tagSci-Fi & FantasyMy New Pet Elf Ch. 03

My New Pet Elf Ch. 03


I tried hard to concentrate on my work, but it's hard to be productive when a gorgeous three-foot-tall slut is kneeling under your desk with her mouth around your dick. Finally I stopped trying. I scooted my chair back and looked down at my pet elf, Emilliae.

She was wearing the porno version of women's business attire: Pantyhose, a short, brown skirt that clung tightly to her hips and a too-tight white blouse, the top buttons of which looked ready to snap from the pressure of her (proportionally) huge tits. To complete the look she wore a set of half frame glasses perched on the tip of her nose as she looked over them and up at me while she licked my dick. She smiled.

"Do I fill the job requirements, sir?" she asked playfully. "I really need this job, and I've always wanted to be a slutty secretary."

"You're hired." I smirked. "You better work hard, though. If you slack I'll have to punish you."

"OOOO," she cooed, "I'd just HATE to be punished! I better get to work then." She took the head of my dick into her mouth and sucked hard.

It had been about three months since I found Emilliae out by the river. She had acted haughty at first, but that was all an act meant to tantalize me into fucking her hard. She got her wish, and after I pumped my cum into her pussy, she informed me that we had formed a magical pact and that she would serve as my slave for the rest of my life.

When I took her back home I found her husband waiting for me. He tried to kill me so he could take his wife back with him to Faeton, land of the elves. To be honest I felt some sympathy for the little guy, but not enough to give up my new pet elf. I had to humiliate him a little bit to make him go away. Hopefully he's going to have to wait until I die of old age before he gets his wife back.

Until then she was all mine, and right now, she was deepthroating me. "Fuck," I grunted, and came down her throat. She looked up at me as she swallowed, with her lips sealed around the base of my shaft and her nose in my pubic hair. From the look in her eyes, I guessed that she would have been grinning happily if her lips weren't stretched around my cock. She pulled back as my orgasm receded. A few drops of cum fell on the carpet and she bent to lick them up.

"Cleanliness is important in the workplace," she giggled.

"Get me hard again," I ordered. "I want your pussy."

"With pleasure, boss." She took my softening dick into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it as it began to swell.

Someone knocked on my door. I hurriedly pushed Emilliae under my desk and scooted in my chair. "Come in!"

My boss, Jeff, opened the door and stepped in.

"Jeff," I said, "What can I do for you?" Jeff closed the door and leaned in over my desk, clearly trying to be intimidating.

"Your productivity is down, Jason," he said, ominously. He was clearly trying to scare me and I wasn't having it. I looked him right in the eyes.

"Yeah, sorry about that. I'm a little distracted with personal matters."

"I don't care about your... he screwed up his mouth imitating a mentally impaired person. "'personal matters'! I don't like you Jason. Upper management says I can't fire anyone without cause; otherwise you'd have been fired months ago. If your productivity doesn't go up, I'll have my excuse. Toodaloo." He opened my door and left.

Jackass. Jeff had done nothing but try to get me fired since I got this job. I sighed. I would just have to forgo workplace sex with my pretty little elf "secretary".

Or, maybe not. Emilliae was a magical creature. She was invisible to everyone unless I wanted them to see her, and she could cast all kinds of spells with her magic. There seemed to be some strange restrictions to her magical use, but even so, she could be invaluable for more than just sex. I let her out from under the desk.

"Emilliae, sneak into Jeff's office and modify the productivity reports."

"You don't think he'll notice that your productivity went up on the report?"

"Don't change my productivity report. Change his. Make it look like he's claiming credit for work that other people are doing. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually is, but make it obvious, so upper management notices."

Emilliae stood up. "You got it, boss!" She saluted and marched out of my office.

Once Jeff was fired, I could convince upper management to promote me to his old position somehow. Maybe Emilliae could find out a secret about one of them and I could use it for blackmail, or maybe she could just hypnotize them or something.

She stole back into the room a few minutes later, smiling as she closed the door. "Done. You know, following your orders, even when they have nothing to do with sex, makes me super horny!"

I picked her up and set her down on my desk on her back. "That's good, because like I said, I want your pussy." She wasn't wearing panties, of course, and she spread her legs eagerly and moaned as I pushed myself to the hilt into her tiny, wet box.


Twenty minutes later Emiliae was still laying on my desk, but now her blouse was torn open, my cum was trickling from her gaping pussy and she looked utterly satisfied. I moved my cock up to her face and let her suck out the last of my spunk. She pulled her mouth off my cock with a loud *Pop*.

"I fucking love this job. All elf girls should be slutty secretaries." She smiled. "Should I get you hard again, boss?"

"Nah. Better not. I should actually get some work done. You run along home." She slid off the desk.

"Yes, sir," she said, the disappointment plain in her voice.

"Feel free to use the computer," I said. Emilliae perked up a little. She loved human porn.

"Alright. See you when you get home, master." She walked out my office door, completely unconcerned about her plainly well-fucked appearance. And why should she be? She was, after all, invisible. I turned my attention to my work.

I own a car, but I usually take the bus to and from work. It's better for the environment and I hate paying for gas. Anyway, to get from the bus stop to my house, the quickest way is to cut through a wash. A wash is like a dry riverbed where water runs when it rains. I live in a very dry part of the country, and though I love to fish I have to drive for hours to find a suitable body of water.

So I was cutting through the wash on the way back to my house when I suddenly fell down. When I tried to get up, I found I couldn't move. I couldn't even twitch my fingers or toes! I panicked, eyes rolling in my head. I was in the middle of a wash, no one was around and I couldn't fucking move!

"OOF!" Something landed on my chest, driving the breath from my lungs. I looked up to see a beautiful three-foot pointy-eared girl standing on my chest. She was wearing what looked like a black nineteenth century ball gown which flared out into an enormous bell shape below the waist. Above the waist, the dress clung to her every generous curve, and like Emilliae, her proportionally huge tits looked almost comical on her tiny frame. She was clearly an elf, but the strangest thing about her was her skin. It was purple.

She stood on my chest, striking a pose like a hero who had slain a giant. "Gotcha, ape!" She snickered. "Don't try to move. I cast a paralysis spell on you."

The strange elf knelt on my chest, one hand reaching back to touch my junk through my pants. "You're an ideal target, Jason. You live alone and have few friends. No family. You've been single for over six months. And, you cross an isolated area every day on your way home from work. Easy prey."

She leaned in so that her face was inches away from mine. From this angle I had an excellent view of her cleavage. Funny what you notice when you're terrified. She whispered, "My sisters and I are going to have so much fun with you, ape. We'll keep you in a cage and feed you nutritional sludge. When we're feeling horny, we'll hit you will a paralysis and ride you until we're satisfied. We'll keep you until you're too old to get it up for us anymore, then we'll just stop feeding your useless ass."

She stood, reaching down and unzipping my pants, pulling out my cock. She looked down at me with a predatory grin as my cock began to harden in her hand. "I think I'll sample you right now."

The mysterious purple elf hiked up her skirts, rubbing the head of my cock against her lower lips. "Emulstia," She declared. "Remember that, ape. That's the name of the Dark Elf Huntress who captured you." She closed her eyes, mumbling as she gripped my cock. For a second, it glowed. "I just cast an orgasm prevention spell on you," she explained. "Sorry about that, but I'm not protected, so I can't let you cum. Maybe if you're good I'll let you cum after."

God fucking damn it. She slowly impaled herself on me, enjoying my helplessness. "Oh, yessssss," she hissed. "A nice big ape cock, all for me. Oh I am going to enjoy this." Her breasts jiggled as she pushed herself down another inch. She noticed me staring at them. "OOOO, does the big dumb ape wanna see my wittle bweasts?" She shook her chest, causing them to jiggle. "Blink once for yes."

I blinked. She smiled coyly as she brought her hands up to her chest. She pushed her tits together, leaning forwad so I could see down her dress, teasing me. She looped one finger into the neckline of her dress, preparing to pull it down...

Then she laughed and sat up. "Too bad. As if I'd ever let a dirty ape like you behold my beauty."

Fucking bitch! If only I could move. She rode my cock faster and soon I felt her clench around me like a vice. She gasped. "Oh yes! Oh... yes! Congratulations Ape, this is the best day of your pointless life. A dark elf has successfully used you as a dildo. The highest honor a human can receive." She slid herself off me and took me in her hand. "Should I let you cum? Nah. Maybe some other time."

My mind was now a mass of lust and rage, but I still couldn't move or even speak. Suddenly a bolt of electricity hit Emulstia square in the chest, knocking her off of my chest and onto her back. She lept to her feet, looking about angrily. "Who dares!" she shouted.

"Get away from the human, dark one," Emilliae said, her face a mask of rage. In her hand, she held another ball of magic, ready to throw. "He's mine!"

Emulstia sneered, gathering her own magic. "You mean, you're HIS, you pathetic high elf slut. Your kind offer themselves up in servitude to ape males willingly! Absolutely revolting."

"Oh that's rich, coming from a dark elf! Your kind think they are better than humans, but you still can't live without human dick! So you keep humans in cages until they starve to death. You're nothing but a stuck up cunt." I had to agree with Emilliae on that one. A stuck up cunt indeed.

Magic bolt after magic bolt flew over me as the two elves battled. I wanted to help, but I couldn't move. My finger twitched. The paralysis spell must be wearing off! I concentrated hard on moving my arm, and slowly, it began to move. I reached out, grasped Emulstia's ankle, and pulled with as much strength as I could muster. "Woaaaaah!" she cried as she lost balance, falling on her back into the dirt. Emilliae jumped on top of her, grasping the dark elf's head between her hands. Power seemed to flow from Emulstia up Emilliae's arms. "No!" Sheiked the dark elf. As the last of her power was absorbed, she fell back as if completely exhausted.

"I've drained her magic," said Emilliae. "Are you alright, master? Can you stand?" I stood.

"You saved me," I said, thankfully. "How did you know I was in trouble?"

"I was watching Pornstars Punishment when I felt someone cast a spell nearby. I came as quick as I could. Then I ran over to check it out."

"Well you saved my ass. Thanks." I walked over to the fallen dark elf. The fear in her eyes as she looked up at me was intensely gratifying. I reached down and tore her dress down the middle. She covered herself with her hands.

"No! Please!" she pleaded. "Look, I'm sorry, OK? Just please let me go."

"Fuck no. Let you go? Are you kidding me?" I crouched down, rubbing my dick against the lips of the tiny purple bitch's cunt. "I am going to fucking destroy you. Your cunt, your asshole, and your throat are all mine to fuck, and I'm going to take them, right here, right now. You'll pay for your crimes against humanity with your holes."

"Wait!" Emilliae shouted.

"Emilliae," I said, anger creeping into my voice. "I'm grateful to you for saving me, but last I checked, monogamy was not part of our pact. I can fuck whoever I want."

"Oh absolutely. In fact, I would love to watch you put this Dark Elf cunt in her place and teach her the power of humanity. It's just that... She doesn't have an SNS."

"What the fuck is an SNS?"

"A sperm neutralization spell. If you fuck her, and even one sperm cell gets inside her, there is a high chance she'll get pregnant. Very few elf women survive pregnancy with a human child." She looked away. "Maybe she deserves to die for her crimes. Do you want her dead?"

I sighed. "No. But I do want to fuck this bitch. Can you cast an SNS on her?"

"With all of my power, plus the power I drained from her, I can cast an SNS that is probably powerful enough to block your sperm."

"Do it." I ordered

The high elf knelt over Emulstia, placing her hands over the dark elf's abdomen.

"Probably?" Emulstia asked, apprehensively.

"Relax. You'll be fine. Probably. Emilliae's hands began to glow. "My master is going to make you into a slut for human cock. I hope you're ready, dark one."

"Bah! I've had plenty of human cocks. None of them has ever made me into a submissive slut like you high elves."

"That's because you were in control. The thrill of sex with a human male isn't just about the size of their cocks, it's also about their strength, and how you feel helpless in their big, strong arms. If you aren't submitting, you're only getting half the experience at best." The glow around Emilliae's hands faded. "Sperm neutralization spell complete." She gave me a thumbs up. "Go get her, boss! I'm just gonna pass out for a few mini-" She collapsed.

I approached Emulstia once again, pushing her legs back behind her head, giving me full access to her pussy. "D-don't t-think that just because you've tamed a high elf slut, that you can break me," she stuttered.

"You can't fool me. Your pussy is soaked." And indeed it was. Her juices were beginning to seep into the ruins of her dress on which she lay. "You actually want this, don't you?"

"N-no, I GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" She screamed as I rammed cock to the hilt in her pussy. I felt her convulse around me. She was already cumming.

I pulled back and thrust again, and laughed as I felt her pussy grip me like a vise, another orgasm running through her. "Are you going to cum on every single thrust? Not even Emilliae is that big of a slut." She grit her teeth and closed her eyes, clearly trying not to cum. She lasted another three thrusts before she had another orgasm, her eyes rolling back in her head. "Just admit it. You're a slut and you want nothing else in the world but to be fucked by human cock." I slapped her tits.

"Never," she panted. "I am a dark elf, I will never submit to an Ape. OOOOOOOOHHHHHH"

Her dark elf pride lasted another twenty seven thrusts. After that, she broke down. "I'm a slut," she said, with tears in her eyes as she had her twentieth orgasm. "A slut for human cock. Forgive me, sisters, but I need this cock more than anything in the entire world. Fuck me ape. Make me your bitch, your bitch, your BITCH! OH GOD I'M CUMMING AGAIN! I'M JUST YOUR PERSONAL PURPLE CUMDUMP! FUCK ME!

Emilliae was beginning to stir. She rolled over to watch as I pumped my cock into and out of Emulstia's purple pussy. The high elf grinned. "What did I tell you, dark one?"

"Fuck you," Emulstia replied, eloquently. Then, as she came again, "OOOOOH FUCK ME!"

"Master," Emilliae said. "Do you mind if I sit on her face?"

"Go right ahead," I replied. The high elf straddled the prone dark elf's face, facing me, and reached down to fondle her purple breasts.

"Eat me, dark elf SLUT!"

"Fuck you! Emulstia said into Emiliae's pussy. "I submitted to the human. I don't have to follow your orders, high elf!"

I spanked her purple ass hard. "AAAAAAAAAH!" she screamed as she had another orgasm.

"Lick her pussy," I ordered.

"Yes sir," she replied meekly, and began to lick.

"Oh yes, eat that superior high elf pussy!" Emilliae crowed.

"Fuck you," Emulstia replied, but she didn't stop licking. A minute later Emilliae's hips were bucking and she cried out in orgasm. Emulstia's face was covered in Emilliae's slick juices. I was about ready to cum myself.

"I'm about to cum inside you, purple slut. You'd better hope Emilliae's spell was strong enough."


I grunted and gave her just what she wanted. She threw her head back and screamed like a banshee as her cunt gripped my cock like a vice, milking out every drop.

I pulled my cock out of her with a soft *pop*. I wasn't done with her yet, though. My dick wasn't even softening. I was still angry about the orgasm denial thing, (it was just such a bitch move) and my rage fueled my lust, keeping me erect. I flipped Emulstia over onto her hands and knees and pushed her head to the ground so she was face down, ass up. "What are you..." Her voice trailed off as I pressed the head of my cock against her tiny rosebud asshole. "Wait! I've never done anal before."

"I give zero fucks," I replied, and pushed my cock into her ass. She threw back her head and opened her mouth to scream but no sound came out. Her ass was tight. Tighter than anything I have ever stuck my dick into. It felt like her sphincter was cutting off my circulation. It also felt awesome. I started pounding her ass with a steady rhythm.

Each time I pulled back she gasped for breath and as I buried my cock in her ass she exhaled like she'd been punched in the gut, as if my cock was driving the air from her lungs with each thrust. Emilliae knelt beside me, watching from inches away as I pushed my cock in and out of the dark elf's poop cute. "This is way better than pornstars punishment," she said, eyes wide. She began to finger herself. "Oh yeah stud. Fuck that bitch up the ass. Teach her the proper relationship of an elf woman to a human cock."

"Gazblag yurtz flagin snag dogin," said Emulstia.

"Oh look. You've fucked her so hard she forgot how to talk."

I pounded the dark elf for a few more minutes before I pulled out, her asshole now a gaping ruin. I gave her a few seconds to recover her senses, then pulled her to her knees and slapped her across the face with my dick. "Suck it, bitch."

"But... It was just up my ass..."


She opened her mouth and I pushed my cock inside. "Look up at me," I ordered. She complied. "You belong to me now," I said.

She nodded, still sucking my cock.

"You are my slave."


"You will do whatever I say, without question."


"Good girl. Here is your reward!" I grabbed the back of her head and began to fuck her thoat. I was already close from fucking her ass, but I wanted to make her gag a few times before I busted my nut. And gag she did.


I pulled my dick out of her mouth and painted her face with globs of my seed. She mewed as my jizz hit her face and she shuddered as she came. Then the jizz coated dark elf, completely defeated and dominated, fell onto her back, utterly spent.

"Fucking OWNED!" said Emilliae, high fiving me. I picked up my new dark elf slave and slung her over my shoulder as I began the walk back to my house, my pet high elf walking by my side.

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