tagGroup SexMy New Place Ch. 06

My New Place Ch. 06


I woke up Saturday morning feeling refreshed after a great orgasm the night before as I showed off for my neighbor Jimmy and his friends. I stretched out, rolled out of bed, and jumped in the shower. As I started soaping up my wet body I started replaying last nights events in my head and how turned on I got stripping and pleasing myself on cam for a room full of horny guys. I thought about all those hard cocks as I ran my hands around my soapy tits and down my stomach before reaching between my legs. I thought about all those boys sneaking to the bathroom during the night to jerk themselves off while they thought about me pleasuring my body as I drove two fingers into my slippery cunt. The warm water running down my body felt great and I fingers felt even better as they slide in and out of my tight little canal. I brought myself to a great climax in the shower then finishing washing and shaving my legs and pussy before jumping out of the shower.

I had to run to the store today because I was getting a little low on groceries so I slipped on one of my favorite pink thongs and put on a short denim skirt and a pink tank top without a bra and headed out the door. When I got the store I went through my normal routine picking up the essentials but I noticed down one particular isle that one of the stock boys seemed to be checking me out. He was putting away cans of some kind of soup on the bottom shelf and although I didn't really have a need for soup or really even want any I decided I would grab a can or two just for the stock boy. I walked right up next to where he was kneeling on the floor so that the hem of skirt was roughly around the height of his head. I made sure to look straight ahead like I was trying to decide on what to get so that he could get a good look at my bare legs that were almost touching him. I reached up high to get something off the top shelf and as I got up on my toes I figured he could get a nice view up my skirt from where he was kneeling. Just in case he didn't see enough I "accidentally" dropped the can of soup on the floor and bent over at the waist to pick it up causing my skirt to ride up a little almost to the bottom of my ass. No one walking by would have seen more than just a lot of leg but my little clerk should have been able to see some ass and maybe even a little bit of my pussy mound covered by my pink thong. I placed the can in my basket and went on about my way and I could feel the wetness between my legs for the rest of my shopping trip.

I got home and put away my groceries a little after lunchtime and then decided to check my e-mails real quick. I logged onto my email account and responded to a few messages from some friends and then decided to turn on my im for a bit to see if any friends were online to chat with. I was hit with at least 4 instant messages within the first minute signing on and I didn't recognize any of the screen names. Well, it turns out my little show last night turned on those boys enough that they all took down my screen name so they could message me from their homes. The guys were each introducing themselves and asking questions about me and my interests. Then one by one the guys started asking me more dirty questions. Two of them started asking me to describe what I was wearing which I did all the way down to describing my pink thong. Some of the other boys were asking questions about my sexual preferences, favorite positions, how many guys I have had sex with, etc. I was getting a little turned on realizing that I wasn't even on cam but was still turning these guys on and I wondered if any of them were touching themselves since they were each at their own homes. I was having fun chatting with them but I had a few more things to do today so I told the guys I had to go and finished up my conversations with each of them.

I got done all my cleaning around 7 or 8 that night and decided I earned a nice hot bubble bath as a reward for my hard work today. I lit a few candles and took a book into the bathroom as I lowered myself into the hot bath. I was so relaxed and the hot water felt great on my muscles which were sore from all the cleaning I did today. I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep so I figured it was probably safe to get out.

I dried off my hair and wrapped a towel around my body so I could make my way to the bedroom. I slipped on my robe and went to the living room to watch some television before bed but before I could find anything on t.v. my phone rang. For the second night in a row it was Jimmy and from the sound of things it was the second night in a row that he and his friends were drunk and horny at his house. He said they all loved my show last night and they wanted to know if I would give them another show. I did have a good time showing off for them last night but I was in the mood for something else tonight. I told them I would think about it and let him know in a few minutes.

I made my way to the computer but before I did I slipped on some cloths in case I decided to strip for the boys after all. I logged onto the computer and started chatting with Jimmy or should I say I chatted with Jimmy's screen name as the guys took turns trying to talk me into getting naked for them. I was almost talked into it but then an idea hit me and I knew what I was ready to do. I told them that I was sorry but I wasn't going to strip for them on camera tonight no matter what they said. Before they had a chance to respond though, I offered an alternate suggestion. Why don't you boys come over here and let me give you a live show?

I never got a response but about 15 seconds after I sent the message my doorbell rang. I opened the door and let Jimmy and 4 of his friends into the house and told them to have a seat. They all sat down on either thr love seat or the couch facing my coffee table so I decided that would make the best stage for tonight so I climbed up on the table, took a deep breathe to calm my nerves and began my show.

I slowly unbuttoned my top and shrugged it off my shoulders. I had on a sheer black bra and it left very little to the imagination. My nipples were clearly visible and were standing erect. I kicked off my shoes, unfastened my belt and pulled it from the loops in my jeans. Taking hold of each end I slipped it between my legs and began rubbing myself on it, working it back and forth. The guys were really getting into it and telling me to "rub my pussy" on it.

I dropped the belt and unfastened the buttons on my jeans. Wriggling my hips I slipped them down really slowly to reveal my matching panties. I sat on the table and offered my legs to the guys, asking them to pull my jeans off for me. So there I was, on a coffee table wearing nothing but a very see through set of lingerie. I stood up and slowly danced around the small table, letting them all feast their eyes on me. They were all drooling at my bald pussy which was very visible through my panties.

Reaching behind my back I unfastened my bra and as it fell I cupped my breasts in my hands. I could feel my nipples poking in to my hands and I began to rub them. It felt good, really good. I raised my arms I the air, giving them all their first looks at my naked breasts. The whistling and cheering began again and it had the effect of making me feel very desirable.

I lay out on the table and began caressing my body, paying a lot of attention to my nipples. I was suddenly feeling very turned on, and as I writhed around I could feel my pussy getting damp.

I raised my butt off the table and hooked my thumbs into the waist band of my panties. As I peeled them off I could feel them cling to my wet pussy....god I was so turned on. Reaching between my legs I cupped my pussy. The heat down there was amazing, and I couldn't resist slipping a finger between the folds. I was so wet my finger went in easily. I brought it out and up to my clit, using my wetness to lubricate it as I slowly worked circles all around it. It felt amazing and I felt my orgasm approaching. My other hand was pulling on my nipple as I worked my clit. I was breathing so hard my breasts were jiggling as my chest rose and fell. I looked around at the faces in the room, every one of them looking at me hungrily.

I was pulled onto the floor on my knees where immediately Jimmy had his cock out and in my face. I looked up at him smiling and told him that this wasn't part of the deal, but he knew I was so horny that it wouldn't matter. I opened up and stuck out my tongue a little as I worked his cock into my mouth slowly. One of his friends Martin crawled up behind me and tilted my ass into the air until he could line his cock up with my dripping wet pussy. Slowly I was filled inch by inch with his dick which had me moaning all over Jimmy's cock. I was on all fours with Jimmy's cock in my mouth and his hands reaching down to grab my tits and Martin had both hands on my hips pulling me back and forth on his dick as he pounded me harder from behind. With each thrust he pushed me further and further down Jimmy's shaft and the moaning and humming had to feel good to him because soon I felt him blast a huge load of cum into my mouth. He grabbed my head and fed me his cock for the last few strokes as I sucked him dry and swallowed down everything I could. As I finished swallowing the last few drops of Jimmy's cum I heard Martin groan from behind me as he deposited his load deep inside my womb. It felt amazing.

Once Martin finally slipped his dick out of my pussy I was rolled over onto my back and another guy Gary got between my legs. He was on his knees with his dick facing me and I was still so horny I lifted ass off the ground trying to help him line up his dick with my tight little hole. Gary held my hips and started fucking me good. I was having a hard time balancing in this position so I couldn't do much besides let Gary have his way with me but some of the other guys were reaching down and playing with my tits as they shook from the fucking. I put my ass back down because I was getting kind of tired of holding myself up. Reggie and Tony who were both on either side of me now presented their dicks which I took in each hand and started rubbing. While Gary kept fucking me the two guys beside me each reached down to my feet and grabbed an ankle each pulling them back and spreading my legs giving Gary even deeper access to my pussy. Getting fucked with a cock in each hand was getting me so fucking horny I came hard on Gary's dick which made him return the favor by filling me up with another load.

Gary pulled out and climbed from between my legs and Reggie got off the floor and sat on the couch. He motioned me over to him and I straddled him backwards (reverse cowgirl) and lowered myself down onto his dick. I started bouncing up and down on his cock and he started grabbing my hips to drive me down hard onto him. Tony climbed up on the couch and shoved his dick in my face and I quickly devoured it as I kept riding Reggie. Reggie and Tony were taking turns playing with my nipples and Reggie even threw a few smacks on my ass as well. I started playing with Tony's balls while I blew him and before too long watching my tits bouncing and feeling my tongue swirling around his dick much have finally done the trick because I felt his balls tighten and the first shot out of his dick hit the back of my throat. By the time the second squirt came out of his dick Tony had pulled his dick from my mouth and aimed it at my face. The last few streams shot across my face and chin and I licked what I could from my lips. I started riding Reggie harder and I knew he was close. As he started groaning underneath me he pushed me off of him and onto the floor where he grabbed the back of my hair and started gagging on his dick. He filled the rest of my face that wasn't covered from Tony's load with shot after shot of his sticky seed. Things had gone a little further than I planned but what a great night it turned out to be.

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