. Valerie straddled him and performed a tasteful striptease, whilst I tickled his balls and fingered his anus. Then, of course, she submitted him to a full fifteen minutes of slow masturbation; after five minutes his begging and pleading began to irritate us so we gagged him too. Once she was done we exchanged roles and I did the strip whilst she tormented him and I was merciful, for I only administered ten minutes of slow masturbation; I don't think he appreciated my largess.

"Time for his show," I said. At this point James needed a rest and I usually read him stories from those dirty magazines that he, and his kind, appeared to derive so much pleasure from in those days. Tonight was different, we released him but only to secure him in his 'torture chair'. Then I placed my head next to his, signalled to Valerie until she had angled the mirror behind the bed to give him a perfect view and then I too jumped upon the bed, joining Valerie, dragged her on top of me and began to kiss her passionately. We graduated to sucking each others nipples and I was soon licking her clit, sucking on her labia and fingering her hot wet pussy; she rapidly dissolved into a train of shuddering orgasms.

When her paroxysms had ceased I grabbed her hair and rammed her head between my thighs. She responded in kind and I was soon equally transported with delight as I came over and over again. James, had two different views of us expending our lusts, one in the mirror and the other direct. When, finally, I was spent Valerie hissed "do me again, I'm already ready." So I did and she exploded with pleasure two, perhaps, three times more. In their turn, her sensual responses set me off again so, for a second time, we exchanged roles and I too achieved a series of ecstatic orgasms. Poor James, he was rocking the chair with frustration, God knows what the people downstairs thought.

After his cabaret we returned James to the bed, bound him, gagged him, blindfolded him and Valerie straddled his face and had him lick her sopping wet sex whilst she teased his nipples with her finger nails; I teased his balls and his anus once more. Eventually she leaned forwards and resumed those dreadful repetitions of twenty slow strokes, interspersed with ten rapid ones, that constitute slow masturbation. I slipped away to set-up his final surprise. When I returned I swapped places with Valerie and had him lick my slick wet pussy, back and forth from clit to vagina. I was oozing with juice, thick, slick and rich with the aroma of a woman on heat. Poor man, I waited until he serviced me with a small climax and then dismounted him. I delivered his fourth session of slow masturbation with the added stimulus of both of his nipples being licked. James responded with the most frantic struggles I had see him attempt thus far. Finally, we relented, popped his gag and gave him the pleasure of feeling his prick sink deep in one of our pussies, but which one? Of course, blindfolded as he was, he had no idea but as his manhood was engulfed completely he emitted the most enormous grunt of satisfaction. It took just five long languorous strokes to initiate his orgasm.

We, all three shouted, "surprise", I ripped James's sleep mask away and he discovered that he was, quite uncontrollably, dumping his seed into a grey haired granny of sixty years, my friend Sybil: she had been a beauty and it still showed, but these days her skin was somewhat wrinkled and slightly slack, her hands reddened with work; her breasts sagged a little, nipples seeming to be rather high and their teats correspondingly low. As he came Sybil increased the tempo of her undulations and, literally, rang him out; whatever he thought of Sybil he could not control himself and his climax was long and noisy.

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