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My Next Door Neighbour Famke Jansen


Author's note: I have been told my stories are long, so I'm continuing this new thing I started up, where you can read the main part of the story by scrolling down to where the stars are. I want to thnank Brent for the idea of this story and just hope you all enjoy reading about this gorgeous woman as much as I enjoyed writting about her.


I woke up, my alarm ringing. I reached over and turned it off. I looked at the clock, 8.00am. I smiled to myself, I had come a long way since I first moved to New York. I had moved over a year ago from California. I got a job at a big corporate building as some data processor. A 9-5. I was at the bottom of the ladder. The pay wasn't bad and that's what was keeping me there.

Last month the best thing ever happened, I got promoted. All my work mates were pissed, they had been there longer than me and I got promoted before them. So to say, they all turned on me, but I didn't care. I had an office now, while they were all in little cubicles. Sure, I was a bit of a loner. All of my mates were still in California and the only people I knew or met was work. But at the amount I was making, I didn't give a shit, well not yet. Before I use to live on the other side of the city, it took me an hour to get to work and I'd wake up an hour before, so I'd wake up at seven to make it, now that I got more money, I was able to afford a nicer place closer to work. Now it only took me ten minutes to walk to work.

It was just another day at work, except for it was Friday night and I couldn't go to the usual spots, because that's where all my work mates were and I didn't want to run into them, so I decided to rent a DVD and stay in. When I got to Blockbusters, I decided to watch the second season of 'Nip Tuck.' I had seen the first on TV and I tried to watch the second but lost track of it. So I decided to rent it. I made my way home. I looked at the clock, it was only half five. I had plenty of time to watch the whole season. I couldn't be bothered to change, so I took off the blazer and tie and sat there in my work pants and shirt, with a vest underneath.

I started off with the last episode on the second disc, episode 6, I don't know why I got the first disc, I've already seen up to episode 5. I sat down with a bowl of chocolate covered raisins. I don't know why I did, but I wasn't a popcorn type of guy, and chocolate covered raisins seemed as good as anything else.

About half way through the episode, there was a knock at the door. Who the hell could that be? I didn't know anyone in New York. If it was anyone important, they'd knock again and sure enough, they knocked again. I looked at the screen, Ava. She looked hot, so I paused it while the camera was on her. I walked over to the door, looked through the peep hole. It was a dark haired woman, she was looking into the peep hole so I could see her face, more her eye really. I couldn't really make out who she was, but I was sure I didn't know who she was.

"Hi?" I heard her voice call out. "I'm your next door neighbour!" She said. What the hell was I staring through the peep hole for and not opening the door? It's not like she was some big, bold scary looking guy. I opened the door instantly.

"How can I help?" I asked. Now that I could see the whole of her and not just her face, she looked very good. She was in a grey t-shirt and grey shorts. She had her hair left out and was barefoot. She was a couple of inches taller than me. She had long, incredible looking beautiful legs. She was holding a small cake in her hands.

"Hi! I'm your next door neighbour!" She repeated. "I've been away on work and just got back and heard that a new guy moved in, so I got you a cake." She said holding the cake up. She smiled tilting her head to one side. I looked down and noticed that she was rubbing the back of her calf with the back of her foot. If I didn't know any better, I'd say she came here with the intent of flirting with me.

"Oh thanks." I said. I had to get this incredibly hot woman into my apartment. "Can you just..." I looked around. "Set it over there." I said pointing at the table. She walked in, I couldn't take my eyes off her legs.

"I'm Kash." I said. "I didn't quite catch your name."

"I'm Famke." She said, giving me a sweet smile and walking towards the door. Famke? Famke? The name rang a bell. Famke! I'm such a dumb fuck! I looked over at the screen and it hit me.

"You're..." I pointed at the TV. That's why she wasn't here when I moved in! She was filming a movie!

"Yep! That's me!" She said. "What is that anyway?" She said, moving to see the TV screen.

"Second season of Nip Tuck." I replied. "You wanna join me?" That came out of nowhere.

"Sure! I got nothing else to do." She said walking out the front door. "Let me just..." She pointed at her door, which was open. She went over to the door quickly, closed her it and walked back into my apartment. I closed the door behind her. She walked over and sat on the couch, lifting her legs up on the couch, kneeling, putting her weight on the side of one of her thighs.

"Ooh! Chocolate!" She said reaching into the bowl.

"They are chocolate covered raisins." I said taking a seat beside her.

"That's quite an odd thing to be eating." She said, still taking a handful of raisins. She put a bunch in one hand and used the other hand to eat them one by one.

"So what were you filming?" I asked.

"The Ten." She replied. "Enough about me." She said, like we'd been talking about her all this time. "What do you do?" So that's when the whole story about my career started and we ended up trading stories about work and life in general.

We had been watching for over six hours, gone through two pizzas, one was ham and pineapple and the other was nothing special but still a classic, plain cheese. We had a couple of bears each. We were starting to feel more comfortable around each other, joking. My hands started to wonder and Famke wouldn't say a word. She acted like it was a natural thing, my hands were all over her legs. They were so beautiful I couldn't keep my hands off them.

We were watching the last episode of the season and Famke decided to make a comment when it started t start up.

"You know..." She started. "In the next episode you find out that I'm a man."

"You're what?!" I said in shock. "You're a man?"

"Yeah!" She laughed. "Ava, or should I say Avery, turned into a woman to be with Alec Baldwin."

"Alec Baldwin?"

"Yeah. They liked each other but Alec Baldwin didn't want to be with a guy so Avery turned into a woman, Ava." She had just given away such a big part to the whole season, but I wasn't even bothered. Right now Famke had her long legs going over my lap, her legs bent at the knees. She had her back against the arm of the chair and the soles of her feet pressed against the other arm of the chair.

"So you're a dude?" I asked.

"Yeah!" Famke replied.

"I thought you were really hot!" I joked, but being very serious.

"No!" She said once she realised what I was implying. "I'm not really a guy! I played one."

"But you just said 'Yeah' when I asked if you're a dude."

"I thought you meant on the show!" She was on the defensive. "If you don't believe me, I could show you."

"That would be great!" I smiled. She realised what I was doing and gave me an annoyed smile.

"I bet you would!" She laughed, pulling one of her legs back and nudging my thigh with the back of her foot.

"Hey I didn't ask you, you're the one who said you'd show me." She smiled and nudged my thigh again with the back of her foot. This time I grabbed her foot and put it on my lap, to stop her from doing it again. I even kept hold of it so she couldn't pull away. I stared at her foot. It was quite big.

"I know!" Famke said. "They're huge!" It was like she was reading my mind.

"They aren't that big." I said.

"They're a size 10." She said. Actually that is quite big.

"That isn't big!" I said. "They're in proportion to your body. I'm 5'9" nearly 5'10" and you're a couple of inches taller. You're like what? 5'11", 6' tall?"

"5'11" That's quite an accurate guess." She said. "But that still doesn't mean I'm not huge."

"No you're not! Supermodels are that height, and you have the feet to match. Long sexy toes and a beautiful sole."

"Do you have a bit of a foot fetish?"

"No. But is it wrong that your feet turn me on?" She smiled and avoided the question. We carried on watching the episode. I still had Famke's foot in my hand and I found that I was starting to kind of squeeze it a little, pressing my thumb onto the sole, on the balls just under her toes. Famke looked at me.

"You know... that feels really good."

"What?" I said and she looked down and kind of pointed at her foot with her head. "Oh! I didn't even realise I was doing it."

"You reckon you could do the other one too!" She asked putting her finger near her mouth pouting.

"Sure!" She bought her other foot up on to my lap and straightened the leg that I was massaging the foot of.

"It's getting kind of cold." I commented after a while. "Are you cold?" I asked.

"A little." She replied.

"Here." I said taking my shirt off. "Put this on." I said handing my shirt to her.

"Oh! That's so sweet!" She said, leaning forward, putting it on. "But won't you be cold?"

"I'm in my own home, if I get cold, I'll go put something on." I sat there in my vest.

"Fair point." She said buttoning up the shirt. We carried on watching the episode while I continued to massage her foot. Pressing my thumb up and down her soles. Her foot was pretty much like the rest of her, stunning. Once the credits on the episode started to roll, Famke pulled her foot away and sat close beside me. She was sitting on one leg while the other was going down to the floor. She rested her head on my shoulder and I put my arm around her shoulder. During the episode, she put one arm around my back and one hand on my chest.

"That was one hell of a season!" I said once the episode was finished, looking up at the clock. it was just past half three in the morning. There was no response from Famke, so I looked at her. She had drifted off to sleep during the episode. She looked so beautiful, breathing in and out gently. I didn't want to wake her up and send her back to her place, but I didn't want to leave her on the couch. I had a spare room with a bed. It wasn't made up or anything, so she was gonna have to stay in my bed.

I carefully got up, trying my best not to move her, leaning forward so her head wouldn't move and leaving her arms around me. I put one hand under the back of her knees and one around her shoulders, picking her up, cradling her in my arms. I picked her up and for her height, she was surprisingly lighter than I thought she would be.

I carried her into my room and I used the hand that was around her shoulders to move the cover. It was quite tricky, holding her and moving the covers, but I managed to move enough to get her into the bed. I gently placed her down and put the cover over her. I looked at her and decided to kiss her goodnight. I kissed her on the lips.

"Goodnight Famke." I said and she stirred, pouting a little like she was kissing back, but she was fast asleep. I stood up straight and stretched, mainly from sitting down for so long and a bit from carrying her.

The gentleman thing to do would be to sleep on the couch, but that would be too uncomfortable for me. I could make the other bed up. I looked back at her. She looked so beautiful sleeping. I decided to fuck being a gentleman. When was I gonna get another chance to sleep with Famke Janssen? I took off my work pants, so I was down to my boxers and vest and I pulled the cover over and quietly got into the bed. I pushed Famke slightly on to her side, so she had her back turned to me and wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close to me.

I woke up the next morning, Famke was watching me, still in my arms but she was on her back now.

"You look so peaceful when you're asleep." She commented. "Did we..." She started, I knew what she was thinking.

"No." I cut her off. "We only had like 4 beers. That's barely anything to get you drunk and not remember last night."

"That's true." She said, pushing herself down and towards me. The back of her head resting on the top of my chest. She pulled my arms over her shoulders, holding my hands, holding them up in the air, looking at the back of my hands. "We should do this again sometime."

"If you have nothing to do tonight, we could watch the third season." I said.

"I would love that. But I start filming my next film on Monday. It's on the other side of New York, so I got a trailer there."

"I thought you said you just got back from filming."

"I got back on Monday. I got a week off before my next movie." She said. "But we could watch the third season together once I get back."

"What's the name of the movie you're in?"

"Turn the river." She replied. "It's a small budget movie. I'll probably get a small little trailer. But it beats having to go from here to all the way over there and back again every morning."

"That's true. That's one of the reasons I got this apartment." I said. "I guess we should get up and have breakfast."

"Yeah!" She agreed. "But let's wait a couple of minutes. This feels nice." She said letting go off my hands. I reached sown, under my shirt that she was wearing, reaching up to her boobs. I started to squeeze them, I could feel her bra only so I started to slide my hand under her bra and just cupped her breasts.

Famke looked back at me and I leaned in forward and kissed her. She opened her mouth, letting my tongue in. She sucked my tongue, gently pushing her tongue forward into my mouth, pushing my tongue back into my mouth. She then rolled over on to her front on top of me.

"We should get some breakfast now." She smiled and kissed my lips and got up. I watched her walk towards the door, staring at her long beautiful legs. I just couldn't get enough of them. I could just stare at them all day long. "You coming?" She asked just before she walked out the door. I quickly got up and put a pair of sweat pants on. I looked down and noticed my hard on and I was pretty sure she could feel it. I tried my best to try and lose my boner before I left the room.

I went into the kitchen and she had already put bread into the toaster. The usual flirting happened during breakfast, but I was starting to get frustrated. I was really hoping to fuck her, but it didn't happen. As soon as she left I hit the shower and jerked off to the thought of her.


Two weeks had past since I spent the night with Famke Janssen. I had started to already missed her even though it was only one night we spent together. I decided to visit her for the weekend. She came by my apartment before she left, so I found out from her where the place was. So here I was, standing outside what is suppose to be a studio. It was a tiny little place, nothing like the movies. She did say it was a small production, must be some sort of independent movie studio or something.

I looked around to see if I could see her trailer anywhere, there wasn't that many around, I knocked on the first trailer door I found. I looked around and the place looked like the 'ghetto' equivalence of a film studio. The door opened.

"Can I help you?" It was some guy, he was smoking a cigarette.

"I was looking for Famke." I decided to only use her first name, so I'd seem like a first name basis friend.

"What are you? A fan?"

"No! I mean yes, she makes me watch all her movies." I lied. "I'm her next door neighbour Kash. She asked me to bring some stuff over for her." I said pointing at my hand luggage, which didn't have anything of hers, it was just a change of clothes. He took a puff of his cigarette and just pointed at a trailer. I went over to it and knocked on the door and Famke opened the door.

"Kash!" Famke said, greeting me with a hug. "What brings you here?"

"I thought I'd see how things were going and I've never been to a film studio, so I thought I'd come by and check the place out." I felt like a bit of an idiot, not having any real reason for being here other than to see her. It's not like we were a couple. We'd only known each other for one night, where nothing happened. Although, I did get a good feel of her breasts and we did kiss.

"Come in!" She said, practically pulling me in. "You're my first visitor. I've been so bored by myself here with no one to talk to other than the cast and crew, who are very boring." Famke was in a very light blue robe.

"Do you have the number of any hotels around here?" I asked.

"Don't worry about a hotel! You can stay with me in my bed." Famke replied. We carried on talking, picking up where we left off.

Famke had filmed in the morning and didn't have any more scenes today. We hanged out together for the rest of the day. As we spent more time together, it was becoming more clear that she had nothing on underneath. I glimpses of her breasts whenever she leaned forward, her nipples always looked rock hard. She sat there with her legs crossed and when ever she changed position, I sometimes could actually see her pussy. Well, not really, but I could see her pubic hair, her legs were together, so I couldn't actually pussy.

I made a few advances, the way she was dressed showed that she may of wanted a little more, just like I wanted more from her. But she pretty much turned down all the advances I made at her. It ended up being the same as the night she spent at my place, both of us falling asleep in the bed in our underwear. When I woke up she was already dressed casually, all in black, probably for a scene in the movie. I got up and walked over to the couch and sat down, putting my feet up on the coffee table just in front of the couch.

"I'd like to hang out some more, but I have a scene to do now. So you stay put, make yourself comfortable." She stood in front of me, bent over and kissed me on the lips. "I'll be right back." She smiled. What was going on? She was kissing me, giving out signals and come the end of the night, she fell asleep. I felt like I was in the friend zone and that's not where you want to be. Not when you desperately want to fuck the person you're getting into the friend zone with.

I switched the TV on. It was a small place with the bare essentials. A little kitchen looking place and living room rolled into one, with another table at one side of the room. It was meant to be a dining table but it was quite small and pathetic looking. Would be perfect to bend Famke over and... What's the point of thinking about that? I'm stuck in the friend zone!

I snapped out of my thought and carried on looking around. There was a bedroom and there were no other doors, so I'm assuming the bathroom was accessed through the bedroom. Surprisingly, the TV had cable. I randomly flicked through not really watching anything. I stopped at the music channels and flicked between them, leaving it on anything that sounded good and changed the channel whenever there was crap playing.

"Hey!" I heard Famke's voice. I didn't even hear the door open. "Sorry it took so long. The director insisted on doing, like a million takes of each scene." She said taking her shoes off and sitting down beside me. "I hope you weren't too bored."

"No!" I replied. "I've had the TV to keep me entertained." I smiled.

"You're still in your boxers."

"I haven't really done anything since you left." I said. "I ate a doughnut and fell asleep on the couch and woke up again and had a cup of coffee."

"So you've done nothing else since?"

"It's only quarter past twelve!" I tried to defend myself, Famke laughed. We sat there in silence for a couple of minutes. It felt a little awkward.

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