tagIncest/TabooMy New Sis Ch. 03

My New Sis Ch. 03


Just thinking about his fun with his stepsister Shelly and their friend Sara last weekend had Joey's dick rock hard. However, right now, he had to get to class at East High. Even though he was used to being ignored by the cool kids, he was getting more attention from the cheerleaders which included Shelly and Sara.

He ran into Sara between classes and she told him to meet her behind the bleachers in the gym during their lunch break. This did nothing to deflate his cock and he was looking forward to more fun.

He arrived early, obviously anxious to see Sara. He looked on with surprise when he heard two girls giggling and coming towards him. Sara walked up to him with her friend Taylor, another blonde cheerleader with a beautiful face and a bubbly personality.

"Hi Joey, this is Taylor," Sara said with a wink of her eye.

"Hi Taylor," Joey replied. He looked her over and admired her tight little body with apple sized breasts. He thought his chances of having any fun were gone but he did like meeting another hot girl.

"Uh, Joey," Sara started to say, "Taylor just wants to watch."

Joey, somewhat caught off guard, said, "Watch what?"

"Us," Sara replied as she stepped up and began rubbing his cock through his jeans. Joey jumped in surprise but didn't back away. He looked around and realized that they were completely hidden by the bleachers. He looked at Taylor who was staring at Sara's hand as she manipulated his cock.

Sara quickly knelt down and pulled his cock out of his jeans. Taylor was shocked to see a naked cock during school hours. She had seen a few cocks before but that was usually in the back of a dark car. She didn't believe Sara when she told her about her new friend Joey.

By now, Sara was wanking his cock quickly and using both hands to stroke him. She looked over at Taylor and winked as she opened her lips and licked the head of his cock.

"No way, you're going to suck his cock?" Taylor whispered. Taylor knelt down beside Sara to watch up close. Sara just grinned as she sucked in about four inches of his cock. She got it sopping wet with her tongue and sucked him harder.

Joey was getting close to cumming and tried to hold off as long as he could. He did not want this to end too quickly. He thought of the upcoming math test as a way to delay his release.

Then he felt fingers groping his balls and looked down at the girls. He was shocked to see Sara guiding her friends' hand to his balls. Taylor was shocked as well but couldn't stop Sara from putting her hand on Joey's balls. Taylor kept her hand on his balls after Sara began stroking his cock faster.

Taylor marveled at the size of his ball sack as she watched her friend sucking his cock. This was almost too much for her as she felt her pussy juice up with excitement.

"Are you going to swallow his cum?" Taylor asked her friend. She leaned in until her face was within inches of Sara's sucking lips.

Sara stopped sucking long enough to say, "Yeah, but I'll share it with you." She then went back to sucking harder and faster.

Joey clenched his fists and hissed, "I'm going to cum." He tilted his head back as he felt his cum surging through his cock.

Sara pumped his cock fast and backed off a little as his cum began spurting. She aimed his first shot right at Taylor's lips and his cum shot hit her right below the nose. Sara pulled his cock back and pumped the rest of it right into her warm, wet mouth.

As Sara swallowed Joey's load, Taylor licked her lips and tasted his cum. "I can't believe you did that," she exclaimed. Sara tucked Joey's cock back into his pants and stood up.

"Thanks, Babe," Sara said as she french kissed him. They stood kissing for a few minutes before breaking apart.

"Hey Joey, the least you could do is give Taylor a kiss, too," Sara said, laughing. "After all, she did help out a little."

Joey sighed and then leaned down to give Taylor a short peck. He was surprised when Taylor grabbed him and gave him a toe tingling kiss. She used her lips and tongue to give him a first class kiss.

"Thanks Joey, see you later," the girls both said as they walked away, giggling some more. Joey just shook his head and went back to class.

Shelly had gotten home from cheerleading practice and took a shower. She wrapped herself into a towel and headed across the hall to the laundry room. Just as she opened the door she stepped right into John as he was heading to his room. The bump caused her towel to drop below her perky breasts, giving John an open view of her tits.

"Oops, sorry John," Shelly said, trying to pull the towel up. She couldn't help but notice the bulge where his cock started to grow.

John, in shock at seeing his step daughters tits, just muttered, "No, no, it was my fault. I should have been more careful."

"Oh well, we're all family now, right?" Shelly said smiling.

"Uh, yeah, we sure are," John said, watching her cover her tits. Shelly walked away feeling superior in knowing she could give a grown man such a hard on. She began thinking that she should tease him more to see where it would lead.

Later, after dinner, Joey was helping Sheri clean up in the kitchen when Shelly came into the living room wearing just an oversized t-shirt. John had his eye on her and could not figure out if she was wearing anything besides the shirt.

John jumped in his chair when Shelly crawled into his lap. "Uh, Shelly, should you be sitting on my lap like this with your mother and Joey in the next room?" John said, nervously.

"Oh, they won't mind, I'm sure," Shelly said, wiggling her butt. "Let's just watch TV together since we don't get much time to be together."

John cradled her into his arms as she settled deeper into his lap. Shelly laid her arms around his neck and snuggled close to him. She loved his manly smell and she was getting hot sitting on his bulge. She could feel it begin to grow as she moved her little butt across it. John reached down to push her butt up from his cock when his hand felt her bare ass.

"Shelly, did you forget something here?" John said smiling, rubbing her bare skin slowly.

"Oops, my bad," Shelly said, laughing harder. She began grinding her pussy down into his cock and he was now fully rigid in his pants.

Joey was putting some dishes away when he felt Sheri slide her hand across his cock and gave it a squeeze. He jumped and almost dropped the dish.

"What are you doing?" he whispered, shocked.

"Shh, just having some fun," Sheri said grinning. She gripped his cock and pulled on it through his pants. He had gotten hard instantly and looked at the door to make sure no one was coming. Sheri knew he was nervous so she took the lead. She reached into his pants and stroked his bare cock. She could feel precum leaking from his cock and spread it all over his shaft.

Shelly was getting hot feeling John's cock and she reached down to open his zipper.

"Are you sure about this?" John said grabbing her hand.

"Oh, yeah, I'm sure," Shelly said panting. She unzipped him and reached in to pull his cock out into the open. She pulled his long hard cock up and placed it against her bare pussy. John gasped as she did this, shocked that his step daughter was sitting in his lap without panties. Shelly rubbed the head of his hard cock into her wet pussy lips.

Sheri stood up and took Joey's hand and guided it into her track pants. Joey instinctively knew what to do and placed his hand against her pussy. His fingers found her wet pussy and tickled the folds of her pussy lips. He found her clit and began rubbing and stroking it. Sheri was panting as her pussy creamed under her stepson's wonderful fingers. She kept stroking his cock and knew he was getting close. Joey sped up his clit stroking to time his own release.

Shelly rubbed John's cock head across her clit and she was getting close to cumming. Her hand was all slippery as John was leaking all over. John was close to cumming all over his step daughter's pussy and groaned that he was ready to cum. Shelly quickly slipped the head of his cock into the opening of her pussy but did not let him slide in too far. She wanted to see what it would feel like, just for a moment.

As his cock split her pussy lips, John could not imagine a better feeling. He began humping his ass up into her and Shelly grabbed his cock. She pulled it out and rubbed it hard against her clit. She stifled a scream as she came all over his cock. She pumped his shaft and John shot his load all over her hands and wet pussy. Shelly pumped him dry and slowly slid his cock back into her pussy. She sank his cock into her and pumped it a few times before letting it drop back out. They both jumped up to go get cleaned up before they were found out.

They had time as Sheri and Joey were busy themselves. Sheri sagged against Joey as his fingers were stroking her to a hard cum. Her hand was flying up and down his slick pole, bringing him to the brink of spurting his cum. With a low moan, Sheri's legs got weak as she came all over her stepson's hand. Joey was right behind her as his orgasm splashed all over her hands and the floor. Both were panting hard as they came down from their highs.

The next morning Joey was in his usual spot, between his stepsisters' legs, eating her pussy. Shelly moaned and her butt squirmed as she came on his face. She then pulled him up and licked her juices off his face while guiding his engorged cock into her soaked pussy. Joey slammed his dick hard into her pussy trying to sink deeped into her pussy. He held off as long as he could and then spurted deep into her. He lovingly kissed and nibbled on her face as they ground together.

He told her of his encounter with Sara and Taylor as they laid together.

"You like Taylor?" Shelly asked.

"Well, sure, she's almost as hot as you," Joey said grinding his cock into her pussy.

"I kind of think she's hot, too," Shelly said digging her fingers into his butt. Joey pulled his dripping cock out of her warm pussy and headed off to get ready for school.

Shelly found herself in the locker room shower after her practice. Taylor came in and began to shower next to her.

"Hi Taylor," Shelly said, soaping herself. She was washing her tits as she talked to her friend.

"Oh hi, Shelly," Taylor replied, watching Shelly soap up.

Shelly admired Taylor's bald pussy and her tight little ass. She had to remind herself that she was in the locker room. Her hands automatically dropped to wash her pussy when she realized Taylor was watching.

Taylor began to find her pussy was getting hot as she watched the show. She pulled on her own nipples making them hard before she realized she was doing that. Both girls were getting worked up as the water began to cool. They both got out and began toweling off.

"Taylor, would you like to come and spend the night at my house this weekend?" Shelly asked. Shelly was spending extra time drying her pussy as she rubbed the towel over her clit.

"Oh sure, that sounds like fun," Taylor responded. She too was drying her tight little ass and then turned away from Shelly so she could pinch her clit for a quick second. Both girls were getting close to having mini orgasms.

"Great, Sara and I always have fun when we have sleepovers, Ahhh," Shelly gapsed as she creamed on her hand. Shelly looked over at Taylor as she squeezed her clit and came on her hand, too.

"Ok, see you then," Shelly said as she gathered her things and walked home.

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