My Prison


How long have I been here?
I originally came here to hide
To seek shelter from the pain
To be protected by these walls
Now my shelter has become a prison
From which there is no escape
It started as a simple crush
I thought she liked me
All the signs seemed to be there
A quick hello, a smile in the hall
A supposed start to a first love
My first school dance was a perfect chance
The day would come when I would ask
For to join me at the dance
Friends surrounded us as I asked
One simple word was all it took
Then my world crumbled in upon itself
“No” was all she said
The torment doesn’t begin there though
Friends, hers and mine laughed
Laughing at my misfortune
This pain of peers laughing at my misfortune
Was exquisite, never to be felt again
So I ran, seeking shelter from the pain
Shelter found, with walls so thick
A promise that the pain will never be felt again
A promise of comfort from the pain
So I took shelter and sought refuge from the pain
When the pain was gone and I felt safe
I wanted to leave this shelter, but could not
I was not allowed to leave
I was told the pain was out there still
Waiting for its next chance
A promise was made and it shall be kept
That pain will NEVER be felt again
And so it shall not for you are protected
So what was once a shelter
Has now become my prison
Walls so thick that pain cannot get in
But also so thick that I may never get out
How long have I been here?

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