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My Photo Shoot


The following is a true story of my first guy on guy encounter:

Back in my 20's I was dating a really cute girl that lived in Los Angeles. I was in great shape back then, an avid surfer, 5' 10" and 160 lbs. I worked out off and on but surfing kept me in great shape. I had long, wavy brown hair with natural blond highlights from the ocean's salt water. I was fresh out of school and other than surfing I spent most of my time at my girlfriends, usually between the sheets.

One day as I was walking down the street, having just left my girlfriend's apartment, an older guy pulled up in his car along side of me and asked me if I had ever done any work as a model. I was a little confused at first and slightly embarrassed. I did not picture myself as being someone who would be mistaken for a model. I said no, and asked him why he was asking. He mentioned that he was a professional photographer and that he would be interested in having me do some modeling for him. He said that based on my looks there could potentially be some money in it for me. Obviously flattered, and probably a little naïve, I agreed that the sound of doing some modeling with the prospect of earning some cash on the side, sounded pretty interesting. He introduced himself as Jim and said he had a studio down the street. Jim asked if I lived in the area and I mentioned that I did not but that my girlfriend lived around the corner. Jim gave me his card and said to give him a call if I was seriously interested.

A few days later I decided to give Jim a call. Jim was happy to hear from me and said he had a few openings later in the week. I asked him if there was anything in particular I should bring and if my girlfriend could watch. Jim said to just bring myself and suggested that it might be better if I came alone since modeling was new to me and therefore, I may be embarrassed to be posing in front of my girlfriend. He felt that fewer distractions would be better. I thought nothing of it and agreed to meet him in a few days. The days went by and I didn't think much about the photo shoot. The night before I went out with my girlfriend and we had a pretty wild night of drinking and dancing. The next day I rolled out of bed with a pretty heavy hangover and headed over to Jim's for the photo shoot. Jim lived in an artist loft in a pretty large apartment building and his place was filled with camera and lighting equipment. We talked for a little bit and I explained to him that I was a little nervous as I had never done any modeling before. Jim said not to worry about it and that he would walk me through it. He had me take off my shoes and socks and put on a tight black t-shirt. I was already wearing jeans and he thought this would be a good look.

Jim had me lean up against a wall with a white backdrop and said to just act natural and then he just started shooting away. I wasn't really sure what to do so I just kept looking at him and then looking away; basically just doing poses that I thought models did. After a while it was becoming apparent that Jim wasn't entirely happy with the way I was modeling and felt we needed to make some "changes". Jim felt that I was too inhibited and wasn't acting comfortable in front of the camera. He decided that it might be better to switch out of the tight t-shirt and into something a little looser fitting. As I was changing he commented on how I had a really good body and he then asked if it would be ok taking some photos with my shirt off. I didn't mind and so we went ahead with this. He started commenting that I seemed more relaxed and that the session seemed to be progressing well. Jim slowly started talking me into undoing the top buttons of my jeans to show my pelvic region and that it was natural to take some seductive photos during a photo shoot. I have to be honest that at this point I was starting to get a little turned on at all the attention Jim was paying to me and my body. Jim then asked if I would be ok posing with a sheet wrapped around me to create the impression that I was nude. At this point I was starting to get the impression that Jim was more interested in me posing nude and although I was a little turned on, I was also a bit uncomfortable. It wasn't that I was afraid of being nude in front of another man, I just didn't want nude photos of me finding there way on to the internet. Jim assured me that it would be illegal for him to distribute photos of me without my written consent and of course, being a naïve young kid, I felt this sounded like a reasonable answer. I decided I would let him go ahead and shoot me in a sheet but I would not go completely nude. I stripped out of my jeans but kept my boxers on and wrapped the sheet around me.

After a few minutes of taking photos, Jim had me lay on the ground on my stomach and asked me slide the sheet down to show the top of my ass. I was laying on my stomach propping myself up on my elbows, smiling at the camera, and since I was basically going to have to slide my boxers most of the way off to show my ass, I just decided to take them off. What the hell I thought; as long as I have the sheet on I would be fine. I have to say there was something extremely exciting about being nude in the presence of another man that I had just met and barely knew. Jim seemed very pleased at my being nude and it was his pleasure that was really turning me on. Jim eventually asked me to stand and to hold the sheet down to my waist. He kept shooting and eventually asked me to slide the sheet lower, exposing the pubic hairs above my cock, which I will admit was starting to swell at the growing excitement I was feeling. I did so and I could tell Jim was enjoying this. A few more shots and again, Jim asked me to lower the sheet some more, which I slowly did, now exposing the top of my now slightly engorged shaft. My cock was growing at the excitement of having another man begging to look at it. I couldn't get over how excited Jim was making me feel. Not fully hard, my cock was now about 7 inches in length and slowly growing against the sheet that was keeping it pressed against my thigh. Jim exclaimed that my cock looked amazing outlined against the sheet and that I should be proud of how large I was. I blushed at this as, I always knew I had a pretty decent sized cock, but I had never had anyone marvel at it before. My girlfriend would always tell me how big it was, but I sometimes felt it was more of a complaint than anything. But here was this guy, a man I had just met, and he was begging me to show him my thick piece of meat. It was at this point that Jim asked me to drop the sheet, which I gladly did. My cock was now aching to be free, and as I dropped the sheet, my huge cock jumped having been freed from the sheet that was holding it back. Large and quickly becoming fully engorged, my cock grew harder and harder, rising to a fully erect hard-on that reached my belly button....pre cum glistening on the top of my large purple mushroom head.

Jim gasped at the sight of my cock and I sheepishly asked if he liked what he saw.

"Fuck yeah" Jim replied, "I knew you were hot, but I had no idea you were such a stud!"

I was pretty embarrassed but I was absolutely loving this. As he took more photos I reached down and grabbed the base of my cock and gripped it with my right hand, causing my cock to swell and grow. Jim gasped at how he couldn't believe my cock could look any larger. He talked to me about pointing my cock this way and that and eventually he said he wanted to take a few close ups. He slowly edged closer and got onto his knees as he took photos of me (actually, by this point I think he was only photographing my huge hard on). I kept posing my cock in different positions when Jim suddenly stopped and said he would like to have me pose in a different manner. I wasn't sure what he meant so he came over and said:

"Don't be nervous; just think of your dick as a prop that I need to help you set up for this shot."

At first I wasn't sure what he meant but then a wave of excitement flooded over me as he came around behind me and with his left hand slowly grabbed the base of my cock and with his right hand slowly started to wrap his hand around the shaft of my cock.

"You see; I want you to hold it like this."

My heart started racing. I knew at this moment that there was a good chance that Jim and I were going to hook up; and although I never considered myself gay, I really wanted this guy to touch me. For the first time ever I wanted another man to touch, play with and hopefully suck my cock.

"Mmmm, that feels nice." was my instant reply.

Jim whispered in my ear, "Yeah, do you like this? Have you ever had another man touch your big dick? You're cock is so hot. It's so fucking hard."

"Fuck man," I replied, "I've never done anything like this before. You're making my cock so hard."

Jim put me at ease. "Don't worry about it. This is completely natural. You're a gorgeous man with a gorgeous cock and you deserve to have this thing serviced like it should."

"Yeah?" I whispered back. "Do you think you could service this big dick Jim?"

I hadn't even finished my sentence when Jim was lowering himself down to his knees and planting himself in front of my aching hard on. My thick, now fully erect, 9" cock was dying to feel his wet mouth around it. Jim slowly cupped my balls and started licking the underside of my shaft as if he were a child, savoring a popsicle. He slowly worked his way up to my huge purple mushroom head and licked around the rim of my head and tasted the precum that had now formed a small sticky pool on the tip of my cock. I closed my eyes and slowly felt Jim start to swallow the tip of my cock, again commenting on how large I was. The warm, wet sensation of Jim's mouth and throat felt amazing. As he slowly picked up the pace I started to caress his head and eventually started to pump my cock in and out of Jim's mouth. Jim's mouth felt amazing. As I continued to slowly fuck Jim's mouth I looked down to see Jim's eyes looking up at me and I could tell he was in heaven...and so was I. Jim was trying his best to take all of my cock, but he couldn't which didn't entirely surprise me, but I have to say he was taking a lot more than my girlfriend had ever been able to. It didn't matter to me that he couldn't completely take my cock, because his mouth was amazing and he was giving me the best blow job I had ever experienced. After a few more minutes I could feel my self ready to explode and I told Jim I was going to cum. Jim started sucking my cock even harder and grabbed my ass to thrust my cock even deeper down his throat. As I drove myself deeper down his throat I let out a large groan as streams of cum started shooting filling the back of Jim's throat. He gagged for a second but took it better than I expected and sucked my cock completely dry.

As I finished up, my cock slowly grew softer and I withdrew from Jim's mouth. I was a little embarrassed now, but I did not regret what had taken place. I slowly dressed and Jim said he would love to see me again, and that maybe if I were ever interested, I could fuck him. This definitely piqued my interest but I was a little confused at the moment so I said I would definitely be in touch and that I would come over when he got the photos developed.

I will never forget this encounter as it opened a new door in my sexual life, one that I was very excited to explore.

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