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My Night With Spider-Man


After defeating the vampire Michael Morbious, Spidey thanked the X-Men for their help in stopping them. He then put a surprising french-kiss on Jean Grey in a joking manner. This, of course, didn't set too well with Cyclops but he let it slide since it was in good humor. Jean, however, was actually turned on by the brazen act and wondered what else was behind the mask.

About an hour later (8pm), Jean excused herself from the X-Mansion to go out on the town.

"I'm going to catch a show downtown", she told her teammates but she really was going to find something else....or someone else.

From what she knew of Spider-Man, they say that he hung around Empire State University a lot. Jean figured that would be a good place to start. She takes a taxi cab from the Mansion and headed over to ESU. She is wearing a casual Jade colored dress that goes down to her knees with flesh-colored pantyhose and Jade high heel shoes to match. She then gets out, paid the driver and starts on her way around campus.

She then spots Spider-Man from a distance. Using her telekinetic powers, she glides up into the air and follows him, keeping her distance to prevent from being noticed. Spidey's famous "spider-sense" would only ring if it perceives something or someone as a threat. Therefore, it doesn't ring on Jean but Jean thinks better of getting closer. She then spots him changing on a rooftop. She then uses a gentle "mental" block to make sure that he doesn't detect her.

Spidey, meanwhile, changes into his civil wear as normal. She watches him undress and sees his face as he takes off the mask first.

"Hansome fellow", she thinks to herself. She then watches him get out of his costume. He goes short of his jock strap (yes, Peter was being bold tonight). She gets to see the print of his bulge and his ass and body. A warm feeling rushed over her. Lost in her thoughts, she continues to watch as he puts on jeans and a casual shirt with shoes and socks.

"Sexy. I'll bet that he's either a male virgin or he hasn't done anything in a while," she thinks (Indeed, Spidey hasn't done anything since the death of Gwen Stacy a few months back). She smiles to herself as Peter goes inside the building.

About two hours (it is now 10pm) pass before Peter starts to head home. He once again goes to the roof that he had been on earlier and changes back into Spider-Man with Jean watching all the while without him noticing. He then swings off into the night. Jean smiles as she, while he was inside, managed to find out where in Manhattan he lived. She was about to make an appearance at the Peter Parker household.

Peter comes in through his window in the bathroom from the roof. He takes off his top but still has on his bottoms of his costume. He washed off his face and then starts to brush his teeth. After that, he picks up a picture of he and Gwen Stacy. He looks at it and a flood of memories rush into his mind. Both of the good times they had (both with friends and intimately) and of the night that she was killed by Norman Osborn, aka The Green Goblin. These memories forces him to put up the picture in a drawer.

As Peter stared off into space, he heard a knock on his door. He got up, reluctantly, to answer it. To his surprise, it was an attractive redhead with green eyes and a nice figure. He knew that it wasn't Mary Jane, the hair styles were different and this woman's skin complexion was a bit more of a bronzed/reddish color than MJ's.

"Hello, Peter Parker or should I say, Spider-Man." Shocked that this woman, whom he thinks he has never met, knows about his alter-ego, he quickly pulls her inside.

"What do you want?!! How do you know who I am?!! Who are you?!!!", he says frantically.

"I'm dissappointed. You don't remember who I am?", says Jean.

"Remember Morbius and the kiss?", she says with a devilish grin. Parker then remembers the X-Man that he jokingly kissed as he left them and Morbius.

"Well, that establishes who you are 'Ms. X-Man' but I still don't know why you are here and how you know my identity," he says in a much more calm tone.

"I followed you from ESU and, by the way, it is Jean 'Mr. Parker'," she says.

"Alright, Jean, you followed me from ESU but for what reason?", he still insists.

As the hour passes, Jean tells him about following him from ESU and what she saw. They also talk about the recent tragedy in his life. Jean, always sympathetic, listened to every word that he said.

"That must be horrible for you," she said.

"Yeah. I haven't really been with a woman in about 6 months. It is hard to get back into living after something like that. I feel like I am going through the motions," Parker said.

Jean felt like crap at this point. She came over to be adventurous but now she feels like an asshole. She starts to leave but Parker politely insists that she stay. She does. Another 30 minutes pass (it is now 11:30pm), they talk some more.

"I'm glad we have had this chance to talk Jean, but I still wonder was there something more?", he asks. Jean is reluctant at first but she finally fesses up.

"Look, I didn't mean to impose during this terrible time but I did come to find out something more. As I told you earlier, I did see you out of costume and you are a sexy man. I did want you then and I still wouldn't mind now but I don't want to take advantage of you," Jean says.

Parker nods but moves in closer.

"Jean, being with you tonight has opened my eyes to this reality. I loved Gwen but she is gone and I have to go on with my life. I have to taste and feel it, no matter how sweet or bitter the taste or how soft or harsh the feel."

He then gently takes her hand and brushes his thumb across the back of it. "Peter, are you sure you are up to this?," she asks.

"Yes. Now, I know that you basically have a man but this between you and me. This is what you came here for and nature won't let me let you leave this room without....,"

Jean puts her right index finger on his lips to stop him from talking.

"Say no more," Jean says sedcutively as she plants a wet french kiss on Peter.

Peter, who still had his "uniform" bottoms on but no top, undid the zipper in the back of Jean's dress.

Jean stopped the hand from going down, "No. Let me do that," she says.

Jean then stands up and seductively undoes her dress and lets it fall to the floor revealing a black silk bra and black G-String panties. She then takes off her shoes so that she can remove her pantyhoes that were on her. She is now just standing in her undergarments. Peter is as stiff as a board now and he marvels at Jean.

"My God," he thinks to himself. She then takes off her bra and panties slowly and teasingly, showing what she has to him.

"She is beautiful. Human or mutant, she is stunning," Peter thinks as his mouth is wide open with shock and joy. Jean 'heard' his thoughts but decided not to say anything about them. She did smile though as she moved in with her naked body onto Peter. He sizable breasts mashing against his face. He then starts to kiss and suck them hard. Jean moans with joy as Peter does this. She hugs his head in her arms as he does this. He also takes his right hand and teases her left nipple with his fingers. She responds favorably to this. As he does this, she takes her left hand and traces his chest and moves down to his cock, which is very stiff. She teases it by brushing his pants in that area with her hand.

"Hmmm. It is hard. Let me see it," she whispers. Peter then gets up on his feet and takes his spandex pants off. His cock is like a spear now.

"Hmmm. Impressive. About seven inches I'd say," teases Jean.

She then circles it with her tounge around the shaft and the head. She then takes it into her mouth to the cry of joy from Peter. His muscles tense as she vigoriously strokes it with her lips and mouth. She also cups and massages his nuts in her hand, creating an even greater sensation. She also alternates her oral work between the penis and the balls. Peter is almost drove crazy as Jean is working his cock over!!! Peter then pulls her head back and he sits back down on the couch.

"Feed me," he whispers to Jean. Jean knows what he means as she stradles his face with her legs spread, exposing her wet cunt to him. He eats at the lips and clit of her pussy as she feels a hot rush going through her body.

"Oh, shit!!," she meekly lets out. The muscles in her legs and butt tighten at the sensation. She caresses his head and nice brown hair as he continues to eat her. She also caresses her breasts and her nipples as Peter works his tounge on her.

"Oh......oh!!! Fuck!!!," is all that Jean can get out as Peter makes her cum after six minutes of this. The rush is like a jolt of energy to Jean that she doesn't want to end. After about three minutes of rest on each other, she feels Peter's cock is still hard. She looks at him with a sly grin as she reaches down, takes his cock and penetrates herself with it. She is riding him face to face, moving her hips in a gyrating motion. Peter is enjoying himself.

"Oh, yeah. This is fucking good," moans out Peter as she strokes him. After about three minutes of this, Peter grabs her buttocks, gets to his feet and heads to a wall. He then uses his climbing abilities to stick to the wall while having her still on him. He then begins a stroke of his own with her against the wall. The feel of the cold wall with his body on her and with him screwing her felt great to Jean. They continues this for about ten minutes.

"Cum inside me Peter!!!," yells Jean. Peter looks at her funny at first but Jean sends a message telepathically.

"Don't worry, I'm fixed. I won't get pregnant," she tells him mentally.

Without fear now, Peter continues to stroke until there is an explosion of cum that bursts inside of Jean. Both of them let out a moan of pleasure as Peter slumps to the floor with Jean in his arms. They lay there for about thirty minutes, hand in hand, arm in arm.

When they get up, Jean starts to go get dressed as it is almost one o'clock in the morning. When she bends over to put her panties on, she feels a warm something on her anal area. It does feel good. She turns around to see it is Peter licking her asshole (more popularly known as "Tossing The Salad"). She then drops her panties and begins to play with her clit. Peter does this for about two minutes. He then gets up, puts some lubercant on, and enters her asshole "DoggyStyle". She lets out a moan that lets him know that she approves.

"Are you ok?, " Peter asks.

"Yeah, just do it!!!", says Jean.

Painful at first, the pain started to feel good after about five minutes into it. Jean never thought that getting fucked in the ass would feel this great but it did. After ten minutes, Peter felt himself ready to cum again but Jean turned around to taste it. As Peter exploded, Jean was there to taste nearly every drop that was put out by him.

Later, the door opened and there was Jean dressed and cleaned up (it is now 2am). Peter reached out and gave her one final kiss goodbye.

"Thank you for your taste of life Jean," said Peter in a appreciative tone.

"You too Peter. I needed that," Jean said back.

As Peter went back to bed, Jean thought to herself, "I may have to come back to the Parker house again sometime soon."

She then laughed at herself as she tailed down a taxi and headed back to the X-Mansion.

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