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My Obsession

byRico Suave©

They made out just outside the front door for about 10 minutes while deciding if she really wanted to go through with it or not, before she finally let him in. He wanted her badly she knew, and she could feel his stiff cock pressing up against her while he kissed her. He had his hand up her shirt and under her bra, and her body, she told me later, was tingling madly at the feel of another man pinching her rock hard nipples. She finally decided she could not ignore how wet this guy was making her, nor could she deny that she wanted to feel him inside of her. And thus my decade long fantasy/obsession was about to become a reality. My wife was about to fuck someone other than me for the first time in her life.

My wife has always known of my desire for her to sleep with other men, yet for a very long time she never showed even the slightest inclination in making my fantasies become reality. Then about a little over year ago something happened that changed everything and gave me hope. She met a guy while out on a Girls Night Out with some friends and ended up making out with him in our kitchen later that evening before waking me up afterwards and to tell me all about it. I fucked her wildly that night with unbelievable intensity while she relayed to me exactly what she'd done with him. Although I admit I was disappointed she didn't actually sleep with him that night, you could not imagine just how turned on I got knowing that she even made out with him at all. It was that night that Nate, a 23-year old Samoan college football defensive lineman ten-years her junior, became the first guy other than me that she's ever even so much as kissed.

The reality of her actually having been touched and kissed by another man after so many years of fantasizing about it turned my fantasy into a downright feverish obsession and I began to think about it not only every day, but nearly every hour, from the moment I woke up until I went to sleep at night. And that's why what happened next was so incredibly satisfying.

Carla and her new found friend Garrett stumbled into the house and made straight for the couch. He almost immediately had her shirt up over her head and worked quickly to remove her bra, exposing her delicious 36B cup breasts to him. He leaned forward and began to suck on her wonderfully big pink nipples. She moaned softly and held him tightly to her chest, trembling at the feel of his tongue and lips on her skin. She felt his hands fumbling with the buttons on her jeans as he kissed and licked her breasts, chest, and neck, and she found herself leaning back in order to make herself more accessible to him. She felt him reach a hand down inside her black lace panties as he kissed her deeply on the mouth again. She shuddered and gasped when she felt his fingers first touch her soaking wet clit and began to think that she might burst if she didn't feel him inside deep her very soon. Nevertheless, she decided to be patient and do the deed properly.

She stopped him and told him that she wanted to go change into something more comfortable. "Go ahead and take your clothes off for me," she said over her shoulder as she left the room, "I'll be right back."

She entered our bedroom as quietly as she could hoping not to wake me, which she was successful at doing. She grabbed her sexiest, hot red teddy (with matching thong) and went into the bathroom to change. On her way back to the living room she had a last minute idea that helped make this the best night ever. And I do mean, ever! She grabbed the camera.

Garrett, 35-years old, six-feet tall with short brown hair, bronzed skin, and clean-cut looks, was still on the couch waiting for her; he had striped down to a pair of tight, black boxer briefs which did little to hide what appeared to be a quite impressive package. His eyes bulged when he saw how she was dressed, saying, "Holy shit!" over and over as she stood in front of him. She handed him the camera and told him that if he was going to fuck another man's wife, he'd have to take pictures of it for him. She had not hidden the fact that I was actually there, asleep in the back of the house, yet despite her assurances, he was still incredulous that I would really want another man to fuck my wife. Nevertheless he apparently had no problem at all in fulfilling her request, snapping off plenty of extremely hot and highly explicit pics for me.

One off-shoot of my fantasy has always been that I've wanted her to fuck someone else without me in the room, in part because I figured that both of them would be more comfortable without me around watching them. This would allow her to more fully enjoy herself, which is really what I wanted more than anything. For me it has always been that the more she enjoys our sex, the more I enjoy it, and the same is equally true for me in this kind of situation. If she is going to fuck someone else, I want her to enjoy it as much as possible.

Although I would love to actually see her getting fucked by another man, I'm also totally and completely turned on by the idea of her fucking someone else without me around to see it, reveling in the re-telling of it later while I fuck her silly. However she's always been a bit uncomfortable about that part of the fantasy; the re-telling of it later. That's why the pictures brought both of those fantasies together for us in the most satisfying way imaginable.

She dropped to her knees in front of him and pulled down his briefs, exposing his rigid cock to her. He kept breathlessly telling her how sexy she looked and that he couldn't wait to feel her sucking his dick. She felt an unbelievable rush as she took his long shaft in her small hand (she is only 5' 3" tall) and began to sensually stroke it; a hard cock is one of her biggest turn-on's, she once confided to me. He was about 8 inches in length, a little bit longer than me, but not quite as thick. It was delightfully firm she told me later. She really enjoyed how rock hard he felt in her hand, especially knowing that she was the reason he was for it. Knowing that another man wanted her so badly made her feel even sexier than she could have imagined, she recounted later.

She smiled seductively at him as he snapped off several pictures of her jerking his cock. Whenever we played around with the camera together, she always seemed to get particularly excited by it, always becoming tremendously wet the entire time, and having Garrett snap off pictures of her like this was having a similar effect on her. She also loved knowing that I would be seeing these pictures later, because she knew it would turn me on so badly.

She reached her hand down inside her tiny red thong and began to rub herself as she leaned forward and took the tip of his cock into her mouth. She felt another rush through her body as she heard the camera clicking away while she began swallowing as much of his big cock as she could. She did her best to give the camera a good show, sliding her lips slowly up and down his long shaft and sucking his balls delicately. Garrett really got off on taking pictures of her sucking his cock, she said, and in turn, she admitted sheepishly to me, that she found she was really getting off sucking on him. She also knew how much I'd enjoy knowing that she made another guy cum in her mouth, but she wanted him to be able to fuck her too, she told him. He assured her she didn't have to worry about a thing and begged her not to stop doing what she was doing.

With that she began to focus on one thing; making him cum. She heard him moaning louder and louder as she brought him closer and closer to climax and that simply intensified her own passion and resolve. She found herself surprisingly anxious to taste his cum, she confessed to me later, and she told me that when he exploded a few minutes later she thoroughly enjoyed swallowing every last drop.

After he had composed himself, he told her that it was time for him to return the favor. With that she got up and moved over to the living room chair, a big comfy one, and laid back in it with her legs spread wide over the arms and began to diddle her throbbing clit while he took a few more pictures. After he had snapped off several more, he handed her the camera and dropped down to his knees in front of her, slid her thong to one side, and swiftly buried his tongue deep inside her beautifully shaved pussy. She moaned loudly as he sucked on her throbbing clit. He really knew how to eat pussy, she told me later, and he really took his time and got her worked up into quite a frenzy. His tongue felt so good inside of her, she whispered to me while stroking my own cock, and she loved the way he sucked on her hardened clit. She told me she tried to remember to take pictures – and she got some amazing ones, believe me – but it was hard to concentrate on anything but how good he was making her feel. It was, in fact, the sound of her screaming as she came hard in his face that eventually woke me up.

At first I thought I must've imagined it, but as I lay there silently listening, it soon became apparent that something unbelievably amazing must be going on in our living room. She hadn't closed our door, hoping that I might wake up and hear what was going on, and luckily I did just that right before he brought her off. I doubted what I was hearing initially, thinking it couldn't possibly be what it sounded like, but I've made her scream too many times myself not to recognize the sound of my own wife getting well fucked. My head was spinning as I quickly began stroking my already throbbing cock, wondering if I was really hearing what it really sounded like I was hearing. Was she watching porn on the computer, I wondered? My mind was racing as I looked for a logical explanation for the sounds I was hearing. For a moment I convinced myself that that was the case, but not long after I realized that the screams I was hearing were coming from her, not another woman. It was her voice I was hearing screaming out, "fuck me Garrett, fuck me," and his groans I was hearing as he pounded into her deeply. It was actually my wife getting fucked in our living room, not someone else.

I wanted to see what was happening, though I was actually hoping not to be seen myself. I quietly got up out of bed and slowly crept out towards the living room, wearing only the pair of grey briefs I had fallen asleep in, although they were doing little to constrain my hard six-inches. It was quickly obvious, as I walked into the dinning room that adjoins our living room, that I was not hearing things and that just around the corner my wife was getting her brains royally fucked out by another man. And from the sounds of it, she was enjoying the hell out of it too. I simply couldn't believe it was happening and I stood rooted there for several minutes jerking my cock as I listened to the two of them together. Every so often I even thought I heard the sound of the camera clicking as I heard her strained voice crying out, "yesss, yesss, oh God yesss.... fuck me baby, FUCK ME!"

Finally I just had to have a peek, so quietly I peered around the corner and saw the most amazing sight I'd ever seen. There lying on our couch on her back with her legs spread wide, was my wife getting her brains fucked out by another man. He was really pounding into her like there was no tomorrow and I could actually see his cock pumping in and out of her visibly soaking wet pussy. It looked more amazing than I ever imagined it could look, which is saying something indeed. Luckily she could not see me as her view was blocked by him, not that she even had her eyes open, and his back was to me so he didn't know that I was watching either. I took a chance and moved swiftly and as silently as I could into the kitchen so I could grab my iPhone. I had seen the camera sitting next to them, confirming that she must have been allowing him to take pictures, but I decided I wanted to get a video of this as well, if I could.

I probably could have moved like an elephant, for all they noticed. Both of them were squarely focused on what they were doing and they didn't take any notice of me whatsoever, allowing me to successfully capture almost 10 minutes of my wife getting pummeled by another man. It was so damn intense. I swear I must've heard her cum at least two or three times while he fucked her, screaming and begging for him not to stop. It sounded so good and I wanted to cum myself so badly, but I had to resist. I knew that when they were finished, she would come to me and confess every detail to me, and I needed to be absolutely ready for her.

Finally he told her he wanted to fuck her and cum inside her from behind and so I was forced to duck out of sight as she rolled over from her back onto her knees, leaning over the edge of the couch as he quickly slid his hard pole back into her. "I want you to cum baby, I want you to cum hard for me!" she cried out. "Give it to me baby, fuck me hard! Cum for me! Ohhhhh, dammit, cum for me!" she demanded.

I was going crazy listening to her cry out for him like that, and delighting in how much she was clearly enjoying it. For his part, he was really fucking her like crazy now, pounding her harder, and deeper, and faster. I was impressed with his stamina and his ability to keep up that pace and pleased that she had found someone so obviously skilled with his cock. Before long though, he had finally had all he could take and he burst, his intense orgasm setting off one final climax of her own, her body shuddering as he came inside her.

I moved quietly back to my bedroom, listening intently as I tried to follow what was now happening, though I couldn't make out any of their conversation. He stayed only a few more minutes, however, and soon my wife – still wearing her red teddy, minus the thong – joined me in our bed, nudging me and asking me if I heard anything. I did not reply, but instead took her hand and placed it on my hard cock. She laughed and said, "Well then, I guess you must've liked what you heard! Here, look at these," she said with a wink while handing me the camera.

"Oh, and one other thing," she said, my jaw dropping as I began to scroll through the pictures. "Happy 10th Anniversary, baby."

With that she began to torturously suck my cock, careful not to let me get too close, too quickly. She was going to make the rest of this amazing gift last as long as possible.

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