tagIncest/TabooMy Niece's High School Graduation Ch. 18

My Niece's High School Graduation Ch. 18


I awoke to see the soft light drifting in around the curtains. I looked over at the alarm clock on the bedside table; 9:38am. For me, that was really sleeping in. I couldn't remember what time it was when we had actually gone to sleep but I knew both Cory and I were thoroughly exhausted from our sexual activities throughout the whole day. We had both almost collapsed and fallen asleep immediately after the last fuck I threw into her as I had her spread-eagled on the bathroom vanity.

I could hear her gentle breathing and rolled over on my side to face her. The covers were drawn up to her shoulders as she was on her side facing away from me. I looked down towards the bottom of the bed and saw the black satin corset she had been wearing thrown on top of the covers. She must have awoken in the night and found it uncomfortable to sleep in and taken it off.

I slid quietly over next to her and buried my nose in her lustrous brown hair. I breathed deep and her young girlish scent filled my nostrils. She smelled of shampoo, a young girl's perfume, sweat and sex. It was beautiful as the whole combination invaded my senses. With my morning hard-on rising up to full mast between us, I moved close up against her back. I softly slid my arm beneath the blankets and around her slim young body. She continued sleeping as I allowed my fingertips to explore her taut stomach and up over the soft curve of her budding breasts. The pebbly texture of her areola drew the attention of my hand and I circled my fingertips around the rubbery nipple. As it brushed against my hand I put it between my thumb and forefinger and rolled it softly.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned as she roused from her sleep as her nipple stiffened up and grew between my fingers. "Good morning, Uncle Jeff," she said as she allowed me to continue with my manipulations of her young chest.

"Good morning, sweetheart. Do you like this?" I asked as I slid my hand over to her other breast and repeated my procedure with her other nipple.

"Mmmmm.....yes.....that feels good." I pushed myself against her back and my hard cock slid up between the warm cheeks of her ass to the small of her back. "Oh God. That feels good too," she said as she brought her arm behind her back and let her fingertips play over the length of my swollen member.

"Gosh, Uncle Jeff, I figured after all the times you came yesterday, you'd be worn out."

"No way honey. A good night's sleep has me ready to give you a few more loads today. Besides, I wake up like this every day."

"Really?" she asked curiously. "You wake up with a hardon every day?"

"Yeah, remember yesterday when you woke up and started sucking me off? It was hard when you woke up and started sucking it right?"

"Yeah, it was. I didn't know that happened every day though. Wow! What do you usually do about it when you wake up? Does it just go down on its own?"

"Well, honey," I said as I squeezed her firm young breast. "I usually get a handful of Vaseline, wrap my hand around my cock, think about you, and it doesn't usually take long before I blow a load all over my chest and stomach. That's usually how I start my day."

"Wow Uncle Jeff! That is so cool! Could I do it for you today?" she asked eagerly as she rolled over to face me.

"Sure sweetie, I'd love that." I was already thinking about how much better it would be to have the young girl who I always fantasized about pumping a load out of me instead of doing it myself.

"Okay, but I gotta pee first," she said as she started to get out of the bed. I saw that although she had taken the corset off, she still wore the black thigh-highs.

"So you took the corset off in the night?"

"Yeah, it wasn't the most comfortable thing for sleeping in. That's okay, isn't it Uncle Jeff?" I was glad that she seemed to feel that she needed my approval over things like this.

"Sure honey, that's fine. Before you come back, why don't you go and put on the black teddy we got you."

"Okay Uncle Jeff."

"Oh yeah, and stop in the kitchen on your way back and bring me a glass of water."

"Okay," she said as I watched her soft round ass sway lusciously as she left the room. I opened the jar of Vaseline and set it on the table beside the bed and then stacked up the pillows we'd been sleeping on against the headboard. I settled back in place and leisurely stroked my cock as I waited for my sweet young niece to return. It felt hot and heavy in my hands and I couldn't wait to feel her slippery little hands wrapped around it.

"Here you go Uncle Jeff," Cory said as she strode into the room and handed me the glass of water. It was a medium size tumbler, just as I'd hoped. She looked great in the black satin teddy with the thin spaghetti straps at the shoulders. It was cut very high on the hips and emphasized her long legs beautifully. I quickly downed my drink of water and set the glass down on the table. I picked up the camera beside it and started snapping more pictures of Cory, this time in the black teddy and thigh-highs. She had left her hair down and she must have combed it out when she dressed because it looked lustrous and sexy as it framed her sweet young face.

"Is that all for me Uncle Jeff?" she asked as she looked down at my swollen manhood. I looked at her face and saw her tongue slide out unconsciously and lick all around her soft full lips. Fuck! She was so fucking hot! Was I ever glad I had agreed to baby-sit her this weekend.

"Yeah, it's all for you, sweetie." I watched the lustful expression on her face as her eyes were glued to the wet drop of pre-cum that pulsed from the tip of my cock and started to slide sluggishly down the shaft. I took one hand and wrapped it around my thick cock and slowly milked upwards until the gaping eye filled again and the new surge of fluid oozed forth.

"That's what you need right there," I said as I nodded towards the jar of lubricant. She reached in and scooped up a generous gob and I watched enthralled as she knelt on the bed between my spread thighs and rubbed her hands together until they glistened. She reached forward more confidently now and took my surging rod in her two slick hands.

"Oh yeah, that's good honey. I want some nice pictures of this." I brought the camera back up and snapped a number of pictures as she milked her hands up and down along the full length of my 9" cock.

"Oh Uncle Jeff, I just love the feel of it in my hands," she said as she kept her eyes glued to my stiff member as her hands worked their delicious magic as she pumped away at it.

"And I love the feel of it in your hands," I replied as I finally set the camera down and concentrated on enjoying the sweet sensations of my 18-year old niece's talented hands stroking me. She used everything I had taught her and varied her movements; she did her pulling the rope thing, then moved one hand up while the other went down, then both in the same direction. Right now, she was spinning one around near the head while she scratched with her other hand around the base of my cock. I knew I was getting close and felt my balls starting to draw up in their protective sack.

"Cory, I want you to put both hands together just below the head.....yeah that's it.....now point the tip towards me a little more....that's good.....now....just keep those two hands moving nice and slow but keep them pretty firm...oh fuck...yeah....that's perfect.....just keep doing that nice and slow like that and you'll get a nice big load pretty soon." She followed my instructions perfectly and I knew I was on the verge of releasing a good sized wad. I reached over beside me and picked up the glass I'd asked her to bring.

"Wha...." She started to ask.

"Just keep doing that with your hands.....oh yeah.....nice and slow....that's good Cory," I quickly interrupted her. As she kept her hands moving firmly but slowly up and down my pulsing cock, I felt that wonderful initial feeling of no return. My semen was starting to speed up the shaft of my cock and there was no way back....even I had wanted to. I quickly brought the glass up to the dark crimson head of my swollen cock and slipped it over the tip but kept the bottom angled down towards my chest. We both watched as the gleaming eye of my cock filled with fluid and then a long milky rope of cum spat out against the side of the glass and settled into the bottom.

"Oh gosh! That's amazing!" she said as she kept slowly pumping away at my ejaculating cock. Her eyes were locked on the swollen flared head as wad after thick creamy wad of my silvery cum jetted forth into the filling glass. She was moaning and sighing with lust as she watched the milky pool increasing in size as she coaxed out gob after gob of her favorite treat. Watching her while she jerked me off was a million times better than just thinking about her the many times I had done it myself. My orgasm seemed to last a long time as I looked at her beautiful face as she pumped out the final drops of my milky semen.

"Okay Cory, that's good," I said as I reached out and stopped her moving hands by touching her wrist. "I think you got it all." I lowered the glass back slowly and drew the lip of the glass against the tip of my cock. We both watched as the final oozing drop of my cum clung to the edge of the glass as I moved it backwards. A fine web of semen connected the glass to my cock and then snapped to fall against the side of the glass. I held the glass in front of me and Cory watched mesmerized as I swirled the warm cloudy fluid around in the bottom of the glass.

"What.....what are you going to do with that?" she asked as her eyes remained glued to the viscous load of my seed I'd sprayed into the glass. She had a look of pure lust on her face and she was almost trembling in anticipation of getting my fresh creamy cum.

"Well, I figured I'd just pour it down the sink," I said teasingly.

"NO! Please Uncle Jeff....can I....can I have it?" She reached forward towards the glass.

"Unnn...uh," I said as I held the glass back from her reaching grasp. "Not just yet honey." She had an almost frightened panicky look on her face. "Sit back on your heels," I instructed. She had been kneeling between my legs so she instantly sat back on her heels as I had commanded. "Now, pop open those snaps between your legs." She reached down and quickly popped open the snaps at the bottom of the teddy. I watched the silky fabric fall forwards, away from her steaming cunt. "Now put your hand down there and make yourself cum." She instantly dropped one hand between her legs and I watched the muscles in her forearm moving as she rubbed at her slick box.

"Take your other hand and roll your nipple between your thumb and forefinger." She took her free hand and pushed the spaghetti straps off one shoulder. As the material fell to her side, it exposed her firm young breast and stiff pink nipple. She took the hard pebbly nubbin between her thumb and forefinger and I watched her pinch as I had instructed.

"Uuuunggghhh," she groaned as she pleasured herself under my watchful gaze. Both of her hands were moving rapidly as she neared her orgasm. Her eyes were half closed and her breathing was becoming ragged as she gasped and panted. I sat up and held the glass in front of her as I swirled the beckoning puddle of thick creamy cum around and around in the shimmering glass.

"Is this what you want Cory?" I asked teasingly. "Are you ready to drink it down?"

"Oh Uncle Jeff! AAAAAAAAAAHHHH......" Her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks and she started shaking and trembling as she came. Her nipple was a dark pink and long and hard as she squeezed it between her fingers. I could smell her warm girly scent emanating from her throbbing crotch as her rubbing fingers had her quivering in a mind-numbing release. She was gasping breathlessly as she shivered and shook through her climax......all the time keeping her eyes glued to the silvery puddle of semen I held in the glass before her. She finally dropped her hand from her swollen breast and lifted her glistening fingers from her sopping twat.

"Please Uncle Jeff, can I have it now?" She was almost pleading as she looked up at me with woeful eyes. I reached over and picked up my camera and then held the glass out towards her.

"Here you go honey. Take your time with it though. Show me how much you love it." She took the cum-filled glass and held it against her cheek as I brought the camera up and focused in on her lust-filled face. I started taking pictures as she rolled the glass against her skin and held it beneath her nose as she inhaled the musky scent. Her eyes closed sensually as she savored the scent of my man-juice. She looked directly into the camera as she slid her tongue out and ran it around the edge of the glass, picking up the final stray ribbon of cum that I had wiped against the rim. The wanton look on her face as she eagerly awaited my permission to drink my cum was incredibly sexy. She was a natural at making love to the camera. Better than any porn star I had ever seen. My little cum-loving niece was certainly a prize that I cherished already.

"Mmmmmmmm," she purred as she drew her tongue back between her full lips and swallowed the initial sampling of my seed. She then slid her tongue back over the rim of the glass and I continued taking pictures as she delved her tongue deep into the wad of thick paste that I had left for her. She was moaning with need as she played in the puddle of semen while seeking my approval.

"Okay honey, time for your breakfast. Go ahead." As soon as the words were out of my mouth, she tipped the glass up slowly and I watched as the pool of milky fluid flowed down the side of the glass and between her parted lips. I heard her make a wet sucking noise as she drew the big load of pearly seed into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmm," she sighed with satisfaction as she sucked every drop from the glass and then I watched the muscles in her neck contract as she greedily swallowed. She slipped her tongue back into the glass and pressed it against the sides and bottom as she lapped up every precious drop of cum. Satisfied that she had every creamy morsel inside her, she sat back and looked at me with a look of contented bliss on her face.

"Thank you, Uncle Jeff. You know just what I need," she said as she leaned forward and gave me a peck on the cheek. "I just love the taste of your cum. I like the way it makes a nice warm spot in the pit of my stomach."

"That's good sweetie. You'll be getting a lot of it from now on. Now you just lay down and I'll be back in a minute." She lay down immediately against the stack of pillows while I went into the en-suite washroom and closed the door. I used the facilities in private to relieve myself and then filled the sink with hot water. I grabbed a washcloth and thoroughly cleaned the Vaseline off my dick. I rinsed the cloth thoroughly and got it soaked with hot water and then took it back into the bedroom with me.

"Let me see your hands Cory." She held her hands out towards me and I sat beside her and washed the remnants of the sticky lubricant off her delicate little hands. As I was doing it, she spoke.

"Uncle Jeff?"


"Ummmm, you know....when Tanya was here....I....well....I really liked what she and I did together." She paused as she seemed to be trying to figure out how to put the way she was feeling into words.


"And....well.....do you think that means I'm a lesbian?" I looked at the befuddled look on her face and knew I had to reassure her.

"No honey. Not at all. Do you remember what Tanya said about there being times when men aren't around?"

"Yeah.....but....I really liked it."

"What parts did you like best?" She really had my curiosity piqued now.

"I liked her boobs....er...her tits."

"Holding them?"

"Everything about them. They're so big and round. Feeling how soft and heavy they were. And then when she got me to lick them and suck her nipples, it felt so......I don't know....but I got that squishy feeling between my legs again when I was sucking on them."

"Well, that's great honey. It's wonderful that you can feel so much pleasure from being with both men and women. Are you sure you've never had any feelings like this before about any other girls? What about any of your friends.....or any of your teachers maybe?" I could tell by the way her cheeks were turning red that I had hit on a secret little nerve.

"Well, I guess I have thought that way about a couple of people," she said meekly.

"Who sweetie? It's me, Uncle Jeff. There's no secrets between us now."

"Well, my one friend, Sharon; she's a little bit chubby but has really big boobs. I've caught myself looking at them and wondering what they're like." She paused as I pictured a young friend of hers with big tits and wondered how big they actually were. There were some definite possibilities there. I'd have to figure out how to work on that one. "And......well.....there's Mrs. Meyers too."

"Mrs. Meyers, I've heard that name before but I can't remember who she is?" I asked questioningly.

"She's ummmm...well...she's a teacher at my school and she's also a good friend of my mom's. Her name's Jo-Ann." I had heard Cory's mom, Maria, mention the name Jo-Ann before but had never met the woman.

"And what is about Mrs. Meyers that you like so much?"

"She's so beautiful! She's got such a pretty face and beautiful blonde hair." She paused and I could see her picturing the woman in her head. "And well....she's got really big boobs too."

Hmmmmm....interesting....there was a definite pattern with my young niece unfolding here. It was my duty as a loving uncle to help her understand these feelings. If I could help to foster those feelings in some way that would help her....and hey...if they happened to prove to be beneficial for both of us....well....what's a caring uncle to do? And just listening to her was starting to get me turned on already.

"So you like big boobs. There's nothing wrong with that sweetie. You know what, I love you even more because of it," I said as I leaned forward and gave her a soft tender kiss.

"You really think that's okay Uncle Jeff? You don't think that means I'm a lesbian?" I got up onto my knees on the bed and swung one leg over her body until I straddled her chest.

"Would a lesbian like this in her mouth?" I asked as I took my heavy cock and rubbed the spongy head against her full pillowy lips.

"No, I guess not," she said as she tried to slip her eager lips over the broad cock-head.

"And you do like it in your mouth, right Cory?" I asked as I teasingly moved the swelling crown all around her face.

"Oh yes Uncle Jeff. You know I love it. Please Uncle Jeff?" She pleaded as she followed my moving cockhead with her swollen lips.

"All right honey. Here you go....open wide." As she dropped her jaw, I slipped the broad mushroom head between those soft pouting lips and she immediately started a gentle sucking motion. Listening to her talking about how she liked big breasts and had fought with her feelings for her girlfriend and her mother's friend had fueled the fires inside me. I could already feel my cock starting to fill and extend as I started to flex my hips back and forth. She slipped her hands beneath me and cupped the cheeks of my muscular ass and pulled me towards her vacuuming mouth as my cock continued to fill and her lips were stretched wide open. Her tongue was busy on the underside of my cock as she noisily slurped away as I moved it back and forth deep within her eager mouth. In just a few minutes, my cock was rock hard and in need of some deep sucking. I looked down at her enthusiastically enjoying my cock filling her mouth, but I knew I wanted to feel her beautiful throat once more. I sat back and she seemed surprised when my cock popped out of her mouth and sprang up to slap against my stomach.

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