tagInterracial LoveMy New Neighbor Yuki Ch. 03

My New Neighbor Yuki Ch. 03


I woke up exactly at around 8am the next morning, after my call with Yuki last night. I went straight for the shower, and half groggy from just waking up I soaped up my body including my cock. My cock was rock hard, and proudly sticking up into the air like a night stick, and it was primed and ready for Yuki today. I washed myself, shaved my armpits and my beard and even I took a good twenty minutes shaving my cock, of any hair. Now it was just my thick, hard meat between my legs and nothing more.

I got dressed in a clean pair of plain denim jeans, and put on my 'Walking Dead' t-shirt in homage to one of my favorite TV shows that I watched.

I went into the kitchen, to cook up some eggs and toast for myself before heading over to Yuki's house. With my plate of scrambled eggs, and toast I sat on my sofa watching the morning news report, keeping my ears open to hear Gensi's car leave. I didn't have to wait long, at about 8:55am I heard his SUV pull out and the sound of tires soon disappeared.

I was about to get my own boots on, and go over to Yuki's when the buzzer on my front door sounded.

Who the fuck was calling at my door so early?

My parents lived in San Fransisco, and if they were going to visit me they would have let me know by phone call before they made the journey.

I got up, barefoot and went to answer my door.

I unlocked the latch, and pulled it open with a hard yank.

Low and behold, it was my Japanese queen Yuki herself.

She was standing shyly on my door step dressed in her Conservative outfit for the day.

"James." She whispered, her eyes were not on mine, but on her feet.

She was confident, she didn't have to dress like a stripper to invoke my sexual urges for her.

I smiled at her attire.

She was wearing a conservative grey cardigan buttoned up, over a white simple top underneath.

A modest long, flowing skirt finished her housewife look, grey also but with flower patterns across it.

I assumed she was wearing a pair of tanned pantyhose under her skirt, and flat-sole shoes on her feet.

She was so shy, I was afraid if I spoke too loud she would flee.

"I was about to come over to you, Yuki." I said smiling at her.

Yuki forced a sweet smile, as best she could. She slowly rubbed her hands, nervously.

"I wanted to surprise you, Gensi gone to work, Riko at school. I want to spend day with you." She said low a tone.

I smiled, god she was beautiful and wanting me.

I gently put my hand out and she slowly took it, I squeezed her hand and pulled her inside slowly. It was an erotic emotion flowing over me, she wanted me more than her own husband, and was giving herself to me fully.

I closed the door behind her, and we simply stood together in silence.

Yuki was still looking down at her feet, in her shy way.

"Does Gensi suspect anything?" I asked her, still squeezing her hand.

Yuki looked up at me, shaking and swung her head left to right.

"He no care, but no he not know. He in rush this morning for work, act as if I not even there." Yuki said sadly.

I smiled, I wanted to make her feel happy, feel loved, things Gensi was not doing for her. I pulled her close, she was off balance due to the surprise of the movement but she was close against me. I said nothing, but drew her face closer to mine and pressed my lips against her mouth. At first she was unresponsive, mainly I think because she was so shy, and it took her by surprise.

I kissed her passionately as a man would with a woman, and slid my tongue into her mouth as it connected against hers. She moaned hard against my tongue intruding in her mouth, but touched hers against mine.

My hands roamed, as if I was putting out a fire on her body.

I lifted up her skirt from the back with my hands and exposed her pantyhose clad legs and ass as I assumed right.

What she did next surprised me, without any force or even advice from me to her she put her small, cute hand on my big bulge squeezing it through my jeans.

"You big today." She surmised using her hands, most likely sizing up my cock.

"I'm always big for you." I said boasting, as I felt her hand stroke my cock.

Yuki nodded, her eyes fixated on my bulge and her hands roughly pawing at it.

"You have big penis." She said stuttering her words.

I smiled and kissed her exposed neck seductively.

"No, call it what I call it Yuki." I told her, and she looked up at me.

"You have big... cock." She said slowly, watching my reaction to see if she had said it correctly.

"Correct, good." I said acting as if I was a teacher to her, well I was teaching her things so to speak.

Yuki was still looking into my eyes, smiling but also still showing signs of reluctance.

"I take, big penis... I mean cock out?" She asked me like a child would ask.

I smiled at how she asked, how erotic it was that what we were doing to each other was almost alien to her.

"Yes you must take my big cock out, if we're to have our fun day together." I said, hell I wanted to sound like a camp staff with a young teenage camper.

With trembling hands, she grabbed hold of the zipper on my jeans and pulled it down. She didn't need to pull my cock through the fly, as due to how hard I was it pushed out with force. Slowly her hand took it hold of my cock, and stroked it.

I needn't have to ask, or tell or even instruct her to do anything as she seemed to know what she wanted.

I got that feeling from how she was being with me, since she had come to my door instead of waiting for me.

"Starting from today, no more tanned color pantyhose on you. I will buy you pantyhose in all kinds of colors, but nothing plain on you from now on." I said instructing her.

"I only have tan color pantyhose at home." Yuki explained, still stroking my member in her hand.

"Then we will go shopping today, before Riko gets home." I said, it wasn't a suggestion, it was my plan for us today.

"We go buy, I always wanted purple pantyhose. Gensi never liked colors, he want me in plain colors." Yuki gasped, as my hands explored her big, mature ass rubbing it through the pantyhose.

"We're going to get you some fishnets as well, and sexy underwear for you to wear. Hide it here, or someplace at home he can't find them." I said advising her, I didn't want Gensi finding out our little secret with each other.

She nodded, and went back to stroking my bare, hard cock as I kissed her on the lips.

"Let's go shops now." I said smiling, I wanted her to want me so bad as to beg for it, or want it out in public with me.

Yuki was sad, and she wouldn't let go of my cock.

"I want cock now." She grumbled like a little girl.

I smiled, rubbing her big ass through her pantyhose.

"Let's buy you some outfits, and you can have my nice cock later." I said letting her skirt drop again covering her ass, and legs.

She huffed loudly, and slowly pushed my cock back into my jeans and zipped it up, all the while she seemed disappointed.

"You'll be sucking on it, and taking deep inside you in no time. Come one let's go." I said smiling, as I pulled my sneakers on because they slipped on quickly.

She nodded, disappointed but forcing a smile. I took her hand, and quickly guided her out of my house, and locking the door before going to my car. I quickly got her into the passenger seat, squeezing her ass all the while until I went around to my side of the car. I opened it, and getting into my seat I didn't care if my neighbors saw us, it was so early I hoped everyone was at work, or sleeping still.

Yuki was smiling at me as I started the engine, I pawed her pantyhose clad thigh through the skirt and then pulled out of my drive onto the road, and towards the Mall I drove.

Twenty Five Minutes Later, 9:30am, Town Mall

The drive only lasted about 20 minutes or so, interjected with random groping of Yuki sitting next to me, and even she grabbed my cock without warning through my jeans as we sat in traffic. She was like a giddy school girl again, she may have been a mature woman with a daughter, but she could still act like a dirty girl for me. I was even tempted to take my cock out, and have her suck it as we waited in the traffic. But the last thing I wanted was someone calling the police on us, another driver watching us maybe. As she grabbed my cock again through my jeans, she smiled beaming.

"Big cock, is mine." She giggled in a cheeky, giddy tone.

I smile, just loving this change over her behavior and let her paw at my rigid, rock hard cock for as long as she liked. We eventually made it to the Mall car park, and I pulled my car into a suitable space, turning off the engine.

As I did, Yuki leaned over to me and kissed me deeply before pulling away and stepping out of the car. I was in bliss, and with difficulty being rock hard in my jeans I stepped out of my car before locking it. Yuki as ecstatic, smiling she took my arm and put it around her waist from behind and she was literally letting me hold her close, as a couple would.

All of a sudden her hand grabbed my cock through my jeans, in the middle of the busy car park and she was smiling.

"Big cock, owns me." She said, getting overexcited.

I tried to push her hand away, but she was squeezing hard on my cock. She took her hand away, as a couple were walking past us, looking at us disapprovingly.

"Yuki, you're going to get us arrested." I said trying to reason with her, in a calm tone.

She smiled, beaming at me, Christ I wondered what I released from her on myself. Was I going to regret opening her up to her sexual urges?

She smiled at me, putting her arm around my own waist and holding me lovingly.

"I love you, I'm sorry I don't want us arrested." She giggled.

I smiled, and still in some shock we made our way inside the mall. We got immediate stares from other couples, and shoppers. It was the older Japanese woman lovingly holding her younger Western lover, and him doing the same. It must have looked like something out of the Twilight Zone, but I just smiled away as we began to look into shop displays for any sexy outfits for Yuki.

Yuki was drawn to some nice dresses, elegant clothes and such, but still sexy.

I liked that about her, the idea of taking her out for a lovely meal, and a drink actually appealed to me. It was like courting her, instead of the dirty side of simply fucking her. We passed some nice stores specializing in dresses, and Yuki seemed really interested in the ones on display, a lovely tight fitting purple dress. I made a mental note to buy it for her, either before we left the mall or another time.

I was in a frisky, horny mood so I dropped my hand from her back down to her ass and began to squeeze it through her skirt.

Yuki shivered, and smiled at me as she stood as still as she could as my hand played with her ass. She smiled and we began to walk towards another store front, as my hand was visibly to all shoppers around us groping a mature, Japanese mother of one's ass. We walked around some more, and settled on an Agent Provocateur store that specialized in sex clothing, and outfits.

We entered the shop, to everyone we were quite a taboo couple, but a couple nevertheless. We were soon greeted by a young redhead store clerk, and she smiled at me and then at Yuki. Yuki smiled and holding my hand in one hand, and letting my other squeeze her ass she spoke.

"My boyfriend and me looking to buy sexy clothes." She said in her cute, sexy broken English.

The redhead was lost for words, and she wasn't sure what to really say to that.

"Well, we have a number of outfits, and sexy attire for a girlfriend to wear for her boyfriend. Follow me, I'll check your size and measurements so we can get exactly what you guys want." She said smiling, and Yuki and me followed her to a changing room. Yuki went in letting go of my hand, as the redhead store clerk needed to measure Yuki in privacy.

The redhead clerk smiled at me, as she pulled the curtain closed behind her and Yuki. I stood and waited looking at some of the nearby racks of clothes, and merchandise. There was so much, Christ I was probably going to spend at least quarter of my savings in this store buying things for Yuki. My mind was going wild, thinking of what I wanted Yuki to wear for me. I was looking through a rack of different colored fishnets, and lingerie when the redhead clerk stepped out from the cubicle leaving Yuki inside and walked over to me smiling.

"She's very beautiful, real curves like a mature woman. She asked me to ask what you like her to wear, and to help you look for the stuff. I'll take it back and have her try them on, and if they fit they're safe." She smiled at me.

I nodded, giving a weak smile.

"Well I would like fishnets, crotchless pantyhose for her to wear, at home... and in public." I said, and the redhead clerk was taken aback.

"In public?" She asked surprised.

I smiled expecting this response from her, hell I was counting on it.

"Yup, for both at home and outside together." I said with a straight face.

The redhead clerk just smiled, forcing it most likely.

"I'm just surprised really, a woman like her so free out in public that's all if you don't mind me saying so." She smiled, and coughed to indicate she didn't want to say anymore about it.

"Well as for things such as fishnets, both stocking type and pantyhose we have them all in stock, in all colors." The clerk said turning to a rack of clothing I hadn't seen yet, pairs of pantyhose, and stockings on mannequin legs.

I smiled loving how they all looked, imagining how they would look on Yuki's own legs and ass.

"Every color you have and design, both in fishnet and normal pantyhose. Don't care how much, that's the first purchase." I said, and turned to her and I could see she was surprised, at such a quick choice.

"Sir... that's about $250 alone in that purchase." She said stuttering, wondering if I was rich maybe.

"That's fine, next purchase." I said simply.

The clerk followed me as I walked down the first aisle of clothing racks.

"What's on this aisle?" I asked simply.

"Em bondage, and domination toys and items. Everything from handcuffs, to blindfolds and ball gags." She said out of breath following after me.

"Write this down miss." I said simply to her and inspected the rack of items, and toys.

She struggled pulling from her pocket a notepad, and a pen but managed it eventually before I began giving her the order.

"Two pairs of handcuffs, with spare keys. Two blindfolds in black, two ball gags in red, both of them. Leg restraints, one pair of them. I also want a few dog collars, all colors and studded with chains to walk her around with. That's all on this aisle." I said simply, and I saw the clerk try her best to write down the order from memory but eventually she stopped writing and smiled. But she seemed uncomfortable to know what I was planning to use these items for, with a woman almost fifty years in age and obviously a mother. It was seedy, and taboo.

I moved around the corner to the next aisle, and it was all leather and PVC clothing and items. The store clerk caught up with me, with ragged breathing.

"Right, I want corsets all designs in PVC material, that fit her measurements. I don't mind if its tight slightly on her chest, make her breasts push up but not tight on her stomach. I don't want her in pain. I want the arm length black latex gloves, three pairs. I also like the look of those latex stockings, I want two pairs of them with suspenders for the corsets." I explained.

This went on for almost twenty minutes, every aisle and all we went to I made a large purchase. So much I ordered that the clerk had to write onto three pages to have everything I ordered recorded. She called on a small radio she carried on her waist, for the storeroom clerk back there to come out. It was a young guy, about twenty or over with a floppy mane of black hair. She handed him the three pages, and told him to bring it all out in boxes, and a lifter with wheels to take them to my car. I smiled as Yuki came out of the changing room looking surprised.

"You not want me to try on first, make sure fit?" She asked in broken English.

I smiled moving towards her, I took her hand.

"I want us to try them once we get home, besides the clerk took your measurements so it should be OK." I smiled looking at the redhead clerk once again, and she forced a smile.

Myself and Yuki holding hands walked up to the counter, and I pulled out my wallet from my jeans pocket. The clerk began to dial into the electronic cash register, and putting in the items we bought. This took about two minutes, and eventually she brought up the cost on the screen the customer could see.

Jesus Christ the readout was high; the cost of the whole shopping trip here was exactly $2,457, zero cents.

"That will be, $2,457 dollars sir. How would you like to pay?" She asked smiling, she was going to get a commission for this I bet, for this sale alone today.

Yuki shivered, and gasped out.

"James that's expensive, you not have to buy." She whispered to me, but the redhead clerk could hear her.

The redhead clerk was scared, of losing this sale. Perhaps I would have second thoughts and change my mind on buying all this stuff. So this fear must have pushed her to say what no one would have expected.

"Ma'am, all the stuff your lovely boyfriend has bought for you both will make for interesting days and nights together. He's going to fuck you senseless tonight." The clerk said smiling, hoping that her charm won us over her vulgar assumption.

Yuki slowly smiled, and the clerk had gotten to her dirty, sexual urges she had inside her. Yuki turned to me and kissed me once, a lingering kiss on my cheek before pulling back. Taking that as a cue that Yuki was happy with what we had bought, I handed the clerk my bank card. She was smiling, please with herself and put the card through.

The chimes of the cash register, and the card reader said my card was just fine for this transaction all the while Yuki happily squeezed my hand... and my cock, right in front of the clerk.

I could have shit a brick right then, as the clerk's eyes went wide in shock as Yuki still smiling squeezed my rod through my jeans.

Yuki giggled, squeezing my rock, hard cock obviously in front of her.

I smiled, but it was forced as I was fighting off the pleasure Yuki was giving me squeezing my cock.

The store clerk, willing to watching this sex show to guarantee the sale simply smiled and as quickly as she could tore the receipt and card from the reader, handing it to me nervously.

"Thank you." I groaned taking the card and receipt.

The clerk's face was picture photo perfect, mouth agape and forcing a smile.

"Enjoy your evening sir, and ma'am. You have everything you need for a great workout... I mean evening." She stammered.

Me and Yuki turned around together, and left the store and I had a smirk on my face. We waited for the store clerk to follow us with the wheeled mover, and he was taking four large boxes on the mover with us back to the car park.

We made our way to the car park, and out of the storeroom clerk's sight Yuki was in public, stroking my cock through my jeans again. This made walking with her quite difficult. At the car, the storeroom clerk quickly put the boxes into the boot of the car, and I gave him a $5 dollar note. He was pleased, and ran back to the store. We decided to go back inside the mall, one more store I wanted us to visit.

"Why we go back inside, James? You not want to try out clothes, with me back home?" Yuki asked again like a disappointed child, being taken away from her favorite toy.

"Soon." I chuckled, and rubbed her large ass through the skirt.

"I want us to get you some more conservative clothes, normal stuff so Gensi don't figure out things when he sees you wearing a lacy bra beneath your top." I said, and we slowly made our way back to the mall. Again without even warning me, Yuki was pawing at my cock through my jeans once more. God she was like a wild Puma. We made our way in and soon found store front displays with the type of clothing, Yuki was wearing right now with me.

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