My Prerogative


As far back as I can remember the way that magic works is in three ways. One is belief in the power. Most people don't believe it rests within them, and they suffer for their ignorance by being blind to it. Two is the actual ability to make the power flow in your blood. Many martial artists can tap into the power to make their bodies and minds strong, yet that's only the tip of the iceberg. Last, and especially not least, is the ability to make you will become manifest whilst the power flows into you. I have all three of the above and then some. My mind is as strong as any and my will is absolute when I cast my incantations. The deal with most of us is simple, we don't form cabals or the likes, though many have tried and died for their attempts. The masses of normals see people who are stronger and in some cases near god like terrifying and the cold reality of death is a specter that lingers over our power. We certainly don't wear dorky glasses and have know it all friends bossing around twits that tag along with us. That is for little children and the smaller minded.

Most of us simply exist to accumulate power, both financial and metaphysical. We are few in numbers and at the high point of our history we numbered only one thousand at most. The many wars and witch hunts over the centuries made being one of us a dicey at best proposition. The most of us died out in the middle ages, but the crafty ones like myself not only survived, but we thrived. As of lately however, and in a good way, our numbers have started to rebound. Where only eighty or so of us lived at the turn of the nineteen hundreds, we now number about three hundred.

My name is Micah Vergala, I was born in the year 825 AD in the city of Ravenna, Italy. I was born to a minor trader baron and his noble wife. I was the first of nine children and the only one to survive into adolescence. I started to feel my life change when I was about fifteen. I was able to do things that made my mind doubt the reality of it all. I was soon met by a man when I was sixteen and was taken to an exclusive university. My father was pleased that his son was going to a higher school of learning that was reserved for nobles. He hoped that I would come back with contacts and maybe the hand of a princess or two. In reality the school was a secret academy that trained people like me and set us up as leaders of the community. I was not the best in my class, but I was certainly the most talented.

The power that we can make comes from one of five forms: Energy, Life, Death, Elements, or Matter. The Energy and Elements are not to be confused, as the power of the elements is the true essence of the planet as the elements of nature become yours to call upon.. The form of energy is just that, electricity and other forms of energy, to include metal and kinetic energy. The rest are self explanatory. I was a rare individual that had the power over three of the forms as most only know one or two. I even could tap into a fourth, but I never really did at the time as it was too much for my fragile body to handle at the time. As I grew in power I began to touch the fourth and it's power made me what I am today. The Elements and Life forms are my two most powerful forms. The forms of Death and Matter are also the ones I can control. I dabbled in the Energy form for a while, and while I did find some useful ways to use it, the most was too little or too much for my mind..

Using my powers of Life and Death my own soul soon became immune to the ravages of time. While not truly immortal, as I can die from violence and the likes, I have been able to stave off the ravages of old age. I lived through many assassination attempts as well as a burning at the stake. It was not pleasant, but I endured. It was a simple matter of forming a duplicate of my flesh and then using my grip over fire to allow my own skin not to burn as the copy of me took the brunt of it. After the flames died down they took my chard corpse and threw it into the river. I used that as a way to escape the cocoon of chard flesh and make it to safety.

I soon found out that I could have progeny and did on many occasions. I came to find that not all of my children were touched like me. Of the twenty seven children I had sired over the centuries only four became wizards like me. Of the four only two have found my touch with the life and death aspects and are still around. My oldest living child is my son Stefanos. He was born three hundred forty years ago to a Greek mother named Sofia. She was a beautiful woman with whom I spent forty one loving years with. I was there when she slept and breathed her last breath in my arms. I mourned her loss for two years, but looking into my sons eyes after she died I was able to find the strength to move on. My other child is my daughter Samira. She is the daughter I had with a Syrian woman named Fatima two hundred seventeen years ago. She takes up after her mother so well it makes me long for her mother's touch. I loved Fatima very deeply and even as she was a devout Muslim, she still married me and we spent twenty four happy years together. I was crushed when she died suddenly of a sickness I didn't even know was there. I later found out it was cancer and it tore me apart for many years.

I moved to America in the year Seventeen Hundred and Sixty Eight, and was there for the Revolution. I even aided the rebels causes in small ways. I was able to deal with a nasty wizard from the German princedoms and it was that plus the tenacity of the rebels that won the war. I settled down in Virginia for the long years of quiet and made a thriving enterprise of a business and shipping that was run by my "Descendants". It was actually me living through a different form. I am able to shift my body in slight ways as to look slightly different. I thrived and expanded my enterprises quietly and soon had amassed a large and private fortune. The only snag I ran into in my time in Virginia was the damned Civil War. I was a good standing gentleman that was forced to aid the Confederacy. Though I do believe in many of the principals of the Confederates, the slavery thing was not my idea of progressive states rights. I secretly, however, did as much to sabotage them as I could. I even helped slaves escape their bondage by spiriting them away to the north. My children also did well as I made sure they were well educated and lived well. My son took to his training and went around the world to find new ways to become greater. My daughter liked to be near me and stayed near where I was and we lived in happiness as she married a few times and had her own children.

I took a wife in the year Nineteen Hundred and Five and lived with her for fourteen years when she died suddenly of the great flu epidemic of Nineteen Hundred Nineteen. I mourned her loss and yet I went on. I survived the depression and even made a good investment in the future as I bought a lot of shares of U.S. Steel, it paid off handsomely during the Second World War and I became wealthier still. I drifted along the times and lived in various places before I settled down in California. I bought a large house in San Francisco and settled down. I became something of a philanthropist as I opened several art galleries and helped fund musicians. I opened a few nightclubs around the city and lived a life of simple opulence.

I went to the theater and operas as they came and soon I found a lovely young woman who seemed as innocent as the word itself. We dated for a few months and she shyly made it clear she was to give herself to me as a bride in my bed. I thought of her request for a while. I had been alone for almost sixty years and was lonely so I took a risk and we soon were married in a private ceremony. I had no idea how badly I was going to regret that decision.

I was at one of my more upscale clubs five months after the marriage and was enjoying a new local band that had promise when my feelings began to get tight and I sensed another near me. I looked over my shoulder to see my son standing behind me wearing a nice suit jacket and pants. He smiled at me and hugged me tight. It had been nearly seventy years since I had last seen him as he was in the Orient seeking new ways to enlighten himself. He was taller now and his form made me think of myself at his age.

"Look at you my son, still looking good." I complimented him.

He smiled at me then held up a package. It was a tome he wrote that went over his findings and more. He had touched all five of the forms in his searching, yet he was strongest in the life as I am. He went on in the book to show how he found deep meditation techniques that I would have to try.

We sat back in my office and sipped whiskey and joked of times long gone. We had a good conversation about his life and he was intrigued at my now being married again. He was curious as to who she was and I told him. He listened to my tale, never once taking his eyes off me. It seemed as if he was trying to find out the core of my words and he used that to form an opinion of her. He shook his head and sipped his drink.

"Father I think she is not for you. I say it not to anger you, but something about her seems too simple." he was speaking of his own intuition and I had no choice but to listen. For his age he was remarkably adept at seeing the bigger picture with little information. He sat back scratching his chin, he then looked at me.

"I seem to think that if she was interested in you she would be here, not at home. I don't want to make you paranoid father, but I just have a bad feeling." he said somberly.

I sat back in my chair and began to think. He sensed my mood and came over to me. His hand touched my arm causing me to look up at him. He looked me in the eyes and spoke slowly.

"You are the role model I have always looked up to father. I sought to perfect my own powers to emulate your own. Please father, if she is what I think she is don't be hasty and let your powers end a life that is not worth your anger." he whispered in my ear.

I looked into his eyes and saw the pleading in them. He was my son after all and I could not refuse him. My own anger began to flare up a little and I sought to find the truth behind his words. I excused myself to the main floor. I walked among the throngs of the happy people here in my club. It was a awesome spectacle of the many people lost in the joys of the hard beats that came from the band on stage and how they adulated them made me smile. I drank deeply of the energy in the room, it had a current to it like a fine jolt of electricity. I felt their energy flow into me filling my own body with the strong powers of the universe.

I felt the power climax in me in the form of a blue rush of power that flashed through my eyes as I smiled. I then stalked from the club and I went to my car. I got in it paid the valet then made all haste to my home. When I got there I saw her car in the front, along with another car I didn't recognize. I felt a twinge in my stomach and pushed it down. I parked my car behind the unknown car then slowly walked to it. My hand touched it causing my mind to open and I felt the car's energy. I couldn't see the person in it, I knew it was a man's energy. My lips curled into a snarl as I felt the anger build up in me. I hissed into the night feeling the world blur about me. I turned into a mist and sifted into my home. I went to the alarm and bypassed it with the code. I then walked up the stairs to my room and heard the sounds that made my anger come alive.

She was moaning and whimpering against his body. I heard him grunting as he fucked her. I almost cursed aloud, but held it in check. He was a dead man walking I felt. I got to my door and looked through it. I saw her on her back with her legs wide and the man pumping furiously into her. She was biting his chest and he grunted then shot a load into her. He sat up and the covers fell off him it was then I saw his black skin. Not only was she fucking around on me she was with a black man. I had nothing against it, as my own children were of different mothers than myself. It wasn't his color of his skin that annoyed me, it was the fact he in MY bed fucking MY wife.

The laughter built up in me like a rising wave. It peaked as the door between me and them came off it's hinges. They turned about and saw the door as it slammed into the wall next to them. They then looked up at me and I stood in the doorway my eyes burning in a dark cyan color. My true form became apparent, at this time I was standing five foot eight inches tall with blonde hair. But now in my anger I let the facade slip and my six feet one inch tall body came into view. I had my black hair in a ponytail for the evening, but it came out as my hair began to fly around my olive skinned face. I walked forwards my dress shoes clicking on the hardwood floor. The man got out of bed and came at me, his clumsy hook swung at me as if in slow motion. I smiled at it then a surge of mental energy slammed into him sending him to the floor. I then tilted my head and another bolt slammed out at him. It hit him in the chest then tore him along the floor then slammed him into the wall. He screamed as I opened my eyes wider at him and he was lifted off the floor. His body was a foot off the floor before I stopped.

She whimpered behind me, she knew I was a wizard, I told her and she was kept silent by a form of safe guard I implanted into her mind. She knew, but it prevented her from talking. She looked at me pitifully and I smiled a dark smile in return. She was going to say something, but I cut her off with an upraised hand.

"Say nothing. Anything you say will only add on to his suffering. I care not for your words as they are meaningless. But then again I..." my voice cut off as I looked at her and saw the seed take root in her womb. My eyes narrowed as I stared at her coldly. I began to laugh loud and demonically as I felt the moment take me.

"Not only do you betray me, you now have his child in your worthless fucking womb! Oh how delicious. Whatever will your parents say. I think it is something like....." I said tapping my chin. I looked at her and hissed coldly "Whore!"

The word came from my mouth as cold as ice. I glared at her for a long while. She began to sob and her hands came up to her blond hair as she wept like a baby. I then turned my glare from the worthless whore and towards the real cause of my anger. I smiled a demonic smile as I stalked towards him. I looked down and noticed he was an attractive man as that went. He was five foot ten with an average build. He had an average sized cock, maybe seven inches long. I saw this and the laugh returned to my belly. I spun around at her and in a mocking tone spit out.

"What's this? I thought whores upgraded from little to big. As it is I am not little, nor is he big." I laughed louder at that then heard him groan and curse at me.

"Fuck you bitch! I'll fucking kill your bitch ass when I get down from here!" he exclaimed.

I smiled at the thought and released him. He hit the floor with a thud. I turned slowly towards him and held up my hand wagging my index finger at him invitingly. He came at me in a boxer's pose and did a few jabs at me then launched an uppercut at me. I dodged the punches then caught his arm. He was stunned as I then turned his wrist about and locked his arm behind him. He screamed as my grip became like that of iron. I twisted it harshly feeling the bones beginning to give way. I decided against ending this game too soon and threw him to the floor. In my almost twelve hundred years I have learned more styles of hand fighting than I can count. I stood back with my hands behind my back with an severly unimpressed look on my face. He sprang up and launched another flurry of blows at me. I simply laughed in his face as I slipped and dodged out of the way my hands behind my back the whole time. I was tiring of this pompus ass and his wish for violence so I figured to take it upon myself to make him understand how futile he truly was. I summoned my inner strength and felt the cold power of the Death form wash over me. He didn't perceive the danger as he flailed at me, that is until it was too late. I felt my muscles contract as the wave of energy rolled into my being and fused with the energy in the air. I sent it out into his body and he simply straightened up then toppled to the floor in a heap. He wailed on the floor like a new born that hadn't been fed for some hours.

I then smiled and looked at the whore in my bed that still hadn't moved. I hadn't entranced her either, so to me it was very funny. She gave me a pleading look, but didn't seem to realize it wasn't working on me. I said nothing to her for a long while. She sat sobbing on the bed. I was beginning to tire of her bullshit.

"Get the fuck up. If you wanted to play around it would have been a simple thing to ask me, but as you sought to fuck around behind my back I seem to find that no matter how well you cry and plead to me it just seems this will happen again and again and again." I said dryly.

She looked at me hurtfully and now I was getting angry. I reached out and hoisted her to her feet with my power. I didn't want to touch this whore as I fear it may be tainted somehow. I then waved my hand and the shadows in the room took form in the shape of men, the whole process took seconds and yet as she watched her eyes grew fearful. The forms took shape and became men. They ambled around as their limbs gathered strength then rallied around me and her.

"Take her from my sight and put her up in a hotel. I want her to think long and hard of this night." I ordered the one as it bowed to me. The men fanned out along the room and gathered her things. One came up with a pair of pants and a shirt for her. She looked at me as if she was rightfully due something.

"What about me? Your just going to throw me out in the cold night?" she complained.

"Be lucky you have your life!" I hissed and stepped forward suddenly causing her to cower.

"You are not the one to be making demands of anything! Be lucky that you still draw breath as the last person who betrayed me I had flayed of their skin and let die slowly over a month! I think you get the extreme situation you are in you whore, so don't you dare try my patience." I said in a low hiss.

She looked at me tears in her eyes and went to open her mouth. I had enough of this game so I laid out the "will happen" very clearly.

"This is what will happen. I am going to give you two choices. The first and easiest is this: you gather your shit and go. At the end of the week you will sign annulment papers and get nothing from me whatsoever. In return I let you keep all the clothes I bought you as well as your car and a small sum of ten thousand dollars. Pretty fair considering how little I think of you at this moment. Option two is this: Stay here and I whore you out to the lowest bidder. You will be nothing more than a plaything for whatever whorehouse I decide to drop you off in. But the first thing that will happen to you is I give you to my daughter Samira for a few months. She loves her father after all and takes no small amount of pleasures in making people who cross me suffer." I said matter of factually.

She dropped her head brought her hands to her face and sobbed loudly. I turned on my heel and waved to my servants. They got her clothes together, one of them even got her dressed. I sat back in my chair and watched as they took her from my sight. I sent a mental wave to her and in her mind I said, "You have seventy two hours to make up your mind."

I sat back in my room and looked down at the carnage. I waved my hand and the room began to reform itself to look like nothing had happened. I heard the cars downstairs start up then heard them drive off. I stood up then went to my cabinet and poured myself a very old brandy. As I set the bottle down I noticed it had been drunk from by someone, I had a small guess as to who had done it and my anger trickled down my spine. I was not only betrayed by the whore and this piece of shit, but he had the balls to take a irreplaceable drink from me. I sipped the nearly three hundred year old nectar and my toes curled. Even after all this time the brandy hadn't turned to vinegar. I then sipped it and looked down at him. I smiled at his form then an evil notion came to my mind. I sat down then with a bored smug look I waved a hand causing him to get to his knees. He was nearly unconscious at that moment so I decided to make him aware of the trouble he was in. I waved my hand and sent a healing wave into his body. I have used this many times in the past and cured many people of their maladies. I for a while was a medicine man in the South American rain forests to a great tribe that sadly died out many centuries ago. I was worshiped as a deity, but found that to be distasteful. I then stared at this man and tilted my head. I then delved deep in his mind to find out his reasoning for this.

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