tagIncest/TabooMy Niece Jennifer Must Pay! Ch. 04

My Niece Jennifer Must Pay! Ch. 04


Thanks to Jennifer and readers for the spark to add a chapter to this series.


My precocious niece Jennifer was a wildcat girl of 19 who was in college partially to learn and partially to party. She was smart in some ways and brilliant in others.

When she wrecked her mother's pride and joy car while joyriding in a school parking lot with friends, she knew her goose was cooked. She didn't have money for repair and surely couldn't call the insurance company ---- her mom, by sister, would know what happened an that would cause her all kinds of repercussions at home.

So in the end she turned to me for help. Being the nice guy I am --- okay I am a guy who saw this as a great opportunity to humiliate and then get satisfaction that uncles shouldn't even dream of ---- I brokered a deal. It was a simple deal, Will, the expert auto body guy at the dealership I ran, would work with me to make the car perfect.

I'd concoct a story that made the repair plausible for my sister, a problem with the car and a recall by the manufacturer. Will and I would do extensive work, and Will, well, would get his shank sucked by the pretty college cheerleader. Oh, along the way, I'd get to spank some sense into that pretty ass.

Somehow things got derailed for her as my desire to humiliate and my own need for gratification took over. One night after paying off her debt with Will, well, she was coerced into blowing me as well.

The thing is, I wasn't even one bit sorry for the setup. She deserved it. For years she's taken advantage of everything, from her mother to the rest of the family. She ended up first with a sore bottom from a well-deserved spanking at my hands, and later agreed to a deal that gave Will 21 blowjobs for his work.

Jennifer begged off, said she wasn't a whore, and in my mind she wasn't.

She was offering bartered services for bartered services. Yes, it involved her spending time on her knees, but it wasn't like she'd never given a blowjob before. In fact, she was quite good at it. If you skipped the last chapter of this sage, you'd know she'd blown my cork after blowing Will one night at the dealership.

Wow, that's all I could say.

In the weeks that followed Will got more of his owed bjs. My sister got her car back, none the wiser, and Will admitted to me he'd probably never collect the remaining barter from my niece. We were wrong, though, because at least once a week she'd show up after work, unannounced, and would knock his socks off.

For me, there wasn't a repeat of that wonderful night when Jennifer worked my dick and let me orgasm in her wet and willing mouth.

But we did talk a lot, generally after Will left the building with a smile on her face. I had made my point of humiliating the lovely lady, and wasn't going to press thing. Deep down I knew it was wrong for me to have her suck me off, so maybe the overwhelming guilt just was a turn off.

It has been said what goes around, comes around. I don't know about that, but there is some truth to the adage I suspect.

One night in my office with a smug look she advanced from small talk to, well, talk that nearly knocked my socks off. It was a sidewinder out of nowhere. Totally unexpected she started to emphatically lay down the cards. The cards that looked like a sure fire winning hand.

"Uncle Rob, you know this was all wrong, don't you?" cooed the girl. "I was thinking of telling my mother about what you made me do. Really, I don't think she'd be happy that her brother was a whoremonger.

"I really think you would be in hot water if I told how you forced me to suck the cock of a guy, and then made me suck your cock as well. That's incest. That's wrong."

Jennifer knocked the smile off her face. "Oh, and maybe your boss, Mr. Hoffman, might like to know about how his General Manager did things off the books, used workers for his own and coerced girls to do naughty, illegal things in his building. How about that."

Staring at the girl, I wasn't sure what to say. Silence was indeed golden. What was going on here?

"You know, I was discussing this with my law professor. He's a lawyer, a real freak. He likes looking up my skirt, so he's happy to discuss legal matters. I told him I had a friend who was forced to put out for an older guy, sucking his dick. Yes, I said it that way. I think he was going to explode in his pants.

"I even told him the bastard took videos of my friend sucking, that he threated to post them, to humiliate her. That the guy used her in so many ways, even bringing others into the escapade. In the end he said, video or not, I could probably get the bastard for rape.

"He said even if it didn't stick, the guy would be ruined, ostersized from his family and probably fired from his job. What do you think about that?"

I was tongue-tied.

A series of terrible scenes flashed through my brain. It didn't help that Jennifer had a stern look on her face, that she kept babbling on about her friend and how he was going to lose everything.

The think is, I believed the conniving bitch would do something like that. Shit.

"So, Uncle Rob, do you get the picture? I have your balls in my hand and I can squish them."

Nodding, I said something about that not being necessary.

"Oh yes, but it is," said the girl, leering at me. "You are fucked. I can't wait to tell Aunt Theresa. I bet she will have your ass out of the house that same night. She hardly blows you now, but she will screw you in divorce court.

"And my mom, well, there is no doubt about it. Your ass is grass."

I played the video card, but it didn't faze her. I said Will would back my story.

"Once he finds out what I will say, and what his wife will hear, well, I think he will see my way of things. You will be a renegade who ordered him to do nasty things for your own personal edification. You will be brought down like a house of cards. His marriage might survive, but I know for sure yours won't."

We stared at each other for a while before Jennifer broke the spell. No longer the pretty young thing, my lovely niece. Now she was a tigress circling a wounded prey. Jennifer had a side of her personality I'd never seen, and it wasn't a pretty picture.

"It's time for your payback, Uncle Rob. Get down on your knees. Right there. Now!"

What could I do? I didn't have a choice. I dropped down. She pointed for me to walk toward her, on hands and knees. My head hung low, I wasn't sure what was next, but I really didn't have a choice. My goose was cooked, well done.

"Lick my slit," was her command.

There was little hesitation as I leaned over and began kissing her thighs, working my way up her legs. Looking up, I saw the leer remained.

"Do it," she calmly said. "Do it, pussy boy."

She was wearing those polka dot pink panties, the same or similar to the ones she had on when I spanked her ass, and I licked the crotch of the flimsy nothings. She was already soaking wet, probably from getting off on sucking Will earlier but more likely spurred on from my actions. I was putty in her hands.

"How's that, you old bastard. You are nothing but a niece-raping piece of donkey shit? Lick the sticky panties."

I ate her through the cotton panties, bringing little oohs and ahs from her above. Slipping my hands around, I slit the nasty nothings off her butt and down her legs, leaving them draped at her angles. My only thought was to comply with her wishes and biding my time to get out of this mess.

I couldn't help thinking that the view up her skirt was fantastic. She'd trimmed down there into a little triangle just above her snatch. I swear it was almost as if it was pointed right at her pussy.

Moving forward, I dove into the nest, working my way all over my niece's slit. She was soaking, and I couldn't help thinking that I could drown from the secretions.

Okay, maybe that was an overstatement, but she was dripping wet. I licked and prodded her pussy with my finger before feeling her hand starting to guide my head.

"Oh, that feels good, Uncle Rob you pussy licker, that feels marvelous," spat my niece. "How's your wife like that when you do it? You better remember because when I am done spouting my story you won't ever go down on her again....she'll be fucking you up the ass."

The girl leaned back and laughed at her statement. She spurred me on with more nasty talk, and I just licked away.

I've never thought of myself as good in the pussy-licking department. My wife hated me going down on her, so mostly I used my fingers on her. But Jennifer was a tigress. She bucked at me while pushing my head down.

I think she orgasmed, I couldn't really tell for sure. But the wetness increased and she held the pose a couple times, breathing heavily. Then she surprised me again.

"Lie down on your back." She wasn't asking. She was telling. I thought I was going to get laid but I was wrong.

On my back, Jennifer turned away from me and lowered her butt down on my face.

"Lick me, lick my ass Uncle Rob."

No, never had I done such a nasty thing. Never.

"Do it now, or you will regret the consequences."

What could I do? I licked her stinky ass. Up and down the crack, and, after an order from above, her asshole. I licked and licked, kissed and caressed that meaty ass. Talk about humiliation, I was red-faced for sure. I worked that ass for several minutes before she scooted forward and bent a little.

"Oh, you have unexpected talents!" said my formerly loving niece. "You are an ass licker now, so that talent might come in use for you down the adult bookstores. You can make a living licking hairy asses."

Humiliation ran through my brain. Still, I had a job to do, as Jennifer kept saying. "Work my ass, work my pussy. Pay for your behavior you bastard."

She scooted forward a bit. Now her pussy was right there in front of me and I started working on it with fervor. Licking again, kissing, I was her drone.

"Lick my pussy just like you licked my rancid ass," ordered the girl. "Do it or else."

I wasn't sure why she was ordering me, because at this point I knew I didn't have a choice and was working her as best I could. I licked her with as much action as I could, and I could hear from her groans above that I was hitting the mark.

She pushed back, nearly suffocating me as her ass covered my nose and my mouth was full of pussy. She bucked back and I attempted to breath where I could, but the onslaught continued.

My young 19-year-old niece Jennifer was fucking my mouth.

"Uncle Rob, suck it you bastard, suck it," she cried as I gasp for air when I could.

I did, and more. I held her ass to protect my face a little, but still took the brunt of her fucking.

"You like that? You like that? You fucked my face and now I'm fucking yours you bastard."

With that the girl spurted and yelled and bucked and then slumped down on me. Spent, she laid upon me as my mind whirled in shock yet also excitement.

Soon she arose, pulled up her panties, and smoothed down her skit. She smugly told me I was a good ass licker and pussy licker. "You aren't half bad, but you are going to need some practice if your mouth is going to be your money maker."

Our eyes locked together as each of our minds whirled.

She sternly looked at me. "Don't worry, I don't think I will turn you in. And don't even think we are even. You humiliated me, but you did help me out of a jam.

"Here's the deal. I owe your friend Will 9 blowjobs from our deal. Nice good, mouth watering, toe curling blowjobs. I will make good on that deal. Got it? But you will go down on me nine times in return. Why should I give when I could receive as well? "Maybe I will find a real whore and have you go down on her. That might be a better punishment. You can take her germs home to your wife. Or maybe I will have you suck off a friend of mine, maybe a girl, maybe a guy. But it will keep me quiet."

I begged her to call it even. "Jennifer, come on. That's not necessary. How about we call it even and move on from here. I'm sorry I took advantage of you, but you were, well, asking for it. And we did get the car fixed and that costs us a whole lot of time an money."

The girl didn't waiver, she didn't even think about her answer. "Uncle Rob, you taught me well. The deal is now 10 times for your mouth to work on me. Want to keep negotiating?"

For once, I kept my mouth shut.

By the way, it my mouth actually hurt at that moment. But if our new deal allowed me to keep my job, my wife and family it was a good one no matter what the humiliation.

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