My Pet Teacher

byMr Creator©

And with that, a pitiful howl came from her as her entire body went rigid. As every muscle in her body flexed, including her pussy, it felt like my cock was being ripped off. Soon spasms began to ripple down her body as she began to moan again, and her breathing came in short gasping breaths. Fearing she might suffocate, I withdrew from her pussy, and walking around to her head, pulled off the tape and remove her now sodden panties.

She began to take in gulping breaths of air, as her body slowly began to relax and settle back onto the desk. Her hair was matted to her forehead with sweat and her face was blotchy from the exertion. I noticed that her hands were still tightly clenching that desk and hadn't moved an inch from the beginning.

Though she had just had an earth shaking orgasm, I was still rock hard and dying to cum. So after allowing her to catch a few more breaths I grab a handful of hair at the back of her head, and placing my cock at the entrance to her mouth, begin forcefully thrusting into it. Within a few thrusts I was bumping against the back of her mouth.

"You'd better relax that throat whore, because here it comes." On the next thrust I forced my cock down her throat and held it there for several seconds. She immediately began to gag, which only served to amplify the sensations on my cock. With each gag, her throat would tighten around my cock and try to force it out. In a near frenzy now from all of the stimulation, I began to rapidly pound my cock in and out of her throat.

I was like a fucking wild man. It was literally sensory overload to have all of your fantasies and dreams come true all in one moment. The euphoric feeling of having this kind of power and control over a beautiful women was completely overwhelming. To know that she was also getting turned on by the humiliation and abuse, only served to heighten the emotions.

To this day, I still don't know if I gave her the opportunity to breath between thrusts. At that point, I was completely zoned out. All I could think about was the orgasm that was rapidly building in my balls.

Without warning, I yanked my cock out and exploded all over her face. Strands went in her eyes, up her nose, in her hair and in her open mouth which was gasping for breath. It seemed to go on forever. It was only after standing there for a bit that I finally snapped out of it, and realized that I was still milking my cock even though nothing was coming out of it anymore. I also still had a death grip on her hair at the back of her head and was painfully bending her head back.

With a final shake of my head, I released both my cock and her hair, and stepped back to admire my handiwork. What a sight it was to behold. A gorgeous woman bent over a desk, who'd just had her ass and pussy spanked, received a good fucking and then had her throat ravaged before being sprayed with cum. And she was mine - all mine. To do with as I pleased, whenever and however I wanted.

I quickly grabbed my camera and got a few shots of her beautiful facial.



"Well whore, it seems your dirty little secret is out. You get off on being controlled, and being humiliated and abused." I chuckled softly. Her face flushed crimson red at this as she bowed her head in shame. "I think we're going to have a wonderful relationship from here on in, don't you?" I asked mockingly.

"I guess now would be a good time to go over some new ground rules for you. First off, you will learn to be more respectful to your students. You will address each one formally by their last name. For example you will address Lisa as Ms. Beaumont. If I hear you use a students first name, you will be punished."

"Secondly, unless you are teaching a class, you will refer to me as Sir or Master. To do otherwise will result in punishment."

"Thirdly, your new name will be 'whore'. When asked a question by me, you will refer to yourself by your new name. Are you getting all this whore?" I asked.

"Yes Sir," she meekly replied.

"Lastly, you will be made to do many things which you may find humiliating, but I will expect you to do them without question or hesitation. Again, to do otherwise will result in punishment."

"You have a lot to make up for whore, so do not expect any kindness from me. You had best work very hard to please me from here on in, or your life is going to become a living hell," I threatened.

She hesitantly nodded her head and whispered a quiet, "Yes Sir."

"Alright, clean your face off whore," I instructed.

She reached up and began scooping my now drying cum off of her face and licking it from her trembling fingers.



I wanted to be sure to have plenty of material for my scrapbook. "Now whore, I have a little test set up for you tomorrow morning to see how dedicated you are to making this relationship work." Reaching into my school bag, I pulled out the remainder of the materials I had brought with me and placed them on the desk beside her left shoulder.

"At precisely 6:00 am tomorrow morning, you will enter the boys changing room downstairs. You will then remove all of your clothing. Once you are completely naked you will move into the center of the room where you will find a long wooden bench fixed to the floor. Taking this gag you will place it in your mouth and fix it tightly in place." I held up one of the items I had taken from my bag. It was a large red rubber ball with a black leather strap running through it. It was designed to fit tightly into a slave's mouth thereby forcing it to stay wide open, and was then held in place by means of the strap around the back of the head.

"You will then take this plug and insert it into your ass." A look of shock flashed across her face. I put the gag down and picked up the flesh coloured butt plug from the desk. It was probably 2 inches at the widest point. It certainly wasn't the largest butt plug I had seen at the sex shop, but I thought it best to start small and work my way up.

She was still absent mindedly wiping the cum from her face and licking her fingers clean as I proceeded with the remainder of her instructions. "Once the plug is fully seated, you will then place this blindfold over your eyes; again, ensuring it is fixed securely in place. You will then lie face down on the bench with a leg on either side. Then taking these handcuffs you will lock your hands together underneath the bench and await my arrival," I finished.

By placing her in this position, she would be blind and mute, and with her arms locked together underneath the bench, unable to move. In effect, she would be completely helpless in the boy's changing room, where risk of discovery could potentially be very high. Fortunately for her, I had checked the schedule and there were no early morning practices scheduled tomorrow. I wasn't about to tell her that though. I wanted her to believe the risk of discovery would be very high so as to add to her humiliation.

I could see her mind was reeling at what I was asking her to do. She feebly attempted to plead her case. "Please Sir, not there. I promise to do whatever you ask of me, but please don't make me do that in the boy's changing room. I just couldn't."

"Remember what I told you whore. You have a lot to make up for, so do not disappoint me. This matter is not open for debate. I'll see you tomorrow morning." And with that I turned about and walked out of the room leaving her laying across her desk naked.

Immediately after leaving the classroom, I headed down to the boy's locker room to get it ready for the next day. While in LA over the summer, I had the chance to visit one of those hole in the wall electronic shops specializing in 'surveillance gear'. I had acquired a very small wireless video camera which was roughly a quarter of an inch wide and three quarters of an inch long. Using a magnet, I was able to affix it to the side of a vertically running vent on the wall which runs horizontal to the bench in the middle of the room. By placing it high enough and just above a joint, the tiny camera would be next to impossible to see even if one was looking directly at it. The camera, unfortunately, only had an operating range of roughly 25 feet, so I had to ensure I found a secure place nearby where I could set up the recording equipment. Luckily the janitor closet was located next door to the locker room. In there I set up the small digital recorder, and set it for motion activation. The recorder had enough memory to record roughly 3 hours of footage.


I must have lain awake for hours replaying in my mind the day's events. Each time I got to the part where I began spanking her ass and pussy, I'd feel my cock beginning to harden under the covers. After much tossing and turning, and after having to relieve the tension several times, I was finally able to drift off.

The next morning came all too soon as my alarm clock began incessantly beeping at 5:30 am. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I quickly showered, dressed and then took off for school.

From my vantage point in the nearby bushes, I observed Becky arrive at the school at 5 minutes to 6. She nervously looked about, hoping no one was there to witness her early arrival. Upon seeing the parking lot empty, she hastened inside the building. I purposely stayed outside for roughly 15 minutes as I wanted to give her time to get herself set up. As well, I thought it might add to her humiliation to make her stew a bit. The longer she was forced to lie there naked and helpless, the more panicked she would become. Before long her perception of time would become disjointed and she would begin to wonder whether I was coming at all, or if I had left her there to be discovered by whatever group of boys had the gym scheduled first that day.

At 6:15 am, I entered the school and quietly made my way down to the locker room. Before going in though, I popped into the janitor's closet and reviewed the recording. The motion of the locker room door opening was enough to start the recording.

I watched as she nervously popped her head around the half open door and peered about looking for any life. When she didn't hear or see anyone, she cautiously entered the room, closing the door behind her. Then she was seen walking all about the room looking in every corner for anyone who might be there. When she realized that she was alone, she visibly sighed with relief. Checking her watch, she then quickly began undressing leaving her clothes neatly folded in a nearby open locker.

The scene was definitely affecting her as her nipples were visibly erect, even before the bra came off.

Once the last piece of clothing was placed in the locker, Becky reached into her little tote bag she was carrying and brought out the red ball gag. She appeared to study it for a few seconds, perhaps building up the courage to proceed. She quickly came to some kind of decision, as her posture visibly straightened with her shoulders thrown back, and she then brought the ball up to her mouth. She had to open her mouth quite wide to get the ball in, but once in place, she fixed the strap tightly about the back of her head.

Now gagged, she bent down to her tote bag and removed the flesh coloured butt plug and a small bottle of Vaseline. Applying a liberal amount of the Vaseline on the plug, Becky turned around, putting her back to the camera. She then knelt upon the bench, and bent forward, bracing herself against the lockers in front of her with one hand. In this position, her ass was pointed directly at the camera, giving me a birdseye view of her self-humiliation. With her free hand she brought the plug around behind her, and after taking a deep breath, placed the tip against her asshole. With slow circular thrusts, she began working the tip inside. Once she reached a new depth, she would stop and simply twist the plug for a few seconds, trying to give her body time to adjust to the invader. At first the going was somewhat easy, but as the plug neared the widest part, she began to have some difficulty. Small yelping and grunting sounds could be heard, each time she tried to drive it deeper.

Watching this scene was almost too much for me. I had half expected her to refuse my demands, believing that once she had time to consider her options, she might have chosen to resist or perhaps even run. But here she was naked and gagged in the boy's locker room, kneeling upon a bench in the middle of the room while she tried to ram a butt plug up her virgin ass. My cock was rock hard and begging for release. I began to absently rub it through my jeans as I watched my newly-acquired slave humiliate herself. I can only imagine how embarrassed she'll be when she finds out that I've been taping her.

Finally after one particularly hard thrust, the plug's widest part slipped past her sphincter and slid the rest of the way home. It was obvious that this last bit had been painful, as Becky was holding the end of the plug with one hand while the cheeks of her ass clenched and unclenched, all the while making a pitiful mewling sound.

After the pain in her ass had subsided, Becky reached into the bag and brought out the final two implements. Placing the handcuffs beside her, she took the blindfold, and with shaking hands, brought it up to her eyes. Once covered, she fastened it in place behind her head. She was now gagged, mute, and stuffed. Only one last thing before she was completely helpless. Taking the handcuffs in one hand she rotated around on the bench and lay upon her stomach. The bench was high enough that when she lowered a leg down on either side of the bench, her knees could not reach the ground. In this position, she would not be able to support her weight with her legs, and would have to rest her full mass upon the bench. As well, having her knees splayed apart by the bench also served to open up her ass cheeks and pussy allowing for easy access.

After a bit of shifting around to get as comfortable as possible, she brought her hands together underneath the bench and fastened the handcuffs in place. Come hell or highwater, she was stuck now in that position, until I decided to release her. If someone were to walk in now, she could do or say nothing to cover herself up or to prevent anyone from having their way with her.

Checking the time stamp on the recording and then looking at my watch I could see that she had been in that position now for 10 minutes. I'm sure to her, that 10 minutes probably felt more like an hour. Her greatest fear was that there was likely that there was an early morning basketball practice scheduled and a whole group of boys would be entering at any moment and finds her like this.

Before leaving the closet, I set the machine to record again. I then entered the locker room in a rush and slammed the door behind me. The sudden entrance and noise startled Becky as her body practically jumped right off the bench. Her head began to crane around trying to make out who it could be from the sound. Remaining silent I approached her naked form and began running my hands over her body. I'm sure she was praying that it was me, but probably had some fears as well that it might be some other boy.

Despite not knowing who it was, her body betrayed her by beginning to respond as my hands began to caress her bare pussy lips, occasionally slipping a finger into her already damp pussy. Sliding one hand up to her asshole, I began to gently twist and turn the plug, eliciting a further response from Becky. She began to rock her ass back and forth in a fucking motion. As I placed several more fingers into her pussy, a low moan slipped out around the ball gag. She was soaking wet and turned on.



"What a fucking whore you are," I exclaimed as I spanked each ass cheek hard with my hand. "You stripped naked in a boy's locker room. You then gagged and blindfolded yourself and then rammed a butt plug up your ass. And then you actually handcuffed yourself to the bench leaving you completely helpless and at anyone's mercy. And then with just the slightest touch, by anyone, your cunt is soaking wet and you're moaning like a bitch in heat. I bet you never imagined that in 3 short days you would be turned into a sex crazed slut whose only desire was to please your master." Her face and upper body turned a crimson red at this.

"It's true, isn't it? You are a fucking whore aren't you?" I asked.

After only the slightest hesitation, her head bobbed up and down, and a muffled "unhuh" could be heard. Her surrender was complete now - there was no resistance left in her.

"Well whore, you're going to be punished again. It seems you just can't follow simple instructions."

Through her gag I could hear her surprise as she tried to ask what she had done wrong. All that came out, however, was some muffled noises and a lot of shaking her head.

"You see whore, I did not give you, nor did I tell you to use Vaseline to put that plug in your ass. You are going to learn very quickly to follow my instructions to the letter. Any deviation will result in a swift and severe punishment." To be honest, she was going to be punished today no matter what, but I thought it best to have her think that it was of her own doing. This way she'd work twice as hard next time to please me, I reasoned.

Taking my backpack off, I removed the ping pong paddle I had brought from home. Our table long ago had given up the ghost, but for some reason the paddles were still kicking around the house after all these years. At least now they were going to be put to good use.

Becky was still trying to plead her case and also likely begging for forgiveness. I imagine her ass was pretty sore after yesterday afternoon and she probably had a hard time sitting down all night. Even now I could still see some faint red lines across her ass from the ruler. Watching her mute and blind form squirm helplessly on the bench for a few moments was intoxicating and filled the body with animalistic urges.

Stepping to her side I brought the paddle down hard on her left ass cheek first.


Her entire body went rigid and a loud wail came from behind the gag. A large red circle quickly formed in the centre of her ass cheek. Giving her a few seconds to anticipate the next blow, I then brought the paddle down hard on her right ass cheek.


Again her body tensed and the same pitiful wail could be heard. I then began paddling both her ass cheeks, trying to ensure I didn't miss any part. I varied the rhythm and tempo of the blows as much as possible to keep her guessing as to where and when the next strike would be.

Soon her entire ass was a deep red colour. I even gave a few sharp blows to the back of her silky smooth thighs. On these occasions, her howls of pain were definitely the loudest and I'm sure would make sitting down all the more painful for the rest of the day.

This time around I was more in control of myself and made the effort to study her body and the effects the punishment was having on her. As opposed to yesterday afternoon, where I was just a wild man and was literally out of control. In the beginning, she was howling in pain from the blows, and her body would tense with each strike. But as time wore on, and the redder her ass became, her wails of pain began turning into grunts and moans. Her ass also started thrusting back to meet each blow. I also noted that her pussy was drenched and the juices were literally running down her spread legs and pooling on the bench. The humiliation of the situation and the pain from the spanking were turning her on big time.

The last few strikes I aimed directly at the end of the plug sticking out of her ass. Each blow was accompanied by a very loud "ahhhhhhhhhh......." as the flared plug end pushed against her sphincter.

When I could sense she was close to cumming, I finally stopped the spanking and put the paddle down. I quickly stepped out of my pants, and then straddled the bench behind her. In one fluid motion I wrenched the plug from her ass and drove my cock back up it. Her entire body spasmed and the loudest shriek I had ever heard came from behind that gag. It was probably a good thing she had used Vaseline to put the plug in, or else I don't think I would have been able to move. Her asshole was unbelievably tight. It honestly felt like my cock was being ripped off.

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