tagIncest/TabooMy Niece's High School Graduation Ch. 17

My Niece's High School Graduation Ch. 17


For the next forty-five minutes, I lay peacefully back on the stack of pillows as my niece softly sucked and licked my heavy dick from one end to the other. Her hot young mouth pleasured me everywhere. She held my balls gently in her cupping hand as she sucked each big egg into her mouth and swirled her tongue slowly all around my silken bag. She ran her tongue all around my groin as her soft little hands held and caressed my tumescent member. She kissed her way up and down both sides of my cock and then pressed her full soft lips against the protruding ventral ridge on the underside as she slid her mouth all the way from the tip down to the junction with my sack. And all the time she mewed and purred like a kitten with a bowl of cream.

Under her oral assault, I finally felt my dormant cock starting to come to life again. She sensed it too as it stirred in her hands as it filled and extended. She slipped the crimson head between her lips again and started bobbing her head slowly up and down as she took both hands and used her fingernails to scratch teasingly into the skin around the base of my rising shaft.

"Oh fuck Cory! You know I love that," I said encouragingly as I reached down and stroked her hair. I watched those beautiful lips of hers stretch open to accommodate my swelling dick. With her talented mouth and teasing fingertips working away on my cock, she soon had her mouth filled with over 9" of hard cock.

"Mmmmmm......it's so beautiful," she said as she slipped her mouth off the end and rolled the hot drooling tip all around her face. The picture I was looking at of my sweet niece with my hard cock caressing her pretty young face was beautiful indeed. I reached beside me for my camera and snapped a few pictures of her with my pulsing cock pressed against her tender sweet face.

"Put it back in your mouth Cory. I want a few pictures of you sucking my cock." She complied instantly and I got a number of good shots with her pillowy soft lips stretched wide open as she sucked away at my thrusting member. I finally put the camera away and spoke to her, "You know, I could just lay here and let you suck me like that all night long. But I have the feeling there's something else you'd like. What is it Cory?"

She slipped her mouth off my cock again but kept her encircling little hands shucking away at the outer sheath of my erection. "Uncle Jeff.....do you think you could try fucking me again; only this time in a different position that we haven't tried before?" Excellent! This kid was eager and willing to explore all the wonders and beauties that sex had to offer.

"What did you have in mind Cory?"

"This is all new to me Uncle Jeff. I've loved everything you've taught me so far. Can I.....can I let you decide?" she asked meekly.

"Sure honey," I said as I reached out and tenderly stroked her smooth cheek. "I know something I'm sure you'll like. Come on over here," I said as I slid out from underneath her and got to my feet. With my erect cock bobbing before me, I moved across the room.

"What are we going to do, Uncle Jeff?" she asked excitedly as she followed me over towards her mother's dressing table.

"Just take ahold of the back of that chair, sweetie," I said nodding towards the straight-back chair her mother used at the dressing table. Cory stood behind the chair and put her hands on the top cross-rail of the back. She turned to look at me for further instructions. "That's good Cory. Now step back so you're leaning forwards.....that's good.....just a little further back......now spread your feet further apart....that's a good girl....yeah....just a little further....oh yeah.....that's perfect." Her long lean legs looked gorgeous encased in the sheer thigh-high stockings. Those sexy "fuck-me" high heels with the strap around the ankle made those gorgeous muscular columns look even sexier. I looked over her shoulder and saw her looking at me in the mirror over the table. I could see past her pretty face right into the line of cleavage between her compressed breasts as she leaned well forward. Her lush round ass was sitting high and remained encased in the black lacey panties Tanya had left for her. All in all, she was perfectly placed for a deep hard fucking from behind. But before that.....I wanted to taste her sweet young cunt.

"Keep those legs nice and straight for me Cory," I said as I moved in close behind her and dropped to my knees. I circled my hands around her trim ankles and then slid them slowly up the full length of her long toned legs. She quivered beneath my touch as my hands rose higher and higher up the backs of her thighs. I leaned in close to the tightly stretched material of her panties as they snugly clung to her young womanhood. I could smell her fresh clean girly scent already and breathed deeply with my nose inches from her succulent pussy. Mmmmmm.....it smelled warm and youthful. "I can smell you Cory. Are you nice and wet for me?" I asked as I took my fingertip and traced it around the lacey material at the leg opening of her panties.

"Oh God Uncle Jeff....yes!" she said in a breathless voice. I slid my finger from the edge of her panties and drew it slowly over the cleft of her warm sex beneath the lacey material. Hhhhmmmm....just as she had sad...absolutely soaking wet. I rubbed my finger a little harder right over her swollen labia and felt her juices sticking to my fingertip. I drew it back and slipped my own finger into my mouth. Mmmmm, perfect! The intoxicating taste of her girly secretions made my cock surge even more. I looked down at my erect cock and saw it bobbing with each of my heartbeats. There was a glistening drop of pre-cum at the tip that was starting to distend down and I watched as it finally parted from the gaping eye and dropped to the floor.

"Before I fuck you like this Cory," I said as I brought my hand back up against her sodden panties, "I want to taste you. But this is in the way." I grabbed ahold of her panties and yanked them towards me. RRRRIIIPPPPP! They shredded noisily and a clump of the lacey material came away in my hands.

"AAAAAAHHH!!!!" she gasped out loud as the tearing fabric both surprised and excited her. I looked at those swollen glistening pussy-lips framed by the shredded lace. They were moist and pink and just begging for attention. I dove forwards and slid my tongue along the full length of her greasy slot.

"Oh fuck! That feels so good," she hissed. My tongue lapped her leaking juices from her pouting labia and then I slid it inside her. "Aaaaaahhh.....yes," she purred as I swirled my tongue all around her hot inner walls. Her tight young pussy seemed to be gripping my tongue as if she was trying to pull it even further into her. I held it stiffly as far out as I could and then fucked it back and forth into her. Her sweet young juices were already running down my chin as it flowed freely from her leaking twat. She leaned a little further forward which seemed to raise her ass even higher in the air and lowered the protruding bud of her swollen clit. I slipped my tongue from inside her clutching trench and slipped it forward along the soft warm lips until I reached her engorged hard clit.

"Aaaaahh....," she let out a little gasp as I pressed the flat of my tongue against the hard little button. She swiveled her hips against my mouth as I slid my tongue all around her clit. I started lapping at her vigorously from behind and she continued moaning and twisting as her pleasure escalated. I sucked and licked and nibbled at her sensitive pussy-lips and clit for the next five minutes until her climax hit.

"OOOOOOOOHHH GOD......" she squealed as her trembling legs had her almost collapsing on top of me. I felt a fresh wave of her succulent juices run into my mouth as I continued to suck and lick at her pulsing drooling twat. She quivered and shook as her release flowed through her young body. I gripped her firm young thighs tightly in my hands as I held her pressed tight against my searching tongue as I licked her right through her orgasm. As her trembling ceased and I heard her gasping breathlessly, I rose to my feet behind her and looked at her in the mirror behind the dressing table. She was clutching tightly to the back of the chair and her eyes were closed but she had a warm glow to her as she succumbed to the blissful pleasure of her climax.

"Did you like that Cory," I asked as I pressed my erect cock up along the crevice of her ass until the tip reached the small of her back. I reached forward and took her ponytail in my hands and now it was my turn to do the "pulling the rope" thing as I softly stroked her gathered hair hand over hand towards me.

"Oh Uncle Jeff. That was beautiful. Your tongue felt so thick and hot against me," she said as her eyes met mine in the mirror.

"Would you like this inside you now?" I asked as I slid my rock-hard back and forth along the length of the smooth crack of her ass.

"Oh God yes," she said as she rolled her hips and rubbed herself back against me. "Please Uncle Jeff?" I drew back and pressed down on my cock until it slid beneath her and the top of my hard shaft lay along the length of her molten cleft. I slid it forwards and felt her hard fiery clit rub against my cockhead and the thick rope-like corona separating the head from the shaft. I slid it back and forth a few times and felt her slick juices beginning to coat my cock.

"Is this good Cory?" I asked as her eyes met mine in the mirror again.

"Your cock feels so big and powerful Uncle Jeff," she said as she ground her slippery flesh against my thick teasing manhood. "But I need it inside me......please Uncle Jeff?" I slid it backwards until I felt her young pink labia almost nibbling at the tip of my cock. I pressed forward and those clutching lips spread around the broad flared head of my cock as it started to make its way into her. With just the first inch or so inside, I stopped.

"How's that sweetie?" I asked as I fucked only that one inch in and out of her. I kept my hands gripping her wide spread hips firmly and I could feel her trying to push back to get more of my thick hard flesh into her.

"Oh please, Uncle Jeff? Stop teasing me," she said as she continued to wriggle her hips.

"Okay honey. You've been a good girl today. How about.....THIS!" I drove my hips forward and slammed over 9" of thick hard cock all the way into her.

"UUUUNNNGGGGGHHH....." She threw her head back and let out a loud moan as my thrusting cock instantaneously stretched and filled her tight young vagina. She was so tight it almost felt like it was tearing the skin right off the surface of my dick as I powered it all the way into her. I kept it buried as far into her as I could and held onto her hips tightly as she spasmed and shook under the onslaught. "Oh God, Uncle Jeff....it's so big! Aaaaaahhhh....." A stream of moans and groans emanated from her as she got accustomed to the feel of my engorged member stretching her wide open. I looked down at her round young ass pressed tight up against my groin. I looked past her sweet little rosebud and saw her fleshy pink pussy-lips gripping tightly around the base of my shaft.

"Are you ready, Cory?" I asked as I kept my cock balls-deep inside her but rotated my hips slowly.

"Oh gosh...yes......please Uncle Jeff. Fuck me..." she said softly in a pleading voice. I drew back and watched her clutching labia follow my retreating shaft as it emerged from within her. It was glistening with her juices and I pulled back until half of the head was outside of her and then slammed it forward once again.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHH..." This time it was more a groan of pleasure than pain as I drove it to the hilt once more. I drew back again and started to slowly rhythmically long-dick her. I would draw my cock back until almost the whole thing was outside and then methodically push it all the way home. She held on tightly to the chair in front of her and her head started to flip from side to side as she succumbed to the intense pleasure overwhelming her. Within just a couple of minutes, her moans got higher and higher as the big flared head of my cock tore time and again across the sensitive walls within her steaming cunt.

"Uncle Jeff.......Uncle Jeff......I....I.....OOOOOOOOOHHHH...." A deep vaginal orgasm shook her to the core as my plunging cock sent her over the edge. I slammed it hard and deep and kept it there as she shook and trembled on my impaling member. She was like a spasming rag doll as she quivered and convulsed on my rock-hard erection. As her orgasm finished, I pulled slowly back and then drove it forcefully back into her again with a stirring motion of my hips.

"Oh God.....not again......AAAAAAAHHHH..." A second orgasm hit her as I started jack-hammering it into her faster now. She was a twitching writhing wild thing pinioned on the end of my cock as I used it to pleasure the sensitive nerve-endings within her tender young cunt. I could feel the sweat on her skin underneath my fingertips and her whole body was glistening with a fine sheen of perspiration. I breathed deep and the whole room just smelled of raw sex. I didn't want to cum just yet so I slowed down and pulled back until my surging dick sprang free of her clutching little snatch.

"Turn around and get down on your knees Cory. I want your mouth again." She released her tight grip on the chair in front of her and instantly complied with my instructions. My erection loomed up menacingly over her face as she kneeled before me, her full lips parted in invitation. The black satin corset looked gorgeous on her and her firm little boobs looked beautiful as they were pushed together and swelled against the confining cups. "Put the head in your mouth, Cory," I said as I reached around and wrapped my hand around the base of her ponytail and pulled her whole head towards my dripping cock. She didn't have to be forced but eagerly slipped her soft satiny lips over the broad crimson crown. Once her lips stretched and popped over the thick rope-like corona, I stopped her. "Look at yourself in the mirror Cory."

With her mouth glued to my cock, she turned her eyes sideways to the mirror behind the dressing table. She could clearly see us both in profile; my muscular tall body looming over her and her dressed in sexy grown-up clothing with her mouth wrapped around my big thick cock. She must have liked what she saw because she enthusiastically started to suck my cock as she watched herself in the mirror. Her bobbing head moved up and down on my pulsating erection as her two hands milked away at the gnarled shaft.

"Do you like that Cory? Do you like to see yourself with a mouthful of my hard cock?" Our eyes met in the mirror and she nodded an agreement as she kept slurping away. If she liked to see herself so much, maybe I should think about making a movie of our little escapades. All my equipment was at home and would obviously have to wait for a better time. But right now, I wanted to try her at a couple of other things before I gave her my next load. I was hoping she would be agreeable to my next suggestion. "Since you like watching yourself like that, how about you watch as I slide it down your throat?" She slipped her mouth off my cock but kept her hand shucking back and forth.

"Okay, but how are we gonna do that so I can see, Uncle Jeff?"

"Well, you just sit down on your heels there, okay? Good. Can you still see yourself in the mirror?" She looked to the side and her head was still above the sill of the low table allowing her to see herself clearly. "Good. Now I'm gonna move here so I'm almost right over top of you....yeah, that's it. Now, I'm gonna push my cock so it's pointing straight down and if you just tip your head up a bit....that's good.....just like that. Now, when I feed my cock into you, it should slide right down your throat. So I want you to form your mouth into a sweet little "O" for me. I like a nice inviting target like that."

She tipped her head up towards me and pouted her lips into a nice slick circle. She looked like a baby bird waiting to be fed by its mother. Only this time, it wasn't going to be a little worm, it was going to be a big thick cock filling her mouth. I stepped closer until I loomed right over her upright face and then pushed down on my erection until it was pointing almost straight down. As I brought the drooling tip over her face, a drop of pre-cum separated itself from my cock and dropped onto her upper lip. Her tongue quickly slid out and drew the gleaming morsel back into her mouth. As the broad flared head touched her big soft lips, she quickly sucked it into her mouth.

"Okay, sweetie. Keep your eyes on the mirror.....here we go," I warned as I started to bend my knees and lower my hips. I saw here eyes look sideways to the lewd display in the mirror as I lowered myself and inch after thick hard inch disappeared into her mouth. With her head tipped up, it was in perfect alignment with her throat and I felt the broad head bump into the soft tissues at the opening, and then felt the intense moist heat as it slid further down her young throat. Her eyes were wide open as I slid the full thick length all the way into her until my balls were resting on her chin.

"There you go honey. You've got it all." Here eyes were bright with pride as she looked at herself with her lips pressed up tightly to my groin and my thick cock distending and filling her throat. "Okay, I'm gonna fuck that sweet throat of yours for awhile." I straightened my knees as I drew my glistening cock up from the depths of her clutching throat. The muscles of her throat felt like a hot molten glove as they adhered deliciously to my sliding member. I drew back as she kept a tight sucking hold on the wide mushroom head and then lowered my hips again as I sank it all the way into her eager throat. She watched wide-eyed as I started pistoning my hips up and down as I fed the full length of my thick cock into her welcoming throat again and again and again. She didn't gag or flinch once but enthusiastically welcomed the invading monster as she kept her eyes glued to the lurid scene in the mirror. I was getting close to cumming but had something else in mind before I unloaded into her. I rose from my position over top of her and pulled my rock-hard cock from her mouth with a resounding "pop". She looked up at me in surprise with her mouth gaping open like a landed fish.

"C'mere Cory, I'm not done with you yet," I said as I pointed towards the en-suite bathroom. She rose to her feet and followed me into the bathroom in her sexy high heels. She looked so fucking gorgeous in that sexy lingerie that I felt like I could almost blow my load by simply looking at her. But I knew that rather than just spew it out onto the floor, there was a much warmer and better place that both of us wanted my cum to go. I led her over to the long bathroom vanity and quickly cleared a wide space on one side of the sink.

"C'mon honey, sit up here," I said as I turned to her and lifted her onto the vanity. Beautiful! She was at the perfect height to take my cock as I stood in front of her. "Now lean back on your hands....that's it...good...now.....part your legs." She did exactly as I asked and I looked down at the gleaming pink petals of her pussy as her legs fell to each side. What remained of her shredded panties framed her succulent young cunt enticingly. I moved closer and brought my face down to hers and we kissed deeply...urgently. She purred and moaned into my mouth as our tongues pressed and rolled against each others. My hard cock was rising up towards her stomach and I looked down to see a snail-trail of my pre-cum running across the shiny black satin of her corset. She looked so fucking wanton as she leaned back with her legs spread out before me. Her face was a mask of lust as she panted breathlessly waiting for me to take her. And oh man....I wanted to fuck her so bad....and I wanted to take her as deep and hard as possible. I wanted her as wide open for me as I could get her.

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