tagIncest/TabooMy Niece Simone Ch. 09

My Niece Simone Ch. 09


(For those of you who are following and discovered a flawed storyline, here is the correct chapter, Apparently the system got some stories crossed. Enjoy)


I called Simone later that night. She was in a wildly happy mood, but she was worried. Happy, because the evening had gone well. Very well! Worried about Rita's arrival the next day, even though Rita was well aware of what Simone was doing for a living. She had seen my scene with Anna, and the caller was as good as Alex had intimated, and she had had a glorious orgasm with the caller. She promised to tell more about that later. I couldn't see any problem for Simone, as Rita had actively contributed to getting her into the business. On the other hand, I was worried, as I wasn't sure how Rita would react to my continuing involvement with Simone as she pursued her business. We also chatted extensively about how we would jointly host Rita. I had already figured she'd crash at my place, as I had room, but Simone was not completely happy with that. She argued with me, since Rita was expecting to stay on the couch at Simone and Anna's, but we finally agreed that my spare bedroom would work better. We also agreed that we would pick her up together and go to dinner before settling in. That way I could provide moral support to Simone. We hung up and I hit the sack, needing a night's rest.

Rita's flight arrived on time, and we met her as she exited security. It had been a couple of years since I had seen Rita, and while she had always retained her good looks, I was taken aback when I first saw her. She looked a good 20 years younger than her age, wearing tight jeans and a tight V-neck sweater that was showing significant cleavage. While Rita had always been attractive, her 34B breasts were, well 34B breasts. But now, she was either wearing one hell of a padded bra, or she had had some augmentation done.

Simone gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I went to do the same when it was my turn, but she surprised me by turning such that her lips intercepted mine before I reached her cheek. Our simple hug lasted longer than normal, and she pressed tightly against me, ensuring that I could feel her breasts flattening against my chest. We caught up on family while waiting for her luggage at baggage claim. We loaded the luggage in the back of my SUV and then we headed for one of my favorite Mexican places. Rita and Simone sat in the back seat while I drove, and they chatted continuously like teenage girls the entire trip to the restaurant, catching up on schoolwork, and Simone's father's activities. We arrived at the restaurant and I requested the back booth so that our conversation was less likely to be overheard.

After our chips, salsa and pitcher of Margarita's arrived, I finally found a politic way to ask about Rita's new look, "Rita, you know how I've always considered you to be an attractive lady, but I must say that you are absolutely gorgeous, and I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to enjoy having you on my arm for the next couple weeks."

Rita always enjoyed life, and in character, laughed at my compliment, "You like? Henry did really well in his business last year, and for Christmas, he arranged for me to be pampered. He bought me my new body, paid for Lasik for my eyes, threw out all my old clothes and bought me an entirely new wardrobe. Whaddya' think?"

"I like, I like. I trust he is getting a good return on his investment?" I asked jokingly.

Rita laughed at that as well, "Oh, yeah. That was part of the deal. Our sex life wasn't dead or anything, but it had gotten a little boring. So, as part of the deal, we agreed that we would do what it takes to spice up our sex life. I had thought that my exhibitionist tendencies had died a long time ago, but we've found that we really enjoy it when I dress up like this and he takes me out for the evening. He really enjoys showing me off, often calling me his 'trophy bride,' and amazingly I get really turned on being his sex object. While I have a few clothes that are suitable for our normal life, most of my wardrobe is quite sexy and revealing."

I asked the obvious follow-on question, "So, which clothes did you bring out here?"

Rita laughed again, "He packed my bag. I assure you that you will enjoy my wardrobe, as I doubt that he put anything from the normal side of the closet into the case. I can go shopping, but only with you and Simone along, and I'm supposed to make both of you promise that whatever I buy will give him a hard-on."

I gulped and Simone giggled. I realized then that whatever concerns either of us had with Rita being here were foolish. I only wondered how I was going to keep my dick in my pants with her around that long. It was obvious that I would be needing help from both Anna and Simone.

Rita changed the focus of our conversation as our main dishes arrived. By now both of them were on their third glass of Margarita's. I sipped my first one, knowing that I had to drive us home. Rita asked Simone about her new work, how the calls worked, how much money she was making, was it boring or exciting; those kinds of things. Simone answered all of them nonchalantly, but avoided getting into any details. Despite Rita's confessions, Simone was obviously still a bit worried about sharing it.

Then Rita asked, "Don't you get horny doing all of those hot calls?"

Simone blushed, but answered, "Yeah, sometimes," clearly not willing to admit that she was always horny when she did the calls. "Some are boring, but some can get really hot."

Rita leaned forward then, responding softly, "I just have to tell you how horny I've been these past couple of months imagining what you are doing for an income. All of those anonymous horny men on the other end of the phone jacking off to your words. Henry had told me a long time ago that he enjoyed phone sex, but we never did it. I hadn't thought much about it until you raised the issue with me. Now, I can't get the thoughts out of my mind. I am so looking forward to hearing the juicy details about some of your calls. I hope you'll share."

I rolled my eyes, as Simone answered cautiously, "Uh, yow, sure, we can do that."

We finished our meal, and the ladies finished the pitcher of Margarita's. We left the restaurant, and I headed to Simone's place. We dropped her off, and Rita joined me in the front seat for the short ride to my place. After I parked in the garage, I lugged her suitcases to the guest room, and showed her to her own bathroom.

She wanted to take a shower after her trip, and so I went to mix myself a Scotch and I offered her a drink as well. She asked for some wine. I poured her a glass and went and knocked on her door. As I handed her the glass of wine, she gave me an envelope telling me that it was from Henry, and I needed to read it as soon as I could be alone. This was quite extraordinary as Henry and I barely knew each other, only making polite chit chat over the phone a couple of times and at a one of the few family reunions that I actually attended. Musing about the strangeness of this, I took the envelope and escaped to my in-house office while Rita settled in. I opened the envelope and took out a couple of pages and read Henry's letter:

Dear Bob,

I'm sure you'll find this letter as strange to read as I am finding it to write. By the time you are reading this, I am sure that you have discovered that Rita's and my relationship has taken a somewhat interesting turn. And I can tell you that both of us are enjoying our new relationship. I'm not going to beat around the bush. For the past eighteen months, Rita has been my total sex slave. Outside of our intimacy, she of course lives her own life as always, and I love her dearly. And, to reassure you, I have every confidence that Rita is enjoying our relationship as much as I am.

So, you're probably asking yourself, "Why is Henry sharing this with me?" There are several reasons, but most importantly, I can tell you that Rita still cherishes her memories of your shared youth, especially as she describes it, the size of your cock. And over the past several months, Rita has shared with me how much she continues to fantasize about you. Don't let it go to your head, either one, but you are one of her favorite male partners when it comes to her sexual fantasies. And I can assure you that her fantasies are easily as wild as mine. I've never had as good a sex life as over this past year and a half.

To the point, with this letter I am giving you permission to use Rita any way you wish sexually with only two caveats. Please respect our health and do not do anything that risks her health (I'm sure you understand that). And, no pain is to be inflicted that causes any injury or marks on her body. Rita does not know how far I am going with this letter. More on that later.

What she does know is that I have told her that she is to dress as slutty as possible at all times, and she is to tease you sexually, and allow you to enjoy her exhibitionist streak. I have told her that she is to masturbate regularly, and make sure that you know she is masturbating, whether it is just by her being loud enough for you to hear, or doing it in front of you. I hope you'll forgive me, but I told her to try and keep you with a perpetual hard-on as much as possible. I have informed her, that she is to do anything around the house that you demand including housework, what she wears, the extent of privacy that she is to expect while there. Which is to say if, for example, you tell her to do the housework in the nude, and always leave her bedroom door open, she will do it. When you go out, she will wear whatever you decide. I have packed a variety of outfits that will suit most social occasions (probably not church), but in a teasing exhibitionist style. If you want something else, she has a clothing allowance, but whatever she buys must be approved by you and Simone. In essence, she is to make sure that you are smiling and enjoying her visit. None of those instructions will surprise Rita, as she has been told all of them already. But, when it comes to sexual intercourse, she has been trained only to fuck around with people I specifically approve. She does not know this, but with this letter I am giving you permission to fuck her anytime and anywhere you want. Further, you have authority to order/approve of her having sex with anyone you choose anytime and anywhere. Whenever you are ready to invoke these privileges, just tell her to read this letter. I'm sure she will follow your every instruction. And I am confident that you will enjoy the time you are together.

Now about Simone. I know what she is doing for an income. Between you and me, I am so turned on by the idea; I get a hard-on thinking about it. I enjoy phone sex, and it gets me so hot thinking that I may inadvertently end up talking with my own daughter. I hope you don't think I'm a perv, but I have to admit, I've caught myself admiring my sexy daughter and fantasizing about her. I only trust and hope that you are doing whatever you can to keep her safe as she pursues her own sexual life. I wouldn't have it any other way; I just want her safe! I have asked Rita to get as many hot details as she can, so that when Rita and are back together again, she can tell me all about it. I hope you'll help Simone feel comfortable telling Rita the hot details.

Let me finish this by sharing with you some details about Rita that should help you enjoy these next few weeks: •She gets really wet when she describes that old scene of the two of you in the pool when she turned 16. •She loves to have an audience when she masturbates. •She likes going out without panties on, especially in her short skirts and dresses. •She gets wet whenever she knows that a strange person is seeing her tits or pussy. •Her nipples are extraordinarily sensitive, especially with nipple clamps. •Her favorite position is doggy style. •She loves being fucked in the ass, but she needs lots of foreplay to relax enough to take a cock up her ass. And for a big one, she'll need lots and lots of foreplay and lubrication. •She gives great head. •She loves being eaten. Duh! •We don't do it very often, but she enjoys being tied up in compromising positions. •All girl and orgy scenes in pornos get her hotter than one on one m/f scenes. •She loses all of her inhibitions and becomes completely submissive when she is stoned. If we go out in public when she is stoned, I usually have to limit her behavior. One night she tried to do a strip tease at the Outback Steakhouse when one of her favorite songs came on, and would only stop when I ordered her to.

Please call, text or email me after you have shown her this letter. Since she and I talk every day, I'd like to know when her responsibilities have been increased.

Have fun and enjoy,


P.S., I have emailed Simone a letter telling her that I am expecting Rita to let her hair down, all the way, and to really enjoy her visit. And that she has my permission to do anything she chooses. Anything!

I was stunned. I'd always enjoyed reading letters about wife sharing, but other than when I was a swinger, I hadn't had that particular experience. Now, a man was offering his wife to me for two whole weeks. Not just his wife, but my cousin, who I had secretly lusted after my entire post-pubescent life. With Simone and Anna already available and demanding as sex partners, I wondered if I shouldn't get a prescription for Viagra just to make sure I could survive and satisfy them.

I was in information overload and struggled with what to do with it. Not that there was any doubt about me taking Henry up on his offer, but wondering how I wanted to play this. Multiple scenarios and fantasies played through my mind, so I decided to at least wait a bit and enjoy the slutty exhibitionist Rita before I dropped the letter on her. Trying to recover to a reasonable state, I powered up my computer and checked some of my emails.

Rita found me in my office about 45 minutes later. She came in wearing a clingy bright red silk robe. Her nipples jutted into the fabric making it obvious that she had no bra on underneath. I could smell a delightful perfume wafting subtly off of her. My cock twitched at the sight and smells of my lovely cousin.

I offered her another drink, to which she responded, "Come on, Bob. Don't you have some joints we could share? I always enjoyed getting high with you ever since you first turned me on back on my 15th birthday. And I know that you and Simone get stoned together. But, I will take another glass of wine with it."

I fetched my stash, and refreshed our drinks, wondering how this would proceed. We settled in my living room and continued our catching up. She was completely relaxed and did nothing to cover up when the flaps of her robe fell open as she crossed her legs. This provided me with a full view of her well toned and well tanned thighs. We continued to engage in some stilted conversation for awhile. I made the obligatory effort to avoid looking at her with my obvious lust, but I was sure it wasn't working as I could feel my hardening cock constrained inside my pants. I needed to adjust my cock, so I made an excuse and headed for the bathroom. After peeing, I zipped my fly such that my cock would be more comfortable and returned to the living room. Rita had turned on the TV and was channel surfing through my movie channels. I subscribed to the full satellite package, and wasn't too surprised when she clicked on a soft porn movie. Now, there was no doubt. Rita was going to tease me for the entire time she was here, just as Henry had said. As enjoyable as I knew it was going to be, I wasn't sure how I would survive the visit.

Trying to maintain my composure, I made an excuse about an early morning, and tried to head off to my room. Rita stopped me, asking, "What's wrong? Didn't you read Henry's letter? Am I making you uncomfortable? I always thought you enjoyed looking at me. Don't you?"

"Uh, yeah. I do. But, no matter what you and Henry say, you're still my cousin, and you're married, so, I'd best head off to my room."

She wasted no time in setting the record straight, "Look, Bob, here's the deal. Henry is off in Europe, and I'm up here with you and Simone. Henry ordered me to misbehave with you and Simone, and gave me permission to do whatever I felt like doing. And I am supposed to give him an explicit report when we're back together again. So, I'm going to make it perfectly clear. While I am here, I am going to tease you to death, and you're supposed to enjoy it. If I have to tell Henry that you went to bed before I did anything, I'd be in trouble with him."

I laughed, saying, "Yeah, okay, go for it! But, tell me first. Are you really enjoying this new lifestyle, or are you doing it to make Henry happy?"

"Are you worried about me? That's so sweet," she said. "And yes, I do love it. I've always enjoyed sex, as you well know, but ever since we discovered this side of it, it's been fantastic. And it couldn't be any be any better now that Henry has ordered me tease you while I'm visiting. And I intend to give you a hard-on and keep it that way the entire time. And I hope to watch you masturbate as much as possible. And if you'll let me, I want to watch or listen in whenever you have sex with someone else, like Anna. Both of us have tortured ourselves over these many years with our memories and ongoing fantasies of each other; at least I have. You still have one of the biggest cocks I've ever seen, and I intend to enjoy it while I'm here. At least as much as Henry and you will let me. And then when you and Simone decided I'd bunk here, I knew it would be awesome. Now the hard part is figuring out how I can watch Simone do one of her sex calls. My pussy gets soaking wet thinking about her hot body and sexy voice getting some strange guy to masturbate over the phone."

I slumped back down into the chair to avoid fainting. "Wow. You could knock me over with a feather. I had no idea. And you're going to tell Henry everything you do?"

"Oh, yeah, he ordered it. You see, essentially, I have become his personal slut, and I must do anything he orders me to do."

"Really?" Even as she reaffirmed what I had read in Henry's letter, my mind was still trying to wrap itself around the concept. But, my mind was racing with possibilities. "How did this happen?"

She smiled wantonly. "It started innocently enough. About four years ago, we started watching pornos to liven up our bedroom. Then, a year ago this past fall, we ended up with a porno rental that we hadn't picked out. It had a dom/sub theme, something we hadn't discussed or watched before. But we decided to watch it anyway. It wasn't heavy duty b and d or anything like that; it just had a lot of situations where the girls were used as sex toys by a bunch of men at poker parties and the like. I didn't expect to like it, but before the end of the first sex scene, I was wetter than I'd ever been before from just watching the video. Pornos really turn me on, but usually it takes a few scenes to get me really hot. And then when Henry touched my nipples for the first time that evening, I erupted in an instant orgasm, drenching the lingerie I was wearing, and making a large mess on the couch. Needless to say, Henry noticed, and took immediate control of me, ordering me to do things to him. It wasn't like it was anything we didn't normally do, but when he ordered me to do things, my pussy just gushed. We still have regular sex occasionally, but most of the time he takes control of our sex life. Real control."

"Wow!" was about all I could muster.

She confronted me then, "So, are you going to stay and watch TV with me now?" She spread her legs a bit, clearly showing her intent to deliver on all of the implications in Henry's letter.

"What the hell," I said, settling back. But she was having none of that, as she told me to go get more comfortable, making it clear she and I had the same expectation that this would end up with us masturbating together. As I headed off to the bedroom to change into my lounging pants, she lit another joint. And just before I returned, she yelled to me to bring out a porno movie. Seems the one on TV wasn't hot enough for her. Who was I to argue?

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