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My Plumber


About a week ago. My kitchen sink was stopped up and my garbage disposal stopped working. Knowing it was way out of my league to fix, I called a plumber. He told me that he would be at my place in about an hour. What was so frustrating about all this, was I was in the middle of getting ready to go out that night. I was so looking forward to a night out on the town. Having been putting long hours in at the office. Not wanting to abandon my plans completely I decide to continue to get ready. In the hopes that I could still go out. As long as the plumber didn't take to long to do his work.

Taking my shower, I take time and pleasure in shaving all my private areas. I've always loved the feel of my pussy lips completely smooth. Caressing myself I make sure I've not missed a spot. After assuring myself that I haven't missed any areas, I rinse myself and step out of the shower. Just as the door bell rings! Not wanting to take the time to put some clothes on in case the plumber thinks I'm not at home. I quickly slip into my short silk robe. Tying the sash as I run down the stairs to open the front door. In my hurry I didn't notice that I've not completely covered my 40 D size breasts. And that they were in danger of slipping out of the V in my robe. Also in my hurry to get to the plumber. It never enters my mind that my robe was quite short, only ending just below my ass. So as I open the door to the man and he takes a good look at me, I'm puzzled by his look of shock. Still not realizing that he is shocked by my appearance.

I thank him for coming to my place at such a short notice. And explain to him that I was getting ready to go out that night. And I hope it doesn't take to much time to fix. The man recovers, and quickly assures me that it shouldn't take to much time to get the sink working again.

I then turn to lead him up the stairs. Walking ahead of him I start to talk about how my sink got plugged up in the first place. And that my garbage disposal stopped working. Thinking back on it now I think I was rambling on because I was nervous. Because much to my shock, this man is very good looking. Not fitting into my image of the typical plumber, with baggy jeans and sweat stained white t-shirt. Instead he's casually dressed in form fitting jeans with straight legs, and wearing a clean logo t-shirt of his company. Tall and with all the right muscles bulging. He could make an old woman sit up and take notice!

As I walk up the stairs and ramble on about my sink and the time crunch I was in. I turn my head and notice that the man wasn't following me. He was standing at the foot of the stairs just looking up at me. With a wide grin on his face. It wasn't till right then that it clicked in my mind how I was dressed. And that with him standing at the foot of the stairs he can look up and see everything there was to see under my robe! Turning bright red I ran up the rest of the way, reaching my living room way ahead of him. Taking the time to close my robe a bit more tightly and tying the sash tighter. With a few tugs on the hem to make sure everything was covered I take a deep breath and turn to the man as he gets to the top of the landing.

Still a little flustered I stammer out that I'll show him to the kitchen, and sink so he can get started. Noticing that he was still grinning, I turn my back to him and lead him to the kitchen. Slightly fuming at his rude behavior! And yet secretly enjoying the fact he liked what he saw.

Being quite shy and not all together sure of my looks, I was shocked to think he would be interested in what he saw. I know I'm not what other would term "drop dead gorgeous". More like the "girl next door". I have long blonde hair, which I consider my best feature, light brown eyes that more often than not, are hidden behind glasses. And a quick and ready smile for everyone. I have a fuller figure with large breasts. Ok maybe my breasts are my best feature. I guess it would all depend on who you ask. So anyways as you can guess I've never been the flirty type. And I sure wasn't the type who threw herself at men. Even if they are hot as fire and acting like they enjoy what they see.

So I just did what I do best. I smiled at the man and led him to my kitchen. Showing him the sink that needed working on. But as I turn to go, I look up into his handsome face to see that he was no longer smiling. He now had a look of complete concentration, as if he was in deep thought.

I gave myself a mental shrug and turned to walk out of the kitchen, but before I even took two steps he reaches out and grabs my upper arm. Not used to men grabbing at me I spun around to give him a piece of my mind. As I open my mouth to give him a set down he leans down and covers my mouth with his. Silencing any and all words, only allowing the slight gasp that slipped out. His lips were so strong, yet so soft. Kissing me and demanding a response. One that I had no choice in giving because it felt so good. Being kissed by this man I didn't even know. Just as I was melting into his kiss, he lifted his mouth from mine and bringing them to my ear he starts telling me how much he enjoyed the view he had of my nice full ass as I was walking up the stairs. How he loved the sight of my pussy, bare and pouting to be touched. As he continues to talk about how hard he got just from watching me he wraps his arms around me and pulls me into his embrace. Making sure I could feel his hardness thru his jeans. Then moving his hands to my waist he lifts me up onto the counter as if I weighed nothing at all. Never in my life has a man made me feel so wanted, or so attractive!

After placing me on the counter he reaches up and starts to untie my sash. Pulling open the robe to get a view of my full breasts. Cupping both in his large and strong hands, he again leans into me and tells me how beautiful my nipples are. Just waiting for his mouth, begging to be sucked and licked. He then tells me how before he was done with me I was going to be screaming out his name! I giggled and said how that was going to be a little difficult since I didn't know his name yet. He replies that his name is Mark and that I can just forget about going out tonight. I wasn't going anywhere till he gets what I was teasing him with.

With that said he leans over and takes one of my nipples into his mouth, lightly bitting it then sweeping his tongue over the nipple to ease the sting. Making me forget everything but the fact I never wanted him to stop!

As he continues to lick and suck on my hard nipples he starts to run his hands up and down my legs. Massaging, stroking, pulling them further apart. By this time I'm panting and begging him not to stop! As his mouth leaves my nipple he starts to slowly kiss and lick his way down my body. Leaving a trail of fire in his wake. He reaches up with his hand and pushes me back so that my back is leaning up against the wall and my ass is positioned just on the edge of the sink. With my pussy spread open to his view. Mark then leans in and lightly starts to blow on my pouty lips. Without him even touching my pussy I can feel my juices start to flow out of me and running down the crack of my cheeks. I start to beg for him to eat me. Using language I've never used in my life.

After looking into my eyes Mark leans down and takes the lips of my pussy completely into his mouth and starts to suck. At the same time he sticks his tongue into my wetness and runs it up and down my slit. I go wild!! Grabbing onto his thick black hair I pull him in closer, thrusting my pussy up to his mouth. With that he pulls away, almost making me want to cry in frustration. He then takes his hands and pulls my lips apart, forcing my clit out of hiding. He leans in and starts to use his tongue on my little nub. Running it around and across it till I was screaming out in my orgasm! I can then feel his tongue thrusting deep into my whole. Licking up my juices as I was coming. Continuing to lick and suck up my juices till I was completely cleaned up, he reaches up and grabs me by the waist and lifts me off the counter and carries me into the living room. Standing me up in front of him he takes my shoulders in his hands and pushes down. Telling without words for me to get on my knees. As I kneel there with my face level with the bulge in his jeans, Mark slowly starts to unbutton his pants and lower the zipper. Pulling his jeans down to his ankles he reaches into his boxer briefs and pulls out his rock hard cock. My mouth goes dry looking at that huge cock! 10 inches if not longer and as thick as my wrist, I start to feel a bit nervous thinking it wouldn't even fit inside me! While these thoughts are going thru my mind Mark looks deep into my eyes and tells me to suck him off. But warns me not to suck him to completion, he wants to be deep inside my pussy before he comes!

With chills of anticipation running up and down my spine I take his dick into my hands and lean closer so that I can start to run my tongue under the head of his cock. Swirling my tongue around and around then running it over his tip to taste his pre-cum that was leaking out. Enjoying the taste of him I was taking my time putting him fully into my mouth. That was till he demanded in a frustrated voice to stop teasing him and fucking suck his cock! With those words I opened my mouth wide and lead his dick inside. Slowly working my mouth down, sucking as I go. Loving the sound of his groans as his cock goes further and further into my mouth hitting the back of my throat. Wanting to take things slow, not being used to such a large cock I slowly started to move my mouth up and down his pole. But my slow pace was not good enough for him so he grabbed my hair and started thrusting him meat in and out of my mouth. All the while telling me what a good little cock sucker I am! Thrusting and retreating and not at all gentle, causing me to gag and tears to run down my face and I loved it! He then pulls out of my mouth and without warning at all pushes me down on my back. And before I could even make a sound he was pulling my legs up over his shoulders and in a blink had his cock thrust deep into my cunt. Growling as he sunk deep into me. Me screaming out in pleasure, never have felt that full the feeling was mind blowing.

Then as Mark starts to pump slowly in and out of me with deep and hard thrusts he leans over and growls into my ear. Telling me how tight my pussy is and how wet, asking if I like having his big cock inside me. In answer, I squeezed the walls of my pussy tighter around his meat and screamed out to him to fuck me harder and treat me like the slut he knew I was and wanted to be!! God! He had me screaming out and coming so hard I thought I would pass out! Mark then started to slow his pumping down, and leaning down he tells me how close he is to coming. And that he was going to cum inside me! Right then it dawned on me that we weren't using a condom and I'm not on any birth control pills! I started begging Mark to cum on my tits, telling him that I'm not on any birth control and I could get pregnant. The mere idea had me scared! He just laughs and starts to speed up his thrusting, pounding in and out of me like a jackhammer! All of a sudden he starts grunting and calling out! Then with each thrust he yelled...I'm going to... fucking cum...inside...your fucking...fertile...pussy...and make you...PREGNANT!!!! And right then I could feel him tense up and his cum erupt inside my pussy!! Deep inside my womb! His scalding hot cum erupting inside me triggered another orgasm for me. As I scream out his name!

After we both came Mark collapses on top of me, breathing heavy and starts to deeply kiss me. Both of us panting and slowly coming down from our orgasm. As I laid there with him still inside me I could feel him start to get hard again! In shock I lifted my eyes to him and our eyes met and Mark smiles as he slowly starts to move his dick very very slowly in and out of me. Then as he starts to pick up speed and works his way deeper and deeper into me he leans down and in a soft but very authoritative voice tells me that he plans on fucking me and coming inside me till he knew for sure I was pregnant with his child! And me being the new slut that I am, told him he better not think that he can stop fucking me after he knocked me up. That I didn't plan on letting his beautiful cock get away! We both laughed, and he promised his cock was all mine just as my pussy was all his to do with as he wanted!

Then we both stopped talking and laughing and proved our words by fucking way into the night and into the morning...It was for another couple days before I got my sink fixed!

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