tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Niece Jennifer Must Pay! Ch. 03

My Niece Jennifer Must Pay! Ch. 03


When my niece Jennifer came to me for help after her stupid display of hot ass driving in the parking lot, I have to admit I was wary and given that it involved my sister's prized automobile my instincts said no way.

The car was special to her, and Jennifer's joy ride and interaction with a light standard terrible. But nobody was hurt and only the car suffered. Still, it was a real problem for my niece who already was in the daily doghouse with her mom.

Jennifer was in a bind, and I was without conscience, and after looking at the damage to the car and the opportunity it presented I added one and one and got a sexy answer. It would require some hard work, weaving a story that would satisfy my sister's curiosity. It would also require hard work and help from an accomplice.

Given that I was the general manager of an auto dealership, I knew the perfect guy to help, but knowing there was really no cash to pay for his time there needed to be another way. Well, Jennifer got into the problem, Jennifer would have to get out of it.

That concept led to a discussion with the girl that including scaring her, a very nice spanking, and later my friend Will receiving a down payment in the way of, well, a blowjob from my teenage niece while I watched from the cat walk above the shop.

Jennifer, only 18, apparently was well practiced in the Art of Fellating, and Will lost any reluctance to do the job after my niece played his skin flute at the shop. Her experience --- she admitted to having fellated "about 11" boyfriends over the years made it easy for me to negotiate the price of the repair from strength.

Later, we agreed to a price: Jennifer would give the guy 21 blowjobs. With credit for the one given, by friend was going to be saturated with oral sex for the next month or two in payment for his hard work in getting my sister's car back into tip-top shape.

After Jennifer left the shop Will and I got right to work on the car. While attempting to work magic I came up with the story to tell my sister.

It went something like this. Jennifer noticed there was a knock of some kind in the engine, and asked me what it could be. I took it to the shop and had one of our expert mechanics look it over, and he found the problem. But a couple parts were needed, and we ordered them. They'd arrive in a couple days. In addition, there was a recall item that needed fixing, so that would be done as well. The car would be in her possession within a week and a loaner was in the driveway.

I explained the additional hours at work to my wife as merely preparing for an upcoming on-site visit by division management, and also told her about my sister's car being in the shop. She was amazed Jennifer had forethought to find out what was wrong, but nothing struck her as being odd or funny.

That Sunday was a lot of work on the car, but Will worked wonders. He thought all would be completed by mid-week, and admitted he expected Jennifer would skip out on some of her payments. "Once she has the car back, she can bolt from our arrangement," said my friend.

"I don't think so," was my simple reply. "All I have to do is edit this cell phone footage of her blowing some guy in the back of the car. She wants to bolt on the deal, and I will show her the film. I don't think my sister would appreciate her daughter sucking off some faceless big dick guy in the back of the car!"

Will smiled, his mind jumping ahead to future matches of his cock being worked on my my teenage cheerleader niece, the one with the great smile, long hair and ability to work magic on a dick.

We left the shop that night in a great mood -- Will's much better than mine as he's the one who got the blowjob --- but it set the tone that night.

The next afternoon Jennifer called to ask if she had to come over to the dealership after classes. I assured her she didn't but that if she did I'd give her a ride home.

She arrived just after 5, dressed adorably in a short skirt and tee top. Damn, she looked good. We sat in my office, talking, when my secretary stuck in and asked if there was anything left for her to do. Dismissing her for the day, I realized most in the back office part of the building were gone, and I had a great idea.

Calling down to the shop I caught Will before he was leaving for the day, inviting him up to my office. He arrived minutes later, surprised to see my niece Jennifer sitting alongside by desk.

"Hi Jennifer, what a surprise," said by buddy. "The car is coming along. Did a lot of work yesterday, and just a little today. Tonight I will be back after my wife and I go to a parent-teacher conference to do a little more work."

Jennifer thanked the guy, whose pants were tenting at the girl. Seriously. I was betting he remembered the day before.

"Say, why don't you two make yourself comfortably as I make some, er, copies. I will lock the door when I leave."

The smile on Will's face was priceless, and Jennifer had a knowing grin. What the two didn't know is that after they were locking my office door I slipped around through a side cloakroom to a door to a bathroom. That bathroom was my bathroom as well, as it adjoined my office. Slipping inside, I peered around the door and saw some of the action about to unfold.

Will and Jennifer were talking, and soon my niece was stroking his pants, playing with his already hard man meat. She carefully unzipped his trousers, reached in, and slipped the cock out of his boxers. Fully unveiled, she slowly stroked it while nibbling on his neck.

It wasn't long before Will gently pushed the girl down to her haunches. There, even with his cock, the girl began licking my friend's cock. Back and forth, up and down, Jennifer laved the missile.

Will began groaning and coaxing her on.

"Oh yes, Jennifer, suck it, suck my cock," said the horny guy. "Oh yes, that's it. Do it."

Jennifer worked on his dick, now into the sucking. She was moving to and fro, sucking his cock in a practiced way. Clearly the girl knew her way around a cock. My dick jumped at the sight, but I still remembered to point and click on the video on my cell phone just in case it was needed in the future.

After a bit they moved over to the couch. In this regard Will was able to play with Jennifer's ass while getting his shank worked on. He eased up her skirt, slipping his hand inside her panties and playing with her ass. It was a delight to watch the girl work while he worked her ass around.

It was amazing the way Jennifer worked the dick. She would alternate slow sucks with vicious bobbing that caused Will to hold her head as he lost control.

"Oh yes, Jennifer, pay for that car, pay for the damage, pay with your mouth," said my buddy. "Go baby go."

Jennifer complied willingly. She handled the dick with knowing effort, licking and sucking my buddy's dick bringing forth grunts and sweet nothings as she worked him. Highlighting the action was her stopping, dick in mouth, and looking up at the guy while batting her eyelashed.

I believe she said something like, "I love this dick!" but it came out more like "Eye ruv dish drick" or something.

My niece looked adorable in her outfit working the throbbing cock, bringing mine to full attention as well.

It wasn't long before his head pushed back and the cum fired out from deep inside and out his cock and into her sucking mouth, and along the way Jennifer didn't miss a beat. Her cheeks bulged out as his load made its way to its objective, and she didn't let up even after he was totally spent.

Watching as she moved her head back, I was all smiles as my niece made a production of swallowing his sticky sauce.

Slipping back outside, I waited outside the door for them to become presentable. It was only a couple minutes, but I had to stroke myself as my dick was twitching. Soon the door opened and Will exited with a big smile on his face.

"Sorry, I've gotta run, gotta pick up my wife and get to the kid's school," he said, striding gingerly toward the door. "Thanks for the job, boss."

Jennifer, no worse for wear, was again sitting on the chair next to my desk. Her face was flushed, and I smile as I sat across from her. "How was that, young lady, did you enjoy?"

My niece was obviously embarrassed. "You guys better get the car in perfect shape," said my niece. "I'm acting like a prostitute."

We spoke about the activities, and she admitted she'd been blowing guys for several years. It wasn't until the more recently that she'd had sex, but she still enjoyed sucking off dates. So while it was embarrassing to do Will, she knew it would keep her from the wrath of my sister.

She arose, ready for her ride home, when I dropped the bombshell.

"Uh, Jennifer, are you forgetting something?"

She looked quizzically at me. "What?"

I pointed at my crotch. I'd unzipped my pants after sitting. My cock was at full erection in my briefs.

"What are you doing, you are my uncle."

I pointed again, and reminder my niece that without some work on my part her ass was grass and my sister would be a lawnmower. Oh, and that I had a film of her whorish actions with my buddy.

"But I can't, you are family."

"Listen, Jennifer, I want you do take care of this."

The moment of truth was really only a millisecond. Jennifer's mind whirled, understood the predicament she was in, and the entire situation. A grimace hit her face, but she knew the outcome of this rendezvous story.

"Damn it, you guys are all the same. All you want is your cock sucked."

With that she rose, thought for a second, then came around to my side of the desk. I swear she had a wicked smile on her face. She got down on her hauches and stroked my dick.

"On your knees, Jennifer, on your cocksucking knees."

Damn, I felt like a king. And if I was getting a blowjob, I wanted her on her knees. She apparently liked it better on her haunches, but tough donuts. I wanted her all the way down and doing the job the way I wanted.

She looked up at me. "Do I have to?"

"Yes, sweetie, you do," was my only reply, and soon she was working her hand inside my underwear and pulling out my bulging cock. She knelt there, fondling my cock, looking up at me. A smile soon crossed her lips.

My niece was going to do it. The girl I held close as a youngster, that I watched playing soccer, who babysat my kids was going to do it.

Seriously, I couldn't believe she was going to do do the nasty deed. She slowly stroked my dick in a well practiced way. It was awesome. Soon she was sucking, holding my cock in her cheek while stopping the action and looking up at me.

"Do you like that, when I hold it there," said the girl a couple seconds later. "Some guys don't, they only want me to suck. But I like to vary things."

Damn, she was an angel. A cock-sucking angel. I told her that I loved it when she held my cock in her cheek and looked at me, but I really like it when she rubbed my cock along her face.

"Does my aunt do that? Does she work your cock?"

Shaking my head no, I replied that she hardly ever blew me anymore. Only on birthdays, anniversaries and sometimes I'd take advantage of her when she was drop dead drunk.

"That's a shame," expressed Jennifer. "You have such a great cock."

With that my niece Jennifer got down to the task at hand. She began sucking in earnest, and while I'd like to say I made her pay the toll with minutes of work, the fact is that it didn't take more than a couple minutes before I was ready to finish the endeavor.

She bobbed her head up and down, totally immersed in the act, and despite my moaning and groaning she didn't let up. Her hand was as the base of my cock, jerking, while her mouth was working magic on the top end of my bulging dick.

I couldn't help but marvel how she not only sucked but had the ability to move her tongue around in her mouth, laving my dick and sending all kinds of sensuous sensations to my brain. She looked adorable with my cock in her mouth, like nothing I'd seen before.

Without an iota of shame I watched my niece Jennifer sucking on my cock, and that view sent me over the edge as my dick began spewing its baby batter into her welcoming wet mouth.

She worked the dick until it began to wither.

"That was awesome, Uncle Rob, that was great," said the girl, inserting my cock back into her mouth to suck off any leftover residue of my load. She smiled at me, and made a production of swallowing the excess before tucking my dick back into my pants.

"Now don't you forget to wash up before your wife gets a shot at that," she said with a smile.

"I think that's not happening, I am done for the week," was my weak reply. I could barely move.

Jennifer looked at me, shyly, and asked: "You aren't going to show anyone the pictures or video you shot?"

I smiled. She knew I wouldn't be posting it on the internet, but the possibility was there.

Smiling, I said it was for my personal collection, and asked how she knew. "Oh, you don't remember, you're so cute. Don't you remember when I was a little girl and mom brought me in to see you? You let me use your bathroom and I wandered out the other door. I had a feeling you were filming Will and I today, I heard something behind me."

Not sure what to say, I stammered some nonsensical answer.

"Look, Uncle Rob, I won't tell if you won't tell, and I surely want to keep this entire escapade quiet. I screwed up[, I know what I got myself into, and this will be our secret."

She looked at me with a shy smile.

"Plus, you guys are a lot more fun than some of the guys I date."

Oh my, I think that deep down my niece Jennifer actually enjoys paying her debts in a non-traditional manner.

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