tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMy Night with Matthew Morrison

My Night with Matthew Morrison


I absolutely love New Kids on the Block. They came to Ottawa this summer and so of course I had to go see them. This story is not about them. It is about their opening act -- Matthew Morrison. I am a big fan of Glee and so was so excited when the sexy brunette walked onto the stage and began to sing. I really can't remember what songs he sang because there was only one thought racing through my head -- I want to meet him.

The moment his set was over I got up. The seats were close together and so it was hard to get past all the people. I rushed to the aisle. I climbed up the cement steps and got out of the arena. I looked around and tried to figure out the best place to go. I had only been to Scotiabank Place three times beforehand so really had no idea where I would go to find him. I walked around the pathway that went around the arena. I then saw a set of stairs that lead downstairs. As I looked around there was no security stopping me so I just went down.

The staircase was small and when I got downstairs I knew I was close. The hallway had doors on either side and people were moving quickly. Clearly this was where the singers' dressing rooms were. Thankfully no one noticed me.

I decided to go right and was thankful I had dressed up in a black skirt and tight black top. I blended in very well with the staff that were getting things for different people. My heels clicked on the cement floor and my heart was racing. I turned the corner and was face to face with Matthew.

I have to tell you that in the few seconds as I stood there my brain shut off automatically. I had rehearsed in my head all sorts of funny and witty things to say when I met him but that all was forgotten. I thought of asking him if I could audition for the New Directions. I imagined myself bursting into song, maybe that sexy song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show he sang with Emma. All of that was forgotten.

"Hey!" Matthew said.

"Hi. I'm a big fan. I know I sound like a geek." I blushed.

"You mean a gleek right?"

My heart sped up as I realized he had made a joke.

"Yeah I guess. You were awesome. I guess I didn't pay attention to the opening act list because I had no idea you were performing. I love Glee."

"I'm glad. Did you enjoy my performance?"


As we chatted I leaned up against the wall and he did the same thing. His white shirt was covered in sweat and his smell was driving me crazy. I wanted to reach out and touch him. I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to do so many things but my body was frozen.

"So what's your name sweetie?"


"Cute name. You always hunt down sexy singers to flirt with them or am I an exception?"

My whole face turned bright red. His grin was so damn cute that I had to do it. I leaned up and kissed him. As I pulled away I whispered.

"I've never done anything like this. Actually right now I would give up the New Kids show to spend more time with you."

Matthew laughed. "Oh really? Well I think you're in luck. I'm just going to wait around until their show is over then I'm going out with the guys from The Backstreet Boys. We're going to a place called Parliament or something."

"That would be awesome."

"Come with me Erin."

He grabbed my hand and led me down to his changing room. The moment I entered he pressed me hard against the door and kissed me. The kiss was rough but sensual at the same time. His lips pressed hard but his tongue gently parted my lips. I smiled, as I knew in that moment his hormones were racing just as much as mine. I reached down to his tight jeans and struggled to unbutton them. I was concentrating so much on getting to his cock that I didn't even realized his hand had slid under my skirt and had tugged my panties to the side. I was thankful I was wearing a black thong. Not completely slutty but sexy enough. I gasped as his fingers slid deep into my pussy.

"Fuck." I couldn't even put a sentence together. I unzipped his jeans and reached in. His cock was hard and hot and throbbing. I jerked up hard and his moans filled the room.

"Erin. I never do this. Ever. But I'm not stopping now."

I grinned as he stepped back and sat on the couch. I walked towards him and lifted my skirt. My eyes were locked on his as I wiggled out of my panties. I then teased my clit as he watched. I would begin by touching my clit gently and then rubbing firmly back and forth. Then I dipped my index finger into my pussy and then use my juices to rub my clit harder. Each time I did this he jerked his cock harder.

"You're such a little tease. I bet you drive the guys wild."

I leaned over and kissed him again. It was a messy kiss. Our tongues touched as our lips pushed together. As we pulled apart the tip of his tongue traced circles against my bottom lip. His sensual kiss along with my rough massage of my clit pushed me over the edge and when I came I cried out into his mouth. As I slid into his lap I barely had time to adjust as he slid his bare cock into my pussy.

"Fuck me Erin. It's been a long time and dear god your pussy is tight."

I nodded and bounced on his cock. Everything was going so fast but I wasn't going to complain.

This was my absolute dream and I wasn't going to complain about how hard he was fucking me or how quickly we were going.

My huge breasts bounced and I felt every inch of his hard cock stretching my pussy. I stared at him and was in a daze. I could not believe my luck. I had dressed up ready to listen to my favourite boy band of my youth and instead I was in Matthew Morrison's dressing room fucking him like an animal.

"Oh god I'm close." He blurted out.

He pushed me down hard and I arched my back. I felt stream after stream of his hot cum shooting deep inside me. He gritted his teeth and then lay back on the couch.

I took a deep breath but did not want to move. I'm glad I didn't because he reached for my clit and rubbed it in circles. I couldn't even respond. I exploded all over his fingers and it took all my willpower not to scream.


"Yeah," I whispered.

"You're missing your concert."


"Why don't you go back up and enjoy the rest of it and I'll meet you at the club after."

"O.K." I said eagerly.

I slid off his lap and fixed my skirt. I saw him eyeing my panties and did something naughty. I picked them up and tucked them into his jeans. "You can keep them."

I winked and left his room. I went back up the way I had come and half way up the stairs I heard New Kids belting out the song "Tonight."

As I sat back down in my seat I looked around. No one even suspected that I had just fucked Matthew Morrison. It was my little secret, well until now that is.

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